Illinois Genealogy Trails
Masons of Coles County, IL

Etna, Illinois

©2002, Transcribed by Kim Torp

Volume II

History of Wabash Lodge No. 179,
A.F. & A. Masons

The Second Fifty Years
One Hundredth Anniversary
October 2, 1955
Organized May 23, 1854 - Chartered October 2, 1855

Present Appearance of Wabash Lodge Hall
(c. 1955)


Having felt the need of a second volume of the history of Wabash Lodge No. 179 to commemorate the second half of the century of its existence, a meeting was held in February, 1955, at the Lodge Hall in Etna, and the following committee was appointed to collect data and pertinent information regarding this work: William Frank Payton, Loe Ellis, E. Thomas Allen, Otis Burcham, Ambrose Y. Hart Jr., Ernest Chamberlin, John L. Bell and Fred M. Campbell.

In Volume One, the history of the Lodge covered a period of fifty-one years, or from the time a dispensation was issued May 23, 1854. The Lodge worked under this dispensation until the first charter was issued on the afternoon of October 2, 1855, James L. Anderson being the Grand Master. So in beginning this second volume the activities of the Lodge must necessitate the period of time from October 2, 1905 to October 2, 1955. The information acquired for this book has been long and tedious and in some cases we have had to turn to other sources besides the Lodge records for this information.

While perusing these pages one may ask at first glance, is this really a history of the Lodge? It might seem that more is probably said concerning the growth and change in the community than the lodge. But what of the members? Are they and their families not an integral part of the community in which they live? So we feel as though these changes should not be left out, but should become a part of this book.

In determining what biographical sketches to write concerning the names on our roles, we have decided to include the Worshipful Masters and members of our Armed Forces, 50-year members, and District Deputies during this period of time. Many members of our Lodge would no doubt have very interesting biographies, but time and space will not allow us to include more.

In compiling this information we have had much help from other sources and the cooperation has been most gratifying, and we wish to here thank them for their help. We have tried to be as nearly correct as possible with the facts in this volume although we are but mortal man and to err is but human.


Wabash Lodge No. 179, A.F. & A.M.

To the Worshipful Master, Wardens, and Brothers of Wabash Lodge No. 179:

Another 50 years have come and gone, and so we find a great many changes have taken place within our midst. We of the Committee find it a very difficult take to enumerate all these changes.

First, most of our brethren who were here 50 years ago have gone to their reward in the "Great Beyond." There being only five living who were members here at the Lodge at the close of the first 50 years. As we reach the centennial of our existence we will try to set forth a few of the many happenings and transformations that have taken place, and which may be of interest to this Lodge and the future generations which are to follow in our footsteps.

We are still meeting in the same building and have approximately the same furniture and charts as before, but outside our Lodge, up and down our countryside and Nation, have come the most drastic changes that could happen in the course of human events. As we entered the second half of the century, we looked about us and beheld a far different mode of transportation. A far speedier age from the lumbering ox carts and wagons of our forefathers to a new age of gasoline, namely the "horseless carriage," as they were first called -- or automobile. We have seen them transformed from a sort of crude form of conveyance to a highly mechanized speedy and comfortable form of transportation. As these new vehicles came into more common usage, the next great step forward was paved roads which now span the land from the Atlantic to the Pacific and from the Gulf to the Canadian border and beyond.

Our brethren who attended Lodge fifty years ago came mostly by buggy and on horseback, and when the wintry winds began to howl, and snow to beat upon the landscape, or the rains came, causing the earth to become a quagmire, they were still faithful and came on foot. And now 50 years later, we live in a so-called "Atomic Age" and with the powerful and speedy means of transportation we are able to attend Lodge with a minimum of effort, regardless of the weather, though living many miles away. But transportation is only one of a number of things which have changed our mode of living.

From the kerosene and gasoline lamps of the yesterdays, we now enjoy a most wonderful agent of power called electricity. Although used to some extent by our older members and within the cities, it has not until recently become the almost universal means of lighting and power, and no isolated spot is now without use of this useful agent. So if our brethren, who a century ago used the burning tapers as a symbol, could but return and see the three great lights illuminated by an unseen hand they would indeed feel as though they were at last receiving the fulfillment of their first desire for more light.

Another wonderful means of transportation developed during this age was the airplane of "flying machine," as it was first called. Could the author of that famous poem, "Darius Green and His Flying Machine," or the eager children who read the poem in their old school books now see to what extent the dream had been realized, they would, I am sure, be surprised and amazed at the results. As the airplane has now been built to such a high degree of efficiency, and with speed exceeding that of sound, the furthermost parts of the world have been brought together in close relationship within the space of a few hours.

