Index to names found within the historical text of the History of Coles County, IL 1905

Complete through Chapter 7

This includes only the names mentioned within the historical text. We've created this index, adding to it as we've gone through the chapters (it's not included with the original). That means that we don't guarantee we haven't missed a name here or there.....make sure to read the text of the history just in case. I have not included the names from the lists of settlers in this index - those lists are already in alphabetical order by townships, making them easy to read and find your ancestor.

Find your ancestor in the table below, click on the link next to their name on this page, then once you're at the new page, use your FIND function (usually "Ctrl" + "F") to search for your name.

Many thanks to Judy for her work with this index

Surnames A-H

Surnames I-Z

Ackley L. W. chapter5.html      
Adams Captain chapter6.html      
Adams E. R. chapter6.html      
Adams John J. chapter6.html chapter7.html    
Adams Luther chapter7.html      
Adams Rev. John chapter4.html      
Adams W. E. chapter2.html chapter7.html    
Adams William E. chapter2.html chapter6.html    
Adkin -- chapter4.html      
Alexander Alfred Alexander chapter2.html      
Alexander Ebenezer chapter4.html      
Alexander James chapter7.html      
Alexander John W. chapter2.html      
Alexander Randall chapter7.html      
Allison Dr. William chapter4.html      
Allison F. A. chapter5.html chapter2.html    
Allison Frank A. chapter2.html      
Allison John L. chapter7.html      
Allison Joseph chapter4.html chapter6.html    
Allison William chapter2.html      
Alsop Joseph W. chapter5.html      
Ambler D. C. chapter7.html      
Anderson Sumner S. chapter7.html      
Andrews Emery chapter7.html      
Apperson Dr. John chapter4.html      
Apperson John chapter6.html      
Archer Hon. William B. chapter5.html      
Archer William chapter4.html      
Arterburn Ed chapter7.html      
Ashmore -- chapter6.html      
Ashmore Amos chapter4.html      
Ashmore G. M. chapter6.html      
Ashmore Gideon M. chapter6.html chapter7.html    
Ashmore H. J. chapter5.html      
Ashmore H. M. chapter7.html      
Ashmore Hezekiah J. chapter7.html      
Ashmore J. J. chapter7.html      
Ashmore James chapter2.html chapter3-2.html chapter6.html chapter7.html
Ashmore Jas. M. chapter7.html      
Ashmore Samuel chapter4.html chapter6.html chapter7.html  
Ashmore Samuel H. chapter3-2.html      
Ashmore William C. chapter6.html      
Aubert John L. chapter7.html      
Austin James D. chapter7.html      
Austin Nathan chapter6.html      
Babbs J. C. chapter7.html      
Baird Newton M. chapter7.html      
Baker Basil chapter7.html      
Baker Matthew chapter4.html      
Baker & Rennels -- chapter5.html      
Balch Alfred chapter2.html      
Balch Alfred M. chapter5.html      
Balch Family chapter6.html      
Balch Geo. B. chapter7.html      
Balch George chapter2.html      
Balch George B. chapter5.html      
Balch Theron chapter4.html      
Balch Theron E. chapter6.html      
Balch Wallace chapter6.html      
Balch William chapter6.html      
Balches Family chapter3-2.html      
Baldwin -- chapter4.html      
Bales Family chapter3-2.html      
Ballard A. Y. chapter7.html      
Bane Oscar F. chapter6.html      
Banker -- chapter4.html      
Banker Banker chapter2.html      
Barber Joshua chapter7.html      
Barham Rev. Daniel chapter3-2.html chapter4.html    
Barker -- chapter7.html      
Barker Thomas chapter6.html      
Barnes -- chapter5.html      
Barnett D. H. chapter7.html      
Batch. Hezekiah chapter4.html      
Bates Miss chapter6.html      
Bates Uncle John chapter6.html      
Bates Family chapter3-2.html      
Beall Julian J. chapter7.html      
Beatty W. C. chapter6.html      
Beavers William chapter4.html      
Bell -- chapter7.html      
Bennett Charles chapter7.html      
Bennett Rev. Isaac chapter4.html      
Berry -- chapter4.html      
Berry John L. chapter3-2.html      
Berry Mrs. chapter3-2.html      
Bidwell -- chapter7.html      
Biggs Jonathan chapter6.html      
Birch George chapter6.html      
