Coles County, Illinois
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21st Illinois Infantry

Reunion of the Twenty-first Illinois Volunteers
September 18, 1891

The Twenty-first Infantry Illinois Volunteers was organized at Decatur and assembled at Mattoon, Illinois, in June, 1861.  Volunteers were from Piatt, Douglas, Moultrie, Cumberland, Clay, Edgar, Clark, Crawford and Jasper Counties.  The regiment took part in the battle of Perryville (Kentucky), Fredericktown (Missouri), and Murfreesboro (Tennessee) where it lost more men than any other regiment engaged.  The regiment was mustered out at San Antonio, Texas, on December 16, 1865.  It arrived at Camp Butler January 18, 1866, for final payment and discharge.

The regiment held reunions on a regular basis for a number of years in various towns throughout the state.  
The men listed here are shown with their 1891 address, not their addresses during the Civil War era.


Of the
Of the
Held at
Thursday September 17, 1891, 

Roll Call of Surviving Members


A.Y. Hart
Mattoon, Ill.


Vice President

R.H. Jones
Ingraham, Ills.


Cor. And Recording Sec’y

M.A. Ewing
Neoga, Ill.



P. Welshimer
Neoga, Ill.



W.L. Bankson
Blue Mound, Ill.


A. – Martin Fitzpatrick, Decatur, Ill.
B. – M. A. Ewing, Neoga, Ill.
C. – Mrs. Flo Miller, Monticello, Ill.
D. – Jas. Skinner, Arcola, Ill.
E. – J. A. Mitchell, Bethany, Ill.
F. – J. M. Sheets, Paris, Ill.
G. – D. L. Shultz, Salem, Ill.
H. – H. Black, Springfield, Ill.
I. – J. F. Paul, Palestine, Ill.
J. – W. M. Abraham, Watson, Ill.




The Society of the 21st Illinois Infantry Volunteers met in the Court House, at Sullivan, Ill., September 17th, 1891, at 10 o’clock a. m.  The President and Vice President being absent, on motion Capt. P. Welshimer was called to the chair.  On motion the Roll call of officers and members was dispensed with.  The minutes of last meeting were read and approved, after which letters from absent comrades were read and filed.

On motion the President appointed the following named comrades on the Respective Committees, to-wit:

On Mortuary - W. J. Hunter, Ed Harland and J.A. Freeland.

On time and location for next Reunion – R. H. Jones, J. M. Sheets and H. Black.


Capt. Welshimer then presented his report as Treasurer which in brief is as follows:  
Receipts $31.50; disbursements $29.25, balance on hand $2.25; which was referred to the Finance Committee.


The Mortuary Committee reported three deaths during the past year as follows:  
Lieut N. S. McKeen, Co. H, December, 1890; Joseph G. Russell, Co., D. March 1891; Thomas Phipps, Co. B, April 11, 1891.


The Finance Committee reported their approval of the Treasurer’s report.  On motion the reports of said committees were accepted and the committees discharged. 

On motion Comrades Harlan, Winkler and Burrows were appointed a committee to secure place for the Association in the line of March at the Unveiling of the Grant Monument in Lincoln Park, Chicago, October 7, 1891, and it was agreed that all members of the Association who could should meet at Room 77, Custom House, Chicago, at 12 o’clock m. October 7th for the purpose of taking part in the Unveiling Ceremonies. 

On Motion the Association adjourned until 1 o’clock p.m.

At one o’clock the meeting was again called to order by Capt. Welshimer.  The election of officers for the ensuing year now took place and resulted as follows:  President, A. Y. Hart; Vice-President, R. H. Jones; Treasurer, P. Welshimer; Chaplain, W.L. Bankson; Recording and Corresponding Secretary, M. A. Ewing.  The old company secretaries were all reelected.  On motion Comrades Ewing, Freeland and Harlan were appointed Finance and Printing committee for the ensuing year. 

On motion the Committee on Time and Location were instructed to report their decision to the President and Secretary as soon as the place may be selected by them. 

