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Friday, May 10, 1907   

   The following preceedings have been ground out in the probate court this week: 

Friday, June 7, 1907
    The probate docket shows that Judge Tolliver has been active of late, as we observe that the estate of Richard E. Nottingham has been declared insolvent and John R. Bonney administrator has been discharged; the personal property has been turned over to the widow;
    C. S. Erwin has been appointed administrator of the estate of the late J. J. Spriggs; 
    Thomas Able has made final report as conservator of Charles Karlee, feeble minded, and now an inmate of the Southern Illinois Hospital for the Insane at Anna.  Report approved and conservator relieved.

Flora Journal Record, Thursday, May 10, 1923
Guardian's sale of Real Estate
State of Illinois Clay County,
--in the Clay County Court
---In Probate May Term, A.D. 1923.
    By virtue of an order and decree of the County court of Clay county, made on the petition of the undersigned, Guardian of John Fisher Jr., minor heir of John and Katurah Fisher deceased, for leave to sell real estate of said minor at the May Term, A.D., 1923, of said court, to wit:  On the 9th day of June A.D., 1923, I shall, between the hours of ten o clock in the forenoon and five o clock in the afternoon of said day, To-wit:  at the hour of one o clock P.M., of said day, sell at public sale, at the First National Bank in Flora in said County, the real estate described as follows, to-wit:
    Lot No. six (6) in J.L. Black s addition to the city of Flora, in Clay County, Illinois on the following terms, to-wit:
    Cash in Hand as required by the Court.
     Dated this 7th day of May A.D., 1923.
                            C.E. Hemphill,
                            Guardian of the Minor Heir of John and Katurah Fisher, deceased.
                            Jas. H. Smith, Attorney

Thursday, Nov. 22, 1923
The following business has been transacted in Judge Reaugh s courts during the past week: 

Thursday, Dec. 11, 1924
The following business has been transacted in Judge Reauth's probate court since our last report:

Petition of Essie Bible to be appointed guardian of Floyd Bible, a minor, granted, and bond of $400 filed. 10/2/1924

Judge Boyles, accompanied by the States attorney, motored to the county seat, Monday, for probate court. 

Billy Windle, of this township, filed an application for a mother 's pension, the applicant being his mother, and the Court ordered the probationary officer to make investigation and report.  No other business aside from the usual routine of approving papers and passing on reports was transacted. [Southern Illinois Record, Thursday, July 26, 1917]

Petition to Set Aside the Probate of the Golden Will
    Mrs. Ruth Griffith, of St. Louis, filed a petition in the County Court of Clay County last Monday, asking that the probate of the will of the late Dr. J. J. Golden be set aside and vacated on the ground that she, as a child, and one of the heirs of Dr. Golden, had been given no notice of the proceedings to probate the will.  Judge Boyles has accordingly fixed the 29th day of December next as the date upon which the hearing on this petition will be granted.  Meanwhile, the distribution of Dr. Golden s estate is postponed until Mrs. Griffith s claims can be heard.  Mrs. Griffith claims to be a child of Dr. Golden by a first marriage, and that the Doctor recognized her relationship by providing for her for a long period of time prior to his death.  As stated in these columns last week Dr. Golden left an estate amounting to about $35,000, which was about to be divided under the terms of his will between forty-seven of the nieces and nephews of himself and his wife.  This action not only delays the distribution, but it may change the order of the court as to the proven and known beneficiaries. [Thursday, November 8, 1917]

Whitaker Will Contest Ended
    The suit brought by Mrs. Emily Coigny Whitaker, the widow of the late Harry E. Whitaker, protesting the probate of the will left by Mrs. Whitaker at the time of his death, has been settled by the payment to Mrs. Whitaker of $6000 cash in hand from the estate.  For consideration of this amount in cash,  Mrs. Whitaker also waives all her rights and interests under the antenuptial agreement and as to dower and homestead and any rights she might have under law. Robinson Constitution
[The Flora Record, Thursday, November 5, 1920]

Thursday, September 24, 1925
Judge Reaugh transacted the following business in probate court last Monday:

Thursday, April 8, 1926



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