Muster Roll of Captain St. John's Company of 100 Days' Men

The Plain Dealer

May 26, 1864

The following Muster-Roll of Captain St. John's company of 100 Days' men, was received to (sic) late for publication last week. Since the captain's promotion to the Lieut.-Colonelcy of the Regiment, we presume the vacancy in the Company has been filled by regular promotion.

John P. St. John - Captain

Richard S. Curd - First Lieut.

S.E. Guthrie - Second Lieut.

Orderly Sergeant - Wm. F. Lewis

2d Sergt - Edward A. Armstrong

3rd Sergt - Solomon Cossell

4th Sergt - John McIntyre

5th Sergt - William J. Guthrie

1st corpl - Wm. Winkleblack

2d Corpl - David Naylor

3rd Corpl - Newton Reynolds

4th Corpl - Robert T. Brown

5th Corpl - John W. Davis

6th Corpl- Elijah W. Oliver

7th Corpl - John Downey

8th Corpl - James R. Parker

Musicians, L.E. Cartwright, R.A. March

Wagoner - N.W. Whitney


Bowls, Wm. McClosky, S.
Barlow, H.C. McKinstry, Geo
Babers, W. McDonnald, C.
Beckham, S. Mount, R.T.
Bunce, Geo Mitchell, I.B.
Brown, Robert R. Mount, V.V.
Brown, Wm F. Maples, M.
Berry, Wm. Melton, M.
Brandenburgh, W. Miller, J.M.
Coale, A.H. Maxcy, A.J.
Cooper, John Nees, Henry R.
Collom, R.A. Nobeck, A.
Clark, W.O. Naylor, Willson
Debard, Martin Norfolk, H.C.
Dawson, R.W. Perkins, J.A.
Edmon, Joseph Padgett, Wm.
Eaton, J.H. Ricketts, Henry
Ellington, E.W. Ricketts, Joshua
Eastin, C.W. Rosebrough, J.O.
Ellington, W. Scales, Chas. E.
Erskin, Amos Sowers, D.W.
Frost, K.D. Shoots, T.T.
French, D.T. Shoots, Alex.
Faust, Jas. Stephens, B.F.
Guthrie, John Somerville, W.R.
Heath, Z. Sallee, E.M.
Hedges, Geo. Small, W.
Hampton, D.W. Trout, W.
Hutchason, J.B. Wyeth, N.D.
Jeffries, T.C. White, E.W.
Jeffries, A. Waters, Levi
King, Geo. W. Williams, E.
Kimball, R.M. Webb, E.N.
Kindle, Tipton Walker, Jeff
Leary, Richard Watren (?), G.W.
Lytle, R.A. Ward, James

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