Index to names found within the historical text of the History of Coles County, IL 1905

Complete through Chapter 7

This includes only the names mentioned within the historical text. I've created this index, adding to it as I've gone through the chapters (it's not included with the original). That means that I don't guarantee I haven't missed a name here or there.....make sure to read the text of the history just in case. I have not included the names from the lists of settlers in this index - those lists are already in alphabetical order by townships, making them easy to read and find your ancestor.

Find your ancestor in the table below, click on the link next to their name on this page, then once you're at the new page, use your FIND function (usually "Ctrl" + "F") to search for your name.

Many thanks to Judy for her work with this index

Surnames A-H

Surnames I-Z

Ingram -- chapter4.html      
Ingram C. C. chapter7.html      
Irvings Family chapter3-2.html      
Isaac Isaac chapter2.html      
Jackson General chapter6.html      
James -- chapter4.html      
James James chapter6.html      
Janes William chapter3-2.html      
Jeems James chapter6.html      
Jeffries Azariah chapter2.html chapter7.html    
Jeffries David chapter2.html      
Jeffries Isaac chapter2.html      
Jeffries James chapter2.html      
Jeffries John chapter2.html      
Jeffries John G. chapter2.html      
Jeffries John R. chapter7.html      
Jeffries Ralph chapter7.html      
Jeffries Thomas chapter2.html chapter4.html chapter6.html  
Jeffries William chapter2.html chapter4.html    
Jeffries William R. chapter2.html chapter7.html    
Jenkins E. A. chapter6.html      
Jenkins John chapter6.html      
Jenkins W. M. chapter6.html      
Jennings E. chapter5.html      
Johnson Arthur chapter7.html      
Johnson Jackson T. chapter7.html      
Johnston Abner chapter2.html      
Johnston I. H. chapter2.html chapter7.html    
Johnston James F. chapter2.html      
Johnston John D. chapter6.html      
Jones B. F. chapter5.html chapter7.html    
Jones C. Floyd chapter5.html      
Jones Charles Floyd chapter7.html      
Jones James P. chapter6.html chapter7.html    
Jones Malden chapter7.html      
Jones Sam chapter2.html      
Jones William chapter4.html chapter7.html    
Joseph Harrison chapter5.html      
Joute Theodore chapter5.html      
Kahn Mark chapter5.html      
Keigley William J. chapter7.html      
Kellar George chapter4.html      
Keller Family chapter2.html      
Kellogg Aunt Polly chapter6.html      
Kellogg Mary "Aunt Polly" chapter3-2.html      
Kellogg Samuel chapter1.html chapter3-2.html chapter6.html  
Kemp William chapter7.html      
Kennedy -- chapter4.html      
Kennedy Family chapter3-2.html      
Kershaw Moses chapter7.html      
Kilgore Jas. B. chapter7.html      
Killim Nathaniel chapter4.html chapter6.html    
Landis Felix chapter6.html      
Lane T. P. C. chapter6.html      
Langston -- chapter4.html      
Laughlin Alexander chapter3-2.html      
Law James chapter3-2.html      
Lee Charles C. chapter7.html      
Lee D. P. chapter7.html      
Lee T. J. chapter7.html      
Lehman L. chapter6.html      
Lehman Lewis L. chapter7.html      
Leitch Samuel M. chapter7.html      
Lester S. H. chapter6.html      
Lester Family chapter3-2.html      
Levering -- chapter7.html      
Lewis Isaac chapter6.html chapter7.html    
Lincoln -- chapter7.html      
Lincoln Abraham chapter6.html      
Lincoln. Thomas chapter4.html      
Linder Elisha chapter4.html chapter7.html    
Linder Jacob chapter3-2.html      
Linder Usher chapter4.html      
Linder Usher F. chapter6.html chapter7.html    
Logan John M. chapter7.html      
Louthan Henry W. chapter6.html      
Ludlow Thomas W. chapter5.html      
Lytle Thomas chapter7.html      
Macon Hezekiah chapter4.html      
Maloney Michael chapter5.html      
