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School Class Pictures

Baity School - 1898

Oak Mound School

c. 1887

Oak Mound School

c. 1891/92
Standing on the porch, left to right: Lena Jones, teacher; age 16 or 17; married Ralph Smith, Nettie Henderson; married Ott Spiker; mother of Clorus; died about 1920, Unknown, Nellie (Colclasure) Martin, Effie Dean; married a Connerley and later married Ott Spiker, Minnie Colclasure; married a Dow, Myrtle Colclasure; oldest girl of Perry Crawford Colclasure; married a Williamson
Middle row, left to right, beginning with boy in front of Minnie Colclasure: George Dean, Effie’s brother, Pearl Henderson, Lyman Smith, Willard Colclasure, Lena Colclasure, tall girl behind and between Willard and Curt, Curtis Henderson, Rollie Smith, Angie Spiker, Ott’s sister
Front row, left to right:: Gracie Smith, blond with long curly hair, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown John Dean; his brother George is behind and to left of John, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Emmet Colclasure with his little brother, Clinton, sitting on the chair, Unknown, Unknown

The identifications were made in July 1958 by Flossie (Smith) Craft, daughter of the teacher, Lena (Jones) Smith, in an interview with Elmer Haldon Smith, grandson of Lena (Jones) Smith and nephew of Flossie (Smith) Craft. The original photo was in the possession of Flossie at the time and was rephotographed by Elmer.

Oak Mound School

Oak Mound School December 15, 1908

Back row, standing, left to right: Alva Jordan, Frank Randall, Madge Hanks (teacher), Orville Dewhurst (dated the teacher), Harvey Clack, John Crisler (foster brother of Vernie Colclasure), Millie Randall (Frank’s sister), Leslie Smith (brother of Flossie and father of Elmer), Edna Colclasure (Perry’s daughter), Edna Connerley, Clinton Colclasure, Clen Colclasure (cousin of Frank Randall), Clyde Colclasure (Perry’s son), Floyd Colclasure, Floyd Sefton, Joe Smith, Noah Henniger
Middle row, benches, left to right: Hazel Connerley, Beatrice Colclasure (Floyd’s cousin), Lizzie Jones, Minnie Colclasure (Perry’s daughter), Alma “Cricket” Davis, Mary Smith (Joe’s sister), Allie Clack (Harvey’s sister), Grace Colclasure (Perry’s daughter), Lillie Smith (Joe’s sister), Vernie Colclasure, Flo Colclasure (mother of Elmer Smith), Ruth Davis, Vida Clack, Flossie Smith (owner of the photo and provider of Ids), Nellie Colclasure (Perry’s daughter), Carey Smith
Front row, ground, left to right: Lester Colclasure (Clinton’s brother), Johnny Mattux, Raymond Jordan, Carl Jones (Altie’s husband), Kenneth Henniger, Donald Jordan, Homer Colclasure (Vernie’s brother), unknown, Jim Clack, Audrey Sefton, Ora Sefton, Cecil Connerley, John Henniger

The identifications were made in July 1958 by Flossie (Smith) Craft in an interview with Elmer Haldon Smith, her nephew. The original photo was in the possession of Flossie at the time and was rephotographed by Elmer.

Oak Mound School

Oak Mound School December 7, 1912

Back row, left to right: Ruth Davis, Flo Colclasure, Unknown, Grace Colclasure (daughter of Perry), Unknown, Unknown, Floyd Colclasure, Bertha Brown (teacher), Carl Jones, Mabel Hendy (Joe’s older sister), Lillie Smith (Joe’s sister, Audrey’s aunt)
Middle row, left to right: Hazel Connerley, Raymond Jordan, Millie Randall, Cecil Connerley, Unknown Smith (Joe’s sister), Ruth Hendy, Olas Chasteen, Pansy Colclasure (this is in doubt), Donald Merrihew, Lloyd Hauge, Allen Colclasure (Orville’s youngest brother), Leslie Jordan, Charles Smith (this is in doubt)
Front row, left to right: Unknown, Unknown, Ora Sefton, Aubrey Sefton, Vasco Colclasure, Nellie Colclasure (this is in doubt), Cletus Colclasure, Alice Chasteen, Blanche Connerley, Bonnie Sefton, Unknown Buzzard, Unknown Buzzard