On motion the committee appointed at a former meeting to secure a correction of the Roster in the cases of Comrades Osborn, Co. A, and Mock, Co. F, were given further time to pursue their investigation and that said co committee consist of Comrades Sheets, Black and Vance. 

On motion the thanks of the society were unanimously tendered to the local committee and citizens of Sullivan for their kind and courteous treatment during our stay in their city.


On motion the meeting adjourned, sine die.
P. Welshimer, President

J. M. Sheets, Secretary pro tem.

Roster of Members present:

Lewis Kiser, C, Monticello, Ill

Wiley Jones, B, Johntown, Ill.

Jas. Henry, A, Bourbon, Ill.

L.J. Tinder, C, Monticello, Ill.

B.F. Osborn, A, Bozeman, Mont.

M.A. Ewing, B, Neoga, Ill.

J.B. Reece, E, Sullivan, Ill.

Thomas A. Lansden, E, Bethany, Ill.

G.W. Robert, F, Champaign, Ill.

Hugh A. Smith, E, Mount Hope, Wash

J.A. Freeland, E, Bethany, Ill.

Jas. A. Fruit, E, Bethany, Ill.

A. Beadle, A, Attwood [sic], Ill.

Jas. A. Mitchel, E, Bethany, Ill.

Joseph E. Hobson, A, Clinton, Ill.

A.S. Freeland, E, Dalton, Ill.

Conrad Bray, C, Mattoon, Ill.

John Pemble, E, Attwood, Ill.

W.R. Hurst, K, Ficklin, Ill.

J.M. Sheets, F, Paris, Ill.

A.Y. Hart, B, Mattoon, Ill.

Joseph Berny, H, Marshall, Ill.

Jno. W. Spindler, C, Atlanta, Ill.

Geo. T. Sloan, K, Effingham, Ill.

C.W. Everett, E, Farmer City, Ill.

Jas. M. Moore, E, Gays, Ill.

Peter Cofer, E, Sullivan, Ill.

Robert Bean, E, Sullivan, Ill.

James Skinner, D, Arcola, Ill

Charles Shipman, E, Bethany, Ill.

Thoas. Farrell, E, Attwood, Ill.

W.H. Hoskins, E, Bethany, Ill.

J.R. Sheppard, A, Argenta, Ill.

A.W. Kimery, B, Neoga, Ill.

J.H. McGuire, E, Bethany, Ill.

Thos. H. Curtis, B, Lovington, Ill.

W.J. Hunter, F, Paris, Ill.

J.M. Mykoff, C, Kinmundy, Ill

W.C. Mills, I, Yale, Ill.

G.R Dawson, C, Monticello, Ill.

J.H. Nazworthy, E, Sullivan, Ill.

James Bathe, E, Sullivan, Ill.

D.L. Shultz, G, Paris, Ill.

John M Maddox, D, Sullivan,

P. Welshimer, B, Neoga, Ill.

R.H Jones, H, Ingraham, Ill.

John C. McReynolds, E, Dalton,

H. Black, H, Springfield, Ill.

Wm. Million, E, Lovington, Ill.

Robert Mundell, Greeley, Kan.

W.L. Bankson, E, Blue Mound,

Wm. D. McClure, E, Dalton, Ill

Chas. E. Sebree, F, Paris, Ill.




October 7th 1891, at 12 o’clock m., the following named members of the 21st Illinois Infantry Volunteers met at room 77 Custom House Chicago, Ill., and after an hour spent in shaking hands and singing song, marched to the Lake Front where they were formed in two platoons [sic] under the command of Capts. Harlan and Welshimer and given the right of the 6th Division composed entirely of Veterans led by John Hunter of Co. F. carrying the remains of the old flag drawn for the Regiment by Col. U.S. Grant, and marched to Lincoln Park where they took part in the ceremonies of Unveiling a Monument erected to the memory of Gen. U.S. Grant.

Members present:

Capt. Ed. Harland, H.

