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Considering the brief time for announcements and preparation, last weeks fall festival was quite a successful affair. There was not enough time given to arrange for a homecoming in the true sense so relatively few were here from outside the county. Still a great crowd was in town Thursday-Old Settlers Day-and the people seemed to enjoy the opportunity to greet old friends. Nearly 300 people were entertained at a free dinner to those over 65 years of age and who had lived in the county 50 years or more. The oldest person present was Addison Hull of Orange, past 90 years of age, and the only surviving Mexican soldier in the county and still quite active. In the afternoon, Captain Ed Harlan delivered an address in the court house yard, which was well received.

The Red Men were also very much in evidence. The Martinsville Lodge came over about 50 strong, with their uniformed drill team and the Martinsville band, which rendered some excellent music during the day. The Marshall and Martinsville Lodges gave an imposing parade, and the evolutions of the drill team greatly interested the spectators.

The list of the old settlers who were entertained at dinner was as follows as nearly as could be obtained from the register. Almost 300 ate dinner at the two churches - the Methodist and the Congregational - but a number paid for dinner whose names do not appear.





Adams J. W. Marshall 67
Adams Lila Marshall 69
Anderson Mrs. Roy Marshall 65
Anderson Roy Marshall  70
Archer J. M. Marshall 80
Archer Mrs. Marshall 65
Atchison Eugene Westfield --
Baggs Mrs. Margaret Marshall 68
Baird Mrs. Ann Marshall 68
Bartlett Sarah West Union 65
Beabout John Martinsville 85
Beadle Mrs. Mida Martinsville 74
Beadle M. H. Martinsville 79
Bean V. B. Casey 75
Beasley A. Martinsville 70
Beasley Mrs Martinsville 69
Bennett F. R. Westfield 73
Bennett Fred Westfield 75
Bennett Mrs. F. Westfield 70
Binning Mrs. Marshall 80
Black J. K. Marshall 67
Black Mrs. Mary Marshall  --
Boyer Lewellyn Clarksville 82
Bradley R. H. Marshall 71
Briscoe T. J. Marshal l 65
Briscoe W. L. Westfield 68
Burkett Garrett Marshall 72
Burkett Amelia Marshall 74
Burnsides C. F. Martinsville 66
Burnsides Mrs. C. F. Martinsville 65
Byram J. V. Martinsville 70
Carter Sarah Marshall 65
Chickadonz J. M.  West Union 66
Chickadonz W. F. Marshall 66
Christine J. Casey 71
Christine Mrs. J. Casey 61
Chrysler William Marshall 65
Church Mrs. Martinsville 68
Church U. B. Martinsville 76
Clapp W.M. Martinsville 67
Clatfelter Mrs. Walnut Prairie 64
Clatfelter W. H. Walnut Prairie 68
Claypool Elisha Marshall 70
Claypool James Marshall 62
Claypool Mrs. Susan Marshall 77
Cleaver Caroline Martinsville 81
Closson D. C. Casey 72
Cornwell G. W. West York 66
Cowden Margaret West Union 77
Cramer Mrs. Eva Marshall  70
Crossley Mary Marshall 73
Daughettee P. P. Martinsville 69
Davison Mary C. Marshall 78
Dawson James Westfield 78
Doll D. D. Marshall 65
Doll Sarah Marshall 69
Dunn Rebecca Marshall 78
Duzan Richard Marshall 67
Flowers John Marshall 72
Forsythe Mary Marshall 76
Fraker Jacob Marshall 78
Fuller J. W. Marshall 65
Fuller Martha Marshall 67
Garner John Martinsville 77
German Lydia Marshall 79
Graham Margaret Martinsville 73
Graham S. C. Martinsville 73
Grisham John Marshall 66
Haddock Adam  Marshall 65
Hammond Mrs. Amanda Marshall 68
Handy W.A. West Union 77
Hardway F. M. Martinsville 74
Hardwick Nancy Marshall 75
Harlan Edward Marshall 75
Harlow Mart Martinsville 63
Harris James Marshall 74
Harrison A. West Union 74
Heath John P. Marshall 69
Heath Moses Dennison 70
Heath Mrs. J. P. Martinsville 70
Hicks Annie Casey 50
Hicks Isaac Casey 72
Hilbert Henderson --- ---
Hippard Mrs. Mary Marshall 79
Hoenig H. Marshall 77
Holler Mrs. J. Marshall 77
Hollingsworth L. Marshall  77
Hollingsworth Mrs. Marshall 66
Hollingsworth Mrs. A. Oliver 73
Houk Marry Marshall 78
Howerton A. L. Marshall 72
Hull Addison Orange 90
Hull J. M. Martinsville 71
Hull M. R Martinsville 65
Hurst Robert Martinsville 68
Hutchings Stephen Marshall 76
Hutchinson Dorcas Marshall 65
Hutchings R. S. West Union 75
Ingle James West Union 74
Ingle Joe Casey 73
Ingle Julia Casey 73
Ishler Isaac Martinsville 73
Jackson Elizabeth Marshall 72
Jackson Mrs. Marshall 74
