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1879 Taxpayers of Coles County
2005 Kimberly Torp and Judy Anderson

FAR = Farmer; P.O. = Post Office

Names are posted here "as is" (there's obviously some errors....)


Humbolt Township

Allen, A.R.
Allen, F.W., far; P.O. Humbolt
Anderson, Ervin
Anderson, J.T.
Anderson, John, far; P.O. Humbolt
Anderson, Mary, widow; P.O. Humbolt
Archer, John, far; P.O. Humbolt
Arend, G.H., far; P.O. Humbolt
Arey, R., far; P.O. Arcola
Ash, Smith, far; P.O. Arcola
Ashbrook, Albert, far; P.O. Loxa
Ashbrook, E., far; P.O. Loxa
Ashbrook, I.H.
Ashbrook, J.W.
Ashbrook, S.C., far; P.O. Humbolt
Ashbrook, Thorn, far; P.O. Charleston
Ashmore, George, far; P.O. Humbolt
Ashmore, Levina, widow; P.O. Humbolt
Ashworth, G.I., far; P.O. Mattoon
Ashworth, Henry, far; P.O. Mattoon
Ashworth, James, far; P.O. Mattoon
Baird, J., far; P.O. Mattoon
Baird, James A., far; P.O. Mattoon
Barr, John
Barr, L.S., far; P.O. Humbolt
Barr, R.P., teacher, Humbolt
Barriclaw, L.A., far; P.O. Arcola
Barriclaw, M., far; P.O. Arcola
Beal, James M., Arcola
Bean, Elias, far; P.O. Mattoon
Beard, N.M., far; P.O. Mattoon
Beavers Brothers, fars, P.O. Humbolt
Bishop, C.J., far; P.O. Mattoon
Black, J.W. , far; P.O. Humbolt
Bloom, George, far; P.O. Humbolt
Blume, Henry, far; P.O. Humbolt
Bond, C.G., far; P.O. Charleston
Bond, J.N., far; P.O. Charleston
Bond, Thomas, far; P.O. Charleston
Bonham, J.D., far; P.O. Humbolt
Boruff, Samuel, far; P.O. Humbolt
Bougart, L., far; P.O. Humbolt
Bowman, D.A., blacksmith, Humbolt
Bowman, D.D., far; P.O. Arcola
Bowman, P.C., far; P.O. Arcola
Bown, Thomas, far; P.O. Humbolt
Boyd, A.
Boyd, M., far; P.O. Humbolt
Bracy, T.W.
Braun, M.J., far; P.O. Humbolt
Brewer, G.W., widow; P.O. Humbolt
Brewer, J.N., far; P.O. Humbolt
Brewster, Jesse, far; P.O. Mattoon
Brotherson, Chris
Brown, H.I.
Brown, Richard, far; P.O. Humbolt
Bruce, William, far; P.O. Humbolt
Bugh, Jacob, far; P.O. Humbolt
Burgess, John, far; P.O. Humbolt
Burgess, Patrick, far; P.O. Humbolt
Burgner, G.F., far; P.O. Charleston
Burns, William, far; P.O. Arcola
Byl, William, far; P.O. Humbolt
Cadwell, D.D.
Campbell, J.S., far; P.O. Cook's Mill
Carlton, J.M., far; P.O. Humbolt
Casper, F.
Chambers, J.M., far; P.O. Humbolt
Chambers, L.B., far; P.O. Humbolt
Chambers, P.G. , far; P.O. Humbolt
Christ, Harvey, laborer, Humbolt
Clark, H.S., attorney, Mattoon
Cline, Corlenius
Combs, J., far; P.O. Arcola
Combs, W.A., far; P.O. Arcola
Cora, W.T.
Cowton, J., far; P.O. Humbolt
Crum, W.A., far; P.O. Cook's Mill
Daugherty, A.C., far; P.O. Humbolt
Daugherty, S.D., far; P.O. Mattoon
Davis, Joseph, far; P.O. Humbolt
Davis, Maria, widow, Humbolt
Deputy, S.F.
Dixon, J.T., far; P.O. Mattoon
Donley, W.T., far; P.O. Humbolt
Doran, G.M., far; P.O. Mattoon
Doran, S.C., far; P.O. Mattoon
Doyl, W.A.
Driscoll, J.J., far; P.O. Charleston
Driscoll, Jason, far; P.O. Charleston
Dubes, Thomas, far; P.O. Humbolt
Dulin, J., saddler, Humbolt
Duncan, S.R., far; P.O. Arcola
Dunn, Joseph, far; P.O. Humbolt
Dunn, Walter, far; P.O. Humbolt
Dunn, William, far; P.O. Humbolt
Dunner, J., far; P.O. Humbolt
Dunner, Thomas, far; P.O. Humbolt
Easter, Jacob, far; P.O. Mattoon
Easton, C.M., far; P.O. Charleston
Edgar, James, far; P.O. Humbolt
Elkin, Clark, carpenter, Humbolt
Ellis, J.B.
Ernst, Jacob, far; P.O. Humbolt
Farrar, J.W., far; P.O. Mattoon
Fawkner, J.C., far; P.O. Humbolt
Fear, James, far; P.O. Humbolt
Ferris, Daniel, far; P.O. Humbolt
Flowerden, Joseph, far; P.O. Humbolt
Fowler, R.M., far; P.O. Mattoon
Freeman, J.B., far; P.O. Humbolt
Gardner, E., far; P.O. Arcola
Gardner, L.V., far; P.O. Arcola
Gardner, P.G., far; P.O. Humbolt
Gasaway, S.H., far; P.O. Humbolt
Gideon, John S., far; P.O. Humbolt
Gillespie, G., far; P.O. Arcola
Goodell, J.A.
Gray & Danner, gen. mdse, Humbolt
Gray, G.W., gen. mdse; Humbolt
Greene, R.W., Douglas Co
Grooms, Alfred, far; P.O. Humbolt
Groves, Samuel, far; P.O. Humbolt
Guilfoil, Thos., grocer, Paris, family here
Hackleman, J, far; P.O. Humbolt
Hagans, J.C., far; P.O. Humbolt
Hagans, J.R., far; P.O. Humbolt
Hammon, J.S., far; P.O. Charleston
Hancock, J.P., far; P.O. Humbolt
Harrington, P., far; P.O. Humbolt
Harris, Daniel, far; P.O. Arcola
Hartford, W.H., far; P.O. Arcola
Hashbarger, J.A., far; P.O. Humbolt
Hashbarger, J.W., far; P.O. Humbolt
Hashbarger, Jacob, far; P.O. Humbolt
Hawkins, W.B., far; P.O. Humbolt
Hendric, H.H.
Henley, William
Herman, John
Hester, C., far; P.O. Humbolt
Hester, J.R.
Hill, J.T, far; P.O. Humbolt
Hill, J.W.
Hill, John, far; P.O. Charleston
Hill, R.C., minister, CHarleston
Hill, R.S., far; P.O. Charleston
Hilligoss, S.P., far; P.O. Humbolt
Hines, J.F., far; P.O. Humbolt
Hoferkamp, G., far; P.O. Mattoon
Holden, J.T., gen. mdse, Humbolt
Holden, Kate, gen. mdse, Humbolt
Holtgrew, H.H.
Homer, E.
Honn, Peter, far; P.O. Humbolt
Hood, James, far; P.O. Arcola
Hoots, A., far; P.O. Humbolt
Hoots, S., far; P.O. Humbolt
Horn, George L., far; P.O. Mattoon
Howell, E.L., far; P.O. Humbolt
Hubbart, N., far; P.O. Humbolt
Huber, I., far; P.O. Charleston
Huber, John, far; P.O. Charleston
Huber, Samuel, far; P.O. Charleston
Hunt, Alfred
Hutcheson, J., far; P.O. Humbolt
Hutchison, Joseph, far; P.O. Humbolt
Irwin, Israel, far; P.O. Humbolt
Jarvis, John, far; P.O. Arcola
Jarvis, Robert, far; P.O. Humbolt
Jayness, O.T.
Jennings, E., grain-dealer, Mattoon
Jennings, I., grain, Mattoon
Jennings, J.
Johnson Brothers, fars; P.O. Humbolt
Jones, G.B.
Keenan, R., tank-tender on R.R., Mattoon
Kelsay, Robert, far; P.O. Arcola
Kelsey, J.L, far; P.O. Arcola
Kennedy, W.B., wagon mfg, Humbolt
Kercheval, E.W., far; P.O. Arcola
Kersey, Joseph, laborer, Arcola
Knabel, Fred, far; P.O. Mattoon
Knollenberg, Fred, far; P.O. Humbolt
Larue, J.M., far; P.O. Etna
Larue, Jacob, far; P.O. Etna
Lewis, J.W., far; P.O. Humbolt
Longnecker, J.M., musician, Humbolt
Louthan, D.B., far; P.O. Humbolt
Louthan, G.W., Kansas
Louthan, J.F.
Louthan, M.L.
Lozier, Alice, Humbolt
Macarty, C.
Madden, R.L., far; P.O. Humbolt
Maffet, W.F., far; P.O. Charleston
Magee, C.H., far; P.O. Humbolt
Magee, Ira, laborer, Humbolt
Martin, G.B., far; P.O. Humbolt
Martin, J.A.
Martin, John
Mathney, N.C.
Maxwell, L.M., far; P.O. Humbolt
McBride, John, far; P.O. Arcola
McCabe, P., far; P.O. Arcola
McConnell, George, far; P.O. Humbolt
McDonald, T., far; P.O. Arcola
McKinney, David, far; P.O. Arcola
McKinzie, W.J.
McMillen, George, far; P.O. Arcola
McMillen, Robert, far; P.O. Arcola
McNutt, John, far; P.O. Humbolt
McNutt, S.F., far; P.O. Humbolt
Mickey, W.R.
Miller, Alonza, far; P.O. Charleston
Miller, F.H., far; P.O. Charleston
Mitchell, Eli
Mohlenhoff, H., far; P.O. Mattoon
Mohlenhoff, W., far; P.O. Mattoon
Moler, I.W., far; P.O. Humbolt
Moler, Peter
Moody, Thomas, far; P.O. Arcola
Moore, A.F., teacher, Humbolt
Moore, George, far; P.O. Humbolt
Moore, Hozey, far; P.O. Mattoon
Moore, John H., far; P.O. Humbolt
Moore, John, far; P.O. Humbolt
Moren, E.L., laborer, Humbolt
Morrell, J.R., far; P.O. Humbolt
Morrison, George, far; P.O. Humbolt
Mull, Mary A., widow, Humbolt
Mull, W.N., far; P.O. Humbolt
Murphy, Mary, widow, Humbolt
Newby, Joseph, far; P.O. Humbolt
Newman, A.J., far; P.O. Humbolt
Newman, Henry, far; P.O. Humbolt
Newman, J.D., far; P.O. Charleston
Newman, J.M., far; P.O. Humbolt
Newman, T., far; P.O. Charleston
Nickolson, W.A., far; P.O. Humbolt
Nolte, George, far; P.O. Mattoon
Nolte, Henry, far; P.O. Mattoon
Odell, C.M., physician, Humbolt
Orcutt & Bro., far; P.O. Humbolt
Orcutt, L.H., far; P.O. Humbolt
Palmer, W.H.