Capt. Harrison Black, H.

Leiu’t A.J. Clark, C.

Surgeon J.I. Reat

S.D. Gregg, E.

H. Mann, F.

J.W. Winkler

Robt. Bean, E.

H.C. Deck, K.

J.M. Sheets, F.

T.H. Curtis, B.

W.L. Judson, G.

Capt. P. Welshimer, B.

Lieu’t E.D. Coxe, A.

Lieu’t W.J. Hunter, F.

J.M. Bell, F.

C.S. Burrows, G.

J.T. Rozell, F.

W.H. Hoskins, E.

T.A. Lansdown, E.

Peter Cofer, E.

W.M. Abraham, K.

C.H. Ingalls, K.

P.F.A. Pundt, D

Capt. J.A. Freeland, E.

Lieu’t J.P. McDonald, I.

Chaplain E.D. Wilkin

M.A. Ewing, B.

I.M. Shupp, K.

S.F. Wilson, B.

J.B. Reece, E.

R.S. Gordon, B.

John Hunter, F.

Jas. Skinner, D.

Thos. Jefferson, A.


The following note from Mrs. Julia D. Grant was received by M.A. Ewing, Secretary of the Association, and read to the members.  “Mrs. Grant is going to receive the army of the Tennessee at the residence of Potter Palmer, 100 Lake Drive, Chicago, Oct. 8, at 2 o’clock p.m. and will be pleased to receive the members of the 21st Ill. at the same time.”  But when that hour arrived a great many of the members had left the city, and the following named repaired to the residence of Mr. Palmer, and were most courteously received by the widow of their first Commander, to wit:  J.W. Winkler, Co B; I.M. Shupp, Co. K; Robert Bean, Co. E; W.L. Judson, Co. G; and M.A. Ewing, Co B.

M. A. Ewing, Secretary



Field and Staff

Lt. Col. J.E. Calloway, Virginia City, Montana

Surg EM. Seeley, Pittsfield, Ill.

R.Q.M Simeon Paddleford, Tuscola

QM Sgt J.R. Rackaby, Rogers, Ark.

Adjt C.H. Fuller, Decatur, Ill.

Adjt J.A. Pierce, Xenia, Ill.

Surg J.E. Link, Terre Haute, Ind.

Sgt Maj R.S. Lee, Zacaticas, Mexico

Col F.D. Grant, New York City (elected Sept. 23, 1885)

Adjt J.R. Duncan

Surg J.I. Reat, Tuscola, Ill.

Chapl E.D. Wilkin, Lincoln, Ill.

QM Sgt RH Jones, Ingraham, Ill



Capt. G.F. Eaton, Monticello, Ind.

Sgt. B.E. Osborn, Bozeman, Mont.

Bell, Jonth., Iowa

Clark, James, Decatur, Ill.

Demass, Chas., Assumption, Ill.

Fitzpatrick, Martin, Decatur, Ill.

Hobson, Joseph, E

Jefferson, Thos E., Ludlow, Ill.

Myers, Jas H., Decatur, Ill.

Stewart, Wm., Leeds, Kan.

Schelt, Peter, Ft. Collins, Col.

Whitton, John L., Blue Mound, Ill.

York, C.L., Atwood, Ill.

1st Lt Ed D. Cox, Chicago, Ill.

Beadle, A., Atwood, Ill.

Clipson, Wm.

Crawford, David, Blue Mound, Ill.

Disbrow, Chas., Clay Center, Kan

Hammond, Henry, Decatur, Ill.

Hassty, Joseph, Areadita, Iron Co Mo.

Leigh, John, Mo.

Pope, C.M., Bement, Ill.

Shepherd J.B., Argenta, Macon Co. Ill.

Tehute, John, Terre Haute, Ind.

Witts, Wm. H., Niantic, Ill.

(Handwritten in the record) – C. Rainenebuger and M. Gusinger

2d Lt. Theo Gross, Atwood, Ill.

