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From Coles County Newspapers:

June 23, 1887

[The Charleston Plaindealer...Thursday June 23, 1887 - Sub by KT]

Thursday, July 28, 1887

[The Charleston Plaindealer...Thursday July 28, 1887 - Sub by K.T.]

Charleston Plain Dealer on Saturday April 14, 1888
Westfield News:

[Charleston Plain Dealer on Saturday April 14, 1888 - Sub by K.T.]

Friday April 11, 1890

[The Charleston Plaindealer...Friday April 11, 1890 - Sub by K.T.]

From The Newton Press, Jasper County, Illinois

July 19, 1893
Died at 110.
Clark County has lost her oldest citizen, James McCormick , of Darwin who was 110 years old in June. He was born in Virginia. He had been failing in health for many months. McCormick saw Gen. Washington in 1799 and retained a vivid recollection of the appearance of the "Father of His Country." He was for many years a soldier under Gen. W. H. Harrison. (Note: James McCormick is buried in the Darwin cemetery)

John Briscoe, a pioneer of Eastern Illinois and one of the original promoters of the C. & O.R. railroad, died at Westfield last week. July 19, 1893

July 26, 1893
Marshall, Ill., July 19 - Mrs. Caroline Dietz, one of the early pioneers of this region, died yesterday at the age of 81 years.
[Newton Press, July 26, 1893 - Sub by K.T.]

Their Hearts Still Young.
J. J. Wilkerson, aged 66, and Mrs. Angeline Preston, 58, were married at Marshall. Forty-one years ago Mr. Wilkerson made his first matrimonial venture.
[Newton Press, July 26, 1893 - Sub by K.T.]

An Awful Accident
Jordan Creasey, a young farmer boy, was run down by a mowing machine in Clark county, and both legs nearly severed. He will die.
[Newton Press, July 26, 1893 - Sub by K.T.]

April 20, 1887
Hunt City -- Mr. Garrison, of Casey, proprietor of the Hunt City mill, will go to Marshall this week to attend court.
[Newton Press, April 20, 1887 - Sub by K.T.]


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