Pate, Jeremey, far; P.O. Arcola
Patterson, R.M., far; P.O. Humbolt
Pearsons, W.L.
Pendergast, Thos., far; P.O. Charleston
Poorman, John, far; P.O. Humbolt
Poorman, W.A., far; P.O. Humbolt
Popham, C.P., far; P.O. Charleston
Potts, H.C., far; P.O. Arcola
Powell, Ira
Ragan, Edmond, far; P.O. Humbolt
Rankin, M.T., far; P.O. Humbolt
Redman, B.T., far; P.O. Humbolt
Redman, J.H., far; P.O. Humbolt
Reedy, Michael
Reynolds, George, far; P.O. Arcola
Rice, R.R.
Rittenhouse, L.
Roberts, Daniel, far; P.O. Arcola
Roberts, John, far; P.O. Humbolt
Rosebraugh, J.M., far; P.O. Charleston
Sanders, Nancy, widow, Humbolt
Sayre, L.B.
Schrader, Chris, far; P.O. Humbolt
Schroatman, Mary
Scofield, W.J., far; P.O. Humbolt
Scott, Edward
Scott, J.W., far; P.O. Humbolt
Scott, W.O.
Seaman, J.W., far; P.O. Humbolt
Sellers, Mirah
Shaffer, L.J., far; P.O. Mattoon
Shea, Bartholomew
Shea, Daniel
Shoemaker, James D., far; P.O. Loxa
Shoemaker, James, far; P.O. Loxa
Shoemaker, William, far; P.O. Loxa
Shrader, H. far; P.O. Humbolt
Skidmore, William, farmer
Skinner, S.R. far; P.O. Humbolt
Smith & McClure
Smith, M.J.
Sneed, Samuel
Snider, W.W., far; P.O. Humbolt
Staggs, J.J.
Steele, W.A.
Stephenson, A.D. far; P.O. Charleston
Stephenson, Alfred
Stephenson, J., far; P.O. Charleston
Stephenson, M.G., far; P.O. Humbolt
Stevens, Clemenzy, far; P.O. Humbolt
Stevens, L.A., far; P.O. Humbolt
Stevens, M.A., far,; P.O. Humbolt
Stewart, H.L., physician, Humbolt
Stilebour, Charles far; P.O. Mattoon
Stiles, Andrews, far; P.O. Humbolt
Strick, B. far; P.O. Mattoon
Strong, Joseph, far; P.O. Humbolt
Strong, Oliver, far; P.O. Humbolt
Sullivan, Daniel far; P.O. Humbolt
Sullivan, Dennis, far; P.O. Humbolt
Sutherland, A.H., Justice of the Peace, Humbolt
Sutten, Isabelle, widow, Humbolt
Sweazey, G.W.
Taylor, T.W.,far; P.O. Humbolt
Terry, G.H., grocer, Humbolt
Thomas, Richard, far; P.O. Mattoon
Thomas, Robert
Thompson, M.A.
Thornton, George, far; P.O. Humbolt
Thornton, W.H.
Tinch, Alexander, far; P.O. Humbolt
Tinch, Andrew, far; P.O. Humbolt
Tinch, D., Constable, Humbolt
Tinch, Frank, far; P.O. Humbolt
Tinch, Richard, far; P.O. Humbolt
Todd, G.N., far; P.O. Charleston
Trimmons, S., far; far; P.O. Humbolt
True, J.L., corn-buyer, Humbolt
Tucker, Cyrus, far; P.O. Humbolt
Tyler, F.T., far; P.O. Humbolt
Tyler, Henry, far; P.O. Humbolt
Vancampen, J.far; P.O. Humbolt
Vandalen & Lanphier,far; P.O. Mattoon
Vantreber, Lewis
Vellam, T.
Wade, Mary, widow, Humbolt
Wallace, W.H., far; P.O. Humbolt
Walls, John, far; P.O. Humbolt
Walters, E. P.
Walters, Samuel, far; P.O. Humbolt
Wampler, J.F., far; P.O. Humbolt
Watkins, E.S., far; P.O. Humbolt
Watkins, Fred, far; P.O. Humbolt
Watkins, James far; P.O. Humbolt
Wells, Diana, widow, Humbolt
Westrup, Charles, far; P.O. Humbolt
Whisman, A.W.
Whitesell, Allen, far; P.O. Charleston
Whitesell, C.S.
Whitesell, George, far; P.O. Charleston
Whitesell, Lizzie
Whitesell, Margaret
Whitmer, Adam, far; P.O. Humbolt
Wiess, Frederick, far; P.O. Mattoon
Willson, Perry, far; P.O. Arcola
Willson, R.M., far; P.O. Arcola
Willson, William
Wintermete, A.B., far; P.O. Humbolt
Woods, G.W., Justice of Peace, Humbolt
Woods, W.J. far; P.O. Arcola
Wright, William, far; P.O. Humbolt
Young, B.
Young, David, dead
Young, J.B., far; P.O. Humbolt
Zerburg, Clemons

Pleasant Grove Township
(Note from Transcriber: I've done a bad thing and changed the misspelled "LARNA" to "LERNA". We're not supposed to change original source data, but a mistake is a mistake and this one would have researchers looking for a town that didn't exist. My apologies to the genealogy gods....)

Adams, David, far.; P.O. Campbell
Albright, Philip, far.; P.O. Charleston
Alison, T.J., far.; P.O. Campbell
Ambler, D.C., far.; P.O. Charleston
Anderson, James, far.; P.O. Campbell
Anderson, Mary, farmer
Armstrong, Joseph, far.; P.O. Campbell
Armstrong, W.G., far.; P.O. Campbell
Baker, J.W., far.; P.O. Campbell
Baker, Jacob, far.; P.O. Charleston
Baker, John Jr., far.; P.O. Campbell
Balch Sisters, far.; P.O. Charleston
Balch, G.B., far.; P.O. Lerna
Balch, T.C., far.; P.O. Campbell
Balch, T.E. far.; P.O. Campbell
Balch, W.B., far.; P.O. Campbell
Balch, W.W., far.; P.O. Campbell
Balch, Wallace, far.; P.O. Campbell
Bates, George, far.; P.O. Charleston
Bauchman, J.J., far.; P.O. Campbell
Baughman, Aaron, far.; P.O. Campbell
Beals, Jesse, far.; P.O. Mattoon
Beals, O.H., far.; P.O. Mattoon
Beals, R.N., far.; P.O. Mattoon
Best, James, far.; P.O. Lerna
Best, John, far.; P.O. Campbell
Best, R.F., far.; P.O. Campbell
Bidle, G.F. far.; P.O. Campbell
Bovell, James, far.; P.O. Lerna
Brasier, W.H., far.; P.O. Mattoon
Brown, A.F.
Bryant, Nathan, far.; P.O. Campbell
Campbell, A., far.; P.O. Mattoon
Campbell, W.W., far.; P.O. Campbell
Carter, M.M., far.; P.O. Campbell
Carter, Winston,far.; P.O. Campbell
Carter, Wm., far.; P.O. Campbell
Cartwright, R., far.; P.O. Charleston
Casady, James far.; P.O. Campbell
Cecil, H.H., far.; P.O. Charleston
Chaney, W.J., far.; P.O. Campbell
Childress, C.W., far.; P.O. Lerna
Childress, J.W., far.; P.O. Lerna
Chowning, Samuel, far.; P.O. Campbell
Clabaugh, Catherine, far.; P.O. Lerna
Clancy, J.M., far.; P.O. Mattoon
Coon, Fred, far.; P.O. Campbell
Cooper, I.P., far.; P.O. Campbell
Crume, J.W., far.; P.O. Mattoon
Dewitt, Lem., far.; P.O. Campbell
Dexter, C.J., physician, Mattoon
Diehl, Daniel, far.; P.O. Mattoon
Diehl, George, far.; P.O. Mattoon
Diehl, J.H., far.; P.O. Mattoon
Diehl, T.J., far.; P.O. Mattoon
Dornblaser, J.F., far.; P.O. Mattoon
Douglas, George, far.; P.O. Campbell
Doyle, James, far.; P.O. Lerna
Drewry, Peter, far.; P.O. Campbell
Dryden, David, far.; P.O. Mattoon
Duvall, P.M., physician, Campbell
Easton, Whig, far.; P.O. Campbell
Edman, Jacob, far.; P.O. Campbell
Edman, Joseph Jr., carp., Campbell
Edman, Joseph W., far.; P.O. Campbell
Edman, Joseph, far.; P.O. Campbell
Erwin, J.S., far.; P.O. Campbell
Erwin, James, far.; P.O. Campbell
Ewing, J.T., far.; P.O. Mattoon
Ewing, W.M., far.; P.O. Mattoon
Farris, J.D., far.; P.O. Charleston
Farris, James, far.; P.O. Charleston
Ferguson, J.M., far.; P.O. Mattoon
Ferguson, W.A., far.; P.O. Campbell
Foote, Grandison, far.; P.O. Campbell
Freeman, N.S., physician, Campbell
Freeman, W.F., far.; P.O. Campbell
Funkhouser, G.W., far.; P.O. Mattoon
Funkhouser, W.L.R., far.; P.O. Mattoon
Furry, John, far.; P.O. Campbell
Furry, Peter, far.; P.O. Campbell
Gammill, Elizabeth, far.; P.O. Lerna
Gammill, J.H., far.; P.O. Mattoon
Glenn, B.G., far.; P.O. Mattoon
Goodwin, L.D., far.; P.O. Lerna
Gordon, E.P., far.; P.O. Lerna
Gordon, J.T., far.; P.O. Lerna
Gordon, W.M., far.; P.O. Lerna
Gray, A.D., far.; P.O. Lerna
Gray, D.L., far.; P.O. Lerna
Green, M.C., farmer
Greeson, Wm., far.; P.O. Lerna
Grimes, T.W., far.; P.O. Campbell
Hackley, J.L., far.; P.O. Mattoon
Halbrooks, Geo., physician, Lerna
