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Clay County
Founded 1824
Largest city: Flora
County Seat: Louisville

Clay County was formed in 1824 out of portions of Wayne, Crawford, and Fayette counties. Its name is in honor of Henry Clay, famous American statesman, member of the United States Senate from Kentucky and United States Secretary of State in the 19th century. Clay was an unsuccessful candidate for President in the year the County was named. (

Itis located in South Central Illinois.

The first settler in the county was John McCawley. He is said to have traveled the Vinsans Trace, as the old Vincennes, St. Louis & Kaskaskia Indian and buffalo path was known in the early days. The next documented settlers were Philip Devore, Seth Evans and a Mr. Circles. Mr. Circles' given name is unknown, but he was remembered well by the very early settlers, because of the fact the he put up a horse mill east of Flora, and for some time furnished bread, or the means of grinding their own corn. Many more settlers arrived--some stayed others moved on further West. Those who stayed all made their marks on the county, and on the towns within the county.

Cities, Towns and CDP's

* Flora

* Clay City * Iola * Louisville * Sailor Springs * Xenia

Clay County is divided into these twelve townships:
* Bible Grove * Blair * Clay City * Harter * Hoosier * Larkinsburg
* Louisville * Oskaloosa * Pixley * Songer * Stanford * Xenia

Clay County Data

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Jan 2015: COOPER obit
Nov 2014: Picture of Flora High School
Mar 2014: Name quilt from Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, 1937


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