Doty Cemetery

Surveyed, Written and Contributed to Illinois Genealogy Trails by Erik Conard (src #43)

(Many thanks to Erik for his hard work putting this list together to share with all of us)

Erik writes......

"Located in Pleasant Grove Township, in an area sometimes referred to as Dotyville, it was a bastion of Dotys and included Doty School (a one room schoolhouse I attended, Sec. 30 Charleston twp). The Dotys lived in sections 30-31-32-33 in Charleston township. Many supported the Baptists at Bails Church but there was no cemetery there, and the Methodist Dotys are buried at Mount Tabor, a bit further south near Indian Creek."

"This is a pleasant little out-of-the-way cemetery intended for family use. Descendants of brothers James and Levi Doty rest here. It has not been vandalized but neither has it been well cared for. The cemetery has been catalogued several times, and as can be expected, errors occurred... such as the claim of Levi to be the first white settler in Coles County. I have walked the cemetery myself and what is written below is the result of my work. Flossie Kelly Replogle also did this cemetery, a copy of which I have."

"The Dotys are descendants of the Pilgrim Edward Doty of the Mayflower, the connection FINALLY being made and accepted."

DOTY, Bertie, son of John Marion & Mary E D (Parker) Doty, born 10 Apr 1881, died 14 Oct 1903, unmarried. [Question on first name, Bertie or Bertle]

DOTY, Levi Bryan, son of John Marion & Mary E D (Parker) Doty, born 17 Dec 1882, d 10 Aug 1883, aged 7 m 24 d

DOTY, Mary Elizabeth D, wife of John Marion Doty, born 18 Jul 1847 died 31 Aug 1884, aged 37 y 1 m & 13 d Dau of Fielding Parker & Phoebe Hughes

DOTY, Albert, son of James Trower & Eveline (Parker) Doty, born 4 Oct 1873, died 29 Aug 1901, unmarried

DOTY, Emsley Andrew, son of James Trower & Eveline (Parker) Doty, born 27 Sep 1864 died 1866, unmarked (family records)

DOTY, Oliver Gibson, son of James Trower & Eveline (Parker) Doty, born 14 Aug 1869, died 24 May 1954. Wed 4 Jul 1895, Terre Haute, IN--first cousins

DOTY, Stella Ora, dau of William M & Almeda Catherine (Doty) Corbin, b 28 June 1877, died 1 Jul 1961, wife of Oliver Gibson Doty

DOTY, James, born 15 Jan 1810 (Bible) d 26 Jan 1896, aged 86 y & 11 d
Wed 14 Apr 1831, Coles Co., IL son of John Doty & Anna Mann

DOTY, Mary, born 28 Sep 1812 (Bible) d 21 Mar 1880, aged 67 y 5 m & 23 d
"Polly" was dau of Samuel & Isabella (Morrow) Teel of TN

DOTY, John Whitton, son of James & Mary (Teel) Doty, born 7 Mar 1832 (Bible) died 29 Apr 1894, aged 62 y 1 m & 22 d. Wed 10 Jul 1855, Malinda Doty

DOTY, Malinda, dau of Levi & Matilda (Phipps) Doty, born 9 Oct 1836 (family)
died 22 Apr 1857, unmarked grave. First cousin of husband John W. Doty

DOTY, Mary Ellen, dau of Bartholomew & Patience (Anway) White, born 6 Apr 1843 d 9 Nov 1906 wife of Emsley Teel Doty, wed 1 Jan 1867 (Bible)

DOTY, infant, born and died same day 1868, no marker, of Emsley & Mary Ellen

DOTY, Emsley Teel, son of James & Mary (Teel) Doty, born 9 Jul 1843 (Bible)
If he is buried here, there is no marker. Also question as to age of Mary Ellen. Much work needs to be done as this family's records in question, and family members disagree on burial place, too.

DOTY, Walter Gibson, son of Emsley Teel & Mary Ellen (White) Doty, born 1 Aug 1876, died 17 Jan 1895, aged 18 y 5 m & 16 d

DOTY, Ellen, dau of John Marion & Mary Elizabeth (Parker) Doty, born
d 21 Mar 1870

DOTY, St. Elmo, son of John Whitton & Amanda (Doty) Doty born & died 9 Aug 1875; unmarked grave (family records)

DOTY, Walter Alexander son of John Whitton & Amanda (Doty) Doty
born 19 Feb 1863 d 21 Sep 1864, unmarked grave (family records)

DOTY, Dolly, dau of John Whitton & Amanda (Doty) Doty, born 3 Jun 1879 d 3 Aug 1879, unmarked grave (family records)

DOTY, Ida, dau of John Marion & Mary Elizabeth D (Parker) Doty, born c Jan 1866. d 3 Apr 1866 aged "three months."