Hall, J.J., far.; P.O. Campbell
Hardwick, Robt., far.; P.O. Lerna
Harris, A.M., far.; P.O. Campbell
Harris, Geo.., far.; P.O. Campbell
Hash, Henry, far.; P.O. Johnstown
Hayes, Margaret, far.; P.O. Lerna
Hill, Elizabeth, far.; P.O. Charleston
Hill, N.B., far.; P.O. Charleston
Hill, Taylor, far.; P.O. Charleston
Hortenstine, Henry, far.; P.O. Mattoon
Horton, W.F., far.; P.O. Mattoon
Howard, Henry, far.; P.O. Mattoon
Howard, Simon, far.; P.O. Lerna
Hughes, Wm., far.; P.O. Charleston
Hulsapple, Barney, far.; P.O. Lerna
Hutson, N.M., far.; P.O. Campbell
Icenogle, Riley, far.; P.O. Lerna
Ingram, J.C., far.; P.O. Charleston
Jackson, John far.; P.O. Johnstown
Jeffries, A., far.; P.O. Mattoon
Jeffries, J.G., far.; P.O. Mattoon
Jeffries, James, far.; P.O. Mattoon
Jeffries, John, far.; P.O. Mattoon
Jones, A.B., far.; P.O. Mattoon
Jones, J.T., far.; P.O. Johnstown
Kelley, H.C., far.; P.O. Campbell
Kelley, L., far.; P.O. Charleston
Kensell, Henry, far.; P.O. Mattoon
Killough, A.A., far.; P.O. Campbell
King, Eli, far.; P.O. Campbell
King, J.W., far.; P.O. Campbell
Kirkland, John R., carpenter, Campbell
Landrus, Albert, far.; P.O. Mattoon
Landrus, Harry, far.; P.O. Mattoon
Landrus, James L., far.; P.O. Mattoon
Landrus, Reuben, far.; P.O. Lerna
Leitch, C.B., far.; P.O. Charleston
Lyman, B., Rev., C.P. minister, Lerna
Mathews & Adams, merchants, Campbell
Mathews, C., merchant, Campbell
Mathews, Matt, miller, Campbell
Mathews, Wiley, far.; P.O. Mattoon
McConnell, Wm., far.; P.O. Campbell
McDonald, C.A., far.; P.O. Lerna
McDonald, J.T., far.; P.O. Lerna
McDonald, N.S., far.; P.O. Lerna
McGinnis, Levi, far.; P.O. Mattoon
McGinnis, Lewis, far.; P.O. Mattoon
Miller, Cephas, far.; P.O. Lerna
Miller, J.L.F., far.; P.O. Mattoon
Miller, J.W., far.; P.O. Charleston
Miller, Thomas, far.; P.O. Lerna
Monfort, I.J., far.; P.O. Charleston
Morgan, J.T., far.; P.O. Mattoon
Morris, S.L., far.; P.O. Mattoon
Morrison, W.N., far.; P.O. Lerna
Mullen, C., far.; P.O. Campbell
Neal, J.F., far.; P.O. Lerna
Nees, Elizabeth, far.; P.O. Lerna
Nees, James Jr., far.; P.O. Charleston
Nees, James, far.; P.O. Charleston
Nees, Lizzie, far.; P.O. Charleston
Nees, Wm., far; P.O. Lerna
Newman, W.H., far.; P.O. Charleston
Nichols, C., far.; P.O. Campbell
Nicholson, A.B., far.; P.O. Lerna
Nicholson, P.N., far.; P.O. Charleston
Nott, S.M., far.; P.O. Campbell
O'Zee, far.; P.O. Mattoon
Odell, A.H., far.; P.O. Mattoon
Odell, J.H., far.; P.O. Lerna
Owens, John, far.; P.O. Mattoon
Papham, Francis, far.; P.O. Charleston
Parker, J.W., far.; P.O. Lerna
Parkison, Andrews, far.; P.O. Campbell
Paxton, Henry, far.; P.O. Campbell
Perring, John, far.; P.O. Campbell
Phipps, J.E., far.; P.O. Campbell
Phipps, Jacob, far.; P.O. Campbell
Plummer, Wm., far.; P.O. Mattoon
Price, Joseph, far.; P.O. Campbell
Price, T.J., far.; P.O. Lerna
Riley, Nimrod, far.; P.O. Mattoon
Roberts, Charles, far.; P.O. Campbell
Robins, Nancy, far.; P.O. Lerna
Rodgers, C.P. & Co., merchants, Campbell
Rodgers, George, far.; P.O. Campbell
Rodgers, I.H., far.; P.O. Lerna
Rodgers, J.W., far.; P.O. Campbell
Rodgers, J.W., Sr., far.; P.O. Lerna
Rodgers, M.H., far.; P.O. Lerna
Rodgers, T.B., far.; P.O. Campbell
Routt, E.B., far.; P.O. Lerna
Royer, Jesse, far.; P.O. Mattoon
Schee, J.M., far.; P.O. Lerna
Schee, Wm., far.; P.O. Lerna
Sharer, Sarah
Shoemaker, John, far.; P.O. Campbell
Shoemaker, Samuel far.; P.O. Campbell
Sims, Wm., far.; P.O. Lerna
Smith, Gilbert, far.; P.O. Campbell
Smith, J.E.
Smith, John, far.; P.O. Lerna
Smith, R.E., far.; P.O. Campbell
Smith, W.H., far.; P.O. Lerna
Snider, Mag., far.; P.O. Campbell
Snowden, Guss, far.; P.O. Mattoon
Snowden, J.F., far.; P.O. Mattoon
Spies, Philip, far.; P.O. Campbell
Stanza, Henry far.; P.O. Campbell
Striewalt, K., far.,; P.O. Lerna
Taylor, Elijah, far.; P.O. Lerna
Taylor, Isaac, far.; P.O. Campbell
Taylor, S.I. far.; P.O. Lerna
Teeter, R.F., far.
Teets, George, far.; P.O. Campbell
Tomason, Tom, far.; P.O. Charleston
Tomberlin, Wm., far.; P.O. Campbell
Vaugn, George
Walker, A.A., far.; P.O. Lerna
Walker, A.J., far.; P.O. Lerna
Walker, J.W., far.; P.O. Mattoon
Walker, W.T., far.; P.O. Mattoon
Walters, George, far.; P.O. Campbell
Warsham, C.W., far.; P.O. Campbell
White, Isaac, far.; P.O. Campbell
White, J.C., blacksmith; Campbell
White, J.D., shoemaker; Campbell
White, Lee, far.; P.O. Campbell
White, Monroe, far.; P.O. Campbell
White, Thomas, far.; P.O. Campbell
Whitney, George, far.; P.O. Mattoon
Whitney, Trueman, far.; P.O. Mattoon
Whitney, W.A., far.; P.O. Lerna
Whitstrand, Andrew, far.; P.O. Lerna
Williams, D.B., far.; P.O. Lerna
Williams, Dellia, far.; P.O. Mattoon
Williams, Reubin, far.; P.O. Mattoon
Williams, S.A. far.; P.O. Mattoon
Wilson, Ann, far.; P.O. Campbell
Wilson, G.L., far.; P.O. Mattoon
Wilson, J.N., far.; P.O. Campbell
Wilson, S.J., far.; P.O. Lerna
Wood, J.S., far.; P.O. Mattoon
Worden, Margaret, far.; P.O. Campbell
Worsham, Elizabeth, far.; P.O. Campbell
Wright, W.F., far.; P.O. Johnstown
York, A.Y., far.; P.O. Lerna

Hutton Township
Abston, William, far; P.O. Charleston
Adams, E. Girard, far; P.O. Diona
Adams, Elijah, far; P.O. Diona
Adams, John, far; P.O. Diona
Adams, William, far; P.O. Diona
Alexander, L.F., far; P.O. Charleston
Anderson, Barth, far; P.O. Diona
Anderson, E. Jr., far; P.O. Diona
Anderson, E., far; P.O. Diona
Anderson, Jasper, far; P.O. Diona
Ashby, Edwin, far; P.O. Hutton
Ashby, John K., far; P.O. Hutton
Ashby, Philip, far; P.O. Hutton
Ashby, S.P., far; P.O. Hutton
Axton, Alexander, far; P.O. Diona
Babers, Elijah, far; P.O. Charleston
Baker, Able, far; P.O. Hutton
Baker, Andrew, far; P.O. Hutton
Baker, Basie, far; P.O. Hutton
Bales, Richard, far; P.O. Diona
Bates, George W., far; P.O. Charleston
Bates, Henry, far; P.O. Charleston
Bates, Lafayette, far; P.O. Diona
Bates, Reuben, far; P.O. Charleston
Beavers, Albert, far; P.O. Hutton
Beavers, B., far; P.O. Hutton
Beavers, Barnett, far; P.O. Hutton
Beavers, Henry, far; P.O. Hutton
Beavers, M., far; P.O. Hutton
Beavers, Solomon, far; P.O. Hutton
Beavers, Wm. Jr., far; P.O. Hutton
Beavers, Wm., far; P.O. Hutton
Bell, Henry, far; P.O. Hutton
Bell, James G., far; P.O. Hutton
Bell, John A., far; P.O. Hutton
Bell, John, far; P.O. Hutton
Bennett, A., far. and min.; P.O. Westfield
Bennett, Elias, far; P.O. Diona
Bennett, Henry, far; P.O. Diona
Bennett, Hiram, far; P.O. Diona
Bennett, I., far; P.O. Diona
Bensley, Allen, far; P.O. Diona
Bensley, T.A., far; P.O. Diona
Berkley, J.B., far; P.O. Westfield
Berkley, Wm. H., far; P.O. Westfield
Biddle, George R., far; P.O. Westfield
Bidle, George, far; P.O. Westfield
Biggs, Freeman, far; P.O. Charleston
Bills, S.S., far; P.O. Diona
Bishop, George, far; P.O. Westfield
Bishop, M.E., far; P.O. Westfield
Bishop, W.W., far; P.O. Charleston
Black, David, far; P.O. Diona
Blythe, P.M.