Brown, W.T., Vermillion, Ill.

Camus, Alvin, Red Cloud, Neb.

Colvig, CS., Armeer, Arizona

Fletcher, H.F., Erie, Kan.

Hogan, Orlando, Neb.

Hull, Balsam, Hanover, Ill

McKittrick, A. Summerton, Oh

Ross, Wm.

Street, John, Red Cloud, Neb.

West, W.S., Springfield, Ill.

Yest, Thos., Fresno, Cal.



Capt Phillip Welshimer, Neoga, Ill.

Alliback, Jos R., New York City

Brannan, Christopher, Brushy Fork, Ill.

Condit, Jacob H, Neoga, Ill

Ewing, Milton A, Neoga, Ill

Ferguson, James, Springfield, Ill

Gordon, Robert S, Mt. Carmel, Ill

Hacket, Chas R. Oakland, Ill

Holbrook, Columbus, Castle Rock, Col

Kimery, Alfred W, Neoga, Ill

Kinney, Oliver C W

Landsdown, James E, Oakland, Ill

Mundell, Robt, Greely, Kan

Capt Augstin Blake, War Eagle Mills, Ark

Berry, Wm. N. Willow Lake, Dak

Curtis, Thos H, Lovington, Ill

Clark, Fred L, St. Johns, Kan

Elliott, Aaron, Ironton, Mo

Forcum, John E. Neoga, Ill

Goodwin, Orville S, Bell Air, Ill

Hart, Chesterfield, Whites Mill, Ky

Hoover, Samuel N, Xenia, Ill

Kiger, Geo W, Gays, Ill

Kean, John G, Nashville, Tenn

Lansdown, Marion

Newbanks, Henry M

Lt A Y Hart, Mattoon, Ill

Bigelow, Wm. M., Lowell N.C.

Curtis, Edwin, Tuscola, Ill

David, Eli, Waynesville, Ind

Eggers, George, Toledo, Ill

Filson, James, Soldiers’ Home, Quincy, Ill

Hendrix, Samuel, Etna, Ill

Hildebrand Francis, St. Louis, Mo

Jones, Wiley, Trilla, Ill

Kurtz, Henry, Oakland Ill

Lake, William, Decatur, Ill

Martin, Jas, Deep Creek Fall, Was

Poorman, Noah

Pemberton, James B, Provo, Utah

Rice, Wm

Stone, John, Newman, Ill

Waller, John T, Rolland, Ky

Wright, Richard, Argenta, Wis

Edward Kise, Sumanville, Ind

Rhodes, Edwin, Ottumwa, Ia

Sayre, Thomas P, Florence, Kan

Waller, Franklin, Keokuk, Ia

Zeigler, Wm, Spring Ranch, Neb

Pitt, Wm, Blue Earth, Minn

Sackrider, Allen H, Pixley, Ill

Wilson, Samuel F, Neoga, Ill

Winkler, John, Chicago, Ill



Capt L J Tinder, Galesville, Ill

2nd Lt G W Roberts, Champaign, Ill

Bray, Conrad, Mattoon, Ill

Dove, J R, St Andrews Bay, Fla

Eden, Andrew J, Sedalia, Mo

Hensley, Wm, Bushy, Kan

Keller, John, Kan

Levernway, Reuben, Arcola, Ill

McGinnis, Jesse, Bunker Hill, Kan

Philllips, Jos, Elkhart, Ill

Schnider, John, Fargo, Dak

Wence, A, Farmer City, Ill

Capt J W Clark, Council Bluffs, Ia

Baker, H J, Toledo, Ill

Brist, Patrick, Quincy, Ill

Dawson, Geo R, Monticello, Ill

Frank, David E, Watson, Ill

Jones, John, Gilla, N.M.

Kellar, Edward M, Elmdale, Kan.

