Autograph Book of Mary Alice Roberts Hopper

Contributed by Mary Patchett (source #12)

This book is over a hundred years old and is still legible today (March 2001). It is composed of Autographs and Sentiments written to my Grandmother, Mary Alice Roberts Hopper, who was born in Coles County, Illinois August 11, 1877. Her mother was Laura Aleshire Roberts, born 1857, in Cumberland County, and her Father was Charles Roberts, born in Indiana 1851, and resided in Coles County. The text and punctuation is copied verbatim, trying to keep the way the pages were written in the book.

December th (sic) 27,1889

Dear Cousin
The taller the trees
The tighter the bark
The sweeter the girl
The harder to spark.
Remember me.
Yours truly
Ada Stierwalt 12 years old
Cumberland County
Postoffice Roselin

Dec 25th 1889
The Compliments of Thos Trub

To Miss Mollie Roberts May
Your life Be long and Prosperous
and full of Enjoyment.
Sincerely yours
T Trub

God made the littel (sic) birds to sing
and flit from tree to tree
Tis he who sends bless (sic) in the spring
To ring for Mollie and me
Jennie A Aleshire

December The 3, 1890

Remember me
Friend Mollie
Our life is like a summer's day
It seems so quickly past,
Youth is the morning bright and
Gay and if tis spent in wisdom
Wisdom's ways we meet old age with
Out disarray and death is sweet at last.

Lu Eleanor Edwards.

Sept The 7, 1890
Remember well and bear in mind
that A handsome young man is hard to find
and when you find one handsome and true
hang on to his coat-tail both night and by day and if your holl (sic) should
happ n (sic)
to slip grab another and let him
Your frind (sic)
Mary Stisch (not sure of spelling)

To Mollie Remember me
Love God
Love Man
Love the boy
All you can
Your friend
llie Peters (no date)

Dec th 1887
Friend Mollie
When years and months,have glided by
When on this page you cast your eye,
Remember I was a frind (sic) sinceer(sic)
That left this kind rememberance here.
With best wishes for your fucher (sic) cheer.
Your schoolmate
Miss Minnie Niccum Remember me

Friend Mollie December 3 1890
Remember me
And don't forget.
That I hve (sic)
A Frind(sic) in
Aleshire Yet
your Friend Della Bader

An embossed seal of flowers with a rose predominating, a women's hand opening a book which has the following quote: "With love and best wishes" written across 2 pages. Colors are as beautiful today as they were then. The word "Friendship" is beautifully penned with embellishments across a corner of the page.

Let Friendship, love and kindness
Through all your actions be
And may the wings of wrighteousness (sic)
Cary (sic) you over the sea.
Complimant (sic) Remembrance
by your cousin S.C. Niccum

December the 28 1890
Springpoint Cumberland County Ills (sic)
Cousin Mollie
I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years may the
new year bring you joy and pleasure each day of your life
Some New joy onyour Sparkling Eyes be you Like grafs you Soonmay
Pass Away So go it while you are young
With Fond Rememberances
Allie Stevens

This has an embossed rose with a bud and green leves affixed to the corner of the page.

Toledo Ills
December 28 1890
Friend Mollie
When I in a far and distent (sic) land
You see the writing of my hand
Although my face you cannot see
Read this piece and think of me
Yours Truly
Isaac N Cook. Remember me

December 28 1889
Toledo Cumberlan (sic) Co Ill
Friend Mollie
When you are married And
settled at your ease
Remember I am single
And doing as I please
Your friend
Carrie Trent

Jan the 20 92
Friend Mollie
When you get old and can not see put on your specks and
think of me
Your friend
Ed. Hopper
(He married her in 1897.)

Some other names in the book are Larence Wisner, Alley Easton, Lu E Cuffman, Maggie Easton, Bert W Smith, J or T F Cruster, A.H. Niccum, Bell J or Z Fuys or Hayes, Eva Wisner, Linnie Estes and Flora Niccum. There are more, but my eye sight is so poor I cannot make out the names with any degree of accuracy.

The quotes below are from "The Johnstown Story" by Freda Wiseheimer. Copy of book with Robert Hopper who lives in Illinois. Ed Hopper's father and mother are the subject of these quotes:

"Jim Cather carried the mail twice a week from Toledo, out to Croake.
Croake was situated west of Toledo on R. 21 as far as Bean School, then
turned south one mile and back west one mile. The road that led to Croake
is now grown up in brush but still easily found. The post office was a
smoke house built of rough lumber with just rough pigeon holes for the mail.
Iin the winter when it got too cold for the smokehouse Jimmy Hopper moved the
post office into the house and into a big wooden box and shoved it under the
bed. When anyone came for the mail, they dragged out the box and rummaged
through it for any letters."

