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Class of 1898

Lee Kelley Irvin Morgan
Edna Ishler Harve Winterrowd
John Jaco Anna Chancellor
Dollie Secrest Lulu Buckner
Lulu Lafferty Hosea Hill
Fred Newman Gertie Sutton
Hershel Snavely  

Class of 1899

Nora Wilcoxsin Lulu Kelley
Lulu Hart  

Class of 1900

Maud Newman Maud McNary
Lucy Winters Lola Goldsmith
Ross Garver Ruth Norman
Carrie Stewart  

Class of 1901

Ruth Norman Lola Goldsmith

Class of 1902

Florence Wiman Mabel Miller
Wm. McNary Lucy Sallee
Lola Fasig  

Class of 1903

Asa Johnson C. K. Rowland
P. P. Douglas J. W. Husted
Wm. Rogers  

Class of 1904

Lizzie Sneed Josie Rogers

Class of 1905

Mina Hanks Fairy Sutton
Lulu Rush Ethel Bair

Class of 1906

Harry Husted Walker Hull
Mabel Beabout Anna Hull
Grace Tucker  

Class of 1907

Cecil Deahl Lydia McNary
Lulu Secrest Edna Newman
Hazel Long Joe Bair
Reba Delaschmutt Fred James
Lulu Mauk Allie Rodgers
Harry Beabout  

Class of 1908

Bessie Baker Bertha Seaton
Nellie Baker Chester Snaveley
Nora Johnson Sara Sneed
Eliza Linn Beatrice Willison
Forrest McNary Isa Wilson
Bertha Rodgers Carroll Brydon



Class of 1909

Ruth Cooper Earl Smith
Guy Mauk Nellie Sloan
Claude McDaniel Warren Tarman
Ada Norman Levi Linn
Clacy McNary  

Class of 1910

Golden Cunningham Ruby Shaffner
Mabel Fasig Bertha Linder
Lela Gallatin Eugene Williams
Austin Huffman Roland Taggart
Ruth Husted Bell Ulrey
Nan Metcalf  

Class of 1911

Harry Barr Lola Cleaver
Arthur Beabout Ara Sharp
Russell Cooper Albert Lowry
Isabelle Fasig Grace Martz
Irene Wood  



Class of 1912

Willard Childe Harry Shield

Edna Williams

Lulu Taggart

Fred Williams Rolla Wilbert

Agnes Hanks

Opal Rogers


Martinsville Public Schools, Catalogue Course of Study, Rules and Regulations and Announcements for 1915-16,
published by The Board of Education,
copy originally owned by Jennie Doran Bair
transcribed by Kevin Ortman


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