Birney James G. chapter6.html      
Bishop W. W. chapter7.html      
Bishop William W. chapter6.html      
Blaine -- chapter7.html      
Blake Elzy chapter7.html      
Blakeman Eben chapter4.html      
Bland Daniel R. chapter7.html      
Boone Daniel chapter3.html      
Bovell Rev. Stephen chapter2.html      
Bovell S. J. chapter7.html      
Bovell Stephen chapter2.html      
Bowen William chapter7.html      
Boyer Solomon chapter7.html      
Boyle General chapter7.html      
Breckenridge -- chapter7.html      
Brewster -- chapter4.html      
Bridges V. R. chapter6.html      
Bridman William chapter3-2.html      
Brinegar Thomas chapter7.html      
Bromwell Henry P. H. chapter7.html      
Brooks B. E. chapter6.html      
Brooks John E. chapter7.html      
Brooks McHenry chapter6.html chapter7.html    
Brown A. M. chapter7.html      
Brown George A. chapter7.html      
Brown Jacob I. chapter7.html      
Brown James Y. chapter3-2.html      
Brown Job W. chapter6.html      
Brown Mrs. Abner chapter3-2.html      
Brown William A. chapter7.html      
Bryan -- chapter7.html      
Bryant Aaron chapter6.html      
Bryant Anthony chapter6.html      
Bryant Daniel chapter4.html      
Buch Eugene B. chapter7.html      
Buchanan -- chapter7.html      
Burr Laban chapter3-2.html chapter4.html chapter7.html  
Bush David chapter7.html      
Bush John chapter7.html      
Byers William chapter7.html      
Cadle Richard chapter7.html      
Caldwell Andrew chapter4.html chapter7.html    
Caldwell Family chapter3-2.html      
Campbell David chapter4.html      
Campbell Eugene chapter6.html      
Campbell Eugenia chapter4.html chapter7.html    
Campbell Family chapter3-2.html chapter6.html    
Campbell Mark chapter4.html      
Campbell Zeno chapter6.html      
Cannon Joseph G. chapter7.html      
Canterbury Reuben chapter6.html chapter7.html    
Carpenter, Jr. Davis chapter7.html      
Carrico Dr. John chapter3-2.html chapter4.html    
Carrico John chapter6.html chapter7.html    
Carter Joseph chapter5.html chapter6.html    
Cartnell G. W. chapter6.html      
Caton Judge chapter5.html      
Chadd Mr. chapter4.html      
Chambers Thomas G. chapter6.html      
Champ John W. chapter6.html      
Champion Richard chapter4.html      
Chapman A. H. chapter7.html      
Checkley William chapter7.html      
Chowning Mrs. chapter2.html      
Clark Andrew chapter7.html      
Clark E. E. chapter7.html      
Clark Family chapter3-2.html      
Clark George Rogers chapter3.html      
Clark H. S. chapter5.html chapter6.html    
Clark Horace S. chapter7.html      
Clark James chapter7.html      
Clark John H. chapter7.html      
Clary Charles chapter5.html      
Cleveland -- chapter7.html      
Cleveland Grover chapter6.html      
Cofer T. N. chapter7.html      
Coleman Jefferson chapter4.html      
Coles Edward chapter7.html      
Collins Family chapter3-2.html      
Collins G. J. chapter6.html      
Collom William chapter6.html chapter7.html    
Compton Albert chapter6.html chapter7.html    
Connolly James A. chapter6.html      
Connolly Joel chapter4.html      
Connoly James A. chapter7.html      
Constable Charles H. chapter6.html      
Cook Elam chapter7.html      
Cooper -- chapter7.html      
Cooper J. P. chapter7.html      
Cooper Jas. B. chapter7.html      
Cooper John chapter6.html      
Corder Wm. chapter3-2.html      
Cornwell Bennett chapter6.html      
Corregan -- chapter7.html      
Cottingham -- chapter4.html      
Cottingham George chapter6.html      
Cowan Hugh chapter4.html      
Cox Anthony chapter4.html      
Cox Orville chapter7.html      
Coy Reuben chapter4.html      
Craddock William W. chapter7.html      
Craig Isaac B. chapter7.html      
Craig Isaac N. chapter6.html      
Craig James W. chapter7.html      
Crawford S. F. chapter7.html      
Crocker William chapter4.html      
Cunningham James chapter4.html      
Cunningham James H. chapter5.html      
Cunningham James R. chapter7.html      
Cunningham James T. chapter5.html chapter7.html    
Cunningham John chapter7.html      
Cunningham Mr. chapter5.html      
Curd Richard S. chapter6.html      
Curry   chapter4.html      
Cutler John chapter3-2.html      

