1840 Federal Census Index
Coles County, Illinois
©2003, Kimberly Torp
The 1840 Census was a Head of Household census only.

This is my index to my census transcription.

As a special note, almost none of the Free Colored Persons listed on the census are listed on this index since most of them were not actually named in the original census. If they were named living in their own household on the original census (and I think there was one family that was), then they are listed here in the index. If you want to find the ones not listed, browse through the census page by page from the links on my main index page. At the bottom of every census page, there is a link that will take you to the next census page that followed.

Clicking on a link will take you to the page where you can find the head of household named here. Use your browsers FIND function (CTRL + F) to find the exact name once you are at that page.

Click on the links below to Jump to the Surnames starting with that letter.

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Silass? Abbot 1840censuspg10.html
Jas. H. Adams 1840censuspage15.html
John Adams 1840censuspage17.html
John J. Adams 1840censuspage15.html
John M. Adams 1840censuspage15.html
John Addington 1840censuspage16.html
John Adkin 1840censuspage13.html
Absalom Adkins 1840censuspage11.html
Chs. Adkins 1840censuspage15.html
James Adkins 1840censuspage15.html
Thomas Afflek 1840censuspg9.html
Richard Airey 1840censuspg4.html
H.B. Alderson 1840censuspg4.html
R.H. Alderson 1840censuspg4.html
H.P. Aleshire 1840censuspage12.html
A Alexander 1840censuspage14.html
Alfred Alexander 1840censuspage12.html
Ebenezer Alexander page3.html
James Alexander 1840censuspg4.html
Robert Alexander 1840censuspg2.html
Samuel Alexander 1840censuspage8.html
S.W. Alison 1840censuspg2.html
Danl. All?sher 1840censuspg2.html
David Allen 1840censuspage16.html
Henry Allen 1840censuspg5.html
Isaac L. Allen 1840censuspage13.html
Jrey? Allen 1840censuspage16.html
Thomas Allen 1840censuspage16.html
Peter Allgood 1840censuspage11.html
Joseph Allin 1840censuspage16.html
James Allison 1840censuspg2.html
Jesse Allison 1840censuspage8.html
John Allison 1840censuspage8.html
Joseph Allison 1840censuspage15.html
Solomon Allison 1840censuspage8.html
William Allison page3.html
Dan'l Ames 1840censuspg6.html
Robt B. Ames 1840censuspg5.html
Elias Anderson 1840censuspage17.html
James D. Anderson 1840censuspage14.html
John Anderson 1840censuspage7.html
Morton B. Anderson 1840censuspage14.html
Robert Anderson 1840censuspage13.html
William Anderson page3.html
Moses Andrews 1840censuspg3.html
T.B. Andrews 1840censuspage16.html
John Anglin 1840censuspage11.html
John Apperson page3.html
L.D. Archer 1840censuspage7.html
John Armer 1840censuspg2.html
Wm. Armer 1840censuspg2.html
Joseph Armor 1840censuspage16.html
Francis Armour 1840censuspage13.html
R.C. Armstrong 1840censuspage15.html
Anderson Arnold 1840censuspg5.html
Benjamin Arnold 1840censuspage16.html
Henry Arnold 1840censuspage16.html
Thompson Arnold 1840censuspage16.html
Wm. Arnold 1840censuspage16.html
Wm. Arnold 1840censuspage16.html
Calep Arrowhood 1840censuspage7.html
Elijah Arrowhood 1840censuspg9.html
John Ashby 1840censuspage17.html
Robt. Ashby 1840censuspg4.html
Wm. Ashby 1840censuspg5.html
James Ashmoore 1840censuspage15.html
Carroll O. Ashmore 1840censuspage7.html
G.M. Ashmore 1840censuspage7.html
H.J. Ashmore 1840censuspage7.html
Martin L. Ashmore 1840censuspage13.html
Patrick Ashmore 1840censuspage7.html
Robert Ashmore 1840censuspage7.html
Ruth Ashmore 1840censuspage8.html
S.C. Ashmore 1840censuspage8.html
W.S. Ashmore 1840censuspage7.html
Aary Atkins 1840censuspg2.html
Gawen Atkins senr. 1840censuspg4.html
Benjamin Austin 1840censuspg5.html
John Austin 1840censuspg6.html
Nathan Austin 1840censuspg5.html
Wm. Austin 1840censuspg6.html
Georg Axton 1840censuspg4.html

James H. Bailie 1840censuspage8.html
John Baird 1840censuspg6.html
Thos. Baird 1840censuspg5.html
J.B. Baker 1840censuspage17.html
John Baker 1840censuspage12.html
Seaton Baker 1840censuspg5.html
Alfred Balch 1840censuspage12.html
Alpha Balch 1840censuspage15.html
John M. Balch 1840censuspage15.html
Jonathan E. Balch 1840censuspage15.html
Wm. Balch 1840censuspage13.html
John Baldwin page3.html
Wm. Baldwin 1840censuspg2.html
Levi Bales 1840censuspage15.html
Joseph Balinger 1840censuspage10.html
Augustus Barber 1840censuspg2.html
Daniel Barham 1840censuspage13.html
John Barham 1840censuspg5.html
Nathan Barham 1840censuspage13.html
John W. Barker 1840censuspg4.html
Thos Barker 1840censuspage16.html
Wm. Barker 1840censuspg4.html
William Barnaby page3.html
John M. Barnett 1840censuspage8.html
Wm. Barnett 1840censuspage8.html
William Barns page3.html
James Barr 1840censuspg2.html
Joseph Barr 1840censuspg3.html
John Barrack 1840censuspg5.html
Wm. Barrack 1840censuspg3.html
Amos Barrass 1840censuspg2.html
Samuel Barret 1840censuspage11.html
James Bartlett 1840censuspg9.html
Martin Bartlett 1840censuspage8.html
Rueben Barton 1840censuspg2.html
Wright Bass page3.html
John Bates 1840censuspg6.html
Wm. Bates 1840censuspage16.html
Bennett Beals 1840censuspg2.html
Caleb Beals 1840censuspage13.html
David Beals 1840censuspage14.html
David Beals 1840censuspage14.html
Jacob Beals 1840censuspage14.html
Levi Beals 1840censuspage13.html
Levy Beals 1840censuspg2.html
Oliver Beals 1840censuspage14.html
Robert Beavers 1840censuspage10.html
Wm. Beavers 1840censuspg5.html
Susan Belcher 1840censuspg2.html
Wm. Belcher 1840censuspg2.html
James Bell 1840censuspage17.html
John Bell page3.html
John Bell 1840censuspage7.html
Thos Bell 1840censuspage15.html
Wm. Bell 1840censuspg5.html
John Benslay 1840censuspg3.html
Thos W. Berkley 1840censuspage11.html
J. S. Berry 1840censuspg2.html
John L. Berry 1840censuspage8.html
Joseph Berry 1840censuspg2.html
Nelson Berry 1840censuspage15.html
Harison Berson 1840censuspage17.html
Hiram Bewal 1840censuspage13.html
Abram Bhoads(?) 1840censuspg5.html
Gasham Bills 1840censuspage13.html
Jonathan ? Bills 1840censuspage15.html
A.J. Birch 1840censuspage13.html
Alex.. Black 1840censuspg5.html
David Black 1840censuspage16.html
Jackson Black 1840censuspage17.html
James Black 1840censuspg9.html
Susanah R. Black 1840censuspg9.html
Wm. Black 1840censuspage17.html
H.A. Blakney 1840censuspage17.html
Wm. Blakney 1840censuspage17.html
Margaret L. Bloxom 1840censuspage11.html
Shadrick Bofley(?), senr. 1840censuspg6.html
Charles Bohn (Bolm?) 1840censuspg2.html
James Bolan 1840censuspg2.html
James Bolan Jr. 1840censuspg2.html
Thomas Boles 1840censuspage11.html
John Bolin 1840censuspg2.html
James Bond page3.html
Danl Boothby 1840censuspage10.html
David Botkins 1840censuspage15.html
George Boughher 1840censuspage16.html
John Boughher 1840censuspage16.html
James H. Bovell 1840censuspage7.html
Christina Bovell (Boven?) 1840censuspage14.html
Archibald Boyd 1840censuspage13.html
Hiram Boyd page3.html
Robt. K. Boyd 1840censuspg2.html
Soloman Boyer 1840censuspage7.html
Joseph Boyers 1840censuspg6.html
Shadrick Bozly, Jr. 1840censuspg6.html
Jesse Bracken 1840censuspg4.html
Wm. A. Brady 1840censuspg9.html
Abram Bragg 1840censuspg9.html
Jonas Bragg 1840censuspg9.html
Solomon Branenburg 1840censuspg5.html
William Brann 1840censuspage10.html
John Brees 1840censuspg2.html
Benj Brestum? 1840censuspg9.html
John Brewer 1840censuspg9.html
Stephen Brewer 1840censuspage16.html
Wm. Brewer 1840censuspage16.html
Davis Brewster 1840censuspage14.html
Thos Brewster 1840censuspage14.html
Eleance Bright 1840censuspage16.html
Henson Bright 1840censuspage13.html
Jefferson Bright 1840censuspage13.html
Johnson Bright 1840censuspage13.html
Joseph Bright 1840censuspage16.html
Eleancy Bright, Jr 1840censuspage16.html
George Brinegar page3.html
Thomas Brinegar page3.html
William Brisee(?) 1840censuspg4.html
J.W. Britt 1840censuspg2.html
Robt. Britt 1840censuspg2.html
Archibald Brooks 1840censuspage7.html
E.K. Brooks 1840censuspage7.html
J.W. Brooks 1840censuspage17.html
Robt. Brooks 1840censuspage7.html
A.C. Brower 1840censuspg2.html
Joseph Brower 1840censuspg2.html
Elizabeth Brown 1840censuspg9.html
Francis Brown 1840censuspg6.html
Henry W. Brown 1840censuspg6.html
James Brown 1840censuspg9.html
Job W. Brown 1840censuspg6.html
John Brown 1840censuspg6.html
Rebeca Brown 1840censuspage13.html
Wm. Brown 1840censuspage10.html
C.W.P. Bryant 1840censuspg2.html
Wm. Bryant 1840censuspage10.html
Joseph Bully 1840censuspg5.html
Philip Bumgartner 1840censuspg5.html
E.D. Burnett 1840censuspg9.html
Orren Burnham 1840censuspage13.html
Laben Burr 1840censuspg6.html
Silas Burson 1840censuspage8.html
Hamilton Busby 1840censuspg9.html
Thomas Butes 1840censuspage8.html
Alex Byrd 1840censuspg3.html
Amos Byrd 1840censuspg9.html
John Byrd 1840censuspg2.html