About the time of the first development of the airplane, human nature began to assert itself and, as it has happened from time immemorial, man began to quarrel with his neighbor, but now thousands of miles apart. War clouds began to gather on the horizon and the halcyon days of the preceding years were ended and war was declared across the sea.

We were immune from it for three years, but in 1917 war was declared on Germany, and our county became completely engulfed. Unlike wars of previous years which were fought miles away, this one was carried on thousands of miles away in a foreign country. As a result of diminishing world distances, we were drawn into it to help make the world a better place in which to live.

Later, other wars broke out. Namely, World War, the Second in 1940, and in the Conflict of Korea in 1950, and as in previous wars, Wabash Lodge No. 179 answered the call to the conflict and the names of the gallant soldiers, sailors and airmen are recorded in another part of this book. After arduous fighting and much bloodshed, we now lived in a so-called peaceful era, although world tension runs high in the Middle East, threatening the peace of many nations.


No history would be complete without relating the changes that have come about regarding our churches and schools. Paradise Township, often spoken of in the previous history, still has two active churches, both of Methodist denomination, and Sunday School and Church services are carried on regularly each Sabbath, with very good attendance. One of the churches is the Zion Hill Methodist church, located one-half mile west of the village of Paradise. The other is the Etna Methodist church at Etna. The Dry Grove Church, formerly in the Dry Grove neighborhood about three miles northeast of Etna, was moved to the village of Trilla several years ago, where services are still conducted and the Lord's work goes forward in all of them.


The so-called "Little Red Schoolhouses," which were once a tradition, have been radically changed almost as much as any one thing. The little one-room rural schoolhouses which once dotted our countryside, have all but passed out of existence, there being but two places of learning now in the township -- one at Etna and the other at West Paradise, three-fourths of a mile west of the village of Paradise.

The former schoolhouses were either torn down or sold for private dwelling houses, and children who once trudged to the little one-room school through mud and slush, now await at the homes for the sleek school buses to pick them up and carry them in comfort to the place of learning prescribed for them; the older ones traveling as afar as Mattoon and Neoga to the higher grades of learning. This modern change of schooling is now known as consolidation.

Buttermilk School, which was located two miles east of Etna at the intersection of Route 45, was moved to Etna and joined to the school building already there, thus affording more accommodations to more pupils than ever before. The West Paradise School is now the only one remaining in its former location that is still used for school purposes.


The Illinois Central Railroad still passes through Etna, but on a higher level, as the tracks were raised in 1923 to a height of about twenty-five feet with dirt taken from Magnet Hill, about three miles to the north. This hill, in former years, was a handicap to train crews of long freight trains, causing them many an hour of grief, as the longer trains had to be uncoupled and taken past the hill a half at a time. The railroad depot was moved away a few years ago, so now there are no passenger trains stopping in our little Village. But the diminishing number of "Iron Horses" still roar through at regular intervals and the sleek diesel-powered streamliners pass at 90 miles per hour speeds. The Lodge, as of old, is still interrupted unceremoniously by the din of trains thundering past.


Most homes of our community are far different than a few decades ago. The modern conveniences, which are now used almost universally, are enjoyed in the most humble cottage as well as the finest mansion. The most amazing invention of our time has only been in use a very few years -- television. Something unheard of only a few years ago and jokingly referred to but not taken seriously, as something to be enjoyed in the far distant future. Now, thanks to ingenuity, it has become a reality and images and sound travel thousands of miles to an awaiting audience, even in color, to entertain and educate them in the remotest corners of the globe. And so, as one travels up and down our country, we see TV aerials on most of our dwellings.

Some of the other modern conveniences are air-conditioning, radio and refrigerations, to name but a few, and these are enjoyed by the common as well as the elite of the land.


A reservoir or lake was built in the township in 1907 to supply Mattoon with water for industrial use. This body of water, located north of the village of Paradise across the Little Wabash River, was first called Paradise Lake, but in 1931, the growth of the city of Mattoon necessitated building a new lake. This was to the south of the old one and renamed Lake Mattoon. A larger lake is now proposed to be built northwest of Neoga to furnish Mattoon and possibly Neoga with an increased supply of water caused by still more industries starting up.


A fish hatchery was built at the northeast corner of the first lake in 1909 by the Department of Conservation to enable them to help replace the various bodies of water throughout the state with fish.


Within the last few years a new industry has invaded our midst. Oil wells, pumping their "Black Gold" as it has been nicknamed, have slowly crept from several miles to the north to within a short distance of Etna. Like a pebble dropped in a placid lake, its ripples have spread for a radius of probably twenty miles, with the center near Mattoon.

