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Class Photos

Cooks Mills School

This photo appeared in the Mattoon Journal-Gazette on Thursday December 29, 1966 and was contributed to Genealogy Trails by Don Osborne
[Student Names were transcribed by K. Torp]

PHOTO CAPTION: This picture of the students and teachers at Cooks Mills School was taken in 1898.
The photo was furnished the Journal-Gazette by Mrs. H. R. Landon, 1209 S. 9th.
In front row are: kneeling, Jesse Elder and Jim Janes; sitting, Roscoe Wilson, Joe Grant, Lawrence Daily, John Grant, unidentified and Charles Dallis.
Second row: Rachel Miller, Adah Elder, Pearl Janes, Alta Wilson, Maude Wilson, Maude Crum, Lizzie Hamilton, Lue Claton; Grace Janes, teacher; Bertha Morris, Susie
Janes and Don Carlyle.
Third row: Pearl Gill, Burt Wilbaum, Kitty Johns, Clarence Carlyle, Leon Webb, Hazel Crum, Bertha Crum, Pearl Daily, Blanche Dawson, Edna Wells, Walter Wright, Joe Cole, Bill Branan, and Clyde Cole.
Fourth row: Faye Crum, Pearl Graham, Burt Branan, Nett Branan, Dr. Bert Cole, Jesse Hamilton, Roscoe Daily, Charles Daily, unidentified, Abe Richardson, Irvin Grant, Arthur Daily. Fifth row: Alice Price, Ola Morris, Charles Stoller, Charles Finlay, Walt Morris, Mamie Cole, Clint Hutton, Howard Hutton and Ed Wellbaum.

Lerna School
probably 1940's.

Names are hand written on the back...
back row
Teacher Les Drumm

next row left to right:
Keith Bruell ~ Gerald Foot ~ Dale Thompson ~ Charles Jackson ~ Bud Evans

next row left to right:
Joe Thompson ~ Fred Sampson

Girls Left to right:
Velma Jenkins ~ Peggy Jo Morgan

Submitted by Tim


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