Samuel Cainbee (Cambee?) 1840censuspage7.html
Wm. Calhoon 1840censuspg5.html
Albert Camer 1840censuspg3.html
Abram Campbell 1840censuspg9.html
Allen Campbell 1840censuspage10.html
Daniel Campbell 1840censuspage7.html
Darkyann Campbell 1840censuspage8.html
David Campbell 1840censuspg2.html
Eugenio Campbell 1840censuspage15.html
George N. Campbell 1840censuspg9.html
John Campbell 1840censuspage10.html
John M. Campbell 1840censuspg9.html
Wm. J. Campbell 1840censuspage10.html
Zeno Campbell 1840censuspage15.html
John Campbelle 1840censuspage14.html
Mark Campbelle 1840censuspage14.html
H.B. Caner 1840censuspage16.html
R. Canterberry 1840censuspage10.html
Franklin Canterbury 1840censuspage13.html
Henry Carmeans (?) 1840censuspg2.html
John Carpender 1840censuspage16.html
D.J. Carpenter 1840censuspg5.html
James Carpenter 1840censuspg5.html
D.J. Carpenter Jr. 1840censuspage17.html
David Carson 1840censuspg3.html
Andrew Carter 1840censuspg3.html
Benjamin Carter page3.html
John Carter 1840censuspg6.html
Levi Carter 1840censuspg9.html
Levi Carter 1840censuspg9.html
Wm. Carter page3.html
Zephania Carter 1840censuspage7.html
Levin Cartright 1840censuspg4.html
Redick Cartright 1840censuspg6.html
E. Carver 1840censuspg5.html
Garret Cavenoug 1840censuspage12.html
Joseph Cavens page3.html
John Ceafs (?) 1840censuspage10.html
Wm. Chadd 1840censuspg9.html
John Chadwell 1840censuspage13.html
T.G. Chambers 1840censuspg3.html
Richard Champion page3.html
Ezekiel Chandler 1840censuspage10.html
Jackson Chaney 1840censuspage7.html
James Chaney 1840censuspage8.html
Joseph Chapman 1840censuspg3.html
Thomas Chasser 1840censuspg5.html
John Chasteen 1840censuspg9.html
Thos Chastine 1840censuspage11.html
John Cheeseman 1840censuspg9.html
Joshua Childers 1840censuspage13.html
C.G. Chowning 1840censuspage13.html
James Ciena 1840censuspg2.html
David Cisna 1840censuspg3.html
A. Clark 1840censuspg3.html
A.N. Clark 1840censuspage7.html
Benjn Clark 1840censuspage11.html
Isaac Clark 1840censuspage11.html
James Clark 1840censuspage7.html
John Clark 1840censuspage7.html
Wm. D. Clark 1840censuspage12.html
E.J. Claytun (Claptun/Chaptun?) 1840censuspg6.html
Thomas Closson 1840censuspage8.html
Wm. Clyne 1840censuspage8.html
Zachariah Coalman 1840censuspage12.html
Andrew Coberly 1840censuspage7.html
Martin Coberly 1840censuspage7.html
Katharine Coburn 1840censuspage7.html
S.M. Cochran 1840censuspage13.html
Joseph Coffee 1840censuspage8.html
John Coldwell 1840censuspg4.html
John Coldwell, senr 1840censuspg9.html
Jefferson Coleman page3.html
Aaron Collins 1840censuspage11.html
Adam Collins 1840censuspage11.html
Watson Collins 1840censuspage11.html
Z. Collins 1840censuspg9.html
George S. Collom 1840censuspg6.html
Wm. Colom 1840censuspage10.html
J.C. Combs 1840censuspage7.html
Napolean Combs 1840censuspage7.html
Ambrose Comer 1840censuspg5.html
Francis Comer 1840censuspg5.html
George Comer (?) 1840censuspg5.html
A. Compton 1840censuspg4.html
Jackson Conely 1840censuspg4.html
John Conely 1840censuspg4.html
John B. Conely 1840censuspg4.html
John C. Conely 1840censuspg4.html
Joel Conley 1840censuspage11.html
Wm. H. Conley 1840censuspage11.html
John Cook 1840censuspage12.html
D.R. Coons 1840censuspg6.html
Jessee Cooper 1840censuspg5.html
John Cooper 1840censuspg5.html
John Cossil 1840censuspage13.html
Michael Cossil 1840censuspage13.html
G.L. Cottenham 1840censuspg5.html
Jacob Cottenham 1840censuspg5.html
Warren Covel 1840censuspg2.html
Hugh Cowan page3.html
Adam Cox 1840censuspg6.html
Andrew R. Cox page3.html
Anthony Cox 1840censuspg5.html
Charles Cox 1840censuspage11.html
Edward Cox 1840censuspage7.html
George Cox 1840censuspg5.html
James Cox 1840censuspg5.html
James Cox 1840censuspg6.html
James S. Cox 1840censuspage16.html
John Cox 1840censuspg6.html
W.K. Cox 1840censuspg5.html
Archibald Craig 1840censuspage14.html
Elijah Craig 1840censuspage14.html
J.N. Craig 1840censuspg4.html
Wm. Craigrule (?) 1840censuspg3.html
Mitton Crainnor 1840censuspage16.html
J.R. Crawford 1840censuspg2.html
James Crawford 1840censuspg2.html
Thomas Crayton 1840censuspg9.html
Hosea Creamer 1840censuspage8.html
Anderson Cross 1840censuspage15.html
David Cross page3.html
George Cross page3.html
J.B. Cruse 1840censuspage17.html
Robert Cruzan 1840censuspg9.html
Abram Cubbage 1840censuspg2.html
James Cubbage 1840censuspg2.html
John Cubbage 1840censuspg2.html
Henry M. Cumber 1840censuspg9.html
James T. Cunningham page3.html
Danl. Curd 1840censuspg3.html
Edmund Curd 1840censuspg4.html
Isaac Curry page3.html
James E. Curry page3.html
James E. Curry page3.html
T.J. Curry page3.html
Thomas Curry page3.html
Carlus Curtis 1840censuspage11.html
Charles Curtis 1840censuspage11.html
Thomas Curtis 1840censuspage15.html
Wm. H. Curtis 1840censuspage7.html
John Cutler 1840censuspage7.html
Albert Cutright 1840censuspg5.html