There are several gas and oil pipelines running beneath the surface of the earth near Etna, from the Texas oil fields and elsewhere, supplying the need of an ever-changing world around us. As one travels through the darkness of night, flares from the wells are seen as are the pumps which toil steadily at their unending task of removing the Black Gold from Mother Earth, placed there by an unseen hand, awaiting man's discovery.


At the time the railroad was undergoing changes our neighboring lodge, across the tracks to the west, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, decided to move their lodge building along side Wabash Lodge No. 179, the move taking place in 1923. We now dwell peacefully side by side with them and as neighborliness was practiced by our forefathers many years ago, we also carry on this same friendship by borrowing chairs, cooking utensils, etc., from them when an inadequate supply of our own fails to meet the requirements needed for an overflowing crowd at our Lodge. They have done likewise under similar conditions, and down through the years peace and harmony have prevailed between the two lodges.

As the storms and fair weather alike beat down on these two buildings standing peacefully side by side, I am sure the All-Seeing Eye looks down from above with assenting favor.


There were no District Deputy Grand Masters appointed until the year 1867. At that time Wabash Lodge No. 179 was placed in the Eighth District. Later on the State was divided into districts several times and the different ones into which Wabash No. 179 has been placed up to the present time are as follows: 8th, 17th, 18th, 22nd, 38th, 81st and 78th.

Deputies serving this Lodge are as follows:

1867 to 1914
John F. Lawson
James Steel
W.H. House
A.T. Darrah
W.H. Brown
R.L. McKinley
George Scrogger
James L. Scott
D.M. Weider
F.E. Emberling
D.E. Bruffet
Edward Krats
Henry Burks
J.E. Jeffers
Frank Collins
George N. Todd, Mattoon

1914 to 1956
Henry Gassaway, Martinsville
Charles Meyer, Paris
D.D. Duck, Paris
Frank Rhea, Neoga
W.W. Rothrock, Greenup
William M. Lovins, Toledo
George T. Lovins, Toledo
Harry Grafton, Lerna
Clone Cummins, Yale
W.E. Olmstead, Toledo


Before the turn of the century, Bro. Robt. A. Miller of Sullivan Lodge No. 764, left a will stipulating his farm of 264 acres should be deeded to the Grand Lodge of Illinois upon his and his wife's death, to be used as a home for the aging members and widows, which was done, and in 1904, the first of 5 buildings was dedicated, and the good work went forward. His brother-in-law to the east, Edwin C. Swain, although not a Mason, seeing the good work accomplished, deeded 200 more acres to the farm, making a total of 464 acres. The past season, 1954, saw the 50th anniversary of the undertaking which has now been enlarged to five main buildings.


In 1913, in keeping with its growth, it was decided to enlarge the Lodge room by removing partitions, etc., which was done in due time, thus providing working space to carry on the activities of the work. Electric lights were installed in 1914.

In 1955 a committee was appointed to erect a stone marker to designate the first meeting place of Wabash Lodge No. 179, which was done October 22, 1955. The marker is located in the village of Paradise on a lot owned by Bro. Wesley Easter, about 100 feet north of the original site of the old "Mud House" . This house was built in 1837 and used as a meeting place until 1860, when Wabash Lodge was moved to Etna.

The committee was composed of Bro. Ernest Chamberlin, Bro. Hayes Montgomery and Bro. Charles Campbell.


With the ever increasing population of our country, Lodges have sprung up, and now the State has 975 in number.
Our neighbor Lodges are:
To the East -- Muddy Point No. 396, Trilla; Lerna No. 788.
To the North -- Mattoon No. 260
To the West -- Miles Hart No. 595, Gays; Windsor No. 322
To the South -- Neoga No. 279


In 1953 and 1954 several members of our Lodge had earned the 50-year Badge of Merit, and with fitting ceremonies were presented to the following brethren: E. Tom Allen and Ernest Chamberlin, in 1953, and Harry Hendrix, J.L. Bell and Hayes Montgomery, in 1954.

1905 - 1955

Master 1906

Resided on farm east of Etna, later moving to Mattoon. Secretary of Lodge during the compiling of Volume I. Secretary for 8 years. Served as Master during first year of second 50 years of lodge. Raised Jun 15, 1883. Now deceased.

