Coles County, Illinois

123rd Illinois Mounted Infantry -

Battle of Chickamauga

List of Men who were Killed, Injured or Missing


123rd Illinois Monument
123rd monument
at Chickamauga, GA National Park

Listed on the side of the Monument are these Officers' names:plaque of names of 123rd commanders

List of Killed and Mortally Wounded




Details of Injury


Sgt. Maj. Rufus W. Houghton      

Sept. 19

Pvt. William W. Teague  

Co. D


Sept. 20

Pvt. Thomas Campbel  

Co. I

GSW left thigh Sept. 19; Taken prisonerSept. 20 and paroled

died at Chattanooga Oct. 23

List of Wounded

Pvt. Alexander Axton  

Co. A

GSW right thigh

Sept. 20

Pvt. Jacob Fox  

Co. A

GSW right arm

Sept. 19

Pvt. Benjamin S. Keigly  

Co. A

badly bruised in horse fall

Sept. 18

Pvt. James L. Jones  

Co. B

GSW right leg

taken prisoner Sept. 20 and paroled; rejoined regiment May 19, 1864

Sept. 19

Pvt. Robert Hallet  

Co. C

GSW right abdomen and right forearm

Sept. 20

Capt. Zachariah H. McCubbins  

Co. E

slight thigh wound; no leave

Sept. 19

Pvt. James C. Badgley  

Co. E

GSW left hand

Sept. 19

Pvt. Emsley Curtis  

Co. F

slight arm wound; no leave


Pvt. Edwin W. Hill  

Co. F

powder burns face and hand; joined division scouts Jan. 4, 1864

probably Sept. 19

Pvt. Sidney O. Storm  

Co. F

accidental GSW through foot while on picket

Aug. 29

Capt. William E. Adams  

Co. I

unspecified slight wound

Sept. 19

Pvt. James K. Sanders  

Co. I

GSW right side exiting back near spine; taken prisoner Sept. 20 and paroled

Sept. 19

Capt. Owen Wiley  

Co. K

GSW head; returned to duty Sept 23

Sept. 19

List of Men Captured or Missing

Pvt. Andrew G. Modrill  

Co. A

disappeared Sept. 20

Pvt. Robert Alexander  

Co. B

captured Sept. 18; died in Andersonville prison Sept. 8, 1864

Pvt. John W. Fuller  

Co. D

captured Sept. 20

confined at Belle Isle, Va and paroled Nov. 17, 1863 rejoined regiment Mar. 9, 1864

Second Lt. James Biggs  

Co. F

captured Sept. 18; confined in Libby prison Sept. 29; also imprisoned at Macon, Ga.; Danville, Va.; & Columbia, S.C.; paroled at Charleston, S.C. Dec. 10, 1864

Pvt. Emerson Bousman  

Co. F

captured Sept. 18; died in Andersonville prison Aug. 17, 1864

Pvt. John N. Fisher  

Co. F

captured Sept. 18; died in Andersonville prison Sept. 27, 1864

Pvt. Nathan Jackson  

Co. F

captured Sept. 18; confined at Belle Isle & Danville, Va.; rejoined Oct. 1, 1864

Pvt. Henry C. Nicholas  

Co. F

captured Sept. 18; confined at Belle Isle and Danville, Va.; rejoined regiment Oct. 1, 1864

Pvt. Robert H. Nicholson  

Co. F

captured Sept. 18; died in Andersonville prison Sept. 4, 1864

Many thanks to Bruce Cox for the above information!!!!

List of Killed and Wounded in the 123rd Illinois Volunteers, in the battle of Selma, Ala., April 2nd.

[as printed in the Plain Dealer on May 25 1865.....very hard to read. ? indicates my best guess]


1st Lt. Otho J. McManus, Co. G.

Serg't James A. Mullen Co. C.

Serg't Henry E. Cross, Co. I (?)

Corp'l Richard M'Murray, Co. C

Private Daniel Cook, Co. G

Private H.C. Woodworth, Co. C.

Private John Brown, Co. H.

Private Americus White, Co. [B or H?]


Lt. Col. Biggs left breast - dangerously

Adjutant Levi B. Bane, cheek - slightly

1st Lieut. Alex. P. McNutt, Co. A, arm - severe

1st Lieut. J.R. Harding, Co. E, leg - slightly

Capt. Owen Wiley, Co. K. - slight

Sergeat Wm. L. Henderson, Co. A, face -- dangerously

Corporal Abel Pugh, Co. A, fact - mortally; (since died)

Corporal Jacob Fox Co. A, - slight

Private Rhodes Epperson, Co. A, severely

Private James Cornwell, Co. A, - severely

Private William Rhoden, Co. A, -severely

Private T.T. Roberts, Co. A - severely

Private John Lara, Co. A - slight

Private John McNutt, Co. A - slightly

Private Francis M'Whinny, Co. A. - slightly

Private Lewis Havens, Co. B - severely

Private Charles Pierce, Co. C - severely

Private Joseph T. Wible, Co. C - slightly

Corporal Enoch R. Hart, Co. D. - slightly

Corporal Frank Williams, Co. D - slightly

Private James O'Ashctaft (sic), Co. D - severely

Private Thomas Kincaid, Co. D - slightly

Private Wesley Brandon, Co. D - slightly

Private Henry Evinger, Co. E - slightly

Private James Pullen, Co. E - slightly

Private Edward Woodworth, E

Serg't Ira Parcels, Co. E - slight

Corporal William Wood, Co F - severely

Corporal Daniel P. Cale (?), Co. F (?) - slightly

Private Thomas Knight, Co. F - dangerously

Private John W. Snider, Co. F - severely

Private James Wilson, Co. F - severely

Private Nathan Medcalf, Co. F. - severely

Private Henry Burnett, Co. F. - slightly

Private William Crothers, Co. F. - slightly

Private Wm. Shoemaker, Co. G. - severely

Private Samuel Smyres, Co. G - severely

Private Darwin B. Cook, Co. G. - slightly

Private James E. Wilkins, Co. H - severely

Private William Matthews, Co. I - severely

Private Matthew S. Gray, Co. I - slightly

Private R.W. McClelland, Co. I - slightly

Private Jasper N. Eastin, Co. I - slightly

Private Samuel Highland, Co. I - slightly

Corporal Basil Baker, Co. K - severely

Private Allen Bensley, Co. K - ?

Private George Davidson, Co. K - slightly

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