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Brief History of Coles County
From the "Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois" 1901
©Transcribed by Kim Torp

"Coles County, originally a part of Crawford County, but organized in 1831, and named in honor of Gov. Edward Coles - lies central to the eastern portion of the State, and embraces 520 square miles, with a population (in 1900) of 34,146. The Kaskaskia River (sometimes called the Okaw) runs through the northwestern part of the county, but the principal stream is the Embarras (Embraw). The chief resource of the people is agriculture, although the county lies within the limits of the Illinois coal belt. To the north and west are prairies, while timber abounds in the southeast. The largest crop is of corn, although wheat, dairy products, potatoes, hay, tobacco, sorghum, wool, etc., are also important products. Broom-corn is extensively cultivated. Manufacturing is carried on to a fair extent, the output embracing sawed lumber, carriages and wagons, agricultural implements, tobacco and snuff, boots and shoes, etc. Charleston, the county-seat, is centrally located, and has a number of handsome public buildings, private residences and business blocks. It was laid out in 1831, and incorporated in 1865; in 1900, its population was 5,488. Mattoon is a railroad center, situated some 130 miles east of St. Louis. It has a population of 9,622, and is an important shipping point for grain and live-stock. Other principal towns are Ashmore, Oakland and Lerna."

Brief History of Charleston
From the "Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois" 1901

Charleston, the county-seat of Coles County, an incorporated city and a railway junction, 46 miles west of Terre Haute, Ind. It lies in the center of a farming region, yet has several factories, including woolen and flouring mills, broom, plow and carriage factories, a foundry and a canning factory. Three newspapers are published here, issuing daily editions. Population (1890), 4,135. (1900) 5,488. The Eastern State Normal School was located here in 1895.

Brief History of Mattoon
From the "Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois" 1901

Mattoon, an important city in Coles County, 172 miles west of south from Chicago and 56 miles west of Terre Haute, Ind.; a point of junction for three lines of railway, and an important shipping point for corn and broom corn, which are both extensively grown in the surrounding region. It has several banks, foundries, machine shops, brick and tile-works, flour-mills, grain-elevators, with two daily and four weekly newspapers; also has good graded schools and a high school. The repair shops of the Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railroad are located here. Population (1890), 6833; (1900), 9622

Genealogy Trails - Finding Illinois Ancestors

Transcription of the "History of Coles County"
©Transcribed by Kim Torp, Judy Anderson and Vicki Bryan

1905 Version

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CHAPTER 3 - EARLY SETTLEMENTS (Contains the complete lists of early settlers of Coles Co. which are not included in the index above)






Ashmore Twp -- Charleston Twp -- East Oakland Twp -- Humbolt Twp -- Hutton Twp -- Lafayette Twp -- Mattoon Twp -- Morgan Twp -- North Okaw Twp -- Paradise Twp -- Pleasant Grove Twp -- Seven Hickory Twp

Biographies A-D: George Abernathy , Capt. Wm Adams, Wm R. Adkins, Wm. F. Adkins, Charles W. Allison, Newton C. Ames, Oliver H. Ames, Bartholomew Anderson, David Anderson, Samuel T. Anderson, Emery Andrews, S.A. Annin, George H. Arend, William G. Armstrong, L.A. Ashworth, Elijah Baber, Charles L. Bails, Alexander N. Bain, N.M. Baird, George W. Baker, Wm H. Baker, George T. Balch, Capt James Balch, Rev. L.G. Barnes, Martin H. Bassett, John Iria Bates, Solomon Beavers, Sol Beavers Jr, Wm Becker, Dr. F.E. Bell, Hiram W. Belnap, Charles Bidle, Wm Bird, James S. Black, Thomas Bland, Felix Blenkenbaker, Frederick Block, L.W. Bohlander, Wm B Brading, Robert L. Breedlove, John F. Brewster, Alexander Briggs, Frank A. Brooks, John C. Brooks, James A. Brown, John Brown, Capt. Lewis Brown, Thomas J. Bull, J. Morris Burgner, John Caldwell, Joseph Cavins, Henry Cecil, John R. Chalk, Rev. Edward Champion, Richard Champion Sr, Wm Champion, Robert Chapman, Wm Checkley, George Clark, Gen. Horace Clark, Dr. James Clark, James H. Clark, Phillip Clinard, George Cobb, Thomas Cofer, Richard Cole, Elijah Conley, Henry Conlin, Edmund Connely, James Cook, Charles Cottingham, Jacob Cottingham, Joseph Cottingham, R.J. Coultas, Frank Cox, Edward Craig, I.B. Craig, James Craig, Wm Craig, Charles Crites, Sterling Curtis, Wm Dalton, Wesley Daugherty, Commodore Perry Davis, George Davis, Green Davis, Henry Davis, James Davis, John Davis , Nathaniel Davis, Riley Davis, Samuel Davis, Jacob Deckard, Demetrius Decker, James De Vore, George Dice, Jacob Dice, C.C. Digby, Charles Dole, Joseph Dole, Stephen Dexter Dole, Thomas Donnell, James Dora, Joseph Dornblaser, Wm Dornblaser, Charles Dorsch, George W. Doty, James Doty, Samuel Doty, James B. Dougherty, Samuel Downey, John Driscoll, J.E. Dudley, Hon. Frank Dunn

