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Crow School

The Crow School was located across the road from the Margaret (Crow) Miller farm northwest of West York, in Melrose Township, near West Union. It was a one room school house that is now a residence. The school accommodated all the children who lived west of route 1 on farms in the area. The last class graduated in 1953 and the school was closed.

1900 Class Photo
Crow School


2nd from the left is Jess Buckner1

Some more ids thanks to Arlene (McCrory) Bonesteel of West Union; her 91 year old father made the ids:

Back row, 4th one over is Ross McCrory, then Bert McCrory2, & Harris McCrory and Ray McCrory.
Little boy & girl in very front of picture is
Lenn McCrory & Glenn McCrory, twins and girl next to her is Ida McCrory, all children of Monroe McCrory & Melissa (Correll) McCrory.
The girl in front and in between Ross and Bert is
Amy Jane Cruse1, next to her is Golda Sims Angel.
He thinks three of those little girls to the right of the picture in front are the older sisters of
Margaret (Crow) Miller.

1Jesse Russel Buckner b; Oct 9th 1890- d; Aug 25th 1985, married Emma Jane Knapp b; Apr 13 1892
d; May 20th 1974. He was Road commissioner for
Melrose Twsp. He held that office from sometime in the 1940's until 1976 when he retired.
2Bert & Amy (Cruse) McCrory were married March 31, 1907

Larger picture

Submitted by Sandy Cirullo

1902 Class Photo
Crow School

1.  Edna Sneed, teacher
2.  Ross McCrory
3.  Harry Dehl
4.  Bert McCrory
5. Clara Clements McCrory
6. Amy Cruse McCrory
7.  Pearl Sims
8.  Estel White Thatcher
9.  Orilla Wheeler
10.  Del Bailey

11.  Cecil Reynolds
12.  Hal Baily
13.  Mel Bailey
14.  Russell Nidey
15.  Harry Clements
16.  Arley Draper
17.  Jesse Russell Buckner
18.  Martin Buckner
19.  Ruth Dehl Sloan
20.  Anna Clements
21.  Ida McCrory Williamson
22.  Lawrence White
23.  Paul Clements
24.  Harris McCrory
25.  Elvy Clements
26.  Ruth Cox
27.  Ray McCrory

28.  Albert Draper
29.  John Crow
30.  Lenn McCrory
31.  Glenn McCrory Clements
32.  Irene Crow Cline
33.  Goldie Clements Cornwell
34.  Lenore Crow Prust
35.  Lorene Buckner
36.  Alta Sims
37.  Oscar Nidey
38.  Wallace Nidey

Larger Picture
This photograph and IDs were submitted by
Opal Cornwell

1909 Class Photo

There are said to be seven members of the Crow family in this picture.

Larger Picture

The teacher is a Mr. Mundy
This photograph was originally found by Eileen Ferris.
Submitted by Sandy Cirullo

1911 Class Photo

This photograph was taken in 1911, and was originally owned by Martha Evans of Robinson, IL.

Front Row:

Martha Crow Evans
Goldie Clements Cornwell
Lenore Crow Prust
Della Burman Guyer
Fern Nidey Dix
Iceliliy Nidey France

Second Row:

Margaret Crow Miller
Emma Burman
Amanda Crow McCrory
Mamie Burman Reynolds
Zola Nidey Evans Higgenbotham
Glen Pickens
Milton Clements
Darrell White
Roy Pickens
Vance Bonesteel

Third Row:

Delphia Siegel
Flossie Nicey
Lottie Crow Tuttle
Helen Crow
Irene Crow Cline
Lottie Elliot Boyd
Mary Crow Wernz

Forth Row:

John R. Crow
Oscar Nidey
John McClure, teacher
Wallace Nidey
Lorenzo Dehl
Russell Nidey

Submitted by Sandy Cirullo

ca. 1935 Class Photo

1. Howard Thatcher 2. Frederick Moore (?) 3. Evea Nidey
4. Wilma Thatcher 5. Rosemary Williamson 6. Doreane Angel
7. Nadine Nidey 8. Madge Buckner 1 9. Louise Crowe
10. Murl Bonesteel 11. Fred Huffington (Teacher) 12. Vera Evans
13. Leah Mae Lindley 14. Myrtle McCrory 15. Josephine Wheeler
16. Lois Thatcher 17. Mary Buckner 18. Hazel Robinson
19. Helen Robinson 20. Genevia Lindley 21. Louise Williamson
22. Betty Huffington 23. Jane Bonesteel 24. Robert McCrory
25. Phillip Robinson 26. Dennis Angel 27. Jack Huffinton
28. Valmore White 29. Russell Robinson 30. Clyde Drummond
31. Hubert Walton 32. John Wheeler 33. Robert Walton
34. Dean Huffington 35. Buddy Williamson 36. Harold Evans
37. Oakley McCrory 38. Bruce White 39. James Drummond

Photo submitted by Sandy Cirullo.

1Madge Buckner identified the people.

1939 Class Photo

Fred Huffington - Teacher

Back Row (left to right):

Margaret Ann O'Rourke
Helen Robinson
Lois Thatcher
Dennis Angel
Willie Misner
Dean Huffington

Middle Row(left to right):

Hazel Robinson
Geneva Angel
Morris Tingley
Maurice Tingley
Harold Evans
Joe O'Rourke

Front Row(left to right):

Mary Evans
Dale Huffington
Barbara O'Rourke


Original Photo courtesy of Jack Huffington, submitted by Sandy Cirullo.


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