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Pleasant Hill Baptist Church

Name-Inscribed Quilt

Quilt Owned by Xenia Cord (xenia AT  legacyquilts dot net), and the listings were made by her.  

Anyone who can shed light on the quilt’s purpose, and the reason for the gathering of all these folks is invited to email us with that information.
Pleasant Hill Baptist Church 
March 27, 1927, Pleasant Hill Baptist church
Eld L.R. Hirtzel, pastor
Effingham, IL

quilt from Pleasant Hill Baptist church 


(names in all caps are in the pink block, top left)

Row order:  6 long rows, 7 circles per row.  Start with all-pink block














Chambers, Olane

Cash, Jane

Chambers, Hazel

Franklin, Roy/Ray

Franklin, Jess

McWilliams, Kyle

Bryant, Leona

Moats, John

McWilliams, Rochelle

Morrical/Monical, F.C.


Conners, Jack

McCollum, Pauline

Johnson, Donald

McCollum, Pearl

McCollum, Gertrude

Ranes, Bess

McCollum, Herman

Sullivan, Nell

McCollum, Lon

McWilliams, Clarice

Franklin, Amanda

Franklin, G.H.


Tungate, Ancil Paul

Tolliver, Ella

McCollum, Hazel V.

Welman, Ed

McCollum, Robert W.

Tungate, Ray

McCollum, Virginia

Ikemire, Sina

Etchison, Ermine

Tolliver, Edith

Kincaid, Jessie A.

Tungate, Marie


McPeak, Charles

McPeak, Kate

King, Anna Mae

Speaks, Ada

Hord, Hugh

Hord, Adeline

Kincaid, J. F.

Kincaid, Ollie

Clark, Claud

Clark, Etta

Peaveler, Pearl

Peaveler, Vivian


Morris, Clara

Ervin, Sanford

Gharst, Anna

Gharst, Dora

Todd, Bell

Todd, Zulla

Todd, Jennie

McCraw, Lizzie

McCraw, Hofee

Brooks, Nolan

Brooks, Orville

Beard, Dell


Bryant, Chas

Bryant, Ella

Bryant, Inez

Bryant, Edna

Tolliver, Richard

Tolliver, Rosa

Isom, Jennie

Burton, Bell

Woods, E.  O.

Woods, Mrs. E. O.

Woods, Leona



McKnelly, G.C.

Colburn, Myron

McKnelly, Virdie

Easton, Shirley J.


McKnelly, John

Colburn, Laura(?)

Barnett, R. Lawrence

McKnelly, Rosalie

Benwitz, L. Marie

Colburn, Marjorie E.


McGee, Jane M.  - Age 83 years (on the next  line)

Fleener, Lafe

Fleener, Anne

Lewis, Dr. C.

Lewis, Merle

Lewis, L. O.

Lewis, Mattie

Bryant, Dorothea

Benwitz, George

Benwitz,  Lola


Berley, Della C.

Bailey, Velma V.

Bailey, Vena V.

Lewis, Dale Lee

Lewis, Mae M.

Lewis, Lee A.

Bailey, Leland

Baliey, Lyndale

Bailey, Mayble

Eaton, Daniel

Wolfe, Lou E.

Bailey, W. F.


Lewis, Nell

Hamin--, Jewel

Barnett, Ella

Maxwell, Ruby

Maxwell, Cora

Maxwell Sr., Homer

Maxwell Jr., Homer

Ezell, Sallie

Craig, Allie

Pruitt, Elder Roy

Phillips, Alfred

Phillips, Stella


Haines, Glen H.

Beamer, Ira O.

Hake, Louis F.

Dilbeck, Earnest

Rexroad, Chas. A.

Rexroad, Mrs. Jas. H.

Smith, Geo. T.

Stokes, Dr. C. A.

Rable, Ethel

Sigler, Mrs. Frank

Alsttott, L. G.

Rathgeuber, J. C.


Gibson, Nell

Ely, Harry

Burton, Coe

Brooks, Dot

Ely, Esta

Ely, Coe

McCollum, Nan

Burton, Allen

Fleenor, Man----

Erurie(?), Marry

Etchison, Lou

Gibson, Jessie


Bible, Alice

Bible, Port

Fields, Martha

McGregor, James

McGregor, Mrs.