The identifications were made in October 1967 by Flossie (Smith) Craft and Arthur Craft in an interview with Elmer Haldon Smith, their nephew. Flossie attended the school but was apparently sick on the day the photo was taken. The original photo was in the possession of Flossie and Art in 1967.

Pleasant Hill School

Front L to R: Ada Bible, Electra Wilson, Edgar Tolliver, Lelia Bailey, Pearl Hinkle, and Forrest Bailey.
Second Row; Lucille Harmon, Hattie Bible, Dot Ely, Ruth Rinehart, Lowell Burton, Garland Ely and Doyle Childers.
Third Row: Roe Etchison, Russell Newby, Harve Etchison, Catherine Bryant, Effie Burton, Dora Bible, Jake Burton, Fern Childers, Opal Henderson and teacher, Hallie Tate.
Fourth Row: Joe Hinkle, Herman McCollum, Vaughn Bailey, Melvin Bailey, Norva Bailey, Roscoe Bailey, Kenneth Wilson and Ray Bible.
Back Row: Earl Burton, Irene Harmon, Ernest Peters, Coe Burton, Harry McCollum and Tom Fleener.

Pleasant Hill is one of those towns which is now extinct. Pleasant Hill was formerly known as Buckville and, before that, Gatewood, located in Section 22 of Pixley Township.

Hometown Journal Aug. 26, 2005

Russell School

Front L to R: Arlie Davis, James Harrison, Loren Hudelson, Henry Wyman, Mary Holcomb, and WelcomeAnderson. Second Row: Lloyd Krutsinger, Donald Harrison, Darrell Logan, Arlie Logan, Louise Anderson, Marie Krutsinger, and Anna Logan
Third Row: William Wildbur, Robert Logan, and Lowell Wyman.
Fourth Row: Floyd Krutsinger, Lowell Anderson, Gertie Logan, Harold McGlashen, Opal Hudelson, Grace Logan, Esta Thrash, Rawleigh Hale, and teacher, Shannon Hudelson.

Russell School was located for many years in Songer Township. Classes were last held in this school in 1954 due to the consolidation into Oskaloosa and Xenia Schools.

The Hometown Journal, Aug. 26, 2005

Xenia Grade School

Xenia School

L to R 1st Row : John Adams, John Cannon, Suzanne Henson, Paulette Henson, ?, Larry Forth, Charles Carrell, Joe Woomer, Butch Williams
2nd Row: Elza Joe Allen, Lenny Henson, Jack Jones, Jacque Caudle, Bill Eakin, Judy Anderson, Sug Forth, Larry Young, Butch Akes
3rd Row: ?Jones, Annabelle Pickel, Frank Mattox, Mrs. Pickel (teacher), James Phillips, Bob Armstrong, John Bumgarner, ?Draper
Most of the students were identified on the back of the picture. However, a few are not. If you know any we are missing, please email me and let me know.

Xenia Basketball Team


Team members were:
Front: Jim Hosick, Don Bradham, Joe Jones, Ed Colclasure, Stan Waggoner
Row 2: Fred Nichols, Cecil Henson, Dewane Wesner, John Henson, Eddie Cantrell, Charles Schmidt,
Harold Colclasure
Row 3: Gary Cantrell, Ken Sessions, Walter Cantrell, Bob Grawazts, Jim Ward, Don Rogers, Jim Henson
Back Row: Manager Virgil King, Paul Smith, Bill Griffith, Jim Allison, Jim Knapp, Carl Gragert,
Lawrence Ward, Bob Burkett, Coach Bill Wallace, Steve Smith and Manager Paul Koehler



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