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Parker Cemetery
Hutton Township, Coles County, Illinois

Pictures from my own visit to this cemetery, which is literally in the middle of a corn field
(Visit before the corn starts to grow or you'll never see it from the road).

Not in the best of shape - very overgrown with painful bramble, though the stones themselves are in pretty good condition

Grave on left is that of Sarah Ann Thompson (d. 1871 - daughter of Alonzo Thompson & Rebecca Perry).
The headstone on the right is unreadable, but perhaps it is Sarah's sister, Nancy Bell Thompson d. 1876?

JACK, Samuel - d. 24 Jan 1848 aged 54 yrs 9 mos & 24 d. (calculated birth: 31 Mar 1793) [may be buried in the other Parker Cemetery....src #43]

PARKER, Sarah - wife of George Parker & Samuel Jack, d. Oct 13, 1853 aged 57 yrs, 4 mos, & 26 d (calculated birth: 18 May 1796) [may be buried in the other Parker Cemetery....
src #43]

THOMPSON, Sarah Ann - d. 16 Nov 1871, aged 2 yrs, 10m, 16 days [
Src #25]


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