Daugherty John B. chapter3-2.html      
Davis John chapter4.html      
Debs -- chapter7.html      
Decker William chapter6.html      
Dejarnett -- chapter4.html      
Dickinson George W. chapter7.html      
Dish J. F. chapter6.html      
Dixon Robert chapter4.html      
Dole Dexter S. D. chapter7.html      
Dole Stephen D. chapter7.html      
Dole & Bros. S. D. chapter5.html      
Doty James chapter4.html      
Doty James S. chapter7.html      
Doty Levi chapter3-2.html chapter6.html    
Doty Samuel chapter6.html      
Doty Family chapter3-2.html      
Douglas -- chapter6.html chapter7.html    
Dowling Thomas chapter6.html      
Drake -- chapter4.html      
Drake Daniel chapter3-2.html chapter6.html    
Drish John F. chapter7.html      
Dryden -- chapter4.html      
Dryden Albert chapter2.html      
Dryden Betsy chapter2.html      
Dryden Family chapter6.html      
Dryden Nat chapter2.html      
Dryden William chapter2.html      
Dudley Family chapter3-2.html      
Dudley Guilford chapter4.html      
Dudley James chapter4.html      
Dudley. Moses chapter4.html      
Dugger Julius chapter3-2.html      
Dunbar A. P. chapter6.html      
Dunbar Alex P. chapter7.html      
Dunbar Alexander chapter4.html      
Dunbar H. C. chapter6.html      
Dunbar Henry Clay chapter6.html      
Dunbar S. M. chapter7.html      
Dunlap W. B. chapter5.html      
Dunn Frank K. chapter7.html      
Easter Jacob chapter7.html      
Eastin Charles chapter6.html chapter7.html    
Eastin Harman chapter6.html      
Eastin Harmon chapter6.html      
Eastin Van S. chapter6.html      
Eckles -- chapter4.html      
Eden John R. chapter6.html      
Edwards Gideon chapter7.html      
Elkins Clark chapter7.html      
Ellington James D. chapter7.html      
Ellington Nathan chapter6.html chapter7.html    
Ellis -- chapter4.html chapter7.html    
Ellis Jesse K. chapter6.html chapter7.html    
Ellis Loren D. chapter7.html      
Essarey Jesse chapter7.html      
Evinger -- chapter4.html      
Evingers Family chapter3-2.html      
Ewing William chapter2.html chapter4.html    
Fancher G. E. chapter6.html      
Fancher Tom chapter2.html      
Fanchers Family chapter3-2.html      
Faris John D. chapter5.html      
Faris Thomas chapter4.html      
Feagan T. chapter7.html      
Ferguson Dr Aaron chapter4.html      
Ferguson Joseph M. chapter2.html      
Ferguson Myron J. chapter2.html      
Ferguson Stephen chapter2.html chapter4.html    
Fickes Jacob chapter7.html      
Ficklin Hon. O. B. chapter6.html      
Ficklin O. B. chapter6.html      
Ficklin Orlando chapter4.html      
Ficklin Orlando B. chapter7.html      
Filmore -- chapter7.html      
Fisk -- chapter7.html      
Flemming John chapter5.html      
Flenner Levi chapter6.html      
Floyd Edward chapter6.html      
Floyd Robert chapter6.html      
Fowler Joseph chapter7.html      
Fowler Thomas chapter4.html      
Francher Thomas chapter6.html      
Frazier J. W. chapter6.html      
Fremont -- chapter7.html      
Frost Jennie chapter7.html      
Frost Samuel chapter4.html chapter6.html    
Fudge John chapter4.html      
Fuller Hawkins chapter4.html      
Fuller Henry chapter7.html      
Fullers Family chapter3-2.html      
Funkhouser A. J. chapter7.html      
Funkhouser Wm. L. R. chapter7.html      
Fury John chapter7.html      
Galbreath T. L. chapter7.html      
Galbreath William B. chapter7.html      
Gammill -- chapter4.html      
Gammill Family chapter2.html      
Gammill Samuel K. chapter2.html      
Ganaway D. C. chapter7.html      
Gannaway John chapter2.html      
Gannaway John J. chapter2.html      
Garfield -- chapter7.html      
Gastin Gibson chapter6.html      
Gately John J. chapter6.html      
Gibbs I. N. chapter5.html      
Gilman William chapter6.html      
Glassco Enoch chapter3-2.html      
Glassco Peter chapter6.html      
Glen -- chapter4.html      
Glenn Benjamin B. chapter2.html      
Glenn Benjamin G. chapter2.html chapter6.html    
Glenn James chapter2.html      
Glenn Joseph chapter2.html      
