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BROOKS family records from the History of Hebron Church

From an old Record Book of Hebron, Coles County, IL, June 19, 1841

The History of Hebron Church book is apparently located in the Mattoon Public Library. These records were extracted from that book, possibly by Mrs. Harriet Nutt, and I've typed them from a Genealogical Society bulletin I found them in when I was at the Peoria Public Library (neglecting, in my haste to cram as much research into one trip as I could, to write down the name of the bulletin or the year - my BAD!)

ANYWAY.... if some kind soul were to toodle over to Mattoon's library and want to copy, or better yet, transcribe, the rest of this book and send it in, that would be wonderful. In the meantime, we will have to content ourselves with just the BROOKS family records from that publication.

from the Record Book of Hebron
June 19, 1841

We the undersigned members of a committee appointed by Palestine Presbytery for the purpose of organizing a church met at the meeting house near Hezekiah J. Ashmore when the following persons presented themselves as members of the Presbyterian Church, viz:

Robert Brooks, Mary Brooks, James H. Bovell, Jane M. Bovell, Alfred J.L. Brooks, Mary M. Brooks, Robert A. brooks, Samuel Hoge, Letitia Hoge, Sara Moffett, James Moffett, Thomas C. Mitchell, Isabella A. Mitchell, Margaret J. Mitchell, Cynthia Moffett,

who were constituted by Prayer into a Presbyterian Church which it was agreed should be known by the name Hebron over which Thomas C. Mitchell and Robert Brooks was elected to office of ruling Elders, after sermon Mr. Mitchell was installed together with Mr. Brooks, who had previously sustained the office in another church.

Isaac Bennett
J.S. Reasoner
J. Balch
Wm. Collem

June 19, 1841, after ordination and installing, session met and was constituted with Prayer by I. Bennett, who was invited to act as Moderator. Elder Mitchell from Charleston Church and Balch of Walnut Grove, took seats as corresponding members to whom Martin Zimmerman, Sarah Zimmerman and Henry Brooks presented themselves and were received into the communion of the church on examination. R. Brooks was appointed Clerk of the Session. Adjourned with Prayer.

I. Bennett, Moderator

May 7, 1842
Session met at the home of Thomas C. Mitchell, present John McDonald, moderator, Robert Brooks and Thomas C. Mitchell Elders. Constituted with Prayer. William Moffett, Archibald Brooks, Wm. W.S. Brooks and wife Virginia M. Brooks were received on examination into full communion in the church. Closed with Prayer.

August 10, 1844
Wm. W.S. Brooks having been duly elected and ordained the day before, met and took his seat as elder. Took his father's place when Robert died.

June 8, 1845
Mrs. Dorcas D. Brooks and Mrs. Francis Bovell were received on certificate

May 19, 1849
Mrs. Mary S. Brooks on certificate. On following morning (Sabbath morning) received Lydia J. Brooks and Mary Ann Brooks on examination (daughters of Archibald)

Mary 14, 1852
Mr. Allen Brooks and Mr. Alfred Brooks were ordained ruling elders in Hebron Church.
NOTE: Allen Brooks served as elder until he moved to Kansas in 1871 and Alfred Brooks served until his death in 1883.

[Brooks and related Families only]

Arch P. Bovell - Parent: Jane M. and James Bovell
Mary Ann Brooks - Archibald Brooks
Maryann Brooks - A.J. L. Brooks
Lydia J. Brooks - Archibald Brooks
Diadama P. Brooks - Archibald Brooks
Mary Jane Brooks - W.W.S. Brooks
Nancy M. Brooks - W.W.S. Brooks
Robert W. Brooks - W.W.S. Brooks
Susan M. Brooks - A.J. L. Brooks
Thomas M.A. Brooks - W.W.S. Brooks
Marie E. Brooks - W.W.S. Brooks
Dorcas M.A. Brooks
Alfred B. Brooks
Margaret S. Brooks
Robert W. Brooks - Archibald Brooks

Children Baptized after 1852
(Brooks and related Families only)

child: James M. Brooks - parent: Robert Allen Brooks
William A. Brooks - A.J. L. Brooks
Kate E. Brooks - Archibald Brooks
William M. Scott - Archibald Brooks' stepson
Cornelia Caroline Brooks - R. Allen Brooks
Hannah F. Brooks - Archibald Brooks
Charles A. Wright - J.S. and D.P. Wright
Diadama A. Brooks
Tarlton M. Brooks - Archibald Brooks
Kate Ann Virginia Moffett - John and Lydia Moffett
Mary Hester Wright - J.S. and D.P. Wright
James Archibald Moffett - John and Lydia Moffett
Joseph A.V. Brooks - Archibald Brooks
George A. Wright - J.S. & D.P. Wright
Benjamin Alfred Wright - 6/17/1866 - J.S. & D.P. Wright
Alfred Joseph Moffett - John and Lydia Moffett
Martha E. Brooks - 6/21/1868 - Archibald Brooks
Jessie A. McPheeters - B.F. and Mary Ann (nee Brooks) McPheeters
Benjamin McPheeters - B.F. and Mary Ann (nee Brooks) McPheeters
Wm. S. McPheeters - B.F. and Mary Ann (nee Brooks) McPheeters
Cynthia McPheeters - B.F. and Mary Ann (nee Brooks) McPheeters
Hannah E. McPheeters - B.F. and Mary Ann (nee Brooks) McPheeters
Diadama C. Moffett - John and Lydia Moffett
Mary Virginia Brooks - 6/4/1871 - Robert W. Brooks
Stephen A. Wright - J.S. and D.P. Wright
Benjamin Moffett - 5/3/1874 - John and Lydia Moffett
Perry Hugh Brooks - Oct 1875 - Robert W. Brooks

Membership and Date of Membership after 1852
(Brooks and related families)

3-22-1853 - Diadama P. Brooks
9-1-1854 - John M. Moffett
9-1-1854 - Nancy J. Brooks (2nd wife of Archibald Brooks)
3-3-1855 - Joseph S. Wright
10-1-1859 - Nancy M. Brooks, daughter of W.W.S. Brooks, died January 1860
Sarah Mariah Brooks, daughter of A.J.L. Brooks
12-1-1865 - Mary E. Brooks, daughter of W.W.S. Brooks
Dorcas Ann M. Brooks, daughter of Allen Brooks
Maria A.E. Brooks, daughter of W.W.S. Brooks
10-21-1866 - Robert W. Brooks, son of W.W.S. Brooks
James M. Brooks, son of Allen Brooks
11-30-1867 - Mary A. McPheeters, daughter of Archibald Brooks
1-5-1868 - Benjamin McPheeters, husband of Mary Ann
Amy E. Todd, wife of Robert W. Brooks
4-16-1870 - Cornelia C. Brooks, daughter of Allen Brooks
1-25-1877 - Charles A. Wright and Mary H. Wright - children of J.S. Wright and D.P. Wright
William Brooks, son of Allen Brooks
Tarlton Brooks, son of Archibald Brooks
Benjamin A. Brooks, son of Archibald Brooks
Mary E. Brooks, wife of Benjamin Brooks
Gideon F. Galbreath
Hannah F. Galbreath, daughter of Archibald Brooks
Kate A.V. Moffett, daughter of John and Lydia Moffett
1-23-1884 - Benjamin A. Wright, son of J.S. and D.P. Wright
1-24-1884 - Joseph A.V. Brooks, son of Archibald Brooks
7-11-1886 - Rose Brooks, wife of Tarlton Brooks

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