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1860 Clay County Mortality Schedule

Please understand that due to the fading and/or poor handwriting, mistakes may have been made in the transcription of the information.

Persons who died during the year ending 1st June, 1860
State of Illinois, County of Clay

Name of Deceased







Cause of Death

of Illness

Ales, Clara I. 2 F   Ohio Apr   Tonselitus 6
Alexander, Jennie 1/12 F   Ill Oct   Unknown 21
Babbs, Lucinda 29 F M Ind Nov   Typhoid Fever 14
Babe hour     Ill Nov      
Baity, Julia A. 10/12 F   Ill Oct   Inflamation of Brain 14
Baity, Mary S 1 F   Ill July   Horse? Accidental 5
Bird, Permelia 66 F M Va May Domestic Consumption 43
Bishop, Henry 7 M   Ill Jan   Unknown 2
Bishop, Oscar 1/12 M   Ill. Oct   Unknown 30
Blacklidge, James L. 3/12 M   Ill June   Croup & Cold 10
Blair, William 60 M M Ky Apr Farmer Congestive Pneumonia 10
Blake, Jalme 3 F   Ind Jan   Unknown 33
Bostwick, Charles 23 M   Ill Aug Carpenter Dropsy 14
Branderburg, Joseph 23 M   Ky Dec Laborer Cold 4
Bryan, Benjamin F. 3/12 M   Ill. Nov.   Inflamation of Brain 21
Bryan, Margaret 49 F   Tenn June   Drumb Palsy 7
Bryan, Mary 70 F M N.C. Nov Domestic Lung Fever 8
Burk, Thomas W. 3/12 M   Ill July   Unknown 5
Caine, Malissa 27 F M Tenn Mar   Child Bed Fever 7
Chasteen, Elizabeth 18 F M Ind Mar Farmer Child Bed 16
Chasteen, Jefferson 23 M M Ind Apr   Consumption 68?
Chasteen, Maranda 3/12 F   Ill June   Consumption 120
Clarke, Margaret H. 8 F   Ohio Apr   Tonselitus 7
Cokely, William H. 2/12 M   Ill Mar   Pneumonia 10
Colclasure, Caroline 35 F   Ill Jan   Elyenpelers? 16
Colclasure, Jacob 66 M M Ky Dec Farmer Erysipelas 11
Colclasure, John 2/12 M   Ill Apr   Bad Hives 6
Colclasure, Lucinda 29 F M Ind Feb   Scrofula 11
Colclasure, Mary 62 F M Va Nov   Erysipelas? 11
Cooper, Rebecca A. 6 F   Ill Aug?   Unknown 1
Cox, Mary A. 1 F   Ill Oct   Measles & Cold 60
Craig, George P. 3/12 M   Ill June   Croup 1
Creach, Jacob 27 M M Va May Farmer Cholera Morbus 1
Creach, Jennie 1/12 F   Ill Apr   Croup 9
Crum, Emily C. 4 F   Ill Mar   Congestion of Brain 4
Daniel, Mary A. 19 F   Ill. May Domestic Consumption 61
Depoister, Ruth C. 18 F   Ind Jan   Pneumonia 5
Devore, Eliza 38 F M Ill May   Consumption 3mo.
Elrod, Joseph 7 M   Ind Nov   Inflamation of Brain 11
Ergenbright, Alice J. 2 F   Ill Oct   Typhoid Fever 24
Ernst, William W. 5/12 M   Ill Dec   Serofula 55
Finch, Thomas J. 1 M   Ill June   Black Canker 95
Friend, Jonas Y. 1/12 M   Ill Mar   Croup 3
Friend, Winfield S. 7 M   Va Mar   Typhoid Fever 29
Gailaird, Edwin A. 1 M   Ill June   Unknown 30
Gammon, Joseph 1 M   Ill Jan   Grn. of corn in windpipe 16
Gerrolds, Phary S. 9/12 F   Ill Sept   Conjestive Chills 21
Gibson, Volantine 3/12 M   Ill Mar   Congestion of Brain 29
Golden, William 27 M M Ill Jan Cabinet Maker Lung Fever 10
Hall, Bowen 5 M   Ind Mar   Accidental Bern 12
Hall, Margaret J. 11 F   Ind Jan   Dropsy 6
Hardy, Stephen 1/12 M   Ill Feb   Unknown 30
Hardy, Stephen H. 1/12 M   Ill Mar   Unknown Sudden
Henderson, Charles C. 1 M   Ind July   Croup 1
Henry, Clara 1 F   Ill Mar   Typhoid Fever 14
Hick, Samuel 27 M   Ohio June Farmer Drowned Suddenly  
Higginson, Eward A. 3/12 M   Ill July   Unknown 7
Holman, James 58 M M Ky Mar Farmer Disease of Heart 35
Holt, Elias 18 M   Ill Jan Student at School Inflamatory Rheumatism 4
Hoskins, Mary 25 F M Ill Feb   Child Bed 3
Hoskinson, James L. 1 M   Ill July   Inflamation of Brain 1
