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At an adjourned meeting of the citizens of Clark County, Illinois, on the subject of railroads, assembled at the court house in Marshall, on Monday the 5th of March, Col. W. B. Archer, presiding.

Mr. Greenough from the committee appointed at the last meeting, (March 1) to prepare a Preamble and Resolutions expressive of the sense of the people of this county on the subject of Railroads.

Before the adoption of the Preamble and Resolutions, Col. Archer and Mr. Cooper addressed the meeting in favor of the resolutions. After which the question was taken, and resulted in their adoption by a unanimous vote.

On motion of Mr. Crane, a committee of three: J. M. Crane, Uri Manly and John Allwood were appointed by the chair to select delegates to represent this county in the convention to be held at Salem, Marion County, Illinois, on the second Monday in May next—which committee retired, and in a short time appeared and reported the names of the following gentlemen as suitable persons to represent Clark County in said convention.

CLEAR CREEK---Andrew, Dunlap; Briggs, M.; Goldsby, Elisha; Stevens and James Elam.
LIVINGSTON---Joseph, Eversoll; Horace, Ritchie; and R.A. Ferguson.
MARSHALL---J.P. Cooper; J.K. Greenough; J.M. Crane; William Montgomery; R.L. Dulany; and Col. William B. Archer.
AUBURN---William J. Duckwall; and R. Bloomfield.
MARTINSVILLE---Robert Donnel; Doc. Gard; James V. Hedges; John Stockwell; Willis Dougherty; and G.W. Campbell.
RICHWOODS---Dr. Thomas; C. Moore, Charles Biggs; and William B. Marrs.
YORK---J.C. Hillebert; and John B. Richardson.
CUMBERLAND---Ewing Chancellor; and Samuel G. Haskins.
MELROSE---S.T. McNary; Nathan Wells; George Potter; and John Wickline.
DARWIN---William C. Hudson; Allen Sackrider; Harry Ross; and James Lockard.
JOHNSON---T.P. Knapp; George Bennett; Elisha Cook; and J. A. Howe.
MILL CREEK---Nicholas Hurst; and George Coons.

On motion, the chairman was added to the list of delegates from Marshall Precinct. Mr. Manly moved that the delegation from each precinct be authorized to fill any vacancy that may occur in their respective delegation.
On the motion “Illinois State Democrat” and all papers friendly to Internal Improvements, are requested to publish the proceedings of this meeting.
On motion, the meeting adjourned.

[THE ILLINOIS STATE DEMOCRAT,10-MARCH-1849 submitted by Ron Cornwell ]

Melrose considered for Railroad
Melrose was today the theater of a general and rousing railroad meeting in the interest of the Louisville, Charleston and Peoria railroad. The meeting was organized by placing Dr. J. M. Wilkin in the chair. Mr. Lindsey of Martinsville slated the object of the meeting briefly and showed that he was earnestly in favor of a general cooperation of the citizens along the line in securing the road. He was followed by Captain Harlan in one of his usual and interesting speeches, earnest and emphatic dealing out plain rounded truths which made a good impression on the minds of the audience. The Captain has many warm friends in Melrose; he was followed by Esq. Tom Johnson of Martinsville in a fine statistical speech showing the yearly amount collected from the various railroads in the county in the way of taxes, showing conclusively that they were the best paying property for the amount that they cost the people of any property in the county real or personal. Elder George Sandoe then gave his experience in living in close proximity to railroads and living where there were no grand thoroughfares of this kind and spoke of their general utility. Next came Dr. McNary in his humorous way he believed in railroads but he was in favor of railroad men building them. He thought it bad policy for farmers to take stock in them. The Dr. would make better headway in talking politics than railroads and would get a great many more votes for Senator than he would for superintendent of the road. If he is nominated for senator, this county will be a blaze for him. The people believe him honest and well qualified. Mr. S. B. Lake of York closed the speaking in an earnest address to the people to be liberal in giving the right of way. After some other preliminary work, the meeting closed to meet next at West York on Thursday, April 6th at 2 o'clock P.M.
[4-Apr-1882, The Clark County Herald, submitted by Ron Cornwell]


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