[D - E]
Thomas Dallas 1840censuspg4.html
David Daniels 1840censuspage8.html
James H. Daniels 1840censuspage8.html
Reuben Daniels 1840censuspage8.html
Reuben Daniels Junr. 1840censuspage8.html
John Darmon 1840censuspage10.html
John Daugherty 1840censuspage7.html
Isaac Davidson 1840censuspg9.html
Joaker Davis 1840censuspage8.html
John Davis 1840censuspg5.html
John Davis 1840censuspage8.html
Joshua Davis 1840censuspg9.html
Moses Davis 1840censuspage16.html
Wm. Davis 1840censuspage16.html
John Dawe 1840censuspg2.html
Thomas Dawling 1840censuspg4.html
Joseph Dean 1840censuspage8.html
Abram Decins? 1840censuspg3.html
Henry Decker 1840censuspg3.html
J.K. Decker 1840censuspg3.html
John Decker 1840censuspg3.html
Wm. Decker 1840censuspage16.html
George Dehart 1840censuspage10.html
John Delay 1840censuspage12.html
James Devore 1840censuspage14.html
Robert Dewks 1840censuspage11.html
C.J. Dexter 1840censuspage14.html
Nathl Dixon 1840censuspage10.html
Wm. J. Dixon 1840censuspg9.html
James Doak 1840censuspage7.html
A.Y. Dobbs 1840censuspg3.html
James Donaldson 1840censuspg5.html
John Donalson 1840censuspage15.html
Hiram Donica 1840censuspage7.html
James Doty 1840censuspage15.html
Levi Doty 1840censuspage15.html
Samuel Doty 1840censuspage15.html
H.B. Dow 1840censuspage16.html
John O. Dowd 1840censuspage11.html
Reuben Downall 1840censuspage10.html
A. Downs 1840censuspg2.html
G.W. Downs 1840censuspage14.html
Hugh Doyel 1840censuspage16.html
Daniel Drake page3.html
Jesse R. Drake 1840censuspage12.html
Thomas Drake page3.html
Wm. Drake 1840censuspg2.html
John Driscal 1840censuspage15.html
Jourdon Drown 1840censuspage14.html
John Drury 1840censuspg2.html
David Dryden 1840censuspage15.html
Samuel Dryden 1840censuspage14.html
William Dryden 1840censuspage12.html
Guilford Dudley 1840censuspg6.html
Mosess Dudley 1840censuspage7.html
William Dugger 1840censuspage10.html
A.P. Dunbar 1840censuspg4.html
John Duncan 1840censuspage10.html
Matthew Duncan 1840censuspg2.html
Amos Dunham 1840censuspage14.html
Wm. B. Dunn 1840censuspage13.html
Wm. Duty 1840censuspg9.html
Elizabeth Dyer 1840censuspg5.html
Josiah Early 1840censuspage10.html
Dan'l Easten 1840censuspg5.html
Richard W. Easten 1840censuspage13.html
Van S. Easten 1840censuspg3.html
David Eastin 1840censuspage11.html
J.M. Eastin 1840censuspg3.html
Jackson Eastin 1840censuspage14.html
Richard Eastin 1840censuspage14.html
Benjamin Eaton 1840censuspage17.html
Moses Eaton 1840censuspage15.html
Henry Eckels 1840censuspage11.html
Daniel Edson 1840censuspage12.html
Ambrose Edwards 1840censuspg4.html
Elijah Edwards 1840censuspg3.html
John D. Eldridge 1840censuspage14.html
N. Ellington 1840censuspage17.html
Harry Elliott 1840censuspage14.html
Danl Ellis 1840censuspg9.html
George Ellis 1840censuspage10.html
John Ellis page3.html
John Ellis 1840censuspage10.html
John Ellis 1840censuspage11.html
L.D. Ellis 1840censuspg3.html
Pleasant M. Ellis 1840censuspage10.html
Soln. H. Ellis 1840censuspage16.html
Thos H. Ellis 1840censuspage10.html
Anderson Ellmore 1840censuspg9.html
David Ellmore 1840censuspg9.html
Andrew Ensley 1840censuspg5.html
Andrew Ensley, senr. 1840censuspg5.html
Green Epperson 1840censuspage11.html
Chs Erwin 1840censuspage15.html
Doritha Erwin 1840censuspage15.html
James Erwin 1840censuspage15.html
John Erwin 1840censuspage15.html
Wm. Ethrington 1840censuspg4.html
Geore Evans 1840censuspage8.html
Alfred Everett 1840censuspg2.html
Joseph Everett 1840censuspg2.html
David Evinger 1840censuspage11.html
Elizabeth Evinger 1840censuspage11.html
Frederick Evinger 1840censuspg6.html
Robt K. Evins 1840censuspage11.html
James Ewart 1840censuspage13.html
Elijah Ewing 1840censuspg6.html
Wm. Ewing 1840censuspage12.html

[F - G]
Samuel B. Fairbanks 1840censuspg2.html
G.B. Fancher 1840censuspage12.html
Richard Fancher 1840censuspg2.html
Lucinda Fann page3.html
James A. Farlin 1840censuspg9.html
David Farris 1840censuspage15.html
Thos C. Farris 1840censuspage12.html
Noah Faunce 1840censuspg2.html
Thomas A. Faunce 1840censuspg2.html
Thomas W. Faunce 1840censuspg2.html
Stephen Ferguson 1840censuspage14.html
Wm. Ferguson 1840censuspage12.html
John Fettnen (Fettner?) 1840censuspg3.html
Jacob Fickes 1840censuspage13.html
Elijah Fielfer 1840censuspg2.html
William Fiers 1840censuspage13.html
Vardis Fisher 1840censuspg6.html
L.B. Fleenor 1840censuspage13.html
James Fleming 1840censuspage10.html
Robt. Fleming 1840censuspg4.html
David Foible 1840censuspage11.html
Elizabeath Forge 1840censuspage16.html
Hillary Forge 1840censuspage16.html
Wm. Forsythe 1840censuspg3.html
John Foster 1840censuspage10.html
Lawrence Foster 1840censuspage10.html
Joseph Fowler 1840censuspg4.html
Thomas Fowler page3.html
James F. Fowlger 1840censuspage11.html
Jephtha Fox 1840censuspg2.html
Ruth Fox 1840censuspg2.html
Joshua Franklin 1840censuspg9.html
John Frazier 1840censuspg9.html
James Fredd 1840censuspg6.html
Samuel Freeland 1840censuspage8.html
Andrew Freeman 1840censuspg3.html
Joseph A. Friend 1840censuspage13.html
Joel Frost 1840censuspage15.html
John J. Frost 1840censuspage15.html
Jonathan Frost 1840censuspg3.html
Joseph Frost 1840censuspage15.html
William Frost 1840censuspage11.html
Adam Fudge 1840censuspage15.html
John Fudge 1840censuspage15.html
Samuel Fudge 1840censuspage15.html
Jacob Fulfer 1840censuspg2.html
John Fulfer 1840censuspg2.html
Joseph Fulfer 1840censuspage15.html
Henry Full 1840censuspg6.html
Hawkins Fuller 1840censuspage10.html
Henry Fuller 1840censuspage10.html
Jesse Fuller 1840censuspage11.html
Ozier Fuller page3.html
Samuel Fuller 1840censuspage10.html
Joham Fuqua 1840censuspg5.html
John W. Fuqua 1840censuspg5.html
Jacob Furrey 1840censuspage16.html
John Furrey 1840censuspage16.html
Peter Furrey 1840censuspage16.html
Aras Galbreath 1840censuspg6.html
James Galbreath 1840censuspage7.html
John Galbreath 1840censuspage7.html
Wm. Galbreath 1840censuspage7.html
S.K. Gamble 1840censuspage14.html
Wm. Gamble 1840censuspage14.html
Isaac Ganaway 1840censuspage13.html
John Gardner 1840censuspg2.html
John B. Gardner 1840censuspg2.html
M.J. Gardner 1840censuspg2.html
Joseph Garland 1840censuspage10.html
Peter Garrison 1840censuspg5.html
B.J. Gass 1840censuspage16.html
Susan Gaston 1840censuspage8.html
J.J. Gately 1840censuspg3.html
Ezekiel Geeslen (?) page3.html
Abram Gemmans 1840censuspage7.html
John Gennings 1840censuspage12.html
Weeks Geo W. 1840censuspage16.html
Abraim Gibbs 1840censuspage12.html
Elijah Gibbs 1840censuspage12.html
Harmer Gibbs 1840censuspg2.html
John Gibson 1840censuspage11.html
Wm. Gidian 1840censuspage14.html
George Giffin 1840censuspg6.html
Hix Gifford 1840censuspg6.html
Jessee Gifford 1840censuspg6.html
Levi Gifford 1840censuspg6.html
G.W. Gilbert 1840censuspg6.html
L.T. Gilbert page3.html
Martin Gilbert 1840censuspg3.html
Robt. Gilbert 1840censuspg6.html
A.J. Gilbreath 1840censuspage15.html
James Gill 1840censuspage16.html
Orison Gillet 1840censuspage15.html
L. Gillinwaters 1840censuspage13.html
Westley Gillinwaters 1840censuspage13.html
William Gillman 1840censuspage11.html
Rachel Glasscock page3.html
James Glenn 1840censuspage12.html
Joseph Glenn 1840censuspage12.html
Clemme Goar page3.html
Benjn Gobble 1840censuspage14.html
Claude Gobert 1840censuspage7.html
Danl. Goble 1840censuspg4.html
(Wm/Van?) Goddard 1840censuspage14.html
John Golden 1840censuspg9.html
Jacob Gollida 1840censuspage11.html
John Gollida 1840censuspage11.html
Moses Gollida 1840censuspage11.html
David Golliday, sen 1840censuspg9.html
Burwell (?) Goodman 1840censuspg2.html
Georg Goodman 1840censuspage17.html
John Goodman 1840censuspage17.html
Joseph Goodman 1840censuspage17.html
Wm. Goodman 1840censuspage17.html
L.D. Goodwin 1840censuspage13.html
R.W. Goodwin 1840censuspage13.html
John Goosey page3.html
Thomas Gorden 1840censuspg5.html
John Gordon 1840censuspage13.html
Luke Gosset 1840censuspg5.html
J.P. Graham 1840censuspage8.html
James Graham page3.html
Maria Graham page3.html
Polly Graham 1840censuspage11.html
Andrew Gray 1840censuspage14.html
Gehn Gray page3.html
Jesse Gray page3.html
Richard Gray 1840censuspage12.html
Robert Gray 1840censuspage15.html
Sarah Gray page3.html
William Gray page3.html
Jonathan Grayham 1840censuspage11.html
James Green Jr. 1840censuspg2.html
Anthony Greenwalt (Grunwalt?) 1840censuspg2.html
Silas Gregory 1840censuspg2.html
Isaac Grewell 1840censuspage10.html
James Griffith 1840censuspage15.html
Wm. Griffith 1840censuspg3.html
Wm. Grist page3.html
Samuel Grocehart 1840censuspage11.html
William Guest 1840censuspg9.html
Silas Gunterman 1840censuspg2.html
Andrew Gwynn 1840censuspage8.html