Boyd, F., far; P.O. Hutton
Brady, Thomas, far; P.O. Diona
Brandenburg, C.P., far; P.O. Hutton
Brandenburg, H.L., far; P.O. Hutton
Brandenburg, James, far; P.O. Diona
Brandenburg, Jason, far; P.O. Diona
Brandenburg, S., far; P.O. Hutton
Brandenburg, W.H., far; P.O. Hutton
Branderburg, C.P., far; P.O. Hutton (misspelling? should probably be Brandenburg)
Branderburg, Ford, far; P.O. Hutton (misspelling? should probably be Brandenburg)
Branderburg, W.F., far; P.O. Hutton (misspelling? should probably be Brandenburg)
Bratman, R.T., far; P.O. Hutton
Brewer, Bryant, far; P.O. Hutton
Bromley, A., far; P.O. Charleston
Brooks, B.E., far; P.O. Charleston
Brown, David, far; P.O. Westfield
Brown, Francis, far; P.O. Westfield
Brown, Jeremiah, far; P.O. Charleston
Brown, John B., far; P.O. Westfield
Brown, Wm. F., far; P.O. Charleston
Bruce, Franklin, far; P.O. Hutton
Bryant, Aaron, farmer
Buchannan, Geo B., far; P.O. Hutton
Buchannan, John, far; P.O. Hutton
Burt, J.G., far; P.O. Diona
Butler, A.C., Dr., far; P.O. Diona
Cartwright, E., far; P.O. Hutton
Conley, Moses, far; P.O. Westfield
Connely, E.R., far; P.O. Westfield
Connely, J.W., far; P.O. Westfield
Connolley, E.P., far; P.O. Westfield
Connolley, E.R., far; P.O. Westfield
Connolley, Emory, far; P.O. Westfield
Connolley, F.G., far; P.O. Westfield
Connolley, Geo, W., far; P.O. Westfield
Connolley, Jas, far; P.O. Charleston
Connolley, Samuel, far; P.O. Hutton
Connolley, W.R., far; P.O. Westfield
Connolley, Wm., far; P.O. Westfield
Cook, H.B., far; P.O. Charleston
Cook, John, far; P.O. Charleston
Cooper, Jeremiah C., far; P.O. Hutton
Cooper, John, far; P.O. Hutton
Cooper, Larkin, far; P.O. Charleston
Cottingham, F.E., far; P.O. Hutton
Cottingham, J.S., far; P.O. Diona
Cottingham, L.C., far; P.O. Hutton
Cox, Abel, farmer
Cox, Adam, far; P.O. Westfield
Cox, Henry, far; P.O. Charleston
Cox, Jas. A., far; P.O. Westfield
Cox, S., far; P.O. Hutton
Cox, W.R., far; P.O. Hutton
Crosby, M.A., far; P.O. Diona
Dallas, Geo. H., far; P.O. Westfield
Dallas, Jas. R., far; P.O. Westfield
Dallas, John W., far; P.O. Westfield
Dallas, Thomas, far; P.O. Westfield
Davee, Z.L., far; P.O. Hutton
Davis, C.P., far; P.O. Hutton
Davis, J.W., far; P.O. Westfield
Davis, Riley, far; P.O. Westfield
Davis, Roswell, far; P.O. Casey
Davis, S.P., far; P.O. Hutton
Davis, Wm., far; P.O. Hutton
Decker, John, far; P.O. Diona
Decker, R., far; P.O. Diona
Decker, Wm., far; P.O. Diona
Deverick, Jas., far; P.O. Hutton
Deverick, Thos. E., far; P.O. Hutton
Devrick, Jason R., far; P.O. Hutton
Dodds, Wm., far; P.O. Hutton
Duvall, O.H., far; P.O. Hutton
Easton, Daniel, far; P.O. Diona
Easton, E., far; P.O. Charleston
Easton, John S., far; P.O. Hutton
Easton, M.O., far; P.O. Diona
Eaton, Jesse, far; P.O. Diona
Edman, R., far; P.O. Hutton
Edman, Reddick, far; P.O. Hutton
Edman, Thomas, far; P.O. Hutton
Edwards, Jabes, far; P.O. Diona
Edwards, Monroe, far; P.O. Charleston
Endsley, Andrew, far; P.O. Hutton
Endsley, T.L., merchant, Hutton
Erwin, Wm. R., far; P.O. Diona
Etherington, W.H., farmer
Evinger, David, far; P.O. Westfield
Evinger, W.H., far; P.O. Westfield
Fitzpatrick, N., far; P.O. Charleston
Flenner, J.B., far; P.O. Westfield
Fletcher, Thomas, far; P.O. Hutton
Fogler, D.E., far; P.O. Westfield
Ford, Wm., far; P.O. Hutton
Franklin, John, Dr., Diona
Freeman, Joseph, far; P.O. Westfield
French, A.A., blacksmith and wagonmaker, Hutton
French, Samuel, blacksmith and wagonmaker, Hutton
Garner, J.S. physician, Hutton
Garrison, Bartleima, far; P.O. Hutton
Gibson, Wm., J., far; P.O. Charleston
Giffin, Elizabeth, far; P.O. Hutton
Gilbert, E. Jr., far; P.O. Charleston
Gilbert, E.H., far; P.O. Charleston
Gilbert, Ezekiel, far; P.O. Charleston
Goble, B.F., far; P.O. Westfield
Goble, D.H., far; P.O. Westfield
Goble, G.B., far; P.O. Charleston
Goble, Irvin, far; P.O. Hutton
Goble, Joseph, far; P.O. Westfield
Goble, Lewis, far; P.O. Westfield
Goble, Wm., far; P.O. Westfield
Goldman, L.
Goodman, G.W., far; P.O. Charleston
Goodman, Thomas, far; P.O. Westfield
Gossett, Andrew, far; P.O. Hutton
Gossett, John, far; P.O. Charleston
Gossett, Luke, far; P.O. Charleston
Gossett, Wm., far; P.O. Hutton
Grant, John B., far; P.O. Hutton
Grant, John, far; P.O. Charleston
Green, Wm. S.
Gwinn, Charles H., far; P.O. Charleston
Gwinn, J.W., far; P.O. Charleston
Gwinn, John, far; P.O. Charleston
Gwinn, R.A., far; P.O. Charleston
Haddock, N., far; P.O. Diona
Haddock, R., far; P.O. Diona
Hall, Michael, far; P.O. Charleston
Hall, Nancy, farmer
Hall, Stephen, far; P.O. Charleston
Hamlin, Norman, far; P.O. Hutton
Handley, J.J., far; P.O. Diona
Handley, John, Diona
Handley, Jos. Sr., far; P.O. Diona
Horseley, John, far; P.O. Charleston
Horseley, Wm., far; P.O. Charleston
Hutton, A., far; P.O. Diona
Hutton, Alfred, far; P.O. Diona
Hutton, John, far; P.O. Diona
Ingram, A., far; P.O. Charleston
Ingram, Jas., far; P.O. Hutton
Ingram, John, far; P.O. Charleston
Ingram, Thomas, far; P.O. Hutton
Jenkins, B.F., far; P.O. Hutton
Jenkins, B.M., dead
Jenkins, Jas., far; P.O. Diona
Jenkins, John, Hutton
Johns, E.R., farmer
Johns, Franklin, far; P.O. Hutton
Johns, George A.,far; P.O. Charleston
Johns, J.H., far; P.O. Charleston
Johns, Joshua, far; P.O. Charleston
Johns, Seton, far; P.O. Charleston
Johnslow, W.B., farmer
Kackley, H.A., farmer
Kackley, J.W., far; P.O. Diona
Kackley, Pierce, far; P.O. Diona
Kelley, Wm., far; P.O. Charleston
Kelly, Thomas, far; P.O. Charleston
Kiser, Wm., far; P.O. Charleston
Kite, John, far; P.O. Westfield
Kites, Jas., far; P.O. Westfield
Lanaberry, J.W., far; P.O. Diona
Landers, Myron, far; P.O. Hutton
Law, Harbit, far; P.O. Westfield
Law, John, far; P.O. Hutton
Lawyer, C.H. far; P.O. Diona
Lawyer, J.W., far; P.O. Diona
Lee, John B., far; P.O. Hutton
Lee, Owen, far; P.O. Westfield
Leitch, Jos. A., far; P.O. Charleston
Lemming, N., far; P.O. Diona
Lenau, Wm. L., far; P.O. Westfield
Lennox, J.D., far; P.O. Casey
Letner, Lewis, far; P.O. Charleston
Levee, Thomas
Levee, Wm. T.
Mahoney, L.F., far; P.O. Charleston
Martin, C.R., far; P.O. Diona
Martin, David, far; P.O. Diona
Martin, G.F., far; P.O. Diona
Martin, G.W. far; P.O. Diona
Martin, George, far; P.O. Diona
McGahan, Alexander, far; P.O. Hutton
McKinzie, Jas., far; P.O. Charleston
McMorris, B., far; P.O. Hutton
McMorris, B.F., far; P.O. Diona
McMorris, I.N., far; P.O. Diona
McMorris, Joseph, far; P.O. Diona
McMorris, S.L., far; P.O. Diona
Melton, Wm., far; P.O. Charleston
Merritt, Wm., far; P.O. Charleston
Miller, B.B. far; P.O. Diona
Moore, A.C., far; P.O. Hutton
Moore, John, far; P.O. Diona
Moore, Levi, far; P.O. Diona
Moore, W.L.
Morgan, Jas.
Mullen, Frances
Mullen, John, far; P.O. Hutton
Murphy, J.H., far; P.O. Charleston
Neal, A.D., far; P.O. Diona
Neal, Martin, far; P.O. Diona
Newell, Thomas, far; P.O. Charleston
Osborn, J.F., far; P.O. Hutton
Parker, D.A., far; P.O. Westfield
Parker, J.A., far; P.O. Westfield
Parker, Jepther
Parker, John A., far; P.O. Westfield
Parker, Nathaniel, far; P.O. Westfield
Parker, Sarah A., far; P.O. Westfield
Penley, J.W.
Piper, J.O., far; P.O. Westfield
Piper, W.F., far; P.O. Westfield
Rennels, Edmund, far; P.O. Charleston
Rennels, Henry, far; P.O. Charleston
Rennels, J.H., far; P.O. Charleston
Rennels, Jas. Jr., far; P.O. Charleston
Rennels, Jas., far; P.O. Charleston
Rennels, Joel J., far; P.O. Charleston
Rennels, John P., far; P.O. Charleston
Rennels, Jonn, far; P.O. Charleston
Rennels, Marion, far; P.O. Charleston
Rennels, Newton, far; P.O. Charleston
Rennels, Riley, far; P.O. Charleston
Rennels, Wm., far; P.O. Charleston
Rennels, Wm., R., far; P.O. Charleston
Rhodes, Wm. R., far; P.O. Hutton
Richardson, John, far; P.O. Westfield
Riggins, Lafyette, far; P.O. Hutton
Riggins, R.S., far; P.O. Hutton
Robinson, J.W., far; P.O. Charleston
Roden, W.R., far; P.O. Charleston
Rogers, Hiram
Rogers, S.S.