Has any one mentioned the small station called Croak? Jesse Gentry asked
me. "Croake was really a postoffice, but Jim Schee ran a grocery store there
and sometimes there were two stores. Old Jimmy Hopper and his wife
Frances, and their large family were the mainsprings of Croake. Frances kept
the Post Office and was a Doctor and went on a mule all over the country
side. I believe the Hoppers had come from Ohio. Jimmy Hopper had a saw and
grist mill and did a big business with the help of his sons. One was Silas
Hopper who married, I believe into your family and another was Isaac, who
married a Lyb or Elizabeth Easton. The women worked the fields and Lyb
could cut wheat, pitch and stack hay with any man.

Autograph Book of Alice Smith
(b. 1872)

Contributed by Gina Wolveck (

Presented to Alice Smith by her Teacher, Viola Rennels

Aug. 30, 1887
Dear Alice: Be what thou semes - Live thy ???
Hold up to the world the ? desire
Be what thou prayers to be made
And let the great Marters ? be there. Anna Lumbre

Charleston Oct. 11/87

Friend Alice,
Be not satisfied to stand below your fellow men. remember that what-ever others have done, with patience you may do.
Our lives are as we make them,
Whether good or ill.
The kind of seed we have sown,
Eternity will tell.
Your Teacher C.A. Quackenbush.

Nov. 15, 187 (sic)

Compliments of a friend.
Isaac Fowler
Charleston, Ill

Dec 22nd 1887

Friend Alice
Compliments of a friend.
Joseph Grove
Charleston, Coles county, Ills.

Charleston, Coles County, Ill Dec 23 1887

Friend Alice
I wish you wealth
I wish you health
I wish you heaven after death.
Oscar Huckaba

Charleston, Ills, Oct 2, 1887

Friend Alice
Long may you live
Happy may you be
Loved by many but
Best by me.
Your Friend, Minnie

Charleston, Ill.1888

Dear Sister
When you are sitting all
Alone reflecting on the past
Remember that you have a friend
that will for ever last.
Your sister
Laura Smith

Charleston Co. Ills December 19, 1877 (sic)

You ask me to write in your Album
I hardly know how to begin
For there is nothing in me
Except original sin
Your friend Ella Mitchell

In your chain of memory count me as a link. Remember me.

Dec. 18, 1888 Charleston, Ill.

Compliments of your Aunt.
Annie Mitchell

Charleston, Ill

Friend Alice
Dear youth, the maid who sends you this;
Entreats you will not take it amiss;
She sends these lines that they may prove
A pledge of her unceasing love.
your Friend
Phoebe Roberts
June 15th, 1890


Dear Friend
There is a star which holy lights sheds
Sweetness on the vale of night
Oh cultivate that little star
Which calls, Forget me not
That star is a Friend.
Eva Lungen

Charleston, Ills. Feb the 18, 1888

Friend Alice
Long may you live
Happy may you be
Loved by many
But best by me
Your friend
John Grove.

Terre Haute, Ind September 18, 1888

Compliments of your Aunt
Ella Nation

Jan 19, 1890

Friend Alice
I love you little
I love you big
I love you like a little fig
Your Friend
Robt. Sanders

September the 29, 1889
Charleston Coles Co. Ill

Friend Alice
When rocks and hills devide us
and you no more i see
pick up your pen and paper
and write a letter to me.
Your friend
W.E. Owens

Charleston Ills. Feb 17th 1888

Friend Alice
From a fond heart.
faithrul and true.
William Oliver

Dear Alice
You I loved when first we met,
You I loved I love you yet
time may come and we will part
but tis you that has my heart.
Yours Truly,
Mamie Pinnell

Remember a true friend
Charleston Coles Co., Ill

Dec 22, 1887
Friend Alice
Watch out
Compliments far p???
of my friend
Edward Huckaba
Charleston Coles Co Ill

Charleston Ills
Compliments of your friend
Rhoda Mitchell
Oct 11th "87

Oct the 11. 1887 Charleston Ills..

Dear Allice

You have told me you will not forget me.
In the years that shall come and shall go.
When thy sympathy love and devotion.
Were warmed in my liveing hearts glow...
Your Friend
Myrta Wright

Oct 10th 1887 Charleston Ills

Miss Alice:
Trip lightly through
Time hath his work to do, and we have ours.
Alice Mitchell

Floral Cards from Alice Dawson's funeral
Contributed by Gina Wolveck (source #18)

Denny Clark
Mrs. Mose Sanders & Mrs. Chas. Owens
Mr. and Mrs. John Hammack, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Brumleve, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Summers
W.F. Matlock and family
Sori (?)
Brown Shoe Factory Employees, Second Floor
U.B. Church
Miss Black's 4th grade Lincoln School
From Josephine, Lucille & Leonard (Alice's children)

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