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Maysville Cemetery

Source: "Stanford Family Records Book"
Compiled, Edited & Published by Ernest D. Elliott, 1964
Elsie E. Smith, 1985
Condensed by Randall E. Wilkerson, 2010

All entries below are reportedly buried in Maysville Cemetery,  Clay County IL.
(12 entries, no deaths after 1985)
All entries in this list refer to the closest relative also buried in Maysville Cemetery. Other records may be available of family members not buried in Maysville Cemetery.
Submitted by Randy Wilkerson


[partial list]

Harriet Nevada Stanford
B. 10/13/1869     D. 3/7/1907

Edward Scrugham
Husband of Harriet Nevada Stanford
B. 5/2/1868     D. 5/25/1928

Laura Clawson
B.1875     D. 1954

Oscar Skelton
Husband of Laura Clawson
B. 1870     D. 1934

Charley H. Lamp
B. 1878     D. 6/4/1963

Minnie Richey
Wife of Charley H. Lamp
B. 1881     D. 10/16/1964

Stephen A. Stanford
B. 7/6/1860     D. 9/14/1939

Catherine "Kate" Humphry
Wife of Stephen A. Stanford
B. 5/2/1866     D. 5/27/1946

Carl A. Stanford
2nd child of Stephen A. Stanford
B. 10/23/1888     D. 6/13/1922

Leo Stanford
3rd child of Stephen A. Stanford
B. 11/19/1894     D. 11/9/1918

Clarence H. Stanford
1st child of Stephen A. Stanford
B. 6/22/1887     D. 7/11/1942

Pearl Weiler
Wife of Clarence H. Stanford
B. 1889     D. 11/4/1970

Preston W. Stanford
B. 12/6/1861     D. 8/17/1930

Leslie Boyd Stanford
1st child of Preston W. Stanford
B. 9/10/1888     D. 2/5/1975

Mary Weiler
Wife of Leslie Boyd Stanford
B. ?     D. 2/13/ 1970



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