Rosencrantz, C.P., far; P.O. Hutton
Runnels, Martin, far; P.O. Charleston
Sanders, Jas., far; P.O. Charleston
Sargent, John S., far; P.O. Hutton
Sargent, Nancy, far; P.O. Hutton
Scott, J.M., far; P.O. Charleston
Scott, Zach, far; P.O. Charleston
Shafer, Alexander, far; P.O. Charleston
Shafer, J.W., far; P.O. Charleston
Short, H., far; P.O. Hutton
Smith, G.W. Jr., far; P.O. Westfield
Smith, G.W., far; P.O. Westfield
Smith, J.G., farmer
Smith, J.W., far; P.O. Charleston
Smith, Thomas N., far; P.O. Charleston
Smoot, Jas., far; P.O. Westfield
Spitter, John, far; P.O. Charleston
Stansberry, C., far; P.O. Diona
Steelesman, E., far; P.O. Charleston
Stewart, J.H., far; P.O. Westfield
Stewart, J.W., far; P.O. Westfield
Stewart, John, far; P.O. Stewart
Stewart, Wm., A., far; P.O. Westfield
Strader, John
Sublett, W.H., far; P.O. Charleston
Swisher, Lockard, far; P.O. Charleston
Thompson, F., far; P.O. Hutton
Thornton, T.J. far; P.O. Hutton
Timmons, L.A., far; P.O. Westfield
Tippey, John, far; P.O. Charleston
Tippy, Albert, far; P.O. Charleston
Tippy, Levi, far; P.O. Charleston
Tippy, Wm., far; P.O. Charleston
Troxal, Edmund, far; P.O. Charleston
Troxal, John, far; P.O. Westfield
Tucker, A.B., far; P.O. Hutton
Turner, Thomas
Walker, A.M., far; P.O. Hutton
Walker, J.G., far; P.O. Hutton
Walker, J.R., far; P.O. Hutton
Walker, Jackson, far; P.O. Charleston
Walker, Ransom, far; P.O. Hutton
Walker, W.G., far; P.O. Hutton
Waltrip, J.W., far; P.O. Charleston
Waltrip, John, far; P.O. Charleston
Waltrip, Martha, far; P.O. Westfield
Waltrip, Mary, farmer
Ward, A.J.
Weaver, David, far; P.O. Charleston
Weaver, Nathaniel, farmer
Weber, F.C., far; P.O. Westfield
Wells, Charles M., far; P.O. Westfield
Wells, R.O., far; P.O. Westfield
White, Isaac, far; P.O. Charleston
White, Silas, far; P.O. Charleston
Wilcox, S.S., far; P.O. Charleston
Wiley, R., far; P.O. Charleston
Williams, John, far; P.O. Charleston
Williams, W.H., far; P.O. Westfield
Williams, Wm., far; P.O. Charleston
Wilson, George, far; P.O. Diona
Wilson, Wm., J. far; P.O. Diona

East Oakland Township

Allen, S.W., far.; P.O. Oakland
Allen, W.Z., far.; P.O. Oakland
Ammerman, W.H., far.; P.O. Oakland
Ammerman, W.M., sewing machines; P.O. Oakland
Anderson, Allie M., far.; P.O. Oakland
Annin, M.W., far.; P.O. Oakland
Annin, S.T., far.; P.O. Oakland
Annin, V.W., far.; P.O. Oakland
Applegate, Lucinda, far.; P.O. Oakland
Ashmore, G.J., far.; P.O. Oakland
Ashmore, G.W., far.; P.O. Oakland
Ashmore, H.J, far.; P.O. Oakland
Ashmore, J.F., far.; P.O. Oakland
Ashmore, J.H., far.; P.O. Oakland
Ashmore, J.W., far.; P.O. Oakland
Ashmore, Martha J., far.; P.O. Oakland
Ashmore, S.H., far.; P.O. Kansas
Bailey, David, laborer, Oaklnad
Bales, James, dead
Bales, John, far.; P.O. Oakland
Ball, John, far.; P.O. Oakland
Bandy Ann
Barbour, W.R., far.; P.O. Oakland
Barwell, John, ret. farmer, P.O. Oakland
Barwell, Wm., far.; P.O. Oakland
Beasley, Henry, far.; P.O. Oakland
Bell, Catherine, far.; P.O. Oakland
Black, J.S., far.; P.O. Oakland
Black, Joseph, far.; P.O. Oakland
Black, Margaret Mrs; P.O. Oakland
Black, S.W., dead; P.O. Oakland
Black, W.J., butcher, Oakland
Blair, Ruth Miss; P.O. Oakland
Bland, S.T. physician, P.O. Oakland
Blevins, I.H., far.; P.O. Kansas
Blevins, J.G., far.; P.O. Oakland
Bolan, Charles, laborer, Oakland
Bowman, W.M., carpenter, Oakland
Bradford, J.P. far.; P.O. Oakland
Brading, Jasper, far.; P.O. Oakland
Braking, Ezekiel, boot and shoe, Oakland
Brannon, J.H., far.; P.O. Oakland
Bratton, Charles, far.; P.O. Oakland
Brodie, Vigina Mrs., P.O. Oakland
Brothers, G.W.
Brown, J.A., far.; P.O. Oakland
Brown, J.H., far.; P.O. Oakland
Brown, W., wagon-maker, P.O. Oakland
Brown, W.F., far.; P.O. Oakland
Brown, W.W., sad. and harness. Oakland
Buckler, John, far.; P.O. Oakland
Buckler, W.B., far.; P.O. Oakland
Burns, Robert, far.; P.O. Oakland
Burton, J.A., far.; P.O. Oakland
Busbey, J.H., merchant, Oakland
Busbey, W.D., sad. and harness, Oakland
Busbey, W.L., far.; P.O. Oakland
Butcher, I.M., far.; P.O. Oakland
Cambridge, S.A., far.; P.O. Oakland
Campbell, David, far.; P.O. Kansas
Campbell, I.P., far.; P.O. Oakland
Campbell, J.P., preacher and editor, Oakland
Canaday, Wm., far.; P.O. Oakland
Carnes, Abel, far.; P.O. Oakland
Carrico, Isaac
Carrol, Mary, far.; P.O. Oakland
Carter, L.D., stock-dealer, Oakland
Cash, Adeline, merchant, Oakland
Cash, L.S., merchant and Pres. Bank. Oakland
Cash, S.M., dead
Chapman, A.N., grocer, Oakland
Clapp, Malinda H., far.; P.O. Oakland
Clark, O.M., clerk, Oakland
Clark, R.B., groceries and hardward, Oakland
Clement, Charles, butcher, Oaklnad
Clinard, Philips, far.; P.O. Oakland
Coffin, T.S., merchant, Oakland
Coffin, W.H., agricultural dealer, Oakland
Cole, Richard, far.; P.O. Oakland
Coley, R.I., far.; P.O. Oakland
Collins, D.W., far.; P.O. Oakland
Collins, Wm., far.; P.O. Oakland
Combs, Jos., far.; P.O. Oakland
Combs, W.V., far.; P.O. Oakland
Comstock, George, far.; P.O. Oakland
Conaghan, Ed., groceries and notions, Oakland
Conner, N. Mrs., trader, Oakland
Cook, Reuben, far.; P.O. Isabel
Cox, Jacob, moved
Crawford, John G., farmer and stock.; P.O. Oakland
Crawford, Louisa, P.O. Oakland
Curtis, Charles, far.; P.O. Oakland
Curtis, Pheliander, dead; P.O. Oakland
Cusick, J.M., far.; P.O. Oakland
Daugherty, Hugh, far.; P.O. Oakland
Daugherty, John, far.; P.O. Oakland
Dean, Abram, far.; P.O. Oakland
Dennis, Jesse, far.; P.O. Oakland
Deross, I.A., left
Dix, O., dead
Dollar, John, far.; P.O. Oakland
Donavan, Thomas, far.; P.O. Oakland
Dougherty, Andy, far.; P.O. Oakland
Duer, N.R., teacher, Oakland
Duglas, Clara
Duncan, T.H., merchant, Oakland
Dunseth, A.A., carpenter, Oakland
Eads, John, far.; P.O. Oakland
Eckard, R.C., laborer, Oakland
Eckard, W.S., moved
Edson, James, lumber; Oakland
Fenneghan, Ed., far.; P.O. Oakland
Fishel, J.G., carpenter, Oakland
Fisher, Solomon, far.; P.O. Oakland
Flenner, A.D., far.; P.O. Oakland
Foltz, A.L., far.; P.O. Oakland
Forsyth, Robert, merchant, Oakland
Frederic, H.A., hotel, Oakland
Fry, Caleb, laborer, Oakland
Gear, George, far.; P.O. Kansas
Ghilkeson, Wm., laborer, Oakland
Gilbert, M.W., far.; P.O. Oakland
Gilbert, Samuel, boots and shoes, Oakland
Gillette, Jeptha, ret.; P.O. Oakland
Gline, John, far.; P.O. Oakland
Gobert, Peter, far.; P.O. Oakland
Gomell, John, ret.; P.O. Oakland
Grace, John, far.; P.O. Oakland
Hackett, G.F., far; P.O. Oakland
Hackett, M.F., ret.; P.O. Oakland
Hackett, S.A. Mrs., P.O. Oakland
Hall, Thomas R., far.; P.O. Oakland
Hamilton, I.G., far.; P.O. Oakland
Hanners, P.O., far.; P.O. Oakland
Hanners, R.D., far.; P.O. Oakland
Hanners, W.R., far.; P.O. Oakland
Harmon, Samuel, far.; P.O. Oakland
Harris, J.M., moved
Henderson, J.M., painter, Oakland
Henderson, Wm., blacksmith, Oakland
Hendrix, Charles, retired; P.O. Oakland
Hendrix, Solomon, retired; P.O. Oakland
Hickey, George, far.; P.O. Oakland
Hickey, John, far.; P.O. Oakland
Hickey, W.O., far.; P.O. Oakland
Hite, Hamilton, far.; P.O. Oakland
Hite, Hiram, Jr., far.; P.O. Oakland
Hite, Hiram, Sr., far.; P.O. Oakland
Hite, Jane Mrs., far.; P.O. Oakland
Hite, Thomas, far.; P.O. Oakland
Hodge, Thomas, P.O. Oakland
Holding, R.S., drugs, Oakland
Holiday, George
Hollies, E.W., laborer, Oaklnad
House, M.S., far.; P.O. Oakland
Howell, I.W., laborer, Oakland
Hudson, John, far.; P.O. Oakland
Hudson, L.M., far.; P.O. Oakland
Hunt & Co., mill, Oakland
Hunt, J., mill, Oakland
Hunt, Wm. far.; P.O. Oakland
Hunter, Jesse, boots and shoes, Oakland
Jacobs, C.M., clerk, Oakland
James, C.G., laborer, Oakland
James, Firman, far.; P.O. Oakland
Jennings, Thomas, far.; P.O. Oakland
Jones, Abigal Mrs., hotel, Oakland
Jones, Elisha, far.; P.O. Oakland
Joy, S.S., merchant, Oakland
Kearns, Silas, far.; P.O. Ashmore
Kenney, Sarah C., far.; P.O. Oakland
Ketchum, E.H., cooper, Oakland
Keys, Lewis, merchant, Oakland
Kite Brothers, farmers; P.O. Oakland
Kurtz, E.A., carpenter, Oakland
Kurtz, George, teller in bank, Oakland
Kurtz, H.C., ex. agent. Oakland
Kurtz, M.A. Mrs., milliner, Oakland
Kurtz, P.M. Mrs,. P.O. Oakland
Lacey, Wm. C., M.E. minister, Oakland
Lamb, Edward, far.; P.O. Oakland
Lamb, John, far.; P.O. Oakland
Lamb, Martha A., far.; P.O. Oakland
Land, Wm., far.; P.O. Oakland
Lansdown, J.I., far.; P.O. Oakland
Larrimer & Co., merchants, Oakland
Larrimer, R.F., merchant, Oakland
Lauher, I.K., far.; P.O. Oakland
Lauher, J.F., far.; P.O. Oakland
Lawson, J.R., lumber; Oakland
Liston, J.E., saddles and harness, Oakland
Longnecker, I.L., far.; P.O. Oakland
Longnecker, P.T., far.; P.O. Oakland
Longnecker, Samuel, insurance agent, Oakland
Lovell, George, far.; P.O. Oakland
Luce, M.H., far.; P.O. Oakland
Luce, Moses, far.; P.O. Oakland
Lyons, Peter, far.; P.O. Oakland
Martin, David, far.; P.O. Oakland
McCall, T.J., moved; Oakland
McClelland, C.J., merchant, Oakland
McClelland, T.J., clerk, Oakland
McConkey, G.W., far.; P.O. Oakland
McCormac, I.T., far.; P.O. Oakland
McGeary, J., insurance agent, Oakland
McGragor, G., far.; P.O. Oakland
McIntire, I.O., far.; P.O. Oakland
Milburn, Ewing, far.; P.O. Oakland
Miller, David far.; P.O. Oakland
Miller, J.D., far.; P.O. Oakland
Miller, J.J. far.; P.O. Oakland
Minor, G., far.; P.O. Oakland
Mitchell, D.W., retired, Oakland
Mitchell, G.W., far.; P.O. Oakland
Mitchell, J.A., far.; P.O. Oakland
Mitchell, Sarah C., dead, Oakland
Mitchell, W.T.
