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1902 Personal Property
Tax List



Below is the list of people assessed for personal property taxes due in the year 1902.

Alexander, E. R.
Bailiff, E. L.
Bailiff, F.
Baker, Earl
Barkslow, Cornelius
Barnes, George
Bartlett, E.
Bartlett, Ed
Bartlett, George
Bartlett, Isabell
Bartlett, M. A.
Bartlett, Malinda
Bartlett, Perry
Bartlett, Ray
Bartlett, Sarah
Beamer, Melvina
Beckworth, Charles
Beckwoth, J. C.
Belt, C.
Biller, E. E.
Biller, W. S.
Boden, John
Brown, Dan
Brown, J. W.
Bryant, Burrill
Buckner, A. L.
Buckner, C. A.
Buckner, E. L.
Buckner, Elizabeth
Buckner, Ernest
Buckner, F. M.
Buckner, R.
Buckner, W. H.
Canady, J. V.
Canady, William
Chambers, Silas
Chambers, T.
Chambers, Taylor
Clements, D. H.
Clements, I.
Cline, William
Colvin, A. R.
Conner, W. W.
Cooper, Drusilla
Cooper, Homer
Cooper, S. D.
Cooper, Uriah
Cornwell, David
Cornwell, G. W.
Cornwell, Joseph
Cornwell, Otto
Cornwell, T. Rex
Cornwell, William
Cowden, A. G.
Cox, Merrick
Cox, Martha
Craig, Alex
Crow, Ben
Crow, Sam
Crow, William
Crumrin, Ed
Crumrin, Mary
Crumrin, William
Dart, Grant
Davis, Charles
Davis, John
Davis, Martha
Davison, G. L.
Davison, S. E.
Dehl, Emanuel
Dix, Hannah
Dix, J. A.
Dix, J. W.
Dodd, P. F.
Dolson, Minerva
Drake, James
Drake, Sadie
Draper, Pliney
Drummond, J. L.
Edward, Oscar
Ellington, W. H.
English, J. C.
Evans, B. D.
Evans, Clarence
Evans, H. G.
Evans, Iradell
Evans, J. M.
Evans, Melissa
Evans, Nixon
Filloon, George
Filloon, Martin
Fowler, W. E.
Francis, Albert
Francis, F. B.
Gard, Alex
Gard, E. M.
Gard, Thomas
Garver, John
Gideon, Charles
Goss, J. W.
Graham, Charles
Graham, Elmer
Graham, James
Graham, John
Graham, W.
Gray, Lote
Green, Grant
Grubb, Daniel
Haddix, A.
Hagar, G. B.
Hand, Ed
Handley, William
Handy, W. A.
Hastin, F. G.
Hastin, W. R. B.
Hedges, F. P.
Hedges, Frank
Hedges, Joseph
Hedges, Robert
Heleine, Daniel
Heleine, George
Heleine, Jefferson
Henderson, Josiah
Henderson, M. W.
Henderson, O. C.
Henderson, W. N.
Hix, C. H.
Hodges, C. C.
Hoskinson, H. W.
Hoskinson, Isaac
Howerton, J. W.
Howerton, Sarah
Janney, J. B.
Jeffers, Murlin
Jeffers, Otto
Keller, David
Kelly, Ellen
Kelly, James
Kenderdine, E. T.
Kraeger, A. C.
Leasure, J. H.
Libe, C.
Libe, J. W.
Libe, O.
Lindley, Al
Luttrell, S. A. D.
Marvin, Ben
Marvin, Lewis
McCrory, J.
McKain, M. J.
McKain, R. E.
McNary, William
Medsker, Bach
Medsker, Edgar
Medsker, John
Medsker, Mollie
Medsker, Sarah
Medsker, W.
Meeker, C. M.
Meeker, Oliver
Meeker, Orlando
Milburn, Harry
Miller, Calvin
Miller, Rettie
Morgan, W.J .
Morton, James
Myers, William
Nave, W.
Newlin, Joseph
Nichols, D.
Nichols, J. C.
Nidey, Ed
Nidey, M.
Nidey, T. V.
Ogle, R. A.
Padgett, J. E.
Pyle, George
Pyle, John
Pyle, Sarah
Ralston, J. P.
Ralston, J. W.
Ralston, L.
Ralston, Prevo
Ralston, T. R.
Ralston, W.
Reed, W.
Reece, L. M.
Reynolds, C. W.
Richart, J. M.
Riddle, J. C.
Riley, Charles
Robinson, D. F.
Rollings, W.
Rowels, Albert
Sanders, Charles
Scott, A. M.
Scott, Everett
Scott, J. B.
Scott, James
Shaffner, Della
Shaffner, George
Shaffner, Leah
Shaffner, W. H.
Shotwell, Curtis
Shotwell, O. C.
Sims, C. W.
Sims, E.
Sims, James
Slocum, Amos
Slocum, Ed
Smith, Curtis
Smith, F.
Smith, Joseph
Smith, W.
Snavely, S. S.
Snavely, T. .J.
Sneed, John
Sneed, Sam
Snider, M. M.
Snider, U. C.
Spangler, Ben
Spangler, G. W.
Spiva, F. M.
Spraker, Jessie
Stanfield, Bettie
Stanfield, Calvin
Stanfield, F.
Stanfield, Otto
Swope, E.
Thompson, C. E.
Thompson, C. W. M.
Thompson, G. W.
Thompson, I.
Thompson, James
Thompson, W.
Vanfleet, John
Vanfleet, John
Walker, L.
Wave, Fred
Wells, Fred
Wells, J.D.
Wells, Joseph
Wells, Laura
Wells, M. C.
Wells, Perry
Wells, Roy
Welsh, F. A.
Wernz, Albert
Wernz, J.
Wheeler, B. F.
Wheeler, F. J.
Wheeler, T. J. Jr.
White, G.
White, H. H.
White, J. R.
White, S. H.
Whitehead, G. W.
Whitehead, S. S.
Whittaker, H. G.
Willard, T. W.
Wilson, Benson
Wilson, H. M.
Wilson, Vern
Winters, M. A.
Wise, Robert
Wood, F.
Wood, J. J.
Woods, F. M.
Wright, C. V.
Wright, J. L.


 Even though a person (head of household) doesn’t own land or a house and lot, they still have to pay personal property tax. The personal property tax list is a more complete listing of families living in a township than the land tax list.

Clark County Herald, submitted by Ron Cornwell


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