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Cossel Cemetery

[aka Huffman Cemetery]

Written, surveyed and contributed to Illinois Genealogy Trails by Erik Conard (Source #43)
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Located in Sec. 4, Charleston twp. on Cossel Creek, just north and west of the old Michael Cossel place. About a mile north of present day Mound cemetery as the crow flies. First marked burial was about 1845 and the last in 1871. After that time the Mound Cemetery was well established and easily accessible. Several graves were moved to Mound as a result. It is of a flat terrain, very heavy undergrowth, not at all visible from even a short distance. The entrance is from Gillespie farm to the east, going through their barnyard, a gate, a pasture, and it helps if directed, even from there, about a hundred yards or so. About fifty yards square, with many trees, shrubs, much growth, hard to see even if upon...must almost brush away weeds, even dig, to find stones. It was surrounded on the south and west by plowed field, perhaps in some seasons filled with corn and woods-like to the north.

The cemetery was first known to be catalogued in 1939 by the then-young Earl R. Anderson, an area attorney, possibly of Paris - also perhaps the DAR catalogued it in 1934. This cemetery has been called the Huffman cemetery also. Copies of Anderson's work were lost but in searching, Mrs. Walter (Flossie Kelly) Replogle of Charleston was able to find one, and the missing ones in Springfield and the Charleston Library were replaced. This writer (Erik Conard) found the place in 1961, visited in 1963 in the summer, and the late fall of 1964. The latter two visits were with my uncle Edgar Erwin Armstrong and his daughter Melanie Ann. I copied it then, and along with the one done by Anderson and notes by Larry V. Richardson, Coles Co. researcher of Chico, CA, tried to re-construct the thirty-six marked graves which existed in 1939. By the time I got to it in the 1960s several were not found and the place has degenerated a bit since.

In the fall of 1964, I catalogued the place without benefit of the older copies, re-checking previous notes. The fence was now gone, a few posts remained. I re-set some of the stones, dug up some, and tried to get a pattern or configuration of the place--unsuccessful at this. One new stone at the entrance (SW) noted that the body had been exhumed and moved to Mound. In the 1970s, Wm Henry "Bill" Leitch of Charleston cleaned the place up, but it has since been pretty well overgrown again. The Coles County Genealogy Society put this cemetery in "As the Prairie Sleeps," but it is believed they did not catalog it, nor make any comparisons other than use the copy in the local library. Samuel S. Sargent, local historian, may have made a copy, too, but it has never been found. He had mentioned it in some of this notes.

This cemetery is full of many families who were early to Coles County and who moved west, many as far as Butte Co., CA, settling near Chico. The sexton of the cemetery there (in 1964) was Larry V. Richardson, and he had quite an interest in Coles Co. families, especially the Coon, Beckom, and Cossel families. Earl R. Anderson wrote Erik Conard, 25 Nov 1959, enclosing a copy of his list of 1939. One might check the COON-GOHN Genealogy by Frances Davis McTeer for families in these neighborhoods, and their ancestry. Here is a list of the known burials in the Cossel Cemetery, with some notes by Erik P. Conard

It is impossible to list these in any order since the stones are so out of sequence with no visible rows:

HUFFMAN, Johnny H., son of James M & M. E., d 23 Apr 1871, aged 7 m 21 days

HUFFMAN, Catherine B, w of John, d 14 Jan 1870, aged 63-11-3

HUFFMAN, John, d 22 Jan 1870, aged 71-11-6

HUFFMAN, Josephus, son of J & G, d 20 Mar 1861, aged 8 yrs 6 days

RECORDS, May G, dau of W.S. & M., d 25 Sep 1860, aged 7 m 13 days

HUNT, George, died 14 Jun 1858, aged 34-6-26

DUTY (not Doty), Mary J., dau of W & M, d 27 Apr 1847, aged 2-5-21
also footstone "MJD" believed for above

flat stone, between Duty & Cassell, about four feet apart

flat stone, same

CASSELL (Cossel), Michael, died 9 Aug 1847, "aged 72 years" only

HUFFMAN, John W, son of WF & G, d 22 Sept 1862, aged 1-6-11

WATSON, Emeline, wife of Washington, d 17 Jan 1852, aged 22-10-15
believed to have been of Watson family of Warren Co, IN

WATSON, James A(ugustus), d 23 Oct 1853, aged 2-1-2, son of A & P.A.
He was son of Augustus and Polly Ann (Rosebrough) Watson. Polly Ann a dau of John & Nancy (White) R. The Watsons settled in Maryville, MO before the Civil War, burned out by rebels, visited Coles, ret. to Mo. had large fam. From Warren Co. IN also. Augustus & Washington Watson likely brothers.