Jay John Dennison 65
Jeffers Elizabeth West Union 69
Johnson Eunice Marshall 78
Johnson J. W. Casey 77
Kibby W. Marshall 73
Kuykendall John Dennison 70
Lake Jane Marshall 63
Lake Joseph Marshall 78
Leonard Sol West Union 80
Lichtenberger Martha Marshall 70
Liffick D. L. Marshall 67
Liffick Ellen Marshall 77
Liffick Mary Marshall 61
Littlefield Maggie Marshall ---
Madison E. C. Marshall 75
Martin Benson Marshall 76
Martin D. R. Marshall 71
Martin Mrs. D. R. Marshall 69
Martin W.T. Marshall 84
Marvin Carey West Union 72
Marvin Lucetta Walnut Prairie 69
Marvin Mrs. Maria Marshall 70
Marvin S. F. Marshall 66
Marvin William Walnut Prairie 81
McCollum James Marshall 68
McCollum Mrs. J. Marshall 66
McFarlan M. E. Martinsville 62
McFarlan S. F. Martinsville 65
McNary Mrs. B. West Union 50
McNary William West Union 70
Meehling J. J. Marshall 66
Meehling Mrs. Marshall ---
Miller M. E. Marshall 66
Miller Mrs. Marshall 66
Millhouse Henry Marshall 72
Moke J .S. Marshall 67
Montgomery Mrs. E. Marshall 72
Montgomery Robert Marshall 64
Moser Mike Marshall 67
Mullen Perry Marshall 69
Mundy F. M. Marshall 70
Mundy James West Union 68
Murphy A. Marshall 68
Murphy Dan Marshall 67
Nay Arthur Martinsville 76
Nettleton N. W. Martinsville 68
Nichols J. D. Martinsville 73
Nichols James West York 65
Nicholson Lucinda Marshall 65
Nicholson Sarah Dolson 68
Nitchman Mrs. C. West Union 71
Page O. C. Dennison 65
Parker S. D. Westfield 70
Perry B. F. Casey 75
Perry Mrs. B. F. Casey 63
Phillippi William Martinsville 68
Phillippi T. W. Martinsville 69
Phillips Mrs. Martinsville 69
Phillips Rachel Martinsville 66
Poorman B. F.  West Union 72
Powell C. V. Darwin 85
Quick Susan Marshall 78
Raisner Fred Marshall 83
Raney Catherine Terre Haute 67
Rardin J. C. Martinsville 75
Redman Joseph Westfield 77
Reed Evaline Auburn 75
Reedy Elizabeth Martinsville 66
Reedy Samuel Martinsville 74
Renner Christian Marshall 70
Reynolds Hugh Marshall 78
Romines Frank Martinsville 83
Romines Mrs. Martinsville 79
Rush James Martinsville 70
Rush Joseph Oliver 65
Ryan A. H. Marshall 75
Sankey Ann Martinsville 63
Sankey R. S. Martinsville 70
Scott Mrs. A. West Union 65
Serwise John Marshall 67
Serwise Lucy Marshall 68
Shaffner Nelson Marshall 79
Shotwell Curtis West Union 63
Shotwell Elizabeth West Union 57
Sims Angeline Marshall 73
Smith Mrs. Marshall 66
Smith Wash Marshall 80
Snider Abram Martinsville 73
Snider J. E. Marshall 70
Snider Mrs. Marshall 68
Snyder Peter Martinsville 66
Stephenson Mrs. M. Marshall 70
Stockwell Albert Dennison 66
Stockwell Mary Dennison 68
Strohm Mary Marshall 77
Sweitzer George Marshall 71
Sweitzer Mrs. Emma Marshall 62
Swim Mrs. S. S. Casey 69
Swim S. S. Casey 81
Switzer Robert Marshall 65
Tingley Mrs. Martinsville 69
Tingley Reuben Martinsville 60
Tingley Sam Marshall 73
Towell Celia Martinsville 69
Towell J. S. Martinsville 70
Towell W. N. Martinsville 68
Turner D. S. Casey 75
Volkers Lydia Darwin 74
Wadsworth Fanny Marshall 66
Walker Merida West Union 88
Walker Mrs. Martinsville 65
Walker Ruth A. West Union 68
Wallace J. C. Anderson Twp 77
Wallis George Marshall 82
Weaver Joel Casey 80
Weaver Mary Casey 66
Welsh J. B. Marshall 81
Whaley Priscilla Marshall 68
Whitlock George York 74
Whitlock Mrs. York ---
Wilkins Sarah Martinsville 69
Williams J. W. Marshall 79
Willis Mrs. Marshall 77
Winters Mary A. West Union 66
Wright Mrs. West Union 60
Wright Nathan West Union 65
Young Emily Casey 50
Young Wallace Casey 69
Zeigler Sophia Marshall 68

1926 Old Settlers Reunion
York, IL

This photograph and IDs were submitted by Sandy Cirullo.

Here is a picture from the 1926 Old Settlers Reunion in York, IL.

Layton family, Clark County, IL

This was a hamburger stand run by Emma [1880 - 1964] & Fred Layton [ 1877- 1958] and their niece, Nina Layton Isaacs.

Family Info:
Emma, Fred, & James Layton [1866-1939] never married.
Edward [1868-1927] m. Clara Matteson.
Alice Jane m. James Dudley 10-02-1892. These are the children of Ruhama Spencer and Daniel J. Layton.
Ruhama is a sister of Deborah Spencer Canada, Ellen Spencer Stewart, Elizabeth Spencer Buckner, Sarah Spencer Savoree Ayers, and John Spencer.

Ruhama also had three older brothers. (
Sandy Cirullo is looking for information on who they were)


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