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Clay County

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Cemeteries by Township

Clay City

Barnes Cemetery 383652N 0881810W  
Bunny Travis (Moseley) Cemetery 383912N 0881958W  
Clay City (Maysville) Cemetery 384034N 0882058W  
Leonard/Snyder Cemetery 384432N 0881818W  
McCawley Cemetery      


Dillman Cemetery  384547N 0882244W  
Hoosier Prairie Cemetery (Baptist) 384733N 0882440W  
Kinnamon (Kimmons) Cemetery 384714N 0882731W  
McKnight Cemetery 384629N 0882436W  
Number Four Cemetery 384434N 0882326W  
White Cemetery 384622N 0882209W  


Burge Cemetery 385149N 0883453W  
Fender Cemetery 385318N 0883610W  
Iola Cemetery 384951N 0883824W  
Keens Chapel Cemetery 385124N 0884121W  
Landreth Cemetery      
Littleton Cemetery 385217N 0884047W  
Price/Williamson Cemetery 385418N 0883852W  
Rodgers Cemetery 385047N 0883646W  
Wood Cemetery 385140N 0883657W  


Christian Home Cemetery 384718N 0883326W Louisville West
Greenwood Cemetery      
Old Louisville Cemetery 384555N 0883024W Louisville West
Orchard Hill (Louisville) Cemetery 384633N 0883033W Louisville West
Red Brush Cemetery 384753N 0883031W Louisville West
Riffle (Brown) Cemetery 384822N 0883405W Louisville West
Speaks Cemetery 384641N 0883359W Louisville West
Tolliver Cemetery 384918N 0883102W Louisville West


Ditter Cemetery 384740N 0882115W Sailor Springs
Ingraham Cemetery 385005N 0881927W Sailor Springs
Levitt Cemetery 384606N 0881916W Sailor Springs
McKinney Cemetery 384519N 0882127W Sailor Springs
Reed Cemetery 384846N 0881653W Sailor Springs
Saint Johns Cemetery 384826N 0881558W Sailor Springs
Smith Cemetery 384433N 0881953W Sailor Springs
Weidner Cemetery 384645N 0881728W Sailor Springs
Wendelin-Holy Cross Cemetery 384956N 0881622W Sailor Springs
Wesley Cemetery 384740N 0881540W Sailor Springs
Wood Cemetery 384956N 0882004W Sailor Springs

Bible Grove

Brooks Cemetery 385059N 0882248W  
Burke Cemetery 385116N 0882623W  
German Cemetery 385355N 0882720W Eberle
Lewis Family Cemetery 385105N 0882611W  
Saint Paul Cemetery 385443N 0882606W Eberle
Shouse Chapel Cemetery 385026N 0882358W  


Connelly Family Cemetery 385221N 0882924W  
Kincaid Cemetery      
Mascgher (Mascher) Family Cemetery      
Newton Chapel Cemetery 384952N 0883344W  
Old Union Christian Cemetery 385215N 0882958W  
Ooton Cemetery      


Elmwood (Flora) Cemetery 383950N 0882929W  
Flora Garden of Memories Cemetery 384119N 0883031W  
Golden Cemetery 384328N 0883319W  
Jenkins Cemetery 384413N 0882905W  
Logan Family Cemetery 384000N 0883127W  
Misenhimer (Meisenheimer)  Cemetery 383851N 0883318W  
Saint Joseph Cemetery      
Saint Stephens Cemetery 383818N 0882921W  Flora


Edwards Family Cemetery 384042N 0884052W  
Oak Mound Cemetery 384040N 0883634W  
Parker Cemetery 384230N 0884149W  
Songer (Walker) Cemetery 383938N 0883913W  


Bloom Cemetery 383757N 0882650W Flora
Kneff Cemetery 383849N 0882507W Flora
McCawley Cemetery 384154N 0882710W Flora
Mount Zion United Brethren Cemetery 384033N 0882346W Flora
Old Kneff Cemetery      
Rusk Cemetery 384241N 0882729W Flora


Craig Cemetery      
Negro (Higginbothon) Cemetery 384614N 0884133W Oskaloosa
Nixon Cemetery      
Old Baptist Cemetery      
Old Dillman Cemetery      
Oskaloosa Cemetery
Suttons Point 
384547N 0883912W Oskaloosa
Stipp Cemetery 384423N 0884002W  


Camp Ground Cemetery 383800N 0883629W Xenia NE
Independent Order of Oddfellows Cemetery 383753N 0883828W Xenia
Salem (Onstott) Cemetery 383838N 0883917W Xenia
Tolliver (Kennedy) Cemetery 383855N 0883734W Xenia


Hord Cemetery      


Krantz Cemetery      
Little Prairie Cemetery      
Morgan Cemetery      

If stones are unreadable, we have used "Cemetery Inscriptions of Clay County, IL" by John W. Tanner as the reference



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