Biographies E-J:  James R. Edgar, Wm Edgar, Clark Elkins, James W. Ellis, Smith Ellis, Arthur Ellison, James Ellison, Morton Ellison, Stephen Emhuff, Thomas Endsley, Wm B Ennis, Jacob Ernst, J.M. Ernst, (Coming Soon: Joseph Farrar, Charles H. Faris, Charles T. Feagan, Joseph W. Fears, George W. Ferguson, George Fleming, Hon. Orlando B. Ficklin,) Thomas Ferguson, Joseph Fleshner, John R. Foreman, Joseph Foreman, J.B. Frazier, Joseph B. Freeman, Dr. Thomas Freeman, Andrew J. Fryer, Cornelius Fugate, George Fugate, Henry Fuller, George Funkhouser, John Furness, Daniel Furry, James A. Galbreath, John Galbreath, C.D. Gasaway, Charles Gerard, Jackson Gerard, James Gilduff, Mrs. Ann E. Glassco, Emmet Glassco, John Grant, J.W. Grove, Victor Gustafson, Edward Hackett, Wilbur Hackett, Clinton S. Hall, John Hamilton, Charles Handley, W.L. Harding, G.C. Harman, Philip Harmany, John Harrington, Peter Harrington, Clinton Harry, Albert Hart, Arthur Hart, Jacob Hashbarger, Charles Hayward, Elijah Hedges, F.N. Henlry, John L. Henley, Lapsley Henley, Hans Henrichs, Benjamin Henry, John Henton, Albert Hermann, A.G. Hildreth, Fred C. Hills, George W. Hite, George Hoferkamp, August Homann, Henry Homann, Wm Honn, Albert Hoots, John Hopkins, C.A. House, Stephen Hovious, Alva Hudson, Edgar Humphrey, James C. Hurst, John Hutton, N.C. Iknayan, Thomas Ingram, Ralph Jeffris, Allison H. Jenkins, E.A. Jenkins, Wm F. Jenkins, W.M. Jenkins, Ephraim Jennings, S.V. Jennings, Daniel Johns, Franklin A. Johnson, Felix Johnston, Isaiah Johnston, Charles Jones, Mosies Jones, Wm D. Jones, Harrison Joseph