Master 1907-08-24-25

Born January 8, 1873 near Etna. Made a Mason January 31, 1902. Married Elizabeth LaRue on November 29, 1893. Had 3 children: George L., Ralph O., and Carl J. Served as treasurer of Lodge 28 years. His occupation was that of farmer all his life. Resided east of Etna in Paradise Township, on farm. Belonged to Christian Church. Died November 20, 1950

Master 1909-10

Born March 18, 1882. Married Anna Dodds February 17, 1912. Has one daughter, Marjory. 50-year member, raised October 30, 1903. 32nd degree Mason. Honorary member of Miles Hart Lodge, Gays. 50-year member Queen Chapter, O.E.S., Gays. Has all his receipts for dues during the past 50 years. Occupation, farmer. Member Zion Hill Methodist Church. Was S.S. Supt; also church and cemetery trustee. Resides on Route 2, Mattoon

Master 1911-12-13

Born December 16, 1869, near Rockville, Ind. Made a Mason October 2, 1903. Never married. Occupation mechanic, carpenter, painter. Worked in grain elevator many years. Affiliated with the Quaker Church. A member of Wabash Lodge No. 179 for over 50 years. Served 15 years as secretary of Wabash Lodge. He is also 50-year member of Neoga Chapter No. 150, Royal Arch Masons.

Master 1914

Born near Mattoon, Ill., July 22, 1883. Never married. Occupation, farmer. Affiliated with Zion Hill Methodist Church. Enlisted in World I, in June, 1918; served in A.E. F. in Field Remount Squadron in Quartermaster's Corps in France and Germany. Discharged October 21, 1919. Served in various township offices. Was township collector, town clerk; also school director. Resides on Rural Rout 2, Mattoon, Ill. 50-year member. Raised October 21, 1904

Master 1915-16

Born August 8, 1875, near Gays, Ill. Married to Eliza Ellington. Occupation, farmer. Affiliated with the Methodist Church, Neoga, Ill. They have one daughter, Edna, and reside near Neoga. Raised Oct 25, 1912

Master 1917

Born July 27, 1887. Married to Lottie Ferguson in November 1912. Have two children, Thomas and Margaret. Occupation has been that of school teacher, farmer, letter carrier, and at present, manager of a locker plant. Member of the Methodist church and resides in Charleston. Raised October 27, 1909

Master 1918-19-27

Born December 22, 1889, at Kansas City, Kansas. Married to Alma Carlyle. They have the following children: Mary, Donald, Edna Mae, Jack and Margaret. Occupation, farmer and mail carrier. Affiliated with the First Presbyterian Church, Mattoon. Honorary member of Mattoon Lodge No. 260, A.F. & A.M. He now resides in Mattoon. Made a Mason April 18, 1913.

Master 1920

Born November 27, 1886. Raised March 27, 1914. married Miss Birdie Woody at Watson. Occupation, school teacher. Taught school at Etna, later moving to Watson. Now deceased.

Master 1921-22-29

Born September 20, 1877. Unmarried. Occupation, farmer and laborer. Affiliated with the Etna Methodist Church and resided at Etna. Raised January 16, 1916. Now deceased.

Master 1923

Born near Etna, March 19, 1892. Married Mamie Campbell, December 11, 1912. They have two children, William and Norman. Member of Zion Hill Methodist Church. Served as supt. of Sunday School several years. Now engaged in farming. Resides two miles southwest of Etna. Raised September 18, 1916. Also member of Evergreen Chapter No. 96, O.E.S., Neoga.

Master 1926

Born March 5, 1895 at Paradise. Attended West Paradise School. Married Nell Wilkinson in 1936. Occupation, farmer, saw mill operator, machinist, and ran threshing rig for several years. Also served as township road commissioner for several years. Affiliated with Revival Center Church, Mattoon. resides on farm on Rural Route 2, Mattoon. Raised July 21, 1922.

Master 1928

Born August 1, 1896. Married Leota Willis. Occupation, Illinois Central Railroad station agent. Affiliated with the United Church of Chebanse. Resides at Danforth, Ill. Admitted March 26, 1926

Master 1930-31-32

Born August 14, 1904. Married to Helen Elson, May 11, 1935. Has been a farmer all his life. Resides on farm near Etna in Paradise Township. Member o Christian Church. Also member of Evergreen Chapter No. 96, O.E.S., Neoga. Raised April 23, 1926.

Master 1933-34-41-49

Born November 25, 1904. Attended Wabash and Mattoon High School. Employed as a farmer. Married to Ione Garfield January 13, 1952. Raised June 14, 1927. Served five years as secretary. Treasurer since 1950. Also member of Evergreen Chapter No. 96, O.E.S., Neoga.

