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This is an index to the heads of household listed in the Coles County 1918 Farmers Directory. Click on the link in the right column to view the page which contains the surnames in the left hand column. The page numbers should hopefully correspond to the original page number printed on the bottom of each page.

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Abell, Abernathy, Adair

page 15

Adair, Adams, Adkins, Adrian, Agee, Akers, Albright, Alexander, Alford, Allison, Ames,

page 16

Anderson, Andres, Andrew, Angell, Annin, Apple

page 17

Arbuckle, Archer, Arend, Armes, Armstrong, Arnold, Arthur, Arturburn, Asay, Ashbrook, Ashby, Ashcraft, Ashmore, Ashworth

page 18

Aufdencamp, Austin, Authenrieth, Auton, Aye, Babbs, Bach, Bacon, Bagley, Baily, Bain, Baird, Baker, Balch

page 19

Balch, Ball, Ballard, Ballinger, Barbee, Barber, Bateither, Barger, Barlther, Barnes, Barnett, Barr, Barricklow, Bartholomew, Bartlett, Basham, Bashong, Bass, Bates, Baty

page 20

Bays, Beals, Beam, Bean, Beauchamp, Beavers, Beck, Becker, Behrend, Behrens, Bell

page 21

Bennett, Bensley, Berry, Best, Bettis, Bidle, Biggins, Birch, Bird, Bishop

page 22

Bitner, Bjurstrom, Black, Blagg, Bloch, Block, Blair, Blomstrom, Blume, Bohlander, Bolin, Bolton, Bond, Bosler, Bowen, Bowling, Boyd, Boyer

page 23

Boyer, Brackin, Brading, Bradford, Bradley, Brady, Bragg, Brandenburg, Brant, Brashears, Bray, Breding, Brewster, Bridges, Briggs, Bright, Brining, Brooks, Brosom, Brotherton, Brown

page 24

Brown, Brummett, Bruning, Bryant, Buckler, Buckner, Buker, Bulla, Bullard, Bunday, Burgess, Burgner

page 25

Burgner, Burke, Burks, Burry, Buser, Bush, Butler, Byers, Cain, Calger, Callahan, Callaway, Campbell

page 26

Campbell, Carlen, Carlyle, Carman, Carnahan, Carnes, Carnine, Carrington, Carter, Carwell, Cashat, Cassaday, Casstevens, Cavins, Cavolt, Center, Chamberlin

page 27

Chambers, Champion, Chaney, Checkley, Cheesman, Childers, Childress, Chisler, Chism, Clabauch, Clancy, Clapp, Clark

page 28

Clark, Clarke, Claxon, Clayton Clinard, Coan, Coartney, Cobb, Cobble, Cochran, Cofer, Coffey, Cole, Coleman

page 29

Coleman, Collins, Colman, Combs, comer, Conard, Conley, Conlin, Connell, Connelly, Conrad, Cook, Coon, Coons, Cooper, Corbin

page 30

Cordes, Corzine, Cottingham, Courtney, Covalt, Cox, Coyle, Craig

page 31

Craig, Cramer, Crawford, Creviston, Crispin, Cronch, Cross, Crow, Crowder, Crist, Crummet, Cummins, Cuppy, Curry, Curtis, Cutler

page 32

Cutler, Cutright, Dailey, Daily, Dallas, Daniels

page 33

Darling, Darnblaser, Daugherty, Davies, Davis, Dawlhitt, Day

page 34

Day, Deal, Dean, Decar, Decker, Defenbough, Degler, Dejernet, Dennis, Derer, Devore, Dewar, Dick, Diehl, Dilworth, Ditzenberger, Dixon, Doan, Dobbs, Dole, Dollar, Donnell

page 35

Dora, Dorris, Dotson, Doty, Douglas, Downey, Downs, Drake, Driscoll, Drum, Frurey, Dryden, Dubes, Duckman, Duckworth, Dudley, Duensing, Dukeman

page 36

Dukeman, Duncan, Dunifer, Dunn, Durbin, Durham, Eads, Ealy, East, Easton, Eaton

page 37

Eaton, Edgar, Edwards, Elliot, Ellis, Ellison, Endsley, Ennis, Ensley, Ernst, Erwin, Estell, Etnire

page 38

Eubank, Evans, Everette, Everhart, Ewing, Fancher, Faris, Farrar, Farrell, Farris, Fears, Fender, Fergerson, Ferguson, Ferree, Ferris, Ferrish, Field

page 39

Field, Fischer, Fisher, Fitspatrick, Fitzpatric, Fitzpatrick, Flemings, Flemming, Flenner, Flesher, Fleshner, Fletcher, Flood, Floyd, Foltz, Foot

page 40

Foreman, Forman, Fortner, Foster, Fowler, Fox, Franklin, Frantz, Frazier, Freman, Freesh, Friddle, Fritter, Frye, Fudge, Fugate, Fuller, Fulton, Funkhouser

