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Coles County, Illinois
Class Photos

Unknown Schools, Unknown Years
Contributed by Sandi Edgar
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From "The girl fifth one from left on the front roll looks like his (Micheale's husband's) Aunt June Hill and the boy sixth one from the left back roll looks like his Father Hubert C. Hill

Carol Swinford believes that her father Howard Earle Swinford (b 1900) is the 6th boy in the front row (left to right).

1904 Graduating Class

Charleston, IL

Contributed by Catherine Stickann (Source #61)

1st row [Left to Right]:
Charles Case, Earl Goodman, Frank Byers
2nd row:
George Crispin Jr., Harry Newby, Robert Crews, Robert Hill
3rd row:
Walter Reasor, Elmer Bails

Walter Reasor is Catherine's Grandfather.

edna manis - paradise plains school

School Teacher
Edna Olivia Manis in front of the Paradise Plains School
possibly between the years of 1917 and 1926

Contributed by Jeff Cheatham
Vitruvianz at

Poorman School - 1908
1908 Poorman School
Picture contributed by Kathlee Waltrip Gardella, who's grandmother is Mary Schrader Waltrip

Mary Schrader Waltrip, far right front row.
Her brother Mark Schrader is behind her
Her sister Dora Schrader Morgan is the tall dark haired girl in the back
Grandma was born June 1901 and would have been 7 in this photo

Ames School

Contributed by Robert E. Roy who says:
"My Dad (Ted Roy) and my Aunt (Marie Roy) are in this picture.

Ames School, Sept. 22, 1907
Miss M Haliday, teacher
Front Row: Edna Brotherton, Benny Radle, Unknown, Aroy Brotherton, Skeet Parker, Glenn Miller, Ted Roy
Back Row: Marie Roy, Stella Elliot, Ollie Radle, Miss Haliday, Luther Cox, Lester Parker, Roy Brewster

Janesville School
Mr. Coen, Teacher
1920 Janesville class
Submitted by Don Osborne

West Paradise School
West Paradise School

May 13, 1892
Submitted by Tamme Harper

West Paradise School
West Paradise School

Date Unknown
Submitted by Tamme Harper

Bushton School

Picture submitted by Ann Winkler Hinrichs

1st Row
Ada Willingham -- Jess Stiff -- Clyde Ohair -- Oliver Reed -- Lloyd Reed -- Frank Braverman -- Guy Rowe
(Mr. Crispin teacher) -- Minnie Johns -- unknown -- Grace Johns -- Lula Rankin -- Margaret Winkler

2nd row
Ernest Ratcliff -- WEW Winkler (Walter Ewing Winkler, original owner of photo) -- Mabel Brown -- Fred Toland -- Edgar Rowe -- Willis Winkler -- Claude Sherman
Tom Sheffer -- Allie Ratcliff -- Elsberry Thompson -- Gerald Reed

3rd row
Elsbessie Ohair -- Mamie Shaffer -- Stella Thompson -- Ella Bush -- Elvin Thompson
Ollie Stites -- Edith Johns -- Grace Rankin -- Polly Toland -- Ethel Johns

4th back row
Thomas Powers -- Ed Toland -- Charley Myers -- John Toland -- Jess Hudson -- Alva Hudson -- Harry Myers
David Bush -- Wm. Davis -- Robert Myers -- Retta Brashears -- Edna Johns -- Ethel Sherman


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