Marion Francis chapter6.html      
Marshall John H. chapter7.html      
Marshall Thomas chapter4.html      
Marshall Thomas A. chapter5.html chapter6.html chapter7.html  
Marshall William S. chapter6.html      
Martin James S. chapter7.html      
Mason R. B. chapter5.html      
Mason Roswell B. chapter5.html      
Matson -- chapter6.html      
Matson Robert chapter6.html      
Matthews John chapter3-2.html      
Matthews Perry chapter7.html      
Matthews Wiley chapter7.html      
Mattoon -- chapter5.html      
McAllister -- chapter4.html      
McAllister Family chapter3-2.html      
McClellan -- chapter4.html chapter7.html    
McClelland James H. chapter7.html      
McConkey George W. chapter6.html      
McCory James chapter7.html      
McCracken -- chapter4.html      
McCrory Henry M. chapter6.html      
McCrory James chapter6.html      
McCrory W. E. chapter5.html      
McDonald Rev. John chapter4.html      
McDonald W. N. chapter7.html      
McFadden R. H. chapter5.html chapter6.html    
McGahan Valentine chapter7.html      
McGrath Thomas L. chapter7.html      
McKee Thomas chapter6.html      
McKinley -- chapter7.html      
McMorris Jno. M. chapter7.html      
McNutt John chapter7.html      
McPherson Henry chapter7.html      
Meadows John chapter7.html      
Messer Amos H. chapter7.html      
Messer Harrison chapter5.html chapter7.html    
Messer Mr. chapter5.html      
Millar G. V. chapter5.html      
Miller George W. chapter6.html      
Miller Robert A. chapter7.html      
Miller Samuel chapter6.html      
Miller W. E. chapter7.html      
Mills Robert S. chapter7.html      
Mitchell -- chapter7.html      
Mitchell A. G. chapter7.html      
Mitchell G. M. chapter6.html chapter7.html    
Mitchell James A. chapter7.html      
Mitchell Jno. C. chapter7.html      
Mitchell R. R. chapter7.html      
Mitchell Thomas chapter6.html      
Moffett William chapter4.html      
Monfort I. J. chapter4.html chapter6.html    
Monroe Adolph chapter6.html      
Monroe Byrd chapter6.html chapter7.html    
Monroe Dr. Byrd chapter4.html      
Monroe Dr. John chapter4.html      
Monroe Elias chapter7.html      
Monroe James chapter6.html chapter7.html    
Monroe John chapter7.html      
Monson Mrs. chapter2.html      
Monson Thomas chapter5.html      
Moore George chapter7.html      
Moore S. B. chapter7.html      
Moore William chapter6.html      
More Fred chapter7.html      
Morgan James W. chapter7.html      
Morgan John chapter6.html      
Morris Governeur chapter5.html      
Morris Thomas chapter4.html      
Morrison John G. chapter2.html      
Morrison Whiffield chapter4.html      
Morrison Whitfield W. chapter7.html      
Morton Charles chapter2.html chapter4.html    
Morton Charles S. chapter7.html      
Mount Preston R. chapter7.html      
Munsell Leander chapter6.html      
Munson Mrs. chapter4.html      
Murphy J. W. chapter6.html      
Murphy Michael chapter6.html      
Murphy Miles chapter6.html      
Nabb Charles chapter4.html      
Nabb Charles H. chapter2.html      
Nabb Chas. W. chapter7.html      
Nash James chapter3-2.html chapter6.html    
Neal David A. chapter5.html chapter7.html    
Neal H. A. chapter6.html      
Neal Henry A. chapter7.html      
Neer John chapter6.html      
Nees James chapter4.html chapter6.html    
Newport Dick chapter6.html      
Nichols Smith chapter7.html      
Nicholson -- chapter4.html      
Norfolk -- chapter4.html      
Noyes Ebenezer chapter3-2.html chapter7.html    
Noyes Sanford chapter6.html      
Odell George chapter2.html      
Odell Isaac chapter6.html      
Oglesby Richard J. chapter6.html      
O'Hair Cortez B. chapter7.html      
O'Hair James chapter6.html      
O'Hair John H. chapter6.html chapter7.html    
O'Hair, Jr. James chapter6.html      
Oliver George chapter4.html      
Olmsted John chapter4.html      
Owings James P. chapter6.html      