page 41

Funkhouser, Furgeson, Furness, Furry, Furste, Gaiser, Galbreath, Galbrith, Gammill, Ganaway, Ganley, Gannaway, Gano, Garner

page 42

Garver, Garvin, Gasaway, Gass, Gasway, Gebhart, Gee, Gibson, Giffin, Gilbert, Gillespie, Gillman, Gilmer, Glassco, Gobert, Goble

page 43

Goble, Goff, Gofin, Golladay, Golliday, Goodman, Goolman, Goor, Dordon, Gossett, Graham, Grant, Gray, Greathouse

page 44

Green, Greer, Gregg, Griffin, Griffith, Grimes, Groniger, Grooms, Groves, Grubb, Guill, Gwin, Gwinn, Hackar, Hackett, Hackley

page 45

Hackley, Hafill, Hall, Hallock, Hallowell, Halsey, Hamblen, Hamilton, Hance, Hand, Handley

 page 46

Handley, Handrahan, Handwerk, Hanley, Hanner, Harden, Hardway, Hargis, Harm, Harman, Harper, Harpin, Harrah, Harrington, Harris, Harrison, Harry, Harshbarger

page 47

Harshbarger, Hart, Hartford, Hartman, Harts, Harvey, Harwood, Hashbarger, Hatfield, Hawkins, Haybrook, Hayden, Hayes, Hays, Heath, Hedden, Hedges, Hedrick

page 48

Hemminger, Henderliter, Hendrick, Henley, Henry, Henton, Herman, Herschal, Hertreiter, Hickenbottom, Hickey, Hicks, Hidy, Highland, Hildreth, Hildribrand, Hilgenberg, Hill

page 49

Hill, Hines,Hinton, Hite, Hix, Hodge, Hoferkamp, Hogland, Hogue, Holland, Holler, Holtgrew, Holz

page 50

Homan, Homann, Honn, Honnald, Hood, Hoopingarner, Hooten, Hoots, Hopper

page 51

Horn, Hornbeck, Hortenstein, Houchin, Housel, Houts, Hovious, Howard, Howell, Hubbartt, Huber, Huckaba, Huckstadt, Huddleston, Hudson, Huffman, Hughes, Hughs, Hull, Hultz, Humes

page 52

Humphrey, Hunt, Huntington, Hurst, Hushour, Hutton, Hybarger, Icenogle, Iams, Ingel, Ingram

page 53

Ingram, Irby, Irving, Isley, Jackson, James, Janes, Jarrett, Jenkins, Jinkins, Jenkins

page 54

Jenkins, Jennings, Jinkins, Johns, Johnson, Johnston, Jones

page 55

Jones, Justice, Kane, Kastl, Kearney, Kearns, Keigley, Keller, Kelley, Kelly

page 56

Kelly, Kemper, Keran, Kerans, Kessinger, Kester, Key, Keys, Kibler, Kimbell, King, Kingry, Kissell, Kissling, Kite, Klepzig, Knapp, Kniernim, Knight, Knights

page 57

Knock, Knollenberg, Kolbus, Lacy, Lafferty, Lagrand, Lamasters, Lamb, Lambert, Lamphier, Landman, Landon, Landres, Landreth, Landrum, Landrus, Lane

page 58

Lane, Lang, Langston, Lanman, Larrabee, Law, Lawhorn, Lawless, Lawrence, Lawson, Lawyer, Layton, Lebrecht

page 59

Lee, LeGrand, Leitch, Leitche, Lemar, Lemaster, Lemons, Level, Levitt, Lewis, Lidster, Light, Lilly, Linder, Lindsey, Linebery, Lions

page 60

Lippencott, Litwiller, Lockhart, Long, Lorne, Louthan, Lovejoy, Lovell, Lowmaster, Lowry, Lucas, Luedke, Lumbrick, Lundy, Lutz, Lyons, Macke, Macklin

page 61

Madison, Major, Malcom, Mann, Mapes, Maples, Marry, Marshall, Martin, Mason, Mast, Matheny, Mathews, Matthews, Matthues, Maus

page 62

Maxey, May, Mayhew, McBride, McComas, McConnaha, McConnel, McCord, McDade, McDavitt, McDivitt, McDonald, McDougal, McDougle, McElway, McGahan, McGahey, McGinnis, McIntyre, McKenzie

page 63

McKenzie, McKinney, McLain, McMillen, McMorris, McMullen, McNabb, McNamer, McNamier, McNary, McNeal, McNear, McNeel, McNutt, McPharon, McQuinn, McQuown, McTaggart, Mcwilliams, Mead

page 64

Mead, Meese, Melburn, Merritt, Meyer, Michael, Michaels, Milburn, Millage, Millar, Miller

page 65

Miller, Mills, Milton, Miner, Mingus, Minor, Misenheimer, Mitchell, Moffett, Moffit, Mohlenhoff

page 66

Mohlenhoff, Mohler, Moler, Molton, Montgomery, Monts, Moody, Moon, Moore, Morgan, Morris

