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Kneff Cemetery

"Stanford Family Records Book"
Compiled, Edited & Published by Ernest D. Elliott, 1964
Elsie E. Smith, 1985
Condensed by Randall E. Wilkerson, 2010
Submitted by Randy Wilkerson


Mary Abigail Bissey
B. 1865     D. 1930

James LeRoy Staley
1st child of Mary Abigail Bissey
B. 1886     D. 12/30/1961

Ruth J. Smith
Wife of James LeRoy Staley
B. 6/27/1894     D. 10/1929

Elwood D. Staley
6th child of James LeRoy Staley
B. 1918     D. 1922

Lewis Stanford
B. 12/20/1842     D. 8/28/1934

Rosanna Framary
Wife of Lewis Stanford
B. 10/20/1843     D. 11/3/1926

Roy R. Stanford
Grandson of Lewis Stanford
B. 1897    D. 1955

Alvin Stanford
2nd child of Lewis Stanford
B. 1/25/1866     D. 7/16/1936

Elias Stanford
5th child of Lewis Stanford
B. 2/8/1873     D. 9/29/1945

Minnie M. Bohn
Wife of Elias Stanford
B. 3/18/1879     D. 6/6/1959

Loren L. Stanford
2nd child of Elias Stanford
B. 5/25/1901     D. 6/14/1901

Louise Bayles
Daughter-in-law of Elias Stanford
B. 6/20/1923     D. 1/11/1946

Eugene B. Stanford
8th child of Lewis Stanford
B. 11/30/1879     D. ?

Ella Cleone Blacklege
Wife of Eugene B. Stanford
B. 10/22/1881     D. 6/18/1944

Garfield Cooper
B. 1881     D. 9/26/1963



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