Biographies K-P:  James Kane, Richard Keenan, Harry F. Kendall, Wm Kenny, Moses Kershaw, George M. Kincaid, Arthur King, Edward Kinnaw, Wm H. King, Fred Kinzel, Asbury Kitchens, James Kitchin, Fred Knollenberg, Frederick Kurtz, Richard Lambert, Hon. Thomas P.C. Lane, Henry Lanphier, Jacob Larue, Benton Lawson, Charles L. Lee, Hon. Lewis L. Lehman, Elisha Linder, Isaac V. Linder, John O. Linder, Mrs. Rachel A. Linder, George W. Lippincott, Livingston Lord, S.J. Loudermilt, Francis M. Lowe, Iverson A. Lumpkin, Wm Cutler Lumpkin, John Marshall, Alexander T. Martin, C.W. Martin, Henry Martin, John Martin, Benjamin Maxwell, John H. Mauzy, James H. McClelland, MaJor G.W. McConkey, Wm McConnell, Wm McCrory, Newell S. McDonald, Wm McGregor, J.E. McGurty, John McNutt, Charley McPheron, Squire Henry McPherson, John Menaugh, Francis M. Menke, W.D. Merritt, Amos Messer, David Michael, Tarleton Miles, Wm Miles, Edwin Millar, B.B. Miller, John E. Miller, Oscar L. Minter, Charles Mitchell, Charles R. Mitchell, Isaac Mitchell, Richard Mitchell, Alexander Montgomery, J.T. Montgomery, A.F. Moore, Hosea Moore, John Moore, John C. Moore, Oscar P. Moore, Stanley Moore, Wm Moran, Thomas Morgan, Clarence Muchmore, George Muchmore, E.M. Mulliken, Goerge Munson, Wm Murphy, Andrew Nash, Hon. Henry Neal, M.P. Neal, Joseph Newby, Elijah, Newby, HenryNewell, Thomas Newell Sr, Thomas Newell Jr, Frank Newman, Charles Nickles, John nock, Harvey O'Hair, Jesse O'Hair, Michael O'Hair, Henry Ohm, Wm Ohm, Nathaniel Orcutt, Israel and Wm H. Osbern, Hazelett Ownly, Henry Ozee, J.A. Parker, Wm Partlow, Elzy Patterson, Thomas Patterson, W.R. Patton, Andrew J. Phillips, S.W. Phillips, John Henry Phipps, Leroy W. Pierce, Jackson H. Pierson, Dr. J.T. Pinkstaff, Rev. James A. Piper, Charles H. Powell,

Biographies R-Z:  Theodore R. Rathe, Spencer Record, Charles A. Redden, Wm H. Redden, Charles Redman, Thomas R. Reed, A.C. Rennels, J. Pennington Rennels, Wm R. Rennels, Amos Rice, E.E. Richardson, George S. Richmond, Alexander Richter, James Riddle, Alpheus Roberts, J.D. Roberts, Dr. A.T. Robertson, Bluford Rosebraugh, Robert Y. Rosebraugh, James Roy, Capt. Charles Rudy, Dr. Hiram Rutherford, John Rutherford, Wilson Rutherford, James K. Sanders, John Sanders, Isaac Sawyer, John Sawyer, Valentine Schlicher, James L. Scott, Martin Shea, B.B. Shinn, John A. Shortess, Isaac Shrader, H.B. Sinsabaugh, Charles Skelton, Mrs. Mary E. Smith, Thomas Smith, Wm A. Snapp, Abram Spitler, Benjamin Spitler, Nathan Starr, Mary STeelbar, George Steigman, M.G. Stevenson, Andrew J. Stewart, Marion F. Stewart, Wm Stewart, Thomas Stites, Franklin Stoddert, Rev. Murray Stone, Clarence A. Strickler, John Strong, L.C. Stubbins, E.D. Stull, Millard Stump, Adolf Summerlin, Jesse Sutton, G.H. Swinford, George R. Swinford, J.W. Swinford, Charles Talbott, H.H.Tatkenhorst, Walter S. Taylor, Wm Taylor, Robert H. Teepell, George H. Terry, Alonzo Thomas, Julian Tinch, Dr. T.B. Trower, Malcolm Tudor, F. Marion Turner, James Vanse, Dr. Samuel Van Meter, John Voigt, John Wall, F.E. Waters, Wm Watson, L.D. Weaver, Charles Westrup, Wm Whalen, Carlos Wheatly, Charles Whipple, Andrew Whisnan, John White, Monroe White, John Whitesel, A. Whitmer, W.F. Wickham, Leroy Wilkins, James Williams, Charles Wilson, Frank Wilson, George Wilson, John Wilson, John A. Wilson, Nicholas Wilson, John Winkleblack, Frank Winkler, Joseph Withington, James Woodfall, John Woodfall, Rev. John Woods, Winfield Woods, James W. Woodson, John Wrenn, S.A. Wright, Lyman Yeargin, Sanford Youg, John Yunt



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