Master 1935-52

Born September 24, 1905. Attended the West Paradise School. Married Opal Hines March 28, 1931. They have two children, Phyllis Sue and Linda Kay. Served as school director for several years. When schools were consolidated, was elected member of the School Board of Mattoon Community No. 2 and served 7 years. Occupation, farmer and stock raiser. Affiliated with the Zion Hill Methodist Church. Resides on Rural Route No. 2, Mattoon. Raised October 7, 1927.

Master 1936-37-38-39-40

Born near Toledo, Illinois, March 2, 1886. Taught school three years. Graduated from Sparks College. Employed by Illinois Central as agent at Neoga. Member Christian Church at Neoga. Married Lena Montgomery in 1909; has one son, Robert. Raised August 28, 1928. Served as Master longer than any other member during this 50 years period. Also member Neoga O.E.S. Resides in Neoga.


Born January 20, 1906. Married Edna Parker September 9, 1928. Has one daughter, Shirley Sue. Occupation, farmer in early manhood; then operated a White Truck agency in Des Moines, Iowa. Resided on farm near Etna, then moved to Kansas City, Mo., and later to Des Moines. Affiliated with Christian Church. Raised August 9, 1927. Now resides at Des Moines, Iowa.

Master 1943-44-51

Born April 8, 1903. Married Jeanette Mayhew July 29, 1922. Has three children, Donald, Raymond and Jerry. Occupation, machinist and road construction work; also township road commissioner for several years. Member of Royal Arch Masons and Commandery. Raised May 5, 1939. Affiliated with the Methodist church.

Master 1945

Was born July 16, 1902. Married Lois Hart January 27, 1924. They have two children, Virginia Lee and Norma Jean. By occupation he is a farmer and electrician. He is affiliated with Zion Hill Methodist church. Served as Sunday School superintendent several years. Member Royal Arch, Council, Commandery, Danville Consistory, O.E.S. and White Shrine. Raised July 6, 1928.

Master 1946

Born July 15, 1908. Married Hazel Tate February 20, 1928. They have four children, William, Elaine, Richard and Edwin. Occupation has been that of farming. Affiliated with the Methodist church. Resides on Rural Route 2, Gays, IL. Affiliated with Wabash Lodge, April 20, 1934

Master 1947

Born in 1909. Married to Fern Brining in 1931. They have three children, Carolyn, Tommy and Danny. Occupation has been that of contracting roofing and sheet metal for many years. Church affiliation is Baptist. Resides near Mattoon, Illinois. Served five years as secretary of Lodge. Raised March 1, 1944.

Master 1948

Born December 17, 1880. Married Cora Bartlett. Has three children, Ambrose Jr., John and Edward. His occupation has been that of machinist, farmer, and ran a saw mill and threshing rig for many years; also did road construction work. Affiliated with Zion Hill Methodist church of Paradise. Now resides at Mattoon, IL. Also member of Royal Arch and Commandery. Raised February 9, 1939.

Master 1950

Born April 21, 1909, near Mattoon. Married to Josephine Bush, September 14, 1931. They have one child, Mary Ann. His occupation is that of farmer. Resides on Rural Route 2, Mattoon, IL. Raised May 18, 1945

Master 1953

Born March 10, 1905. Married to Ann Uphoff. They had one child, Mary Catherine. His occupation was that of farmer. His church affiliation was Presbyterian. Deceased April 8, 1955. Raised January 24, 1948.

Master 1954

Born at St. Elmo, Illinois. October 16, 1915. Married Thelma E. Hall of Montrose, IL. They have seven children, Helen, Joyce, June, Kathy, Nancy, Charlotte, and Eugene, and are members of the First Christian Church, Neoga. Employed by Young Radiator Co, Mattoon; a foreman in brazing department. Attended schools in Indiana and Illinois. Member of Evergreen Chapter No. 96, O.E.S., Neoga. Raised Jan.6, 1950. Resides near Trowbridge

Master 1955

Born in 1905 in Moultrie County. Married to Virginia McLain in 1937. They have three children, Virginia, Allen and Robert. His occupation is that of carpenter. He resides at Etna. Master during last year of second fifty years of Lodge. Also member of Evergreen Chapter No. 96, O.E.S., Neoga. Affiliated in April, 1950.


Newest Member

Born Nov. 3, 1924. Married Dorothy Moritz Nov. 25, 1945. They have four children, Steve, Mary Jane, John and Martha Sue. His occupation is that of farmer. Affiliated with Zion Hill Methodist Church. Resides a mile east of Etna. Has the distinction of being the latest member to Wabash Lodge, having been raised August 20, 1955.

Fifty-Year Members
Wabash Lodge No. 179, A.F. & A.M.