Moffitt, Thos N, Monticello, Ill

Nicholas, Jacob, Kan

Sargent F. Ft. Worth, Tex

Thorn, Wm, Bloomfield, Ohio

1st Lt Andrew J. Clark, Iola, Kan

Benoit, Jos, Oakland, Ill

Bruffitt David E, Champaign. Ill

Dyer, John W, Mt. Sterling, O

Haneline, Elijah, Monticello, Ill

Kirkland, Hiram, Kan

Kizer, Lewis, Monticello, Ill

McGinnis, S W, Bunker Hill, Kan

Newland Robt, Corsicana, Tex

Spindler, John, Atlanta, Ill

White, Thos, Monticello, Ill



Capt Joel T Kirkman, 1st Lt to Infy

Ayers, Samuel, Deadwood, Dak

Barrum, John W, Arthur, Ill

Coffin, Edwin, Clinton, Mich

Daniels, John, Brushy Fork, Ill

Ellis, Quilla

Modisett, N. B, Cloverdale, Ind

Neil, Josiah, Kan

Polk, Wm H, Paris, Ky

Pearce, J W, Bishop's Station, Ill

Robinette, J, Newman, Ill

Shoap, Henry, Woolcot, Ind

Geer, Abraham, Norwich, Conn

Haines, David, Terre Haute, Ind

Huffman, Thos, Durand, Ill

Liston, Wm, Charleston, Ill

Mitchell, Wm

Shook, B F

Stipple, Gilby, Labette City, Kan

West, R T, Ironton, Mo

Walmsley, Thos, Yates Center, Kan

Capt P A Card Carthage, Ind

Bostwick, R B

Brinegar, John W.

Callentine, Evan, Humboldt, Kan

Doyle, Geo W

Friddle, Wm

Neal, Jas M, Newman, Ill

Owings, B F, St. Louis, Mo

Pundt, Paull F A, 440 W. 12th St., Chicago, Ill

Protzman, A N, Hinsdale, Kan

Riley, Wm, Gallion, Ohio

Sandford, W N

Gillogy, James, Newman, Ill

Haines, Thos. Villa Ridge, Ill

Hill, W H

Lindsay, A S, Anthony, Kan

Skinner, James, Arcola, Ill

Shireman, John, Hastings, Neb

Westfall, F T, Yates City, Ill

Willison, L P

Wyckoff, J M, Marion, Ill

1st Lt Saml H Ford, Ft. Sill, Tex

Burns, Cornelius, Carmargo, Ill

Bagely, Elijah, Decatur, Ill

Daniels, F M

Earl, Geo W.

