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Coles County Poor Farm Cemetery
Westfield West (west of Ashmore, in Ashmore Twp)

old Poor Farm cemetery off Route 16
South of what is left of the building

Contributed by Betty VanLeer who says:
This cemetery is in deplorable condition, and is Coles County History. Since the original cemetery is long gone, I would think the interest in this one would be high on any genealogist list, but from what little I know the interest has waned. I would love it if you would post the pictures. Maybe it would embarrass the landowner, and embarrass the county into at least doing a little work here. You cannot even see the stones, you have to look for them, as you can see. There must be at least over 100 graves here, and most of the stones I saw were very readable.
My interest? My great grandmother's half brother is buried here, Joe Bloxom, and I found his grave.
Betty VanLeer
Bvl54 at aol.com

Bloxom, Joe
Drewry, Peter - March 16, 1903 (
Src #57-A)
Moore, William Joseph I - b. 6-18-1875; d. 7-2-1933 [he was married to Bertha Alice Jenkins, contributor #154]


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