[H - I]
R.C. Habb page3.html
C.W. Habb (Hobb?) page3.html
Meredith Hacelwood 1840censuspage13.html
Levi Hacket 1840censuspg4.html
Rice Hacket page3.html
John Haddock 1840censuspage17.html
Ransom Haddock 1840censuspage17.html
John Hadge (Hodge?) 1840censuspg6.html
Nancy Hale 1840censuspg6.html
Lewis Hall 1840censuspg3.html
Michael Hall 1840censuspg3.html
Squire Hall 1840censuspage16.html
J.F. Halley 1840censuspage13.html
Isaac Hamilton (Stranithan?) 1840censuspage12.html
Amos Hammans 1840censuspg4.html
Dianah Hammet 1840censuspg9.html
Wm. Hampton 1840censuspg2.html
David Hancock 1840censuspage14.html
Thos Hancock 1840censuspage13.html
Wm. Hancock 1840censuspage8.html
JW Hankins 1840censuspg9.html
Richard Hankins 1840censuspg9.html
D.F. Hanks 1840censuspg4.html
Joseph Hanley 1840censuspage16.html
Hary Hannah 1840censuspage12.html
Benj. Hardin 1840censuspage7.html
Thomas Hardin 1840censuspage7.html
Stuart Harding 1840censuspage13.html
Jacob Harison 1840censuspg4.html
Samuel Harker 1840censuspage11.html
Robert Harper 1840censuspg9.html
Charles Harris 1840censuspg5.html
David Harris 1840censuspg6.html
G.K. Harris 1840censuspg5.html
Jonathan Hart 1840censuspg2.html
M.W. Hart page3.html
Miles Hart page3.html
Silas Hart page3.html
Thomas Hart page3.html
Joseph Hartman 1840censuspg2.html
Eli Haughn 1840censuspage12.html
George Haughn 1840censuspage12.html
Nicholas Haughn 1840censuspage12.html
H. Hawkins 1840censuspg3.html
Elijah C. Hayns 1840censuspage10.html
Elijah Hays 1840censuspage14.html
J.U. Hays 1840censuspage14.html
Selah Hays 1840censuspage13.html
Tyra Hays 1840censuspage15.html
Selah Hays Jr 1840censuspage14.html
Ephraim Heath page3.html
Henry Heath 1840censuspg4.html
Christian Heavel 1840censuspg4.html
Wm. Hedger 1840censuspg6.html
Benjamin Hedges 1840censuspg3.html
David Hedges 1840censuspg3.html
Isaac Hedges 1840censuspg3.html
John Helland 1840censuspg9.html
John Hendrix page3.html
Eliza Henly 1840censuspage15.html
A. Henry 1840censuspg3.html
Benj Henry 1840censuspg9.html
E. Henry 1840censuspg2.html
Hugh Henry 1840censuspg2.html
Jacob G. Hensley 1840censuspage15.html
James Hensly 1840censuspg2.html
James Hensly 1840censuspg2.html
John Hensly 1840censuspg2.html
Geo M. Henson 1840censuspage11.html
William J. Herbert 1840censuspage11.html
Joseph Heton 1840censuspage10.html
Watson Hewman 1840censuspg4.html
Jonathan Hibbs 1840censuspage10.html
G.W. Hickingbotom 1840censuspage16.html
Andrew A. Higgins page3.html
James Higgins 1840censuspg2.html
Jora (Jno?) Higgins 1840censuspg2.html
William Higgins page3.html
Robert Highland 1840censuspage14.html
William Highland page3.html
William Highland 1840censuspage11.html
Wm. Higinbotham 1840censuspage14.html
Alfred Hill 1840censuspg5.html
James Hill 1840censuspage17.html
James W. Hill 1840censuspage15.html
Jeremiah Hill 1840censuspg3.html
Thomas Hill 1840censuspg2.html
Andrew Hite 1840censuspg9.html
James Hite 1840censuspage11.html
Harriso (sic) Hitt 1840censuspage11.html
J.H. Hix 1840censuspage8.html
J.P. Hix 1840censuspage8.html
George Hodge 1840censuspg4.html
J.K. Hodge 1840censuspg4.html
John Hodge 1840censuspg4.html
R.D. Hodges 1840censuspage14.html
Samuel Hoge 1840censuspage7.html
Wessley Hoge 1840censuspage7.html
Saml Holdren 1840censuspage10.html
Jacob Holensworth 1840censuspg6.html
Lewis Hollis 1840censuspg4.html
John Hollister 1840censuspage11.html
Peter K. Hon 1840censuspage11.html
David Hoots 1840censuspage10.html
Jacob Hoots 1840censuspage10.html
David Hoots, sr 1840censuspage10.html
C. Hopkins 1840censuspage8.html
Robt. Hopkins 1840censuspage8.html
William Hopkins 1840censuspage8.html
Jacob Hopper 1840censuspage11.html
John Hopper 1840censuspg9.html
George Horbermier 1840censuspg6.html
Henry Horne 1840censuspage14.html
A.J. Horton 1840censuspage14.html
Lowry Hoskins 1840censuspage10.html
Daniel Houchens page3.html
Nicholas Howard 1840censuspg2.html
Reason Howard 1840censuspage15.html
Angeline Howe 1840censuspage7.html
Enoch Howell 1840censuspage8.html
James Hubanks 1840censuspage7.html
Thomas Hubanks 1840censuspage7.html
Silvester Huffcoat 1840censuspage13.html
John Huffman 1840censuspage13.html
John Hugh 1840censuspage13.html
J.M. Hughland 1840censuspg5.html
Downing Hughs 1840censuspage16.html
Aron Huland 1840censuspg5.html
John Huland 1840censuspg5.html
Jonathan Humbard page3.html
John Hummer 1840censuspage10.html
J.D. Hunt 1840censuspg9.html
Jeremiah Hunter 1840censuspage8.html
Isaac Husky 1840censuspg3.html
John Hutten 1840censuspage17.html
Andrew Hutton 1840censuspage13.html
Wm. Hutton 1840censuspage16.html
David Hutty (Huttz?) 1840censuspg3.html
Abram Icenoble 1840censuspg2.html
Arthur Ingram 1840censuspg5.html
Christian Ingram 1840censuspg6.html
John Ingram 1840censuspage11.html
Jonathan Ingram 1840censuspg9.html
Madison Ingram 1840censuspg2.html
Montgomery Ingram 1840censuspage12.html
Polly Ingram 1840censuspg2.html
William Ingram 1840censuspg2.html
Henly Ingrum 1840censuspg4.html
Elijah Isaacks 1840censuspage15.html