ROSEBROUGH, John, died 29 Oct 1856, aged 52-1-27. Stone gone by 1961, footstone "J.R." found. This John was b in OH, lived in Warren Co, IN, came to Coles Co., 1840s, had two wives (Nancy White bur Warren Co, IN and Zemruda Stewart (bur Lee's Summit, MO). Progenitor of Coles Co. Rosebrough/Rosebraugh families. Brothers Samuel and Joseph to Coles Co, too. Joseph ret. to Indiana. Coles Co. family changed spelling to Rosebraugh in 1890s.

HUNTINGTON, Elizabeth "Sacred to the Memory of" wife of Elisha W.
died d 4 Apr 1852, aged 36-6-28. Second wife of EW Huntington (bur in Mound)
Dau of James & Jemima (Downing) White, no issue, sister to first Mrs. John

ROSEBROUGH, Amanda, w of Samuel Rosebrough (bur. Mound), d 1 Jul 1860, aged 39-10-6. Stone says "Armanda." Second wife of Sam'l, had issue. Nee Stewart, likely sister to Zemruda, second wife of John Rosebrough. From Warren Co, IN. Had 11 children, most left Coles Co. by 1900.

ROSEBROUGH, Isabella, dau of J & J, d 4 Aug 1851, 3-10-12. Born in Warren Co, IN to Joseph & Jemima (White) R. Jemima niece of Nancy White Rosebrough & Elizabeth (White) Huntington, being dau of Wm. White & Nancy DeCoursey of Warren Co, IN. The Joseph Rosebrough family returned short after this time to Warren Co., IN where they raised large family, also changing to ROSEBRAUGH

STEWART, Nancy A., wife of Salathiel D, d 24 Jun 1864, aged 27 yrs 27 days
think Salathiel may have been of Warren Co, IN; left Coles County

STEWART, Rosella G, dau of SD & NA, d 24 Jul 1864, aged 1 y 11m 24 d

CLARK, W. W., son of WL & Mary Ann, d 6 Oct 1855, age "1 year"

CLARK, Solomon, "born Aug 2, 1790 died Mar 30, 1854."

CLARK, Mary Ann, wife of Solomon, "born Sept 11, 1797 died June 3, 1853"

McGEE, Eliza Ellen, dau of W & L, d 7 Apr 1853, 2-2-13

McGEE, Charles "born in Harrison Co., VA Oct 10, 1785 d Sept 24, 1858

BREWER, John T, son of LH & Kizziah, d 18 Apr 1852, aged 1 y and 6 mos

BREWER, Martin, died 17 Sep 1859, aged 52-11-12
footstone "JTB" may be John T., but out of area

TAYLOR, Samuel G., d 23 Dec 1858, aged 55 years 11 mos

FARRELL, William H, son of J & NJ, d 11 Oct 1859, aged 1-3-4 {added info: parents John & Nancy Jane (Groves) who were m. 24 Sep 1857}

FISHER, William --stone, if any--gone. Born in VA c1800, d Coles Co. 1851.
Widow, Elizabeth Good(e) m Elisha W. Huntington (both bur Mound). Many descendants in Coles Co. thru female lines

COON, Michael "born in Berks Co, PA, Oct 4, 1779, migrated to VA in 1794, thence
to Ohio in 1817, from Ohio to Illinois 1841, died Feb 1, 1851, aged 72y 4 mos"

COON, Elizabeth, wife of Michael, died 12 Jul 1845, aged "about 64 years."

COON, Sarah E., dau of W & E, d 9 Oct 1846, aged 4 mos, 2 days

COON, Michael, son of W & E, d 8 Aug 1848, aged 10 mos, 8 days

COON, James B, son of I & S.A., d 3 Mar 1857, aged 3 mos, 17 days

INGLE, Sarah E. S., dau of H.S. & M, d 10 Aug 1863, aged 4 mos 2 days {added info: parents Harvey S & Arena Minerva (Cooper) who m. 24 Mar 1856}


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