E. Thomas Allen

(See Biography above)

J.L. Bell

(See Biography above)

Ernest Chamberlin

(See biography above)

A 50-year member. Born near Etna. Made a Mason April 29, 1904. Married to Letha Baker of near Etna. Occupation has been that of farmer. Moved to the Dakotas and farmed there a number of years, returning to Illinois later. Now resides at Champaign, Illinois.


A 50-year member. Born Oct. 14, 1876, near Etna. Married Eva Farley Dec. 24, 1903. Has one son, Glenn. Occupation has been that of farmer and implement dealer. Affiliated with the Etna Methodist Church. Made a Mason January 3, 1903. Now resides in Mattoon.

Our Members
in the Armed Forces

Born December 7, 1900. Entered service August 11, 1942, at Camp Grant, Illinois. Basic training at Ft. Belvoir, Va. Attended Motor Transport School, 7th Service Command, Grand Junction, Colorado, October 13, 1942 to January 11, 1943, when he was graduated. Assigned to 450th Eng., Co. A., Breckenridge, Kentucky. Transferred to 1570 Det. No. 1, Military Police, March 23, 1943. Honorably discharged March 29, 1943. Never married. Resides at Etna. Employed by the Illinois Central Railroad. Served as secretary of Lodge for 11 years.

Born July 27, 1919. Married to Maxine Mayhew. They have four children, Bob, Betty, Jimmy and Stevie. Affiliated with Methodist church of Mattoon. Entered Army June 30, 1941. Appointed Warrant Officer (j.g.) in Dec. 1942. Joined 90th Inf. Div., January, 1943. Wounded in France in August, 1944. Released from active duty in March, 1945. Occupation is that of farmer. Resides on Route 2, Mattoon.

Born April 8, 1911 at Mattoon, Ill. Married Louise Short Nov. 9, 1930. They have four children, Herb, Richard, Edwin and Dorothy. Entered service as M.O., Feb 1, 1944. Discharged Dec. 5, 1945. Affiliated with the Methodist Church at Mattoon. His occupation for the past several years has been that of carpenter and contractor. Resides in Paradise Township.

Born Feb. 22, 1921. Graduated, Mattoon High School, '38. Attended Eastern Illinois State college. Enlisted, 1942. Served in 15th A.A.F. overseas as a bombardier. Medals: DFC, Air Medal, Commendation Ribbon, European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal, Victory Medal, American Campaign Medal, National Defense Medal and Distinguished Unit Citation Medal. Major Cather is now at Barksdale A.F.B., Shreveport, La., as a jet pilot. Married Maxine Kimery, Neoga. Has one son, Philip.

Born Nov. 16, 1920 at St. Elmo, Ill. Enlisted in Co. C., 2nd Inf., at Ft. Sheridan, July 16, 1937. Spent three years in the army. Discharged July 15, 1940. Reenlisted Dec. 30, 1941. Sent overseas in October, 1944. Served in Italy and North Africa. Discharged Dec. 4, 1945. Reenlisted Dec. 18, 1954 at Chanute A.F.B., and is at present located there. Has rating of Master Sergeant.

Born 1914 and married to Dorothy Fuller in 1940. Has one son, John Curtis. Supervisor at Gar Wood Mfg. Co., Mattoon. Affiliated with Zion Hill Methodist church. Resides on Route 2, Mattoon. Entered service Mar. 30, 1943. Sergeant H.G. and H.G., 93rd A.D.G. Chief Clerk Air Ord., 11th Air Force, Alaskan Air Command. Honorably discharged February 29, 1946.


Born Sept. 29, 1913. Entered Navy shortly after Pearl Harbor. Married Sylvia Skaggs May 6, 1940. Has one child, Richard Joe. Given a medical discharge Dec. 11, 1942, on account of lung ailment. After leaving Navy, he took employment with the Hayes Freight Lines. Deceased Dec. 24, 1943.


Born July 27, 1917. Married Mildred Hines Aug. 28, 1938. Has two children, Michael and Barry. Occupation, route salesman and manager for Coca-Cola co. Affiliated with Zion Hill Methodist Church. Resides on Route 2, Mattoon. Entered U.S. Navy, Aug. 19, 1943. Served as radio technician aboard U.S.S. Nicholas, a destroyer with 3rd and 7th Fleets, in Asiatic Theatre. Honorably discharged Dec. 16, 1945.


Born Aug. 26, 1917, near Mattoon. Started working at Naval Ordnance in January, 1943. Served in World War II from Sept. 1944 through Jan. 1947. Served in Communications in Germany. Married Miss Marjorie Abel. they have three sons, Jackie, Jimmy and Donnie. Lives in Noblesville, Ind., and is a floor supervisor.