page 67

MOrris, Morten, Morthland, Motley, Muessman, Mullen, Mullins, Munson, Murphy, Myer, Myers, Naab, Nash, Nation, Neal, Neer, Nees, Neff

page 68

Nelson, Newberry, Newbey, Newby, Newell, Newman, Newport, Nicholes, Nickell, Nickles, Nickson, Niemeyer, Nixon, Noble, Nock, Nolan

page 69

Nolta, Nolte, NOrton, Oakley, Odell, Ogden, O'Hair, Oliver, Orcutt, Orndorff, Orsborne, Osborn, Osburn, Overton, Overweiser

page 70

Pack, Page, Paker, Pardieck, Park, Parker, Parkes, Parkison, Partlow, Partwood, Patrem, Patrick, Patterson, Pattin, Patton, Payne, Payton, Pearce, Pearcy, Pearson

page 71

Pearson, Pedigo, Pendergast, Pennell, Pennington, Pepperdin, Pepperdine, Perkins, Perring, Perry, Peters, Peterson, Petty, Pfertsh, Phelps, Phillip, Phillips, Phipps

page 72

Phipps, Pierce, Pierson, Piles, Pollard, Poorman, Popham, Poppham, Porter, Powell, Powers, Prather, Preston

page 73

Price, Prichard, Prince, Prunty, Pugh, Purdum, Rankin, Raper, Rardin, Rathe

page 74

Raymond, Reasor, Reat, Redman, Reed, Reeder Reedy, Renels, Rennels, Rentfrow, Replogle, Reynolds, Rhoden, Rhodes, Rhue

page 75

Richards, Richardson, Richter, Riggins, Rightsell, Riley, Roach, Roaden, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Roche

page 76

Roderick, Rodgers, Roedl, Roetker, Rogers, Rohr, Rominger, Ronk, Rose, Rosebaugh, Rosebraugh, Ross, Rowe, Rowlson, Roy

page 77

Roy, Runnels, Rush, Russel, Rutan, Ryan, Rynehart, Sallee, Sanders, Sanderson, Sargent, Sawyer, Schafffer, Schrader, Schriner, Schweighart, Scott

page 78

Scott, Sealey, Seaman, Sears, Senteny, Sexson, Shafer, Shaffer, Shain, Shannon, Sharp

page 79

Shaver, Shea, Sheeks, Sheffer, Sherrow, Shields, Shirley, Shoemaker, Shoot, Shoots, Shores, Shrader, Shreeves, Shrock, Shull, Shupe, Shy, Sidenstricker, Sieben, Silence, Silver, Simes, Simons

page 80

Sims, Smith, Smock, Snapp, Snider, Snowden, Snyder, Sollars, Songer, Sours, Sparks, Speer

page 81

Spence, Stallman, Stanfield, Stanford, Stansberry, Stanton, Stark, Starwalt, Steckel, Stephenson, Stevens, Stewart, Stiff

page 82

Stites, Stokes, Stone, Stoner, Story, Strader, Strong, Stull, Stump, Sullivan, Sumers, Suter, Sutten, Sutton, Swango, Swayze

page 83

Sweeney, Swickard, Swinford

page 84

Swisher, Tague, Talbot, Tanner, Tarvin, Tatkenhost, Taylor, Tearney, Teepell, Teft

page 85

Teft, Temples, Tewel, Thomas, Thompson, Thorp, Thrasher, Threlkeld, Thrissel, Tichener, Tinch, Tinsman, Tipsword, Titus

page 86

Toland, Toler, Tomberlin, Tompson, Towles, Townley, Tracey, Tremble, Trotter, Tudor, Tumblin, Turner, Turny, Tuttle, Updegroff, Uphoff, Uphoff, Upton, VanAuken, Vanderen

page 87

Vandeventer, Van Middlesworth, Vanscoyk, Vorvil, Waddel, Waddill, Waggner, Waldan, Walden, Walker, Walls, Walter, Walters

page 88

Walters, Walton, Waltrip, Wamsley, Ward, Warman, Warren, Wasson, Waters, Watkins, Watson, Watters Weaver

page 89

Weaver, Webb, Webber, Weber, Webster, Weddle, Welch, Wellbaum, Werden, Werley, Westrup, Wetzel, Weursch, Whalen, Wheeler, Whicker, Whipple, Whitacre

page 90

Whitacre, White, Whitesel, Whitley, Whitt, Whittaker, Whitton, Wiegel, Wierman, Wiesman, Wilbur, Wilcoxson, Wiley, Wilhelm, Wilkins, Will, Williams

page 91

Williams, Willingham, Willis, Willison, Wilson, Wimmer

page 92

Winchester, Winkleblack, Winkler, Wise, Wishart, Witters, Wood, Woodard, Woodfall, Woods, Woodward, Woodyard, Woolridge, Worsham, Wright

page 93

Wright, Wyeth, Yates, Young, Younger, Yunt, Zachow, Zehner, Zimmerman, Zuhon

page 94

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