Mock, T.J. far.; P.O. Oakland
Montgomery, Jane, far.; P.O. Oakland
Moody, Bryant, far.; P.O. Oakland
Moody, E.M., blacksmith, Oakland
Moody, John, far.; P.O. Oakland
Moore C. & Sons, druggists, Oakland
Moseley, Robert, moved; Oakland
Muhnix, Noah, far.; P.O. Oakland
Newman, Wm., far.; P.O. Oakland
Nichols, J., miller, Oakland
Parker, Hannah
Parker, I.F., far.; P.O. Oakland
Parker, Rebecca, far.; P.O. Oakland
Parrish, G., far.; P.O. Oakland
Patterson, Mary M., far.; P.O. Oakland
Patterson, T.R., far.; P.O. Oakland
Patton, J.H., far.; P.O. Oakland
Patton, R.M., far.; P.O. Oakland
Payne, S.K., boarding-house, Oakland
Peake, W.J., physician, Oakland
Pemberton, C.D., laborer, Oakland
Pemberton, H.A., far.; P.O. Oakland
Pemberton, J.J., Justice of the Peace, Oakland
Pepper, D.H., far.; P.O. Oakland
Pierson, James, far.; P.O. Oakland
Pleasant, I.F., laborer; Oakland
Poor, W., far.; P.O. Oakland
Poulson, Benjamin, far.; P.O. Oakland
Powers, D.B., far.; P.O. Oakland
Pratt, J.J., moved; Oakland
Rader, Mary, far.; P.O. Kansas
Ramsey, J.F., far.; P.O. Oakland
Ramsey, James, far.; P.O. Oakland
Ramsey, W.T., far.; P.O. Oakland
Redden, G., far.; P.O. Oakland
Redmon, W.G., barber, Oakland
Reed, B.H., far.; P.O. Oakland
Reed, R.D., painter, Oakland
Reeder, J.S., drayman, Oakland
Reeds, J.W., far.; P.O. Oakland
Reel, J.F., far.; P.O. Oakland
Reel, S.A., physician and far., Oakland
Reese, J.W., far.; P.O. Oakland
Rice, D.A., ex-R.R. agent, Oakland
Richie, H.P., wagon-maker, Oakland
Riley, John, laborer, Oakland
Roberts, Elizabeth, far.; P.O. Oakland
Roberts, J.D., far.; P.O. Oakland
Roberts, J.H., far.; P.O. Oakland
Roberts, S.W., far.; P.O. Oakland
Roberts, Thomas, far.; P.O. Oakland
Roberts, W.H. far.; P.O. Kansas
Rohn, Francis, moved
Roland, Nathaniel, far.; P.O. Oakland
Ruth, Samuel, far.; P.O. Oakland
Rutherford, H., physician, Oakland
Rutherford, John, Cashier bank, Oakland
Sargent, Elizabeth, far.; P.O. Oakland
Schrierer, Rodolph, far.; P.O. Oakland
Seals, Eran, far.; P.O. Oakland
Seals, Wm., far.; P.O. Oakland
Seilhymer, J., book agent, Oakland
Shields, W.C., far.; P.O. Oakland
Shields, W.J. far.; P.O. Oakland
Skelton, Charles, far.; P.O. Oakland
Slater, J.G., far.; P.O. Oakland
Smith, B.F., far.; P.O. Oakland
Smith, Jacob, far.; P.O. Oakland
Smith, Mary E., far.; P.O. Oakland
Smith, N.P., bookseller, Oakland
Smith, W.O., far.; P.O. Oakland
Stokes, J.W., far.; P.O. Oakland
Stokes, James, far.; P.O. Oakland
Stump, J.R., far.; P.O. Oakland
Stump, Jane, far.; P.O. Oakland
Sublet, James, far.; P.O. Oakland
Sublet, John, far.; P.O. Oakland
Sutton, A.J. L.C., dead
Sutton, W. M., far.; P.O. Oakland
Swinford, A.L., far.; P.O. Oakland
Swinford, C.T., far.; P.O. Oakland
Swinford, E.N., far.; P.O. Oakland
Swinford, E.S., far.; P.O. Oakland
Swinford, F.M., far.; P.O. Oakland
Swinford, G.H., far.; P.O. Oakland
Swinford, G.R., far.; P.O. Oakland
Swinford, Henry, far.; P.O. Oakland
Swinford, J.M., far.; P.O. Oakland
Swinford, J.T., far.; P.O. Oakland
Swinford, J.W., far.; P.O. Oakland
Swinford, John, far.; P.O. Oakland
Swinford, M.S., far.; P.O. Oakland
Swinford, S.C., far.; P.O. Oakland
Swinford, W.C., far.; P.O. Oakland
Swinford, W.H., far.; P.O. Oakland
Taylor, Wm., far.; P.O. Oakland
Temples, Wm., far.; P.O. Oakland
Thornton, L.C., Postmaster, Oakland
Tibbs, J.E., photographer, Oakland
Tinsley, Sarah C., far.; P.O. Oakland
Titus, J.A., far.; P.O. Oakland
Titus, Jeremiah, far.; P.O. Oakland
Titus, Jonas, far.; P.O. Oakland
Turner, J.W., physician, Oakland
Valandengham, L., far.; P.O. Oakland
Valodin, M.B., farmer and stock-dealer, Oakland
Vandeventer, A.L., far.; P.O. Oakland
Vandeventer, James, moved; Oakland
Vandeventer, Mary A., far.; P.O. Oakland
Vandeventer, T., far.; P.O. Oakland
Vandeventer, Wm., far.; P.O. Oakland
Varner, Peter, far.; P.O. Oakland
Warden, E.H. painter, Oakland
Warriner, J.C., moved
Wass, George, far.; P.O. Oakland
Wells, Townson, painter, Oakland
Welsh, John, far.; P.O. Oakland
Welsh, R.J., bricklayer, Oakland
Whalen, Pat, far.; P.O. Oakland
White, E.W., far.; P.O. Oakland
Widdermooth, Geo., far.; P.O. Oakland
Wikler & Moody, blacksmith, Oakland
Williams, B.P., moved
Williams, H.D., merchant, Oakland
Williams, M.R., Constable, Oakland
Williamson, J.H., moved
Winkler, David, blacksmith, Oakland
Winkler, J.H., lawyer, Oakland
Woolley, A.J.