Hossick, Jane G. 35 F M Pa. Dec   Hemorage of Lungs Sudden
Hundly, Anna 4/12 F   Ill Aug   Unknown 28
Hungate, Cynthia A. 14 F   Ind Dec   Typhoid Fever 35
Jacobs, James C. 2 M   Ill Jan   Infamation Brain 14
Jacobs, James C. 65 M M N.C. Nov Farmer Delirium Tremers 4
Jenkins, infant of Ewina 2 hr     Ill Feb   Unknown  
Jordan, Caroline O. 1 F   Ill June   Worms 21
Kesley, Nancy A. 16 F   Ind Oct   Typhoid Fever 11
Kinley, Rachel 35 F   Tenn Mar   Pneumonia 9
Larue, Basel M 1/12 M   Ill July   Whooping Cough 10
Lewis, Gerisia 40 F M Ind July   Erysipilas 6
Lough, Peter 65 M M Va Apr Farmer Congestion of Brain 4hrs.
McCarty, Rollin 2/12 M   Ill Mar   Pleuresy 2
McCraw, Mary 33 F M Ind Feb   Congestive Chills 3
McKinney, Mary 39 F M Ill Jan   Cold 10
McLinis, Luella 1 F   Ill July   Lung Fever 14
Mimard, Amanda A. 7 F   Ill July   Unknown 3
Moats, Catharine 39 F   Ohio Apr Domestic Consumption 42
Monical, Benjamin A. 4 M   Ill Mar   Croup 2
Monical, Emily J. 7 F   Ill Dec   Whooping Cough 40
Mosely, Amanda 23 F M Ill Apr   Palsy 14
Pierson, Lucy M. 1/12 F   Ill Nov   Croup 3
Pitner, James M. 4/12 M   Ill Aug   Thrush 5
Powers, Mary T. 2 F   Ind Mar   Serofula 90
Prater, Lafaytte 2 M   Ill July   Worm Fever 7
Rinard, Selma 34 F M Ohio May   Disease of Heart 14
Roberts, Eliza J. 3/12 F   Ill Aug   Unknown 3
Roberts, Patience 52 F   Va Oct   Consumption 3 yr.
Rodgers, William G. 27 M   Ill Feb Farmer Consumption 6
Ross, Margaret 21 F M Ky Dec   Contratin? Cold 20
Russell, Julia 1/12 F   Ill Sept   Typhoid Fever 11
Saller, John G. 66 M M S. Car Nov Blacksmith Pneumonia & Chills 10 mo.
Sanger, Eliza 42 F M Ky Sept   Consumption 120
Sappinfield, Lucinda B. 1 F   Ill May   Drowned  
Sappinfeld, William A. 1 M   Ill Sept   Bowels Complaint 90
Sechrist, Rachel A. 25 F M Ohio Mar   Consumption 365
Shannon, Francis 22 M M Ohio Mar Farmer Pneumonia 10
Shims, Addison P. 3/12 M   Ill July   Inflam. Of Bowels 7
Shite, Junette? 2 F   Ill Jan   Unknown-never ill  
Slack, Sarah A. 4 F   Ill Aug   Inflamation Brain 3
Smith, Francis M. 1 M   Ill May   Teething 3
Smith, Owen W. 1 M   Ill Jan   Convulsion 1
Smothers, Margaret A. 5 F   Ill Feb   Lung Fever 68
Smothers, Edmond T.   M   Ill Dec   Unknown 3
Sonels, Lloyd W. 2/12 M   Ill Mar   Chills 49
Songer, Leander S 5 M   Ill Aug   Injury Sudden
Souls, Lloid W. 6/12 M   Ill Mar   Unknown 20
Sparks, Simon 28 M   Ohio Apr Physician Consumption 150
Sparks, Zelma S. 14 F   Ill Oct   Inflamation Brain 2yr.
Sparling, Ruth 2/12 F   Ill Apr   Congestion Brain 6
Speegle, Lucinda E 27 F   Ind May Domestic Lung Fever 12
Stanford, William 30 M   Ind May Farm Laborer Measles 3 yrs.
Stanley, George R. 1 M   Ill Jan   Unknown 28
Stevens, Elizabeth 3/12 F   Ill Mar   Croup Suddenly  
Stipp, Martha A. 1 F   Ill Oct   Congestion Stomach 13
Stith, William D. 47 M M Ohio Mar Farmer Consuption 3
Taylor, Amanda A. 1 F   Ill Sept   Inflamation Brain 31
Tracy, Hiram 16 M   Ky Jan   Dropsy 150
Ware, Mary E. 1/12 F   Ill June   Hives 37?
Ware, Sarah E. 11/12 F   Ill Mar   Hives 4
Warner, John 35 M   Ohio Feb Farmer Consumption 3 yrs.
Washington, George 9 M   Ind Dec   Sudden Cold 8
White, Sarah A. 29 F M Ind Dec   Consumpsion 28
Whitman, Samuel 9 M   Ind June   Billious Fever 8
Wilders, William 4/12 M   Ill Feb   Spasms 4
Williams, Lucinda 2 F   Ill Nov   Inflamation of Brain 3 mo.
Winans, Lucy E. 32 F M Ohio Mar   Typhoid Fever 6



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