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Crooked Creek Baptist Church
near Iola, Illinois

The old building has been torn down and a new one constructed, in late 2010 and early 2011


"... The Old Baptists, among whom were Enoch Sceife and wife, Jephtha Allen and wife, Levi Daniels and others were early organized by Rev. Whiteley. They built their first church house near the center of the township on Crooked Creek. This house was burned, and they erected another near the north line of the township, which is still standing, and where they continue to hold occasional service."
[pg. 427, History of Wayne and Clay Counties, Illinois; Chicago :: Globe Pub. Co., 1884]

Crooked Creek Church 2011
Picture Submitted by Robert Webb


Lynn Branch Church
Lynn Branch Church
Photo taken July 2002

Pleasant Hill Baptist Church
Name Quilt, dated March 27, 1927




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