[J - K - L]
Samuel Jack 1840censuspg4.html
Amos Jackson 1840censuspg2.html
Joseph Jackson 1840censuspg9.html
Right Jackson 1840censuspage16.html
Adam Jacobs 1840censuspg9.html
Lewis James 1840censuspage8.html
John Janes 1840censuspage14.html
Wm Janes 1840censuspage14.html
John D. Jarrett (or Jarnett?) page3.html
Joseph Jeffers 1840censuspage10.html
Thos Jeffers 1840censuspage14.html
Wm. Jeffers 1840censuspage14.html
Thos Jeffers JR. 1840censuspage13.html
J.R. Jeffries 1840censuspage10.html
Solomon Jennings 1840censuspage12.html
Anna Johns 1840censuspg6.html
Jeremiah Johns 1840censuspg4.html
Abner Johnson 1840censuspage11.html
John D. Johnson 1840censuspage16.html
Mary Johnson 1840censuspage13.html
William Johnson 1840censuspage16.html
Georg Johnston 1840censuspg5.html
Vincent Johnston 1840censuspage7.html
Wm. B. Johnston 1840censuspage17.html
Alfred Jones 1840censuspage10.html
Daniel Jones 1840censuspg9.html
Dumas Jones 1840censuspage14.html
Elish Jones 1840censuspage15.html
George A. Jones 1840censuspage8.html
J.D. Jones 1840censuspg4.html
Jeremiah Jones 1840censuspg9.html
John W. Jones 1840censuspg2.html
Jonathan Jones 1840censuspg9.html
Richard Jones 1840censuspage13.html
Thomas Jones 1840censuspg2.html
William Jones 1840censuspage11.html
Wm. Jones 1840censuspg9.html
Wm. Jones 1840censuspage16.html
Wm. R. Jones 1840censuspage11.html
Demaster Jose 1840censuspage7.html
Noble Junken 1840censuspage10.html
R.W. Junken 1840censuspage10.html
Jesse Keethly 1840censuspg3.html
G.F. Kellenham 1840censuspg5.html
Saml Kellogg 1840censuspg6.html
James Kelly page3.html
Joshua Kelly 1840censuspg3.html
Mary Kelly 1840censuspage7.html
Charles H. Kemper page3.html
John Keneday 1840censuspg9.html
James Kenedy 1840censuspg3.html
Ira Kenser 1840censuspage14.html
Wm. Keran 1840censuspage7.html
Almond Kies 1840censuspage7.html
Danl. Kies 1840censuspage7.html
J.S. Kies 1840censuspage7.html
Pollyann Killim page3.html
G. King 1840censuspage7.html
David Kingry 1840censuspg2.html
Elias Kingry 1840censuspg2.html
Henry Kingry 1840censuspg2.html
Samuel Kingry 1840censuspg2.html
Stephen Kingry 1840censuspg2.html
A. Kingsolver 1840censuspage14.html
Mark Kinnison page3.html
Beni Kious 1840censuspage12.html
Edward Kiran (Keran/Kinan?) 1840censuspage7.html
Jerimiah Kirklin 1840censuspage16.html
John R. Kirklin 1840censuspage16.html
Wm. Kirklin 1840censuspage16.html
Reuben Koy page3.html
John Laffler 1840censuspg9.html
William Lain 1840censuspg6.html
George Lake 1840censuspg2.html
James Lake 1840censuspage15.html
Joel Lake 1840censuspg2.html
John Lake 1840censuspg2.html
Robt. Lake 1840censuspg2.html
Wm. B. Lake 1840censuspg2.html
Benjamin Lamb 1840censuspg5.html
Geo W. Lamb 1840censuspage16.html
Strawder Lamb 1840censuspage8.html
Felix Landers (Sanders?) 1840censuspage8.html
Nathan Langston page3.html
William Langston page3.html
Jacob Larew 1840censuspage14.html
James Larew 1840censuspage14.html
Rufus Lathrop 1840censuspage10.html
H.B. Laughlin 1840censuspage8.html
H. Law 1840censuspg6.html
Isom Lawrance 1840censuspage16.html
Francis Lawrence 1840censuspage7.html
Ira B. Lawrence 1840censuspg2.html
John Lawrence page3.html
Oliver Leach 1840censuspg4.html
Russell J. Leach 1840censuspg4.html
James Leadbetter 1840censuspg2.html
John Leadbetter 1840censuspg2.html
H.L. Lee 1840censuspage8.html
Ichabod Lee 1840censuspg5.html
Nathaniel Lee 1840censuspg4.html
Robert Lee 1840censuspage12.html
Robert Leach 1840censuspage15.html
Nichles Lemmons 1840censuspage17.html
Jackson Lemons 1840censuspage15.html
Rebecca Lemons 1840censuspage15.html
John Lester 1840censuspage10.html
S.H. Lester 1840censuspage10.html
Saml Lester 1840censuspage10.html
Joseph Lethcar 1840censuspg2.html
Adam Letner 1840censuspg4.html
Lewis Letner 1840censuspg6.html
Abram Lewis 1840censuspg4.html
Isaac Lewis 1840censuspg4.html
J.F. Lewis 1840censuspage10.html
Joseph Lewis 1840censuspage10.html
Thomas Lewis 1840censuspage10.html
Robt Lightfoot 1840censuspg4.html
Thos Lincoln 1840censuspage16.html
Daniel Linder page3.html
Daniel Linder 1840censuspage13.html
Elisha Linder page3.html
Frankey Linder 1840censuspage13.html
George Linder 1840censuspage13.html
Jonathan Linder 1840censuspage13.html
U.F. Linder 1840censuspg3.html
Wm. Linder 1840censuspage13.html
Hugh Linn 1840censuspage15.html
G.W. Lishbrook 1840censuspage7.html
Samuel Lisney 1840censuspage13.html
James Little 1840censuspg3.html
Jasper Little 1840censuspg3.html
Wm. S. Little 1840censuspg3.html
Wm. P. LittleJohn 1840censuspage13.html
James Lockard 1840censuspg5.html
Wm. Lockard 1840censuspg5.html
Abram Locke 1840censuspage8.html
James M. Logan 1840censuspage16.html
Mary Logan 1840censuspage10.html
Henry Long 1840censuspage8.html
Samuel F. Long page3.html
Katharine Loose 1840censuspage8.html
J.A. Love 1840censuspage12.html
John Lowry 1840censuspage11.html
James Lumbrick 1840censuspg4.html
Sam'l Lumbrick 1840censuspg6.html
Cristina Lunn 1840censuspage15.html
Thomas Lytle 1840censuspg6.html

Sophina Mackell page3.html
Alexr. Magrew 1840censuspg3.html
David M. Magrew 1840censuspg3.html
Joseph Magrew 1840censuspg3.html
Arthur Mahony 1840censuspage7.html
Rosswell Main 1840censuspg5.html
Micom Maine 1840censuspg5.html
Hezekiah Mann 1840censuspage15.html
William Manning 1840censuspage12.html
Abram Marble 1840censuspg2.html
Nathaniel Marble 1840censuspage12.html
T.J. March 1840censuspg4.html
Samuel Marion 1840censuspg6.html
Josiah F. Marshal 1840censuspage15.html
Mason Marshal 1840censuspage15.html
Thos. A. Marshal 1840censuspage11.html
Ambrose Martin 1840censuspage8.html
Isaac Martin 1840censuspage8.html
James Martin 1840censuspage11.html
James Martin 1840censuspage13.html
John Martin 1840censuspage8.html
Reason Martin 1840censuspage12.html
Samuel Martin 1840censuspage12.html
Westley Martin 1840censuspage17.html
William Martin 1840censuspg4.html
Wm. Martin 1840censuspage14.html
John Martin, Jr. 1840censuspage8.html
Jacob Mason 1840censuspg6.html
Blain Mathews page3.html
Hopkins Mathews page3.html
John Mathews 1840censuspage10.html
Carter Maxey 1840censuspg6.html
Nathan'l Maxey 1840censuspg4.html
Peter Maxey 1840censuspg6.html
Thos Mays 1840censuspage14.html
Danl. M. McCalister 1840censuspage7.html
Peter McCartney 1840censuspg2.html
John McCartny 1840censuspg2.html
Vincent McCartny 1840censuspg2.html
J. McCleland 1840censuspg9.html
Rebecca McCollister 1840censuspage11.html
Allison McCord 1840censuspage15.html
Scipio A. McCowan 1840censuspage7.html
Elias McCoy 1840censuspg2.html
James H. McCulough 1840censuspg3.html
Alex. McCurdy 1840censuspg3.html
Elizabeth McDaniel 1840censuspage15.html
John McDanold 1840censuspage14.html
Owen McDonald 1840censuspg3.html
Saml McDougal 1840censuspage10.html
A. McGahhan 1840censuspg5.html
Wm. McGahhan 1840censuspg3.html
B.W. McGee 1840censuspage11.html
Cynthyan McIntosh page3.html
Weston McIntosh page3.html
Chs McKnight 1840censuspage12.html
Matthew McLean 1840censuspg9.html
Benjamin McMorris 1840censuspg6.html
John McMorris 1840censuspg3.html
John Meadows 1840censuspg9.html
Wm. Mercer 1840censuspage12.html
Alexr K. Michael 1840censuspage14.html
David K. Michael 1840censuspage14.html
Alexander Michell 1840censuspage11.html
Benj. Milderdam 1840censuspage8.html
Burrwell(?) Miller 1840censuspg4.html
Geo Miller 1840censuspage14.html
Jacob Miller 1840censuspg6.html
Richard Miller 1840censuspg6.html
Robert Miller 1840censuspage12.html
Stephen Miller 1840censuspg4.html
William Miller 1840censuspage11.html
William Miller 1840censuspage12.html
Wm. Miller 1840censuspage12.html
Thomas Millhallan 1840censuspage7.html
Joseph Mills 1840censuspg5.html
John Mills, Jr. 1840censuspg3.html
John Mills, senr 1840censuspg4.html
John Milward 1840censuspage14.html
Isaac Minick 1840censuspage15.html
Seldon Minor page3.html
Sina Misner 1840censuspage14.html
A.G. Mitchell 1840censuspg3.html
Adam Mitchell 1840censuspg3.html
J.B. Mitchell 1840censuspage7.html
James A. Mitchell 1840censuspg6.html
John Mitchell 1840censuspg6.html
Thomas G. Mitchell 1840censuspage7.html
Michael Mock 1840censuspg3.html
J.H. Modrell 1840censuspage7.html
Wm. Moffatt 1840censuspage7.html
James Moffitt 1840censuspage7.html
J.J. Monfort 1840censuspage15.html
B. Monroe 1840censuspage10.html
John Monroe 1840censuspg3.html
Thomas Monson (Morison?) page3.html
Samuel Montgomery 1840censuspage12.html
Alexr (?) Montgomrey 1840censuspage17.html
Bryant Moody 1840censuspage7.html
Isaac Moody 1840censuspage7.html
Thomas Moody 1840censuspage7.html
John Moon 1840censuspage10.html
E.M. Moor 1840censuspage10.html
F.L. Moor 1840censuspg4.html
G.W. Moor 1840censuspage10.html
Jacob Moor 1840censuspage10.html
Thomas Moor 1840censuspage10.html
Jseph (sic) Moor (Moon?) 1840censuspage10.html
Alfred Moore 1840censuspage14.html
David Moore page3.html
Jas V. (or U.) Moore 1840censuspage16.html
Jeremiah Moore 1840censuspg9.html
Ruben Moore 1840censuspage16.html
William Moore page3.html
Wm. A. Moore 1840censuspage11.html
David Morgan 1840censuspage11.html
J.F. Morgan 1840censuspg9.html
James Morgan page3.html
Samuel Morgan 1840censuspage14.html
Elizabeth Morris 1840censuspage13.html
Saml Morris 1840censuspg3.html
William Morris 1840censuspg4.html
J.W. Morrison 1840censuspage12.html
James Morrison 1840censuspage12.html
Jas H. Morrison 1840censuspage15.html
John G. Morrison 1840censuspage12.html
Wm. Morrison 1840censuspg4.html
C.S. Morton 1840censuspg3.html
Frances Mosqulite (Mosquilitt?) 1840censuspg2.html
Allen Moss 1840censuspage8.html
Isaa Moss 1840censuspage8.html
P.R. Mount 1840censuspg4.html
Gideon M.E. Mullin 1840censuspg5.html
Henry Mullins 1840censuspg5.html
James Mullins 1840censuspg2.html
John Mullins 1840censuspg5.html
Thomas Mullins 1840censuspg2.html
Samuel Mundle 1840censuspage7.html
Francis Muns 1840censuspage10.html
Joseph Muns 1840censuspage10.html
Isaac Munson 1840censuspage11.html
William Murphy 1840censuspage12.html
Christopher Myers 1840censuspg6.html
Jacob Myers 1840censuspg6.html
James Myers 1840censuspg2.html