Glenn Joseph C. chapter7.html      
Glenn William chapter2.html      
Goar Clemme chapter4.html      
Goar J. F. chapter6.html      
Goar Joseph F. chapter7.html      
Gobin James chapter4.html      
Goode Joseph chapter6.html      
Goodman George chapter4.html      
Goodrich James chapter6.html      
Goodyear John S. chapter7.html      
Gordon John chapter4.html chapter2.html    
Gordons Family chapter3-2.html      
Graham A. N. chapter6.html      
Graham Lurana chapter4.html      
Grant -- chapter7.html      
Grant U. S. chapter6.html      
Gray Geo. W. chapter7.html      
Gray J. B. chapter7.html      
Gray Richard chapter4.html      
Gray Robert M. chapter7.html      
Greeley -- chapter7.html      
Green Zelora chapter7.html      
Griffin Alex chapter6.html      
Grimes Thomas chapter7.html      
Grinnell Henry chapter5.html      
Griswold George chapter5.html      
Grodon Patrick chapter6.html      
Groves Christopher chapter7.html      
Guilford -- chapter4.html      
Hadden Elisha chapter6.html      
Halbrook George chapter6.html      
Hale -- chapter7.html      
Hall Joel W. chapter7.html      
Hall John chapter4.html      
Hall Michael chapter6.html      
Hamilton James chapter7.html      
Hamilton John R. chapter7.html      
Hammond Robert G. chapter7.html      
Hancock -- chapter7.html      
Hancock David chapter4.html      
Hanson George chapter4.html      
Hanson George M. chapter7.html      
Hardwick W. P. chapter6.html      
Harmon Samuel chapter6.html      
Harmon William C. chapter6.html      
Harr William chapter7.html      
Harrah John P. chapter7.html      
Harris George K. chapter7.html      
Harris James B. chapter7.html      
Harrison -- chapter7.html      
Hart A. Y. chapter6.html      
Hart Aaron chapter6.html      
Hart Adam W. chapter6.html      
Hart Ambrose Y. chapter2.html      
Hart C. F. chapter6.html      
Hart D. S. chapter6.html      
Hart E. B. chapter6.html      
Hart J. D. chapter6.html      
Hart J. M. chapter6.html      
Hart James L. chapter6.html      
Hart John chapter6.html      
Hart Jonathan chapter6.html      
Hart Joseph chapter6.html      
Hart Miles chapter4.html      
Hart Miles W. chapter6.html chapter7.html    
Hart Moses chapter6.html      
Hart Samuel chapter6.html      
Hart Silas chapter2.html chapter4.html    
Hart Thomas chapter6.html      
Hart W. H. chapter6.html      
Hart W. P. chapter6.html      
Hart William chapter7.html      
Hart William C. chapter6.html      
Hart, Jr. A. Y. chapter6.html      
Harts Family chapter3-2.html      
Harvey Joseph chapter4.html      
Haven Franklin chapter5.html      
Hawkins O. D. chapter7.html      
Hayes -- chapter7.html      
Henderson John chapter6.html      
Hendricks Family chapter6.html      
Henley L. chapter4.html      
Henley L. C. chapter7.html      
Henley T.D. P. chapter4.html      
Henry Samuel chapter3-2.html      
Herkimer J. D. chapter5.html      
Herndon John chapter6.html      
Hickok James B. chapter7.html      
Highland Abram chapter6.html chapter7.html    
Highland W. R. chapter7.html      
Hildreth A. chapter4.html      
Hill Allen chapter7.html      
Hill James B. chapter6.html      
Hite James chapter4.html chapter5.html chapter7.html  
Hites Leonard chapter7.html      
Hodge Redic C. chapter7.html      
Hoge J. W. chapter7.html      
Hoge Jno. W. chapter7.html      
Hoge Wesley chapter6.html      
Hogue J. W. chapter5.html      
Holcomb -- chapter7.html      
Holmes H. E. chapter5.html      
Honn Peter K. chapter6.html      
Hoots -- chapter4.html      
Houchin Jack chapter4.html      
Houchin John chapter7.html      
Houchins Family chapter3-2.html      
Houk Mr. chapter6.html      
Huffman Samuel chapter7.html      
Hughes James F. chapter7.html      
Hulen John chapter7.html      
Hunt Josiah chapter7.html      
Hutchason Lewis R. chapter7.html      
Hutchison L. R. chapter5.html      
Hutton John chapter4.html chapter7.html    

Surnames I-Z

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