Born Dec. 21, 1919. Married Jean Lawyer in 1947. Entered Great Lakes Training Center Mar. 17, 1943. Attended engineering schools at Chicago and Richmond, Va. Served on LST No. 828. Promoted to Machinist 1st Class on ammunition ship in Pacific. Served in the Philippines, Japan, Okinawa. Twice wounded in Okinawa; received Group Citation. Honorably discharged in Japan, Jan. 16, 1946. Church affiliation, Presbyterian, Mattoon. Engineer for New York Central. Resides in Mattoon.


Born at Mattoon, Mar. 19, 1897. Married Zola Hamilton, Aug. 12, 1921. Spent early part of his life on farms near Lerna. Became member of the Mattoon Fire Dept., in 1917. Served one year in U.S. Army during World War I. Returned to Fire Dept., 1919 and worked one year. Returned again in 1929 with total of almost 24 years service. Retired as Captain July 1, 1952, because of asthmatic condition. In member of Christian Church. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey reside in Sunnyslope, Arizona.


Born Nov. 22, 1922, near Paradise. Married Carol Ewing Aug. 23, 1942. They have two children, Marilyn and Paul. His occupation is that of farmer. Affiliated with Methodist Church at Paradise. Resides on Route 2, Charleston, Ill. Entered service Jan. 22, 1943, Scott Field, Ill. Basic training in Wyoming. Stationed Camp Cooke, Calif. Served overseas from Feb. 11, 1944 to Dec. 17, 1945 in European Theater with Co. L., 101st Inf. Discharged Jan. 5, 1946 Camp Grant, Ill.


Born Jan. 11, 1915 at Stilger, Okla. Married to Helen Bell in 1943. They have three children, Madelin, Rita and Ronnie. Entered Service July 8, 1941, in U.S. Veterinary Corps. Served in France with the 237th General Hospital. Discharged Nov. 7, 1945. Occupation has been that of grain elevator operator. Resides on Route 2, Mattoon.


Born Oct. 16, 1911, near Etna. Married to Irene Garlish; three children, Frederick, John and Joyce. Began training with 6th Armored Field Art. Div., Apr. 3, 1942. Overseas, Aug. 21, 1943. Has Service Stripe, Four Overseas Bars, American Campaign Medal, European-African-Middle Eastern Theater Ribbon, Good Conduct Medal, Victory Medal. Returned home Nov. 19, 1945. Employed at Caterpillar co., Peoria. Resides at Farmington. Member Presbyterian Church. 32nd degree Mason.


Born near Mattoon, son of William and Pearl Major. Spent 4 ½ years in World War II, three years of it in the Aleutians. Was a sergeant in the Quartermaster Corps. Won two Bronze Stars and Pacific Campaign ribbons. Married, has three children, Judith, Mary Margaret and William III. Mr. and Mrs. Major now reside in Ontario, Calif. He is employed by an aircraft factory.


Born Sept. 15, 1894 at Etna where he grew to manhood. Enlisted in the U.S. Army in World War I, in 1918, and served in France. After his army service, he was engaged in construction work until 1952, when he was in an accident which permanently disabled him from further work. He was never married, and at present is in the Soldiers' and Sailors' Home in Quincy.


Born near Paradise, Aug. 27, 1920. Graduate Neoga High School, 1938. Inducted into Medical Corps, 35th Div., July 30, 1942, at Peoria. Returned to civilian life as a Pfc., May 1943, with honorable medical discharge. Married Miss Ruby Jennings June 30, 1946. Have two children, Wesley Norman and Sharon Jean. Member of Zion Hill Methodist Church. Occupation has been that of farmer. Has been employed at Young Radiator Plant, Mattoon since 1950. Resides on Route 2, Mattoon.


Born April 16, 1927. Married Wanda Watson in 1946. Entered Navy in March, 1945. Served aboard a Destroyer Escort with the 7th Fleet in the Pacific Theatre. Discharged in July, 1946. He is employed as a high school teacher and resides at Dwight, Illinois.


Born June 1, 1902. Married Feb. 10, 1926 to Caroline Uphoff. They have two children, Deloris and Joy. Owns and operates a service station and resides in Phoenix, Ariz. Served in A.S.T.S. Detachment for three years at Rantoul, Ill. A member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.


Enlisted in Naval Reserve Force at Great Lakes Training Station June 5, 1918, as a musician 2nd class. Served aboard the following ships: R.W. Philadelphia, U.S. Naval Base, Cardiff, Wales, and the U.S.S. Imperator. Released from active duty June 4, 1919. Honorably discharged Sept. 30, 1921. Now deceased.