[N - O - P - Q]
Carey Napp 1840censuspage10.html
Danl P. Needham 1840censuspg2.html
Elias Needham 1840censuspg2.html
Elias W. Needham 1840censuspg2.html
Granville Neel 1840censuspage17.html
Charles Neely 1840censuspage11.html
James Neely 1840censuspage11.html
Henry Nees 1840censuspage16.html
Wm. Nees 1840censuspage16.html
Eli Neese 1840censuspage16.html
John Neese 1840censuspage15.html
Samuel Neff 1840censuspage11.html
Adam Neibling 1840censuspg3.html
Benjn Newel 1840censuspage14.html
Willcox Newell 1840censuspage14.html
Cyrus Newkirk 1840censuspage8.html
Alex Newman 1840censuspage7.html
James Nicholds 1840censuspg5.html
Patrick Nicholson 1840censuspage15.html
Wm. Noke 1840censuspage8.html
Wm. Nolen 1840censuspage10.html
Moses Noredyke 1840censuspage13.html
H.R. Norfolk 1840censuspg4.html
Jabez Noyes page3.html
James Noyes page3.html
Isaac Odell 1840censuspage12.html
P.H. Odell 1840censuspg4.html
John Olmsted 1840censuspg6.html
Moses Olmsted 1840censuspg6.html
Wm. Orchard 1840censuspage17.html
John Ornduff 1840censuspage14.html
William Osborn 1840censuspage11.html
Elijah Osburn 1840censuspg9.html
Zeno Osburn 1840censuspg6.html
Benj Osburn (Osbum?) 1840censuspage8.html
J.W. Owens 1840censuspg2.html
Jeptha Owens 1840censuspage13.html
Joshua Owens 1840censuspage13.html
Nathaniel Owens 1840censuspage13.html
Samuel Owens 1840censuspage13.html
Wm. M. Owens 1840censuspage16.html
Benjamin Parker 1840censuspage15.html
D.L. Parker 1840censuspg3.html
David A. Parker 1840censuspg5.html
George Parker 1840censuspg5.html
John Parker 1840censuspg2.html
N. Parker 1840censuspage17.html
James Parkerson 1840censuspage15.html
Archibald Parks page3.html
W.G. Parks 1840censuspg4.html
Allen Patterson 1840censuspage16.html
H.N. Patterson 1840censuspg2.html
John Patterson 1840censuspage8.html
John Patterson 1840censuspage16.html
Mansfield Patterson 1840censuspage13.html
William Patton 1840censuspage13.html
Mary Paunall (Pounall?) 1840censuspage10.html
David Payls 1840censuspg2.html
Thos B. Payton 1840censuspage11.html
Rebecca Pear 1840censuspg9.html
Nancy Peck 1840censuspg9.html
John J. Pemberton 1840censuspg9.html
Sarah Pemberton 1840censuspage7.html
Charles Pennington 1840censuspage11.html
Ebenezer Pepper 1840censuspage17.html
S.S. Pepper 1840censuspage17.html
Alex Perkins 1840censuspg3.html
Hyde Perrin 1840censuspage15.html
Samuel Peterson 1840censuspg2.html
E. Pettegrew 1840censuspage7.html
Robert M. Petty 1840censuspage15.html
Anson Phelps 1840censuspg9.html
Charles D. Phelps 1840censuspg6.html
David B. Philips 1840censuspg9.html
Robert Philips page3.html
John Phipps 1840censuspage12.html
Wm. Phipps 1840censuspage12.html
Rufus Pierce 1840censuspage11.html
Benjamin Pinckley 1840censuspage15.html
Willson Pinckley 1840censuspage11.html
John Piner 1840censuspage16.html
James Plowman 1840censuspage8.html
James Porter 1840censuspg3.html
Robert Porter 1840censuspage17.html
Wm. Porter 1840censuspage17.html
Allen Posten page3.html
Chs Powers 1840censuspage13.html
D.B. Powers 1840censuspage7.html
James Powers 1840censuspage16.html
Samuel Powers 1840censuspage13.html
Edward Preston 1840censuspg6.html
Frederic Price 1840censuspage10.html
Wm. Price 1840censuspage16.html
Wm. Price 1840censuspage16.html
J.B. Prince 1840censuspage7.html
John Pryer page3.html
Samuel Pugh page3.html
Saml H. Pullen page3.html
Wm. L. Pullum 1840censuspage15.html
S.W. Quinn 1840censuspage12.html
A.M. Quivey 1840censuspg6.html

Betsy Radley page3.html
Nicholas Radley page3.html
Samuel Radly page3.html
Thos. Ragan 1840censuspage11.html
Danl Ramsey 1840censuspage10.html
Michael Rawlings 1840censuspg2.html
Solomon Ray 1840censuspage15.html
W.D. Rays 1840censuspage8.html
James Reate 1840censuspage13.html
James Redden 1840censuspage8.html
Sarah Redden 1840censuspage8.html
Stephen Redden 1840censuspage8.html
William Redden 1840censuspage8.html
Robt. Reed 1840censuspg6.html
Samuel Reed 1840censuspage13.html
Thomas Reed 1840censuspg6.html
Philip Reems 1840censuspage13.html
John Rees 1840censuspage12.html
Aaron Reeves 1840censuspage7.html
Jasper Remar 1840censuspg2.html
Sarah Renfroe page3.html
James Rennels 1840censuspg4.html
William Reynolds 1840censuspg6.html
John Rhodes 1840censuspg2.html
George Rice 1840censuspg2.html
Lewis Rice 1840censuspage7.html
John Richards 1840censuspg9.html
James Richmond 1840censuspg9.html
John Richmond 1840censuspg9.html
John A. Richmond 1840censuspg9.html
Wm. Richmond 1840censuspg9.html
James Right 1840censuspage16.html
Wm. Rigsly (Rigsby?) 1840censuspg3.html
Smith Riley 1840censuspage16.html
Patrick Rivan? (Theran?) 1840censuspg9.html
E. Roach 1840censuspg3.html
Henry Robb 1840censuspg9.html
Joseph Robbinette 1840censuspage11.html
Simon Robbinson 1840censuspage13.html
Matthias Roberts 1840censuspg3.html
T.O. Roberts 1840censuspg6.html
Wm. roberts 1840censuspg3.html
T.J. Roden 1840censuspg6.html
Daniel Roderick 1840censuspage10.html
J.W. Rodgers 1840censuspage15.html
John W. Rodgers 1840censuspage15.html
Mary Rodgers 1840censuspage15.html
Robert Rodgers 1840censuspage15.html
Nancy Rollands 1840censuspage12.html
John Roop 1840censuspg9.html
M.B. Ross 1840censuspg2.html
Thomas B. Ross page3.html
James Rouse 1840censuspg6.html
Solomon Rowland page3.html
Michael Rufner 1840censuspage12.html
Dixon Rundle 1840censuspage14.html
Isaac Rundle 1840censuspage14.html
John Runnels 1840censuspage17.html
John G. Runnels 1840censuspage11.html
Mary Runnels 1840censuspage12.html
Jacob Rush 1840censuspage10.html
Samuel Rush 1840censuspage7.html
Elijah Russel 1840censuspage12.html
Hermon Russel 1840censuspg4.html
Joseph Russell 1840censuspg2.html
James Ryan 1840censuspage13.html
Michael Ryan 1840censuspage17.html
Wm. Ryan 1840censuspage16.html