Wright, J.A., far.; P.O. Oakland
Yaniwine, Jacob A., far.; P.O. Kansas
Yaniwine, John F., far.; P.O. Kansas
Yeargin, J.S., editor Ledger, Oakland
Yoong, Robert, far.; P.O. Oakland
York, N.L., far.; P.O. Oakland
Young, Alex., moved
Young, Thos., M., far.; P.O. Oakland
Zailey, Samuel, miller, Oakland
Zimmerman, J.B., far.; P.O. Ashmore
Zimmerman, W.B., far.; P.O. Oakland


Adkins, R.T., far.; P.O. Charleston
Alman, Arthur, far.; P.O. Charleston
Annins, John, far.; P.O. Oakland
Archer, E.J., far.; P.O. Charleston
Baker, James, far.; P.O. Charleston
Beasley, G.W., far.; P.O. Oakland
Beasley, John, far.; P.O. Oakland
Bowers, O.C., far.; P.O. Charleston
Broadfield, Jonas, far.; P.O. Charleston
Brown, W.V., far.; P.O. Oakland
Bryant, Elisha, far.; P.O. Charleston
Bryant, Ely, far.; P.O. Charleston
Bryant, Wm., far.; P.O. Charleston
Busbey, J.H., far.; P.O. Oakland
Bush, D., far.; P.O. Charleston
Bush, J. far.; P.O. Charleston
Carney, D.H., far; P.O. Charleston
Carter, Joseph, far.; P.O. Rardin
Carter, T.B., far.; P.O. Rardin
Carter, W.J., far.; P.O. Rardin
Chambers, Henry, far; P.O. Charleston
Clair, M.E., far.; P.O. Charleston
Clapp, Emanuel, far.; P.O. Charleston
Clapp, Michael, far; P.O. Oakland
Clark, A.D., far.; P.O. Rardin
Clark, A.J., far.; P.O. Rardin
Clark, C.W., far.; P.O. Rardin
Clark, George, far.; P.O. Rardin
Clark, Joseph, far.; P.O. Charleston
Cobble, P.H., far; P.O. Charleston
Collins, Aaron, far; P.O. Oakland
Collins, J.J., far.; P.O. Charleston
Collins, J.J., far; P.O. Charleston
Collins, Mary, far; P.O. Rardin
Collins, Sarah, far.; P.O. Oakland
Combs, T.J., far.; P.O. Rardin
Combs, W.H., far.; P.O. Hinesboro
Craig, I.N., far.; P.O. Charleston
Craig, J.W., far.; P.O. Charleston
Craig, Lafayette, far.; P.O. Charleston
Crispin, Thomas, far.; P.O. Rardin
Crist, W.J., far; P.O. Charleston
Curtis, D.W., far.; P.O. Oakland
Curtis, Ira, far.; P.O. Hinesboro
Curtis, S.N., far.; P.O. Oakland
Daugherty, B.F., far.; P.O. Charleston
Daugherty, Frank, far.; P.O. Charleston
Daugherty, J.B., far.; P.O. Charleston
Daugherty, John, far.; P.O. Charleston
Daugherty, Wesley, far.; P.O. Charleston
Davis, Narcissa, far.; P.O. Charleston
Done, Elizabeth, far.; P.O. Oakland
Ersan, C.F., far.; P.O. Charleston
Ferguson, M.L., far.; P.O. Oakland
Ferree, John, far.; P.O. Charleston
Fleener, W.J., far.; P.O. Charleston
Fleetwood, Geo., far.; P.O. Ashmore
Fleetwood, John, far.; P.O. Ashmore
Fleetwood, N., far.; P.O. Ashmore
Florer, Shep., far.; P.O. Oakland
Galbreath, Aris, far.; P.O. Charleston
Galbreath, John, far.; P.O. Rardin
Galbreath, W.R., far.; P.O. Oakland
Galiton, Solomon, far.; P.O. Oakland
Gerard, Eli, far.; P.O. Hinesboro
Gerard, Jackson, far.; P.O. Hinesboro
Gilbert, Elizabeth, far.; P.O. Rardin
Gilbert, L.M., far.; P.O. Rardin
Golliday, Henry, far.; P.O. Rardin
Green, I.E., far.; P.O. Oakland
Hancock, T.C., far.; P.O. Charleston
Hill, James, far.; P.O. Rardin
Honsel, Francis, far.; P.O. Oakland
Hudson, Jesse, far.; P.O. Charleston
Jarvis, Maria, far.; P.O. Rardin
Johnson, Edward, far.; P.O. Charleston
Johnson, G.E., far.; P.O. Rardin
Johnson, S.W., far.; P.O. Hinesboro
Johnson, T.P., far.; P.O. Charleston
Johnson, W.H., far.; P.O. Charleston
Jones, J.B., far.; P.O. Rardin
Kin, John, far.; P.O. Charleston
Kirkpatric, John, far.; P.O. Charleston
Krier, Henry, far.; P.O. Charleston
Lanmon, John, far.; P.O. Rardin
Larimee, W.H., far.; P.O. Charleston
Lee, Bruce, far.; P.O. Charleston
Lipincott, George, far.; P.O. Hinesboro
Lipincott, James, far.; P.O. Hinesboro
Lipscomb, John, far.; P.O. Rardin
Lispcomb, Wm., far.; P.O. Rardin
Long, J.M.., far.; P.O. Rardin
Markley, Jesse, far.; P.O. Oakland
Markley, Z.P., far.; P.O. Oakland
McAlister, D.R., far.; P.O. Oakland
McGahey, Dunlap, far.; P.O. Oakland
McGragor, John, far.; P.O. Charleston
McGragor, Will, far.; P.O. Charleston
McKina, John, far.; P.O. Rardin
McLain, W.C., far.; P.O. Charleston
Micheal, Jasper, far.; P.O. Rardin
Montgomery, G.W., Rev; P.O. Oakland
Montgomery, J.T., Dr., P.O. Charleston
Moody, David, far.; P.O. Rardin
Morgan, H.J., far.; P.O. Oakland
Morgan, James, far.; P.O. Oakland
Morgan, Lenard, far.; P.O. Oakland
Morgan, Melvin, far.; P.O. Oakland
Morgan, Robert, far.; P.O. Oakland
Morgan, Wm., far.; P.O. Rardin
Myers, James
Nesbit, G.L., far.; P.O. Oakland
Nock, John, far.; P.O. Charleston
O'Dell, F.M., far.; P.O. Oakland
O'Hair, M.E., far.; P.O. Charleston
Oliver, G.M., far.; P.O. Charleston
Palmer, Joseph, far.; P.O. Charleston
Palmer, M.E., far.; P.O. Charleston
Parker, F.M., far.; P.O. Rardin
Parker, J.C., far.; P.O. Rardin
Peterson, Albert, far.; P.O. Rardin
Peterson, Charley, far.; P.O. Rardin
Piffer, George, far.; P.O. Rardin
Rankins, John, far.; P.O. Charleston
Rardin, B.F., far.; P.O. Rardin
Rardin, David, far.; P.O. Rardin
Rardin, J.H., far.; P.O. Rardin
Rardin, J.L., far.; P.O. Rardin
Rardin, Sam., far.; P.O. Rardin
Rhoden, J.D., far.; P.O. Charleston
Rhoden, Jim, far.; P.O. Rardin
Roberts, A.D., far.; P.O. Charleston
Roberts, Alfred, far.; P.O. Charleston
Roberts, I.M., far.; P.O. Charleston
Roberts, Isaac, far.; P.O. Charleston
Roberts, W.D., far.; P.O. Charleston
Robinson, Fred, far.; P.O. Charleston
Rogers, N.E., far.; P.O. Rardin
Rouse, W.F., far.; P.O. Rardin
Runals, W.H., far.; P.O. Oakland
Russel, H., far.; P.O. Oakland
Sailer, J.G., far.; P.O. Rardin
Sain, I.W., far.; P.O. Charleston
Shafer, Solomon, far.; P.O. Charleston
Shafer, WM., far.; P.O. Charleston
Smith, J.R., far.; P.O. Charleston
Stits, N.S., far.; P.O. Charleston
Swinford, S.J., far.; P.O. Charleston
Taylor, E.M., far.; P.O. Oakland
Taylor, J.T., far.; P.O. Rardin
Taylor, Oliver, far.; P.O. Oakland
Taylor, Peter, far.; P.O. Oakland
Taylor, W.H., far.; P.O. Oakland
Thatcher, J.W., far.; P.O. Rardin
Tipton, Jonathan, far.; P.O. Rardin
Tolen, J.H., far.; P.O. Charleston
Tomson, G.F., far.; P.O. Rardin
Towler, H.G., far.; P.O. Charleston
Vandeventer, Henry, far.; P.O. Rardin
Vandeventer, Wesley, far.; P.O. Rardin
Wainscott, J.T., far.; P.O. Ashmore
Walton, Andrew, far.; P.O. Oakland
Washam, Martha, far.; P.O. Oakland
Wells, James, far.; P.O. Rardin
Whanger, Samuel, far.; P.O. Hinesboro
White, George, far.; P.O. Rardin
Wiley, James, far.; P.O. Charleston
Wilkins, Thomas, far.; P.O. Charleston
Williams, J.B. & Co., far.; P.O. Rardin
Winkelblack, John, far.; P.O. Charleston
Winkelblack, Mason, far.; P.O. Charleston
Winkelblack, Robert, far.; P.O. Charleston
Winkler, R.B., far.; P.O. Rardin
Woodfall, James, far.; P.O. Charleston
Wright, Robert, far.; P.O. Oakland


Adkins, J.M., far.; P.O. Charleston
Andre, M., far.; P.O. Charleston
Armstrong, Geo., far.; P.O. Charleston
Arterburn, W.T., far.; P.O. Charleston
Austin, Breedlove
Babb, C.P., far.; P.O. Charleston
Babbs, J.C., far.; P.O. Charleston
Bain, A.A., P.O. Charleston
Baker, G.B., farmer
Baker, Geo. W., far.; P.O. Charleston
Baker, Geo. W., far.; P.O. Charleston
Baldwin, T.J.
Ballinger, J.A., far.; P.O. Charleston
Bastic, H.C., far.; P.O. Charleston
Beck, D.M., far.; P.O. Charleston
Beckham C., far.; P.O. Charleston
Bishop, S., far.; P.O. Charleston
Borchelt, Henry, far.; P.O. Charleston
Braddock, David, far.; P.O. Charleston
Braddock, J.T., far.; P.O. Charleston
Bradford, A.J., far.; P.O. Hinesboro
Brady, John far.; P.O. Charleston
Brinegar, E.P., farmer
Brinegar, J.F., farmer
Brinegar, R.N., farmer
Brinegar, T.C., farmer
Brooks, J.N., far.; P.O. Charleston
Brown, Malissa, far.; P.O. Charleston
Bruce, J.W.