Painter Joseph chapter6.html      
Palmer -- chapter7.html      
Parker -- chapter7.html      
Parker Benjamin chapter3-2.html chapter7.html    
Parker Daniel chapter3-2.html chapter4.html    
Parker George chapter3-2.html      
Parker George W. chapter7.html      
Parker Isaac chapter3-2.html      
Parker James chapter3-2.html      
Parker Jeptha chapter6.html      
Parker John chapter1.html chapter3-2.html chapter4.html chapter6.html
Parker Jonathan chapter6.html      
Parker Joseph chapter3-2.html      
Parker Nathaniel chapter3-2.html chapter6.html    
Parker Silas chapter3-2.html chapter6.html    
Parker, Jr. Benjamin chapter6.html      
Pemberton J. J. chapter6.html      
Pemberton Stanton C. chapter7.html      
Pennington Charles chapter4.html      
Peppers Samuel chapter4.html      
Perisho Isaac chapter6.html      
Perry O.H. chapter4.html      
Peterson A. M. chapter6.html chapter7.html    
Peterson J. J. chapter7.html      
Phelps -- chapter5.html      
Phelps Charles D. chapter6.html      
Phipps James chapter4.html      
Phipps John chapter3-2.html      
Phipps Miss chapter6.html      
Phipps William chapter3-2.html      
Pierce -- chapter7.html      
Pile W. H. K. chapter7.html      
Poorman John chapter3-2.html      
Porter David chapter7.html      
Potter E. A. chapter5.html      
Poulter John D. chapter6.html      
Prevo A. H. chapter5.html      
Pullen Samuel chapter4.html      
Purinton William W. chapter6.html      
Purtill W. F. chapter7.html      
Radley Family chapter3-2.html      
Radley Ichabod chapter7.html      
Radley John chapter4.html      
Randall Barton chapter4.html      
Rantoul, Jr. Robert chapter5.html      
Rardin B. F. chapter6.html      
Rardin G. W. chapter6.html      
Rardin John H. chapter7.html      
Rardin Nancy chapter7.html      
Rardin Samuel chapter7.html      
Record S. H. chapter5.html      
Redden James chapter4.html      
Redden Family chapter3-2.html      
Redmon John chapter6.html      
Remels John chapter6.html      
Remels Joseph chapter6.html      
Rennels James chapter4.html      
Rennels John chapter6.html      
Reynolds Governor chapter7.html      
Rhoades Thomas chapter5.html      
Richardson Lennaeus B. chapter7.html      
Richardson Lewis B. chapter7.html      
Richardson Samuel B. chapter7.html      
Richmond Johnathan chapter6.html      
Riddle Baily chapter3-2.html      
Rigsbey William chapter6.html      
Riley James chapter3-2.html      
Roach Edmund chapter4.html chapter7.html    
Robbins M. W. chapter6.html chapter7.html    
Robinson Hon. J.C. chapter4.html      
Robinson John chapter3-2.html chapter4.html    
Robinson W. E chapter6.html chapter7.html    
Rodger -- chapter4.html      
Rodgers Family chapter6.html      
Rodgers Isaac chapter6.html      
Rodgers John chapter6.html      
Rogers C. P. R. chapter7.html      
Roosevelt -- chapter7.html      
Roosevelt President chapter6.html      
Ross George chapter6.html      
Ross Thomas chapter4.html      
Ross Thomas B. chapter6.html      
Rudy Charles E. chapter6.html      
Ruffner M. chapter5.html      
Rutherford -- chapter6.html      
Rutherford Dr. Hiram chapter6.html      
Rutherford Hiram chapter6.html      
Sallee Oliver chapter6.html      
Sallee William J. chapter6.html      
Sanders Robt. chapter7.html      
Sanderson H. Q. chapter7.html      
Sargent Eli chapter3-2.html      
Satterlee Gideon chapter4.html      
Sawyer Adi chapter6.html      
Sawyer Charles chapter3-2.html chapter4.html chapter6.html chapter7.html
Sawyer Isaac chapter7.html      
Sawyer John chapter3-2.html chapter7.html    
Sayer Daniel chapter6.html      
Sayer Richard chapter7.html      
Schuyler Robert chapter5.html      
Sconce Thomas chapter3-2.html chapter5.html chapter6.html chapter7.html
Scott -- chapter7.html      
Sears Enoch chapter4.html      
Sellars Ambrose C. chapter7.html      
Sexson Bluford chapter2.html      
Sexson James chapter2.html chapter4.html    
Seymour -- chapter7.html      
Shaw Mr. chapter4.html      
Sheckley William chapter7.html      
Shelbourn Minor chapter6.html      
Shoemaker James chapter6.html chapter7.html    
Sissell Governor chapter4.html      
Slover -- chapter4.html      
Slover Family chapter3-2.html      
Smith James T. chapter6.html      
Smith Samuel chapter5.html      
Smyth John F. chapter7.html      
Snowden Alexander F. chapter2.html      
Snowden J.F. chapter2.html      
Sousely Christian chapter7.html      
Speck Tobias chapter4.html      
Spencer Mrs. chapter4.html      
St. John John P. chapter6.html      
Stanford John F. A. chapter5.html      
Starkweather C. C. chapter7.html      
Steele Charles B. chapter7.html      
Stoddert Mr. & Mrs. Richard chapter6.html      
Stoddert Richard chapter4.html chapter7.html    
Stone Stephen chapter4.html chapter7.html    
Streeter -- chapter7.html      
Sturgis Jonathan chapter5.html      
Stutsman Enos chapter7.html      
Sublett Jackson chapter6.html      
Sublett Willliam chapter6.html      
Sutherland A. A. chapter7.html      
Sutherland Arick A. chapter6.html      
Swallow -- chapter7.html      
Swim Alfred chapter6.html      
Taggart Westford chapter6.html      
Taylor Houston L. chapter6.html      
Taylor John T. chapter6.html chapter7.html    
Taylor Mary E. chapter7.html      
Teel George W. chapter7.html      
Tenbrook John chapter7.html      
Thayer Eli chapter4.html      
Thayer Mr. chapter2.html      
Thompson Daniel chapter4.html      
Thornhill Mr. chapter6.html      
Threlkeld Rev. Thomas chapter4.html      
Threlkeld Thomas chapter6.html chapter7.html    
Tichnor H. P. chapter6.html      
Tiff George chapter4.html      
Tilden -- chapter7.html      
Tincher John chapter4.html      
Tipsoward Griffin chapter6.html      
Tower Hull chapter4.html      
Traver R. A. chapter4.html      
Treat Samuel H. chapter6.html      
Tremble D. H. chapter7.html      
Tremble Daniel H. chapter2.html      
Tremble Hiram chapter2.html chapter5.html    
Tremble Hiram M. chapter6.html      
Tremble John chapter6.html      
Tremble Rev. Hiram chapter4.html      
Trimble A. B. chapter7.html      
Trimble Joseph A. chapter7.html      
Trower Aunt Polly chapter4.html      
Trower Dr. Thomas B. chapter4.html      
Trower John W. chapter7.html      
Trower Thomas B. chapter7.html      
True Edmund W. chapter5.html      
True Edmund W. chapter6.html      
True J. L. chapter5.html      
True James F. chapter6.html      
True James M. chapter5.html chapter6.html    
True James Milton chapter7.html      
True James T. chapter6.html      
True John chapter4.html      
True John M. chapter7.html      
True John W. chapter6.html      
True Lewis C. chapter6.html chapter7.html    
True Theodore chapter6.html      
Tucker Mrs. H.A. chapter2.html      
Tuell William B. chapter7.html      
Tully John chapter4.html      
Turner Thomas chapter6.html      
Van Buskirk A. C. chapter6.html      
Van Meter Dr. S. chapter7.html      
Van Meter Sam chapter2.html      
Van Meter Samuel chapter6.html      
Vance Stephen Y. chapter7.html      
Vanderen D. J. chapter5.html      
Vanderen Joseph chapter4.html      
Vanmeter Dr. Samuel chapter4.html      
Vanmeter Katherine chapter4.html      
Vause E. W. chapter7.html      
Vincent Obadiah chapter6.html      
Voigt John F. chapter7.html      
Waddill James chapter4.html      
Walker A.A. chapter2.html      
Walker Alexander A. chapter2.html      
Walker J.W. chapter2.html      
Walker James N. chapter2.html      
Walker Jas. chapter3-2.html      
Walker Samuel chapter2.html      
Walker Stanley chapter4.html      
Wallace William H. chapter7.html      
Waltrip John chapter4.html      
Waltrip Todd chapter6.html      
Washington George chapter.html      
Watson -- chapter7.html      
Watson William B. chapter7.html      
Watson William D. chapter7.html      
Weaver -- chapter7.html      
Weaver David chapter4.html chapter7.html    
Webb Francis M. chapter6.html      
Wells David chapter6.html      
Wells Nelson chapter6.html      
Wheat Z. D. chapter7.html      
Whetstone John chapter2.html      
Whetstone John H. chapter2.html      
Whisnand J. L. chapter7.html      
Whitley Family chapter3-2.html      
Whitney J. F. chapter5.html      
Whitten Mrs. chapter6.html      
Wiley Austin chapter6.html      
Wiley Darius chapter6.html      
Wiley Eli chapter6.html      
Wiley James chapter6.html      
Wiley Leroy chapter6.html      
Wiley Leroy M. chapter5.html      
Wiley Owen chapter6.html chapter7.html    
Wiley Reason chapter6.html      
Williams Reuben chapter2.html      
Williams Russell W. chapter6.html      
Williams William chapter4.html      
Wilson Henry chapter7.html      
Wilson T. J. chapter4.html      
Wilson William chapter6.html      
Winkleblack -- chapter4.html      
Winkler Joseph L. chapter6.html      
Winkler Young E. chapter6.html      
Withington Joseph chapter6.html      
Wood John chapter4.html      
Woods Robert Mann chapter6.html      
Woods Thomas E chapter6.html      
Wooley -- chapter7.html      
Worley H. B. chapter4.html chapter7.html    
Wortham H. C. chapter5.html      
Wortham H. C. chapter7.html      
Wyche James E. chapter7.html      
Yates Govenor chapter6.html      
Yeargin James S. chapter7.html      
Yocum -- chapter4.html      
Yocum Ambrose chapter7.html      
York Shubal chapter6.html      
Young John chapter6.html      
Zimmerman Martin chapter4.html      
Surnames A-H

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