Howard, Lou

Howard, Jerome

Falley, Bell

Hall, Sara Gail

Hall, Arkell

Wood, Paul

Wood, Laura


Leonard, Elizabeth

Kenlay, Cora

Leonard, Grover

Brooks, Leta

Rinehart, Wanda

Chatham, Sallie

Britton, Grace

Lewis, Daniel

Leonard, Joel

Britton, Ada

Leonard, Eva

Erwin, Lillian


Dillman, J.V.

McNight, Elsie

Tolliver, Minnie

Bryant, Dean

Bryant, Jean

Peters, Barnell

Armstrong, Mildred

Bryant, Ray & wife

Hall, Eva

Cottereal, Ira

Stark, Mary

Murphy, T. R. & wife


Wolfe, Joseph

Wolfe, Fannie

Daugherty, Vida

Daugherty, Guy

Daugherty, Kathleen

Wolfe, Aline

Wolfe, Maxine

Wolfe,  AmberJean

Wolfe, Irmalee

Cope, Alifare

Cope, Tom


McGee, Laura

McGee, Allen

McGee, Bell

McGee, Nel

McGee, Nellie

McGee, Roy

Blain, John D.

Devore, Rina

Eastin, Ola

McWilliams, Effie

Cichele, Eld. J.K.


Pleasant Hill Baptist Church March 27, 1927

Hirtzel, Eld. L.R., Pastor, Effingham, Illinois

Maxwell, Homer, S.S. Supt, Louisville Illinois


Gillespie, C. E.

Hayes, Etta

Hayes, Ina

Hayes, Frank

Hall, Ada

Hall, Gaylon(?)

Hall, G. H.

Burton, Henry

Burton, Millie

Burton, Pauline

Burton, Bettamae

Ely, Stella


Coil, M

Whitman, Annabell

Nave, Pearl

Conley, Nelle

Schaub, Violet

Willis, Grace S.

Gibson, Ruby D.

Hardrock, Arabelle

Irey, Del

Kincaid, Mae I.

Tolliver,  J.H.


Vanhouton, Hattie

Rinehart, Margarette

Rinhart [sic], Gloria

Vanhouton, Alice

Philips, Ellen

Dell, Lou O.

Johnson, Flo

Leonard, Ruth

Leonard, Opal

Newby, Velma

Newby, Opal

Philips, Irene


Dillman, Jean

Dillman, Wilber

Peters, E. and wife

Peters, Warren

Armstrong, Helen

Goble, Melvin

Goble, Jsa.

Specht, Geo.

Bryant, Oscar

McWilliams, Bess

McGee, Geo.

McGee, Vern


Berthold,  Mildred

Harrison, Erma

Lewis, Nell

Armstrong, M. E.

Berthold, Pauline

Armstrong, Mina

Berthold, Ola

Berthold, F. D.

Berthold, Glenn

Berthold, Paul

Berthold, Lorena

Armstrong, Cassius


Abel, Zella

Atchason, Roy

Atchason, Belle

Jones, Sue

Abel, Hope

Evans, Mary

Abel, Bessie

Atchason, Genell

Atchason, David

Burton, Ella

Johnson, Edgar

Jones, Ira


Johnson, Vern

Johnson, Nan

Tolliver, Mayme

Able, Cleo

Jones, Ben

Tolliver, Wm.

Scott, Ellen

Bible, Ella

Tolliver, Mickee

Johnson, Dale

Tolliver, Billy

Tolliver, Ruth


Harrell, Natalie

Harrell, Jerome

Harrell, John R.

Todd, Morine

Todd, Willard

Todd, Lois

Lewis, Esther, Louisville, Ill, April 4, 1927 (on 3 lines)

Moore, J.N.

Moore, Zetta

Moore, Scott


Collum, G. T.

Collum, Nell

Brunkhorst, Wm.

Brunkhorst, Hulda

Farris, Chas

Farris, Cletis

Gould, Chas.

Gould, Mahalia

Shank, E. A.

Shank, Mrs.

Drucker, Walter

Drucker, Mrs.


Crouse, Wilda

Crouse, Ben

McKnelly, Ira

McKnelly, Mavis

Bailey, May

Bailey, Lizzie

Gould, Laura

Gould, Phlander

McNelly, Delbirt [sic]

McNelly, Wayne

McNelly, Boyd

McNelly, Paul




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