Maddock, John D, Cushman, Ill

Newport, A J, Silver Cliff, Col

Potts, Henry K, Newman, Ill

Rhineberger, Wm H, Beardstown

Riney, James, Assumption, Ill

Ford, S H, Indian Nation

Hollingsworth, E, Wellington Kan

Hoffman, R B, Ashel, Ia

Hornback, James, Hull, Ill

Lee, C C

Snyder, G W, Chattanooga, Tenn

Still, Jesse

Watson, J W, Carmargo, Ill

Waters, John

May, Fred, Waynestown, Ind



Capt John Love, Hammond, Ill

Lt Erastus Mack, Hilldale, Ill

Baker, H C, Charleston, Ill

Bennett, Rich, Osage Mission, Kan

Brown, Wm

Beck, Christopher, Davenport, Neb

Coverly, Jas, Elpaso, Ill

Fruit, Jas A, Serg, Bethany, Ill

Fred Ezra, Mahila, Neb

Golden, John, Martinsburg, Ohio

Hill Jas, Davis PO, Clay Co., Mo

Jones, W B, Williamsville, Mo

Kennedy, Patrick

Mitchell, J A, Sgt Bethany, Ill

McDowell, George

Moore, Jas M, Gays, Ill

Nash, Albert

Nasworthy, Jas H, Sullivan, Ill

Reece, Chas, Larned, Kan

Sams, John, Kinsley, Kan

Warren, Samuel, Buffalo, Kan

Capt J A Freeland, Bethany, Ill

Adams, J A, Shelbyville, Ill

Brooks, Samuel, Wichita, Kan

Bone, A K, Ia

Brown, Jeff’n, Soit Joe, Mo

Cofer, Peter, Sullivan, Ill

David, Samuel, Lawrence, Kan

Freeland, A S, Dalton, Ill

Gregg, Simeon, Jackson, Miss

Hoskins, W H, Bethany, Ill

Hill Martillus, Rockford, Wash

Jenkins, George

Lansden, J M, Bethany, Ill

Mitchell, A M, Tindal, Mo

McClure, Wm D, Dalton City, Ill

Miller, Edward

Norris, Ezekiel, Tippecanoe, Ohio

Pemble, John, Atwood, Ill

Smith, H A, Bethany, Ill

Walker, Enoch, Davenport, Neb

Wilson, Henry, Taylorville, Ill

Capt GW Linn, Eureka Springs, Ak

Batter, Jas, Sullivan, Ill

Bean, Robert, Sullivan, Ill

Bankson, W L, Blue Mound, Ill

Boggs, S C, Lovington, Ill

Clifford, Daniel

Everett, C W, Fanner City, Ill

Ferrell, Thos, Atwood, Ill

Gregg, B G

Hail, Robert

Hays, John, Xenia, Ohio

Kent, Robert, Dayton, O

McReynolds, J C, Dalton, Ill

McGuire, Joseph H, Bethany, Ill

Million, Wm L, Lovington, Ill

McPheeters, Addison, Sullivan, Ill

Narworthy, Jno, Osage Mission, Kan.

Reece, John B, Sullivan, Ill

Shipman, Chas, Sullivan, Ill

Williams, Jas, Altamont, Ill



Capt C S Blackburn, San Buenna, Cal

1st Lt J W Vance, Springfield, Ill

Boon, Harry, Hume, Ill

Campbell, Alexander, Kan

David, P H, Paris, Ill

Harper, Geo, Great Bend, Kan

Jones, John, Minn

Kershner, John, Seattle, Wash

Langely, James

Mann, Howard, Paris, Ill

Murphy, Bennett A, Moline, Kan

Potter, Leonidas

Roberts, G W, Champaign, Ill

Stark, Levi A, Oakland, Ill

Sheets, J M, Paris, Ill

Willis, Issac J, Terre Haute, Ind

Capt W M Hurt, Kansas City, Mo

2d Lt W J Hunter, Paris, Ill

Burns, John

Copley, Josiah, Junction, Kan

Flint, John, Ironton, Ohio

Hunter, John, Paris, Ill

James, Thorn P

Keene, James M

Lynch, Daniel P

Mean, W E, Sedgwick, Kan

Newman, Mahlon, Kan

Ricks, J A

Sovern, A J, Paris, Ill

Sebree, Chas E, Paris, Ill

Thompson, Thos C

Wade, Alexander

Capt Jas M Mock, Reynard, Mo

Bell, J M, Paris, Ill

Cutler, Geo, Streator, Ill

Cochran, John

Graves, J B, Cedardale, Kan

Ingle, J J, Kan

James, Firman, Oakland, Ill

Kind, J M, Yankton, Dak

Lee, Phillip

Morgan, David, Lake Charles, Ia

Newman, Robert, Danville, Ill

Rozell John T, Paris, Ill

Robert, G W, Champaign, Ill

Satterless, O, Edgar, Ill

Willis, Jonth, Terre Haute, Ind



Maj Jos Wham, Tuscon, Ariz, USA

2d Lt A W Songer, Kinmundy, Ill

Sgt J F Wilcox, Flora, Ill

Corp S C Burrows, 126 Dearborn St, Chicago, Ill

Musician Jno W Barnes, Walla Walla, Wash

Teamster C Cummins

Brown, W F, Washington, Kan

Corder, J C, Louisville, Ill

Dillman, Alfred Oskalossa, Ill

Gillem, Garrot J

Houlhl, Larry

Liston, D W

Modlin, Benj F, Xenia, Ill

Nichols, James H

Porter, J A, Xenia, Ill

Richaradson, Jas R, Tonti, Ill

Shugart, John, St Augustine, Fla

Songer, S T, Fairfield, Ill

Work, Jas I

Capt Joseph Mayer, St. Louis, Mo

Sgt Geo A Tryner, Bloomington, Ill

Sgt R B Easley, Harper, Kan

Corp Fritz W Brown, Greshamtown, Rawlings Co, Kan

Brannon, Jno, 741 Lake St Cleveland O

Crittenden, Thos, Centralia, Ill.