DOTY, Matilda, dau of David & Polly (-?-) Phipps. b 17 Oct 1812 d 23 Jan 1853, aged 40 y 3 m & 6 d.

DOTY, Levi, son of John & Anna (Mann) Doty, b 26 Jan 1806 d 4 Jul 1887
m 1st Matilda Phipps, 25 Apr 1829, Clark Co., IL; she dau of David & Polly (-?-) Phipps; m 2nd, Malinda Phipps sister of #1, 11 Jan 1854, b 14 Apr 1823 d 16 Oct 1865, burial place unknown, perhaps unmarked here at Doty Cem; m 3rd, Lillis White, dau of Wm., on 30 Oct 1866, b 30 Nov 1822 d 9 Oct 1906,
buried at nearby Mount Tabor Cem., no issue

DOTY, Irvin Alexander, son of Levi & Matilda (Phipps) Doty, born 1851; died 1852, family says here in unmarked grave

DOTY, Lavina - dau of Levi & Malinda (Phipps) Doty, born 1858; died 1860 family says here in unmarked grave

WATSON, Levi - "died 23 Nov 1855" husband of Mary Jane Doty who was a dau of Levi & Matilda (Phipps) Doty, wed in Coles Co., 14 Nov 1849. no info.

DOTY, Earl Rosco, son of Joseph Pleasant & Leona Alice (King) Doty, b 8 Apr 1892; d 5 Sep 1892

WHITE, E. M. - b 8 Jul 1863 d 15 Jul 1863 relationship to Dotys unknown

EVANS, "Sister" - d. 13 Dec 1867, aged 4 m 10 d. [Calc. birth: 3 Aug 1867]
dau of W B & Emma (-?-). Evans' relationship to Dotys unknown.

WHITE, Thomas - believed kin of Mrs. Emsley T. Doty.... no dates

WHITE, Annie, believed wife of Thomas, kin of Mrs. Emsley T Doty; born Jackson Co, TN; died 25 Jul 1851

The James Doty family bible is presently in the possession of Robert Orville White of Nokomis, IL, son of Seth Arnold White & Vianna Myrtle Doty. He kindly allowed Erik Conard to make a copy. Mr. White also has the Richard & Narcissa (Schnorf) Corbin bible.... of which he also gave Erik a copy.


James Doty

Mary "Polly" Teel

John Whitton Doty

Samuel Teel Doty

Vianna Doty (wed Charles M Briggs)

George Washington Doty

Sally Ann Doty (wed Horatio L Briggs)

James Trower Doty

Emsley Teel Doty

Mary Ellen Doty (wed William Wade)

Harriet Elizabeth Doty (wed Squire Alexander Streeter)

Riley Gibson Doty

Almeda Catherine Doty (wed William M Corbin)

Emsley L (Andrew) Doty (grandson)

Walter Leroy Briggs (grandson)

Albert Silvester Briggs (grandson)

Harriet Elizabeth Briggs (grandaughter)
15 Jan 1810

28 Sep 1812

7 Mar 1832

4 Mar 1834

24 Dec 1835

27 Jan 1838

19 Jul 1839

3 Jul 1841

9 Jul 1843

24 Nov 1846

15 Jun 1849

10 Jan 1852

9 Aug 1856

27 Sep 1864

7 Sep 1859

19 May 1861

27 Jun 1863


James to Mary Teel

John W to Malinda Doty

George W to America Ann Janes

Sarah Ann to Horatio L Briggs

James T to Evaline Parker

Emsley T to Mary E White
14 Apr 1831

12 Jul 1855

28 Nov 1861

11 Jun 1857

24 Dec 1862

1 Jan 1867


Walter L Briggs (a grandson)

Mary Teel Doty

Mary E White Doty

James Doty

Riley G Doty

Mary E Corbin Doty (Riley's wife)
19 Aug 1860

21 Mar 1880

26 Feb 1895

26 Jan 1896

24 Oct 1941

4 Feb 1943

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