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Clay County

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1880 Clay County Census

PRIDEMORE, Clarinda age 41
William H age 20
Jeremiah age 19
Sarah age 18
Martha J age 14
Ida J age 12
Bell age 7
Cordelia age 4
TROBER, W.J. age 22

PRIDEMORE, Thomas age 50
Nancy age 38
Elizabeth age 18
Thomas age 14
Sarah J age 12
Jeremiah age 11
Silis age 9
Andrew H age 7 MO
Nancy E age 6 MO
Jane A age 4 MO

Blair Twp., Clay Co.

DEPOISTER, C. W. age 42 Farmer IN NC KY
Margaret age 36 Keeping House IN IN IN
Sherman age 7 IL
Nellie? age 4 IL
Charles age 2 IL

Hoosier Twp., Clay Co.

FITZGERALD, J. age 47 Farmer IN KY IN
Rachel C. age 43 Keeping house IN NC NC
Lenard age 22 Farmer IL IN IN
Mary I. Age 15 IL IN IN

FITZGERALD, John age 20 Farmer IL IL OH
Louisa F. age 19 Keeping house IL IN TN

FITZGERALS, William age 44 Farmer IN KY IN
Emily J. age 41 Keeping house OH VA VA
Stuard J. age 18 Farmer IL IN OH
Wakeman F. age 16 Farmer IL IN OH
David I. Age 13 Farmer IL IN OH
Madison L. age 11 IL IN OH
Mary R. age 8 IL IN OH
Laura B. age 6 IL IN OH
Flora E. age 4 IL IN OH
Howard C. age 2 IL IN OH
Perley age 2/12 IL IN OH

Larkinsburg Twp., Clay Co.

BOLYARD, Isaac age 65 Farmer PA PA PA
Mary A. age 55 Keeping house IL (blank) KY
Levi age 22 IL
Joseph age 19 IL

KEEN, James age 43 Farmer IN OH OH
Josephine age 38 Keep House IL VA OH
William L. age 19 Farm Laborer IL
Elmer E. age 13 Farm Laborer IL
Alvin P. age 11 Farm Laborer IL
Mary age 7 IL
Winfield age 5 IL
Arthur age 11/12 July IL
KIMMONS(?) Josephine age 22 Servant IL (Father blank) IN

KEEN, Daniel age 31 Farmer IN OH NJ
Mary L. age 26 Keeping House OH OH OH
Della R. age 4 IL
James T. age 2 IL
RUNNYON, Phoebe age 17 sister-in- IL

KEEN, William age 35 Farmer IN OH OH
Louisa age 30 IL VA VA
Robert age 13 IL
Martha age 11 IL
Hannah age 7 IL
Helen age 5 IL
Albert age 2 IL

LANDRETH, Benj. age 39 IN VA VA
Elizabeth age 38 IL VA IN
William N. age 17 IL
Comfort(?) A. age 15 IL
John W. age 12 IL
Dora F. age 7 IL
Lafayette age 5 IL
Anna V. age 4/12 Jan IL
(havenít made this connection yet)

LANDRETH, Wells age 62 VA NC NC
John H. age 24 IL Blind cannot read or write
Permelia A. age 16 IL attended school
Allen L. age 13 IL cannot read or write

LANDRETH, David age 50 Farmer IN VA VA
Mary A. age ?5 Keeping house IL
Abraham age 18 Farm laborer IL
David D. age 9 IL

Charles W. age 7 IL
Martha age 2 IL
Curtis age 4/12 Jan IL

LONG, Thomas age 57 OH OH OH farmer
Helen age 38 IL Keeping house
Roanna age 22 IL
Flora age 20 Il
Elizabeth age 12 IL
Aguilla age 11 IL farm labor
Sarah age 9 IL
Lillie age 7 IL
BAKER, Maurice age 20 IL (stepson)
LONG, Hoffman age 34 IN OH OH farm labor

LONG, Albert age 35 Farmer IL OH OH
Vida E. age 32 Keeping House IL IL Mother(blank) (this should be Elvira)
Mary A. age 13 IL
Cora age 7 IL
Della age 5 IL
Stella age 6/12 Jan IL

LONG, Andrew J. age 43 Farmer IL OH OH
Agnes K. age 43 Keeping house IN VA VA
Mary A. age 21 IL
Luther age 19 Farm laborer IL
Ida A. age 18 IL
Emma age 11 IL idiot cannot read or write
Alfred age 9 IL
Elmer age 6 IL
Clarice C. age 3 IL
Elsie A. age 11/12 July IL

PRING, Samuel H. age 47 Farmer OH VA PA
Christena age 52 OH NJ OH
Sarah E. age 21 IL
Judith B. age 16 IL
Emma E. age 13 IL
PERRY, Elizabeth mother age 82 PA NJ MD
SHAW, Aaron nephew age 24 IN NJ OH
PECK, Jessie L. adopted age 18 IL OH IN
HARVEY, William S. adopted age 5 OH OH OH

ROBINSON, Rufus age 54 Farmer VA PA VA
Mary age 53 Keeping VA England . VA
John age 24 Farm Laborer IL
Nathan age 22 Farm Laborer IL
George age 19 Farm Laborer IL
Mary H. age 15 IL
Maxie A. age 85 mother VA
ROBINSON, Edwin age 28 Farmer IL
Susan age 27 Keeping House MI
Ernest age 6 IL
Harry age 2 IL

SHOCKMAN, Wm H. H. age 40 Farmer OH PA PA
Caroline age 37 Keeping house OH NJ NJ
Charles age 11 Farm laborer IL
Matilda (?) C. age 6 IL
Alfred age 2 IL

SIMMONS, Jacob age 52 Farmer OH PA PA
Susan age 48 Keeping house IN IN IN
John age 25 Farm laborer IN
Marrietta age 23 IN
William age 21 Farm laborer IN
Edward age 18 Farm laborer IN
Hannah E. age 14 IN
Samuel age 11 Farm laborer IN
Albert age 6 IL
Sarah C. age 4 IL

SIMMONS, Nathan age 25 Farmer IL OH IN
Mary age 29 IN
George age 4 IL
William age 2 IL
Evirett age 8/12 IL
LONG, Tina age 25 IN
Olie age 3/12 IL

WILLIAMS, Joseph age 32 or 22 TN TN TN
Eva age 20 Keeping house IL VA IN
Estella age 5 IL
Not named male age 1/12 IL
HOFFMAN, Edwin age 16 (brother-in-law) IL VA IN
HOFFMAN, George age 56 (uncle) Carpenter VA VA VA

HOFFMAN, Joseph age 54 VA Farmer VA VA
Emilecent age 42 Keeping house IN
Peter age 23 Farm laborer IL VA IL
Judea age 18 IL VA IL
Julia age 16 IL VA IL
Edward age 13 Farm laborer IL VA IN
Mary age 8 IL VA IN
Alison age 5 IL VA IN

HOFFMAN, Perry age 22 Farmer IL VA IN
Anna age 19 Keeping house IL VA VA
Oscar age 1 IL
Franklin age 13 brother Farm laborer IL VA IN

Louisville Twp., Clay Co.

RINEHART, Phillip 48 OH TN OH farmer
Hannah 56 IN NC KY
Florence L. 21 IL OH IN work on farm

Lavina E. age 14 IL OH IN

Singer Twp., Clay Co.

SHOCKMAN, George age 39 Farmer KY Ger Ger
Mary age 30 Keeping house IN Ger VA
Sarah C. age 12 IL KY IN



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