Bruce, Jason M., far.; P.O. Charleston
Bryant, B.F., far.; P.O. Charleston
Bryant, Harry, far.; P.O. Charleston
Buckler, Green, farmer
Burge, John, far.; P.O. Charleston
Burge, W.R., far.; P.O. Charleston
Bush Bros., far.; P.O. Charleston
Carney, D.S., far.; P.O. Charleston
Childress, J.K., far.; P.O. Hinesboro
Clapp, Eman, far.; P.O. Hinesboro
Cochran, W.H., far.; P.O. Charleston
Cofer, Thomas N., far.; P.O. Arcola
Collins, G.J., far.; P.O. Charleston
Cooke, E.E., farmer
Cooke, Geo. E., far.; P.O. Charleston
Cooper, Stephen, farmer
Cottingham, J.K., far.; P.O. Charleston
Coughlin, Peter, far.; P.O. Charleston
Covert, John, farmer
Craig, A.J., far.; P.O. Charleston
Curlin, Charles L., far.; P.O. Hinesboro
Davis, A.D., far.; P.O. Charleston
Davis, Eliphas, far.; P.O. Charleston
Davis, G.O., far.; P.O. Charleston
Davis, H.M., far.; P.O. Charleston
Davis, J.A., far.; P.O. Charleston
Davis, Thomas D., far.; P.O. Charleston
Detrick, John, far.; P.O. Charleston
Devore, Peter M., far.; P.O. Charleston
Dice, Jacob, far.; P.O. Charleston
Dittimore, Henry, far.; P.O. Charleston
Dodge, Wm., far.; P.O. Charleston
Donaldson, B.J., far.; P.O. Charleston
Donaldson, J.H., far.; P.O. Charleston
Downey, Patrick, far.; P.O. Charleston
Downey, Samuel, far.; P.O. Charleston
Downey, Wm., far.; P.O. Charleston
Driscoll, James, far.; P.O. Charleston
Dunnifer, E. R.,far.; P.O. Charleston
Emhuff, Stephen, far.; P.O. Charleston
Emhuff, Wm. A., far.; P.O. Charleston
Enlow, Clarence, far.; P.O. Charleston
Eversole, Henry, far.; P.O. Charleston
Farrell, John, far.; P.O. Charleston
Ferbrache, J.U., far.; P.O. Charleston
Ferbrache, S.D., far.; P.O. Charleston
Ferree, G.W., far.; P.O. Charleston
Fitch, J.M., far.; P.O. Charleston
Foreman, I.P., far.; P.O. Charleston
Foreman, J.R., far.; P.O. Charleston
Foreman, John, far.; P.O. Charleston
Foreman, W.T., far.; P.O. Charleston
Foster, Eli, far.; P.O. Hinesboro
Foster, J.J., far.; P.O. Arcola
Foulk, W.R., far.; P.O. Charleston
Fowler, Samuel, far.; P.O. Charleston
Frazier, J.W., far.; P.O. Charleston
Frazier, T.E., far.; P.O. Charleston
Friddle, Simpson, far.; P.O. Charleston
Fritts, John E., far.; P.O. Charleston
Furry, C.G., far.; P.O. Charleston
Gamble, J.F.
Garner, J.L., far.; P.O. Charleston
Garrett, Samuel
Garver, Philip, far.; P.O. Charleston
Ginser, C.G., far.; P.O. Charleston
Glasco, Sarah, far.; P.O. Charleston
Graham, John, far.; P.O. Charleston
Graham, Mrs. F. far.; P.O. Charleston
Grant, John, far.; P.O. Charleston
Grant, Wm., far.; P.O. Charleston
Gray, Jesse B. far.; P.O. Charleston
Green, H.J., far.; P.O. Charleston
Gregg, Harmon, far.; P.O. Charleston
Groves, John W., far.; P.O. Charleston
Halsey, J.H., farmer
Hancock, Jno W., far.; P.O. Charleston
Hancock, W.M. far.; P.O. Charleston
Hann, Jacob
Harden, F.M., far.; P.O. Charleston
Harden, J.T., far.; P.O. Charleston
Hardin, J.W., far.; P.O. Rural Retreat
Hardwick, Jason S., far.; P.O. Charleston
Harr, Joseph, far.; P.O. Charleston
Harry, Jacob, far.; P.O. Humbolt
Hefner, W.R.
Helton, H.Clay, far.; P.O. Charleston
Helton, L.H., far; P.O. Charleston
Henderson, W.L., far.; P.O. Charleston
Henry, Elisha, far.; P.O. Charleston
Hobart, J.R., physician, Ashmore
Hoburt, F.E., farmer
Honn, A.C., far.; P.O. ARcola
Honn, Andrew A., far.; P.O. Humbolt
Honn, Jno. D., far.; P.O. Humbolt
Hood, E.C.
Hood, J.M.
Hood, John
Hood, L.H.
Hood, R.W.
Hoon, Isaac F., far.; P.O. Humbolt
Hysell, W.H.
Jackson, Jason S., far.; P.O. Charleston
Jarvis, Wm., far.; P.O. Humbolt
Jenkins, Thomas, far.; P.O. Charleston
Johnson, Chas. W., far.; P.O. Charleston
Johnson, Wm. M.
Jones, Mosier, far.; P.O. Charleston
Kemp, George C., far.; P.O. Arcola
Kinzel, Arthur, far.; P.O. Charleston
Kinzel, J.O., far.; P.O. Charleston
Kinzel, W.O., far.; P.O. Charleston
Kirby, James
Kizer, George W.
Kizer, William
Koontz, J.G., far.; P.O. Charleston
Koontz, Wm.H., far.; P.O. Charleston
Lander, B.L.
Lander, Nancy
Law, P.G., far.; P.O. Charleston
Linkhart, Joshua F., far.; P.O. Charleston
Linkhart, Silas, far.; P.O. Charleston
Linkhart, W.K., far.; P.O. Charleston
Linkhart, Wm., far.; P.O. Charleston
Lockhard, Hiram, far.; P.O. Charleston
Lohrey, Philip, far.; P.O. Charleston
Long, S.N.
Mason, Henry, far.; P.O. Charleston
Mason, John, far.; P.O. Charleston
Massey, J.W., far.; P.O. Charleston
Mathes, J.C., far.; P.O. Charleston
McCallister, R.J., far.; P.O. Charleston
McCarthy, Daniel, far.; P.O. Charleston
McComas, Jas., far.; P.O. Charleston
McDougle, W.H., far.; P.O. Charleston
McGurty, Frank, far.; P.O. Charleston
McGurty, Owen, far.; P.O. Charleston
McMillen, T.J., far.; P.O. Rural Retreat
McNeel, D.W., far.; P.O. Charleston
McNeel, Joseph,far.; P.O. Charleston
McNutt, John, far.; P.O. Charleston
McNutt, Mary E., far.; P.O. Charleston
McTaggart, Charles
McTaggart, M.
Miller, Marion
Mock, Catharine
Mock, J.M., far.; P.O. Charleston
Mohler, David, far.; P.O. Charleston
Moler, Alexander, far.; P.O. Charleston
Moore, Matson
Moran, John, far.; P.O. Charleston
Moran, Tim, far.; P.O. Charleston
Mundy, Jason F., far.; P.O. Charleston
Murphy, C.C., far.; P.O. Charleston
Murphy, J.W., far.; P.O. Charleston
Murphy, M.A. far.; P.O. Charleston
Murphy, M.T., far.; P.O. Charleston
Murphy, Sibby, far.; P.O. Charleston
Newby, Elijah, far.; P.O. Charleston
Newman, A.J., far.; P.O. Charleston
Newman, Geo. W., far.; P.O. Charleston
Newman, M., far.; P.O. Charleston
Nickles, Jacob, far.; P.O. Charleston
Nickles, Theresa, far.; P.O. Charleston
O'Hair, A.L., far.; P.O. Charleston
O'Hair, Dolly A., far.; P.O. Charleston
O'Hair, Jesse, far.; P.O. Charleston
O'Hair, M.E., far.; P.O. Charleston
O'Hair, W.E., far.; P.O. Charleston
Olmstead, J.C., far.; P.O. Charleston
Osburn, H.C., far.; P.O. Charleston
Parkison, J.D., far.; P.O. Charleston
Parr, Elisha, far.; P.O. Rural Retreat
Parr, John, far.; P.O. Rural Retreat
Parr, V.E., far.; P.O. Rural Retreat
Patterson, Isaiah, far.; P.O. Charleston
Patterson, Thomas
Perisho, Isaac, far.; P.O. Charleston
Peyton, Joseph, far.; P.O. Charleston
Pfeifer, Geo M., far.
Pfeifer, L.W. M., far.
Phillips, W.H., far.
Popham, Samuel, far.; P.O. Charleston
Popham, Sherman, far.; P.O. Charleston
Prall, Cornelius, far.; P.O. Charleston
Purce, Clark, far.; P.O. Charleston
Race, Robert W., far.
Ramsey, Samuel, far.; P.O. Charleston
Raper, G.F., far.; P.O. Arcola
Reader, Thomas, far.; P.O. Charleston
Reat, Geo W., far.; P.O. Charleston
Rhoads, S.H., far.; P.O. Charleston
Richardson, J.C., far.; P.O. Charleston
Robison & Babbs
Rogers, Isaac, far.
Rosebrough, Levi, far.; P.O. Charleston
Rosebrough, Wm., far.; P.O. Charleston
Sain, Homer, far.; P.O. Charleston
Sain, J.Q., far.; P.O. Hinesboro
Sain, Milton, far.; P.O. Charleston
Sain, V.D., far.; P.O. Charleston
Schouten, A.F., far.; P.O. Rural Retreat
Seipel, Adam, far.; P.O. Charleston
Shonten, Ephraim, far.; P.O. Rural Retreat
Skelton, Elizabeth A., far.; P.O. Charleston
Smith, J.N., far.; P.O. Charleston
Smith, Nancy J., far.; P.O. Charleston
Snider, R.H., far.; P.O. Charleston
Snyder, John R.
Springer, J., far.; P.O. Charleston
Steigman, Carl, far.; P.O. Charleston
Stites, Anna, far.
Stites, T.J., far.; P.O. Hinesboro
Stites, Wm., far.; P.O. Hinesboro
Story, J.M., far.; P.O. Charleston
Streck, Leobold
Swinford, B.F., far.; P.O. Charleston
Swinford, L., far.; P.O. Charleston
Taber, J.W., far.; P.O. Charleston
Tarvin, F.F., far.; P.O. Charleston
Thissell, M.K. Mrs. far.; P.O. Charleston
Thissell, Winthrop, far.; P.O. Charleston
Todd, A.J.,far.; P.O. Charleston
Todd, D.P., far.; P.O. Charleston
Todd, M.J., far.; P.O. Charleston
Toland, Geo. A. far.; P.O. Charleston
Toland, Jason O., far.; P.O. Charleston
Traver & Nixon, far.; P.O. Charleston
Tuttle, Wm. R., far.; P.O. Charleston
Tyler, M.A.
Tyler, Moses
Walden, A.N. far.; P.O. Charleston
Walker, Henry, far.; P.O. Charleston
Ward, D.D., far.; P.O. Charleston
Warren, Wm., far.; P.O. Charleston
Watkins, J.H., far.; P.O. Charleston
Watkins, Robt E., far.; P.O. Charleston
Watkins, Wm. far.; P.O. Charleston
Welsh, Patrick, far.; P.O. Charleston
Welte, P., far.; P.O. Charleston
Wheatly, Jas., far.; P.O. Hinesboro
Whelan, Wm., far.; P.O. Charleston
White, John, far.; P.O. Charleston
Willson, A.P., far.; P.O. Charleston
Winkleblack, Thomas, far.; P.O. Charleston
Winkleblack, W., far.; P.O. Charleston
Wyeth, Albert, far.; P.O. Hinesboro
Wyeth, Samuel, far.; P.O. Rural Retreat
Wyeth, Thomas E., far.; P.O. Hinesboro

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