Oliver Sallee 1840censuspg4.html
G. Satterlee 1840censuspg6.html
Charles Sawyer page3.html
James Sawyer page3.html
John Sawyer page3.html
John Sawyer page3.html
Wm. Scarlett 1840censuspg3.html
Absolom Schole (Schobs?) 1840censuspg2.html
Thos J. Sconse 1840censuspage16.html
Abigail Scott 1840censuspage13.html
J.W. Scott 1840censuspg2.html
Joseph Scott 1840censuspage7.html
T.J. Scott 1840censuspg2.html
Wm. Scott 1840censuspg2.html
C.F. Scranton 1840censuspg4.html
John Sears page3.html
Benjamin Selby 1840censuspg2.html
Geo W. Selby 1840censuspage14.html
Wm. Selby 1840censuspg2.html
Henry Serjant 1840censuspage8.html
Snowden Serjant 1840censuspage8.html
James Sexton page3.html
Frederick Shaver 1840censuspg6.html
Hiram Shavey (Shaney?) 1840censuspage10.html
James Shaw 1840censuspage10.html
Joel Shaw 1840censuspage7.html
N. Sheake 1840censuspg3.html
Granville Sheets 1840censuspage12.html
J.B. Shelledy 1840censuspg3.html
S.B. Shelledy (?) 1840censuspg3.html
Danl Shelly 1840censuspg4.html
Philip Shipley 1840censuspg2.html
John Shipp 1840censuspage12.html
William Shipp 1840censuspage12.html
Abraim Shivlar 1840censuspage12.html
John Shivlar 1840censuspage12.html
Thos Shivlar 1840censuspage12.html
Benjn Shoemaker 1840censuspage14.html
John Shoemaker 1840censuspage14.html
Samuel Shoemaker 1840censuspage14.html
John Shoop 1840censuspage13.html
Wm. Shoot 1840censuspg6.html
A.K. Shores 1840censuspage14.html
Aaaron Shores 1840censuspage14.html
Martin Shores 1840censuspage13.html
William Shores 1840censuspage13.html
Danl Shrader 1840censuspg9.html
G.B. Shurrier page3.html
E.D. Simmans 1840censuspage7.html
John Skidmore 1840censuspg4.html
Joseph Skinner 1840censuspage8.html
Wm. Skinner 1840censuspage17.html
Nehemiah Slate 1840censuspg9.html
John Smails 1840censuspage8.html
Anson Smith 1840censuspage12.html
David Smith 1840censuspage12.html
Edward Smith 1840censuspg5.html
G.W. Smith 1840censuspg6.html
Georg Smith 1840censuspg2.html
Green Smith 1840censuspage14.html
Henry Smith 1840censuspg2.html
Henry G. Smith 1840censuspage11.html
J.W. Smith 1840censuspage7.html
Jerred Smith 1840censuspage14.html
Jesse Smith 1840censuspage11.html
John Smith 1840censuspage7.html
John Smith 1840censuspage8.html
M.P. Smith 1840censuspg3.html
Orange Smith 1840censuspage14.html
Robt. Smith 1840censuspg2.html
Stephen Smith page3.html
Thomas Smith 1840censuspg2.html
William Smith 1840censuspg5.html
Willson Smith 1840censuspg2.html
Wm. Smith 1840censuspg2.html
Wm. Smith 1840censuspage17.html
Samuel Smoot 1840censuspg4.html
George Smothers 1840censuspage16.html
David Smyth 1840censuspg9.html
Jacob Snapp page3.html
James Snowdon 1840censuspage14.html
Samuel Solven 1840censuspg3.html
Christian Sousley 1840censuspage7.html
John Sperry 1840censuspg4.html
Joseph Sperry 1840censuspg3.html
David Spoon 1840censuspg3.html
O.H. Berry B. Spring 1840censuspage12.html
George Springer page3.html
George Springer 1840censuspg9.html
Joseph Springer 1840censuspg9.html
Tobias Spuck (Stuck?) page3.html
Hezekiah St. John 1840censuspg2.html
Michael Stadtzer 1840censuspage15.html
Wm. Standifer 1840censuspage10.html
Wm. Stansburry 1840censuspage16.html
Seth Starbuck 1840censuspage13.html
E.H. Starkeweather 1840censuspage16.html
Michael Statler 1840censuspage8.html
Wm. Steely 1840censuspg4.html
Elijah Steepleton page3.html
Hiram Steepleton page3.html
Joseph Steers 1840censuspage8.html
Michael Steers (Stun?) 1840censuspage11.html
James Steward 1840censuspage12.html
George Stewart 1840censuspage10.html
John Stewart 1840censuspg3.html
Peter Stewart 1840censuspg2.html
Robt. Stewart 1840censuspg4.html
Stanfield Stewart 1840censuspg4.html
Walker Stewart 1840censuspg5.html
Wm. Stewart 1840censuspg4.html
Nancy Stinson 1840censuspage15.html
Danl Stites 1840censuspg9.html
Richard Stodard 1840censuspg4.html
Mary Stoddard 1840censuspage13.html
J.H. Stone page3.html
Stephen Stone 1840censuspg5.html
William Stone page3.html
Nicholas Stootsman 1840censuspg5.html
Thomas Stoveall 1840censuspage10.html
Francis Strader 1840censuspg6.html
Rolly Strader 1840censuspg6.html
Vincent Strader 1840censuspg4.html
John Stricklin 1840censuspage16.html
Isaac Striker 1840censuspage16.html
Albert Stull 1840censuspg5.html
Jackson Stull 1840censuspage16.html
Lawrence Stull 1840censuspg3.html
A. Sturdevant 1840censuspg3.html
Peter Sublate 1840censuspg6.html
James Sublet 1840censuspage11.html
Alford Sumner 1840censuspg5.html
Caleb Sumner 1840censuspg5.html
Arick Sutherland 1840censuspg4.html
N..R.B. Sutton 1840censuspage7.html
Samuel Swisher 1840censuspg3.html
Frederick Syler 1840censuspg3.html

[T - U - V]
Jacob Tailor 1840censuspage10.html
Wm. Tailor 1840censuspage7.html
Saml Tarnell 1840censuspage8.html
James Tate 1840censuspage12.html
Elijah Taylor 1840censuspage14.html
Elizabeth Taylor 1840censuspage13.html
Joseph Taylor 1840censuspage10.html
N. Taylor 1840censuspage8.html
Stephen Taylor 1840censuspage14.html
E. Teel 1840censuspage12.html
Emsley Teel 1840censuspage15.html
John Teel 1840censuspage15.html
Allen Tees (Fees?) 1840censuspage13.html
George Tefft 1840censuspg6.html
Stacy Templar 1840censuspage14.html
Thos Templar 1840censuspage14.html
Thomas Templeton page3.html
Wm. P. Terrel 1840censuspage15.html
Barney Terry 1840censuspage10.html
Wm Terry 1840censuspage10.html
Wm. Tewell 1840censuspg6.html
H.C. Thayer 1840censuspg2.html
John Thomas 1840censuspg5.html
Sarah Thomas 1840censuspage14.html
F.G. Thompson 1840censuspg5.html
John Thompson 1840censuspage7.html
Rebeka Thornbrook 1840censuspage8.html
Nathan Thrasher 1840censuspg6.html
Thos Threldkill 1840censuspage11.html
R.G. Thresher 1840censuspage7.html
John Ticker 1840censuspage12.html
Thos Tomlinson, Jr. 1840censuspage12.html
Thos Tomlinson, Sr. 1840censuspage12.html
Adam Tool 1840censuspage14.html
Mathew Tool 1840censuspage10.html
Hull Tower 1840censuspage14.html
J.W. Tower 1840censuspage14.html
Edmond W. Trew 1840censuspage12.html
F.G. Trew 1840censuspage14.html
John Trew 1840censuspage11.html
Lewis W. Trew 1840censuspage12.html
Thomas Trew 1840censuspage13.html
Hiram Trimble page3.html
William Troutman 1840censuspage12.html
T.B. Trower 1840censuspg3.html
John W. Trowes 1840censuspg4.html
Edward Tru?ell 1840censuspage8.html
H.A. Tucker 1840censuspage10.html
John Tully 1840censuspg2.html
Fountain Turner 1840censuspg6.html
John Turney 1840censuspage11.html
Jesse Tuttle 1840censuspage11.html
Ruben S. Tuttle 1840censuspage11.html
Rufus Tuttle 1840censuspage11.html
Thos Tuttle 1840censuspage11.html
Thos Tutwiler 1840censuspage12.html
Joseph Twilly 1840censuspg3.html
N.R. Usher 1840censuspage12.html
John Vails 1840censuspg2.html
Wm. Vails 1840censuspg2.html
Philip Vance 1840censuspg5.html
Joseph Vandarin 1840censuspage11.html
Nancy M. Vandarin 1840censuspage11.html
John Vandike 1840censuspg3.html
Sarah Vanmenter 1840censuspage10.html
John Vanness 1840censuspg9.html
William Vanort page3.html
Charles Vanover 1840censuspg4.html
Green L. Vanwinkle 1840censuspage15.html
Abraham Veech 1840censuspage14.html
James Veech 1840censuspage14.html
Jesse Veech 1840censuspage13.html
John Veech 1840censuspage16.html
Nancy Veech 1840censuspage14.html
Ebenezer Veech? (Kuch/Keech?) 1840censuspage16.html
Joseph Vernon 1840censuspage17.html
Solaman Vernon 1840censuspage17.html
T.C. Vertiece (Vertrice?) 1840censuspage16.html
Amos Vertrice 1840censuspage16.html
I.F. Vest 1840censuspage12.html
Samuel Vestel 1840censuspg4.html
Abraham Vincent 1840censuspage13.html

[W - X - Y - Z]
J.W. Waddle page3.html
John Waddle page3.html
William Waddle page3.html
Edmond Wade 1840censuspage11.html
Harrison Wade 1840censuspage16.html
Wm. A.J. Wade 1840censuspage11.html
Margaret Waldon 1840censuspage14.html
John Waldrop 1840censuspage13.html
Robt. T. Waldrop 1840censuspage16.html
Willson Waldrop 1840censuspage13.html
Benjamin A. Walker 1840censuspg4.html
H.W. Walker 1840censuspg5.html
Jackson Walker 1840censuspg4.html
James Walker 1840censuspage10.html
James B. Walker 1840censuspg5.html
John Walker 1840censuspg5.html
John M. Walker 1840censuspg4.html
R.S. Walker 1840censuspg5.html
Reuben Walker 1840censuspg5.html
Richard Walker 1840censuspg5.html
Sam'l B. Walker 1840censuspg5.html
Samuel Walker 1840censuspage12.html
Wm. Walker 1840censuspg5.html
Drury Wall 1840censuspage16.html
Chs J. Wallace 1840censuspage16.html
John Wallace page3.html
U. G. Walling 1840censuspg5.html
Gilkey Wallingsford 1840censuspage12.html
Ives Wallingsford 1840censuspage15.html
James B. Walls 1840censuspage16.html
William Walls 1840censuspg9.html
Enoch Walltrip 1840censuspg3.html
Michael Walltrip 1840censuspg3.html
Wm. Walters 1840censuspg5.html
Geo L. Walton 1840censuspage11.html
Harmon Walton 1840censuspg4.html
John Waltrip 1840censuspage17.html
Thomas Wann 1840censuspg4.html
James Ward 1840censuspage13.html
Wickleff Ward 1840censuspg5.html
Sylvester Washburn 1840censuspg2.html
Timothy Washburn 1840censuspg2.html
Malan Waters 1840censuspg4.html
Wm. Watson 1840censuspage14.html
Wm. D. Watson 1840censuspage8.html
Margaret Watter 1840censuspage10.html
Elijah Watters 1840censuspage16.html
Robt Watters 1840censuspg9.html
Nancy Watters (Walters?) 1840censuspage15.html
Benjamin Weaver 1840censuspage8.html
David Weaver 1840censuspg4.html
Jacob Weaver 1840censuspage13.html
Samuel Weaver 1840censuspg5.html
Wm. Weaver 1840censuspg5.html
Whittenton Webb (Wells?) 1840censuspage8.html
Chipman Webster 1840censuspg2.html
Geo W. Weeks
(entered as Weeks Geo W. on actual census)
Catharine Weel 1840censuspage10.html
Joseph Weide (Waide?) 1840censuspage16.html
Robert Welle 1840censuspage10.html
John Wellker 1840censuspage12.html
Coleman Wells 1840censuspg6.html
Henry Wells 1840censuspage8.html
Isaac Wells 1840censuspage8.html
J.C. Wells 1840censuspage8.html
J.S. Wells 1840censuspage8.html
James Wells 1840censuspg6.html
John Wells 1840censuspage8.html
Peter Wells 1840censuspage8.html
Richard Wells 1840censuspg5.html
J.J. West 1840censuspage8.html
James West 1840censuspage10.html
William West 1840censuspage8.html
Wm. West 1840censuspage10.html
Michael Whalan 1840censuspg3.html
James Wheat 1840censuspg9.html
Samuel Wheat 1840censuspg9.html
Newsham Wheeler 1840censuspg2.html
John Whetstone 1840censuspage12.html
Michael Whetstone 1840censuspage12.html
Artemus Whipple 1840censuspg6.html
Davies (?) Whipple 1840censuspage12.html
Henry Whipple, Jr 1840censuspage12.html
Henry Whipple, sen 1840censuspage12.html
Jonathan Whitaker 1840censuspg2.html
Asa White 1840censuspg4.html
Bartholemew White 1840censuspage16.html
Beni White 1840censuspage13.html
Bryant White 1840censuspg2.html
Daniel White page3.html
Jas D. White 1840censuspage13.html
Lewis B. White 1840censuspage16.html
Patrick White 1840censuspg9.html
Philadelphia White 1840censuspage12.html
Robt White 1840censuspage7.html
Solomon White 1840censuspg2.html
Thos J. White 1840censuspage15.html
W.B. White 1840censuspage16.html
Wm. White 1840censuspage15.html
Elish Whitley 1840censuspage10.html
M.E. Whitlock page3.html
J.L. Whitney page3.html
James H. Wiggins 1840censuspage7.html
Shellman Wigginton (?) page3.html
David Wildermute 1840censuspage8.html
Adrian Wiley 1840censuspage11.html
Eli Wiley 1840censuspg6.html
John Wiley 1840censuspg6.html
Rezin Wiley 1840censuspg6.html
Samuel Wiley 1840censuspg6.html
William Willett 1840censuspg6.html
Alphonso Williams 1840censuspage15.html
Daniel Williams 1840censuspage11.html
Danl Williams 1840censuspg2.html
Henry Williams 1840censuspage14.html
James Williams 1840censuspg4.html
James Williams 1840censuspage7.html
Moses Williams 1840censuspage14.html
Robert Williams 1840censuspage12.html
Rubin Williams 1840censuspage12.html
William Williams 1840censuspage12.html
William L. Williams 1840censuspage12.html
Wm. Williams 1840censuspage17.html
Brannoc Willson 1840censuspage12.html
Caroline M. Willson 1840censuspage15.html
David Willson 1840censuspg2.html
Hervey Willson 1840censuspage15.html
James L. Willson 1840censuspage8.html
John Willson page3.html
W.P. Willson 1840censuspg2.html
William Willson 1840censuspage15.html
Wm. Willson 1840censuspg2.html
Nancy Wilson 1840censuspage17.html
Menard Wimple 1840censuspage10.html
P. Winkleblack 1840censuspg6.html
David Winkler 1840censuspage8.html
E.F. Winkler 1840censuspage8.html
Sarah Winkler 1840censuspage8.html
James Wisely 1840censuspg2.html
Jacob Wolf 1840censuspage13.html
David Woodall 1840censuspg4.html
John Woodall 1840censuspg9.html
Michael Woodall 1840censuspage15.html
Johnson Woodrom 1840censuspage17.html
Jonathan Woodruff 1840censuspg2.html
Eli Woods 1840censuspage12.html
Geo W. Woods 1840censuspage14.html
Hiram Woods 1840censuspage14.html
Polly Woods 1840censuspage14.html
William Woods 1840censuspage11.html
David Woolever 1840censuspg3.html
Henry Woolever 1840censuspg3.html
G.W. Wootsan 1840censuspage16.html
Emily Workman 1840censuspg2.html
Amos Wright 1840censuspg9.html
Hiram Wright 1840censuspage12.html
Jesse Wright 1840censuspage12.html
John Wright 1840censuspg6.html
John Wright 1840censuspage7.html
Wm. Wyant 1840censuspg2.html
George Wybely 1840censuspg9.html
James Wyley 1840censuspg3.html
Susan Yocom 1840censuspg4.html
Thornton Yocom page3.html
Riley York 1840censuspage15.html
Basil Young 1840censuspage11.html
John Young 1840censuspg3.html
M. Zimmerman 1840censuspage7.html

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