Curry, Thos, Xenia, Ill

Fanning, M, Mattoon, Ill

Hamilton, Geo W

Judson, Wm L, Chicago, Ill

Leatherman, Clement, Bono, Ind

McBryan, Chris, Mt Vernon, Ill

O’Bryan, Michael

Pierce, John A, Xenia, Ill

Romang, Christopher, Waverly, Ill

Schultz, Samuel Linvingston, Mont

Whittaker, John D, Rocky Mount, Mo

Capt R L Smith, Rees Hight, Dak

Sgt Wm H Shugart

Corp John W Myers

Musician Thos J. Songer

Brown, Albert G, Clay City, Ill

Copeland, J N Fredonia, Kan

Davenport, Henry C, Salem, Ill

Fleming Jas S, Farrow, Ill

Howard, Dennis

King, Samuel, Effingham, Ill

Modlin, Jas E, Nebraska

McQuade, Daniel

Putney, Alex R

Reid, Joseph, Xenia, Ill

Richardson, T A M

Schultz, D L, Salem, Ill

Williams, Gillbert, Salem, Ill



Capt Edwin Harlan, Marshall, Ill

Archer, L G, Marshall, Ill

Birney, Jos, Marhsal, Ill

Campbell, Andrew, Soldiers Home, Quincy, Ill

Chancellor, J W, Martinsville, Ill

Frakes, Benj, Casey, Ill

Humphrey, W A, Westfield, Ill

Hackney, Benj. Buffalo, Mo

Kendall, Thos, Buffalo, Mo

Miller, D B, Westfield, Ill

Overmire, Silas, Minneapolis, Minn

Perishoe, Dan, Martinsville, Ind

Sandy, W M, Westfield, Ill

Stretch, Wm

Walker, Greenbury, Salsbury, Ill

Capt H Black, Springfield, Ill

Batson, Chas, Marshall, Ill

Bennett, Fred, Westfield, Ill

Donaldson, H, Westfield, Ill

Goble, C C, Casey, Ill

Harlan, W A, Marshall, Ill

King, James H, O’Fallon, Ill

Lee, Perry, Wadesburg, Mo

Markin, C, Casey, Ill

Pittman, Jos, Mo

Parcels, J W, Mestfield, Ill

Sandy, Wm F, Ashmore, Ill

Snider, W A, Westfield, Ill

Wilson, Isam, Melrose, Ill

2d Lt A G Austin, Terre Haute, In

Brookhart, H P, Drain, Oregon

Buckner, N S, Kan

Christian, Josiah, Marshall, Ill

France, E, Kan

Grant, G W, Paris, Ill

Harnady, Noah, Sandusky, Ohio

Kirk, J S, Robinson, Ill

Lee, Riley, Lovington, Ill

Montgomery, H, Casey, Ill

Price, Wm, Paris, Ill

Parker, John, Ind

Stewart, S, Marshall, Ill

Wilson, M, Melrose, Ill

Weir, Geo, Miltonvale, Kan



Burr, T R, Robinson, Ill

Beam, Geo W, Cherryvalle, Kan

Dean, J P, New Hebron, Ill

Evans, W H, York, Ill

Grow, J W, Hutsonville, Ill

Hamilton, M, Robinson, Ill

King, H R, Newman, Ill

Marburry, L N, Robinson, Ill

Meskimmen, John, Vincennes, Ind

Mills, W C, Yale, Ill

Parsons, A.W- Bellair, Ill

Perkins, John, Oblong, Ill

Shaw, J W, Terry Haute, Ind

Short, Jeff, Casey, Ill

Wright, I M, Greenup, Ill

Watts, Benj F, Watson, Mo

Burr, W R, Lawrence, Ill