Born Sept. 2, 1917. Married Jane Easter, Dec. 24, 1938. They have seven children, Anna May, Glen Robert, Mary Lee, George Jr., Holly Eugene, Rex Lyn and Linda Diane. He entered military service in the infantry in July, 1945. Discharged Nov. 5, 1945. For the past twelve years has been employed by the Kuehne Mfg. Co., Mattoon, as a truck driver. Resides at Mattoon.


Entered military service as a private, Co. 10, S.A.T.E., Oct. 8, 1918. Discharged Dec. 21, 1918. Attended University of Illinois. Married Opal Lawrence. Occupation has been that of farmer. Resides on a farm near Etna.


Born May 31, 1924. Married Dotty Erickson Sept. 11, 1948. They have two children, Donny Gene and Sharon Kay. Affiliated with the Methodist Church. Entered service Jan. 22, 1943, in Co. B., 319th Inf., in the 80th Div., under General Patton's 3d Army. received Purple Heart in line of combat duty at Kastel, Germany. Discharged Feb. 16, 1946. Now employed by South Utility Light Co. Resides at Williams Court, Mattoon.

Pages 44-51 missing


Fred Campbell - W.M.
Orval Selock - S.W.
Earl Orr - J.W.
Lewis Brining - Treas.
Otis Burcham - Secy.
Phillip Waggoner - S.D.
Loe Ellis - J.D.
Donald Tewell - S.S.
J.S. Fuller - J.S.
A.Y. Hart Sr. - Chaplain
E.T. Allen - Marshal
John Crawford - Tyler

Orval Selock - W.M.
Earl Orr - S.W.
Phillip Waggoner - J.W.
Lewis Brining - Treas.
Otis Burcham - Secy.
Loe Ellis - S.D.
Theodore Fuller - J.D.
Donald Tewell - S.S.
J.S. Fuller - J.S.
A.Y. Hart Sr. - Chaplain
E.T. Allen - Marshal
John Crawford - Tyler

Earl Orr - W.M.
Phillip Waggoner - S.W.
Loe Ellis - J.W.
Lewis Brining - Treas.
Tommy Hendrix - Secy.
J.S. Fuller - S.D.
Alan Carlyle - J.D.
Raymond Easter - S.S.
Wesley Easter - J.S.
A.Y. Hart Sr. - Chaplain
E.T. Allen - Marshal
John Crawford - Tyler

Phillip Waggoner - W.M.
Loe Ellis - S.W.
J.S. Fuller - J.W.
Lewis Brining - Treas.
Tommy Hendrix - Secy.
Raymond Easter - S.D.
William Payton - J.D.
Wesley Easter - S.S.
Donald Tewell - J.S.
A.Y. Hart Sr. - Chaplain
Tom Allen - Marshal
John Crawford - Tyler

Members of Wabash Lodge No. 179
[Webmaster's Note: The members noted as "Dec'd" were noted that way in the 1955 original document. And again, if you want a scanned copy of the picture that was included in the anniversary booklet for each of the rest of these individuals listed below, email Kim and I will send you one via email)

James Allen
Ted K. Andres
Warren Andrews
F.Wayne Bariether
George Bartlett
Alvin Bolin (dec'd)
Byrd Breese (dec'd)
Charles L. Campbell
Fonrose Carlyle (dec'd)
Earl Carlyle (dec'd)
J. Noble Carter
Harold Champion (dec'd)
Edward Clark
Charles F. Clemons
John L. Crawford
M.C. Hart (Dec'd)
Ward Deckard
Delbert Dunn
Jack H. Dyer
Raymond Easter
Simpson Easter (dec'd)
Wesley Easter
Hardie Emig
Fred Ferguson
John S. Fuller
C. Edward Gray
Roy Glover
John M. Hart
George Haskett
Rufus Henderson
Mark Highland
J. Samuel Hines
Armour Hovious
Oscar Janes
Frank Love
William Major, Sr.
Joe O. Noe
Rev. George Penell
W. Harold Price
Oscar Roy
L.W. Russell
R.B. Salladay
O.R. Shores (dec'd)
Henry Uphoff, Sr. (dec'd)
Dorsey Vandeventer
James W. Walden
Ewart Watson
Jack Watson
E. Mark Wheeler (dec'd)
F.L. Wilson (dec'd)
G.Worth Wilson
J.R. Young (dec'd)

Membership List, May 2, 1905
Whose pictures appear in previous book, but most of whom are now deceased.

Abel, W.C. -- Admitted June 23, 1899. Deceased
Abel, Joseph - Raised Jan. 15, 1886. