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A sketch of the Dryden Family: Jonathan Dryden, born 1779
October, 1880, Journal Gazette Newspaper, Mattoon, Coles County, Illinois
Transcribed and Submitted by Mary Lou (Guyette) Wardlaw

"Traces lineage of the family back to Thomas Berry who was born in Ireland 1718. (Presbyterians).
The following is a genealogy of the Dryden family beginning with grandparents of James C. Dryden, Mrs. Dr. Albin, and others of Cumberland County, and J. W. Walker, Mrs. Gammill, Mrs. Col. Adams and many others of Coles County:

Jonathan Dryden was born on the 23 day of June 1770 in Rockbridge County, Virginia. Hannah Duff was born August 10 1771 in Guilford County, North Carolina. During their childhood parents of each of these persons moved to Washington County, Pennsylvania where they became acquainted and were married October 9, 1792. There were born unto them twelve children as follows:
David Dryden September 25, 1793, this day being the 87th anniversary of his birth. He was married to Mary Appleby in 1817. There were born unto them 10 children, 5 sons and 5 daughters; also 28 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchidren. He died at Farmington, Coles County, Illinois in January 1878 in the 86 year of his age.

William Dryden was born on the 18 day of April 1795 and was married to Abbie Henderson in the state of Tennessee on the 14 March 1816. There were born unto them 12 children, 3 sons, 9 daughters, 52 grandchildren and 26 great grandchildren. He visited Illinois in 1829 and moved here in 1831. He remained on the place he first settled until the time of his death which occurred at the residence June 13 1878 in the 83rd year of his age.

Thomas Dryden was born Nov 8 1796 and was married to Mary H. Dixon October 21 1824. Thirteen children, 25 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren the fruits of their marriage. He visited his relatives in Illinois twice during his life and died at home on Tennessee September 1863 in the 67 year of his age.

Sarah the fourth died in childhood. She was born April 9, 1790.

Samuel Dryden was born Jan 9 1801 and was married to Mary McCurdy Sept 22, 1825. He died at the home of his nephew A A. Walker in Muddy Point Feb 1878 in the 77th year of his age.
Rebecca Dryden was born Dec 9 1802 and was married to Joseph D. Dixon Feb 22 1825. There were born 8 children. She died in the state of Tennessee March 1843 in the 41st year of her age.
Nancy Dryden was born Oct 21 1804 and was married to Samuel Walker December 1 1825 in the state of Tennessee. In 1835 they immigrated to Coles County Illinois. There was born unto them 8 children, 2 daughters and six sons. One of her sons was a member of the 5th Illinois Cavalry and died at Helena Arkansas during the war. She died at the residence of her son J. W. Walker August 10 1879 in the 75th year of her age. She had 37 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.
Nathaniel D. was born May 22 1807 and died May 15 1818 in the 11th year.
Mary Dryden was born March 13 1809 and was married to Andrew Gray May 29 1834. She is still living.

Eliza Naoma Dryden was born December 10 1810 and married to John G. Harrison December 26 1833. There have been born unto them 14 children, 14 grandchildren. Mrs. Morrison and her husband are still living on their farm near Neoga.
The twelfth and the last, Barbara Amanda, was born Feb 7 1818 and was married to James Bradshaw December 25 1837. There have been 8 children born unto them. The number of grandchildren is unknown. They are living in the state of Kentucky.

Of the descendants of the first marriage, Jonathan Dryden and wife, there are now living more than 200 persons scattered over Tennessee, Texas, Alabama, Illinois and other western states.
The Dryden family have been remarkable for their peity. Man of them have been ornaments to the church. (Children's children are the crown of old men; and the glory of children are their fathers. Proverbs 17.6)
Prepared by request by George B. Balch September 25, 1880."


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