Cox, Joel S, Bloomington, Ill

Dean, G D, Independence, Kan

Foster, Israel, Cherryvale, Kan

Hand, E K, Hutsonville, Ill

Heath, Geo, Terre Haute, Ind

Lingstone, J, Bellair, Ill

Malone, I P, Greenville, Ill

Mace, J I Robinson, Ill

Lt J P McDonald, Chicago, Ill

Payne, J E, Cherryvale, Kan

Richart, J D, Hardinsville, Ill

Shaw, F M, Shoals, Ind

Steele, John, Cal

Ward, J W, Newton, Ill

Wayne, John E, Mo

Broughton, S, Cherryvale, Kan

Cobb, J T, Chillicothie, Mo

Dills, Wm, Owaneco, Ill

Fount, H, Owaneco, Ill

Hale, John, Watson, Mo

Hewitt, H L, Austin, Ill

Maxwell, A S, Duncanville, Ill

McCrillis, Dave, Shelbyville, Ill

Matheny, S N, Bellair, Ill

Palmateer, G E, Terre Haute, Ind

Paul J F, Palestine, Ill

Ryan, Wm, Madison Co, Ill

Shipman, S A, Hardinsville, Ill

Thompson, A, McKenny, Texas

Watts, Dennis, Oblong, Ill



Capt S B Wade, Effingham, Ill

2d Lt J B Berry, Flora, Ill

Bridges, W L, Newton, Ill

Barkley, Henry, Pueblo, Ill

Cope, J P, Olney, Ill

Collins, M

Dodd, TC, Newton, Ill.

Field, John, Watson, Ill

Gardner, Dennis, Olney, Ill

Gambrel, John P Silverton, Ill

Hurst, W B, Jewett, Ill

Lee, J W, Rose Hill, Ill

McWilliams, George

Payne, Geo H, Newton, Ill

Ricks, L A, Quincy, Ill

Rawlings, Nathan, Newton, Ill

Stiers, Chase, Rush Co, Ind

Shook, Harvey, Richland, Ill

Walker, Robt, Casey, Ill

Wheeler, Chas W, Cairo, Ill

1st Lt A G Armstrong, Indianapolis

Abraham, W M, Watson, Ill

Bridges, J C, East Lynn, Mo

Barkley, A, Watson, Ill

Cowger, J B, Rose Hill, Ill

Carpenter, A G, Elk Falls, Kan

Fry, Wm, Olney, Ill

Farley, Barney

Groves, Michael

Hoskins, Frank

Hal, James

Loback, Van

Neff, C C, Casey, Ill

Price, Thos, Olney, Ill

Roush, Thos J, Calhoun, Ill

Shup, I M, Newton, Ill

Sloan, Geo T, Stewardson, Ill

Tichnor, E J

Weaver, Jacob, Newton, Ill

1st Lt J A Jones, Stone Lick, Ohio

Blanchard, Thos, Flora, Ill

Billmah, Wm

Claypool, N B, Hampton, Ia

Cats, John, Chicago, Ill

Deck H C, Chicago, Ill

Fore, Arch

Gallagher, Thos, Olney, Ill

Garrett, Wm, Olney, Ill

Hobson, S, Brownstown, Ill

Jared, J M, Yale, O

McNair, O, Olney, Ill

Payne, O P, Newton, Ill

Peterson, Ansil

Rowley, William

Sites, John, Mt Carmel, Ill

Stevenson, W Y, Effingham, Ill

Wilson, Ed S, Jewett, Ill

Wells, Thos B, Clinton, Ind


Source:  Central Illinois Genealogy Quarterly, XL: 2 - Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by J. Grant


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