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Samule Shepherd
front row seated on right side next to baby
Contributed by Source #66 [3rd great-grandfather]
During the Civil War, he served with the 123rd Illinois Inf., Co. C (part of the famous Wilders Brigade) age 23
b. Feb 1825 in Zanesville,Muskingum,Ohio; d. Kingman, Kansas 1902

Andrew J. Craig Patent Letter

State of Illinois
Coles County

Whereas Andrew J Craig of Ashmore Coles County Illinois did obtain letters Pattent of the United States for certain improvements in Iron[?] _______ double shovel plans consisting principally in adjusting joints and regulatory uprights for handles And
Whereas Isaac N. VanDyke of Charleston in Illinois is desirous of accuiry an interes therein that for and in consideration of the sum of five hundred dollars to ___ _____ paid the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged ____ bargained granted and sold and do hereby grant _____ and sell unto the said Isaac N VanDyke all the right title and interest that I have in said _____ties as secured to me by letters pattent bearing date 28th day of April 1868 for his own use and behoof and for the use and behoof of his legal representatives to the full end of the term of said letters pattent in and to the State of Iowa as complete and as ____

[This document was misfiled in the estate papers of George Tefft of Coles Co., IL and has been transcribed to the best of my ability - spelling and wording left as found. I have no further information about the people involved. Kathleen Tifft Cooper -
Source #67]

Letter from James E. Curry, Civil War Soldier
Contributed by Jeff [
Source #68]

This letter was written Dec. 15, 1862. James E. Curry was writing it to his father, Thomas Jefferson Curry, who lived in Coles County, Ill. It is transcribed just as he wrote it spelling and all. James E. was wounded in the wrist at the battle of Perryville, KY - thus the reference to his wrist.

"Dear parents
I seat my self to drop you a few lines to let you know that my rist is no beter it very stiff I feel very well otherwise. I hope these here lines may find you all well and doing well. I have not got no letters from any of you since I left the hospital. I have march 6 days and the three last days I pact my knapsack and I got very tired and week in the knees I feel very well since we have bin here it is a very pretty place. I like this part of Tens very there is some fine farms here and some of the highest hills that I ever saw since I have bin in the hilly country. I stood the march better than I exspect I would for it was very cold the snow was two to 4 inches deep. we had to lay on the cold frozen ground every knight. we went in to camp last Thursday night and staid thier till sonday about one o clock and then we had to move our position about to or three miles on a big high hill . a very pretty place to camp. last sonday a week-morgan took three thousand of our men prisoners at Harts mill about 8 or 9 miles from this place we come through last wednesday night and camp on the hill in site of the town the next morning we had not left the camp more that two hours till morgan come in our camp we thought he wood follow us . our regiment and the 80 Ill. was in the rear of all the troops and wagons and we halted to see it they wood come. they did not atact us and order came in the camp. last night they said that kirby smith and morgan was corssing the river about 8 miles from here with a large force and our boys all got up and examined their guns and catdridges about one o clock and in a few miles they was all called up in line of battle. Now father I have nothing very strange to write. the boys is general well here. we have only about 60 of our company in here. Direct your letters to Castilian Springs, Sumary Co., Ten. I must close by saying to you write soon and often.
James E. Curry
to T J Curry and family

Crowder Family
George C. Crowder and his wife Caroline Lucinda Moore
taken in Coles County Ilinois about 1878.
George is the son of James Madison and Emily Amanda Ashworth Crowder

Surnames connected to this famly are:
Adamson, Bowles, Bradford, Bradley, Chaney, Clark, Cook, Dulin, Field, Hoop, Kellar, Lawhorn,
McCarter, Morgan, Mouser, Ryon, Sanders, Shirey, Tucker, Turner, Ward, Wells
Contributed by Src #140

Lewis and Eliza Rice Ashworth
at their home at 2521 Prairie Avenue, Mattoon Illinois.
Lewis Ashworth had 12 children, George A.; Mollie E.;Jobe A.; Edward, J. Lewis; William A., Annettta, Sadie B. Jessie l.; John A.; Charles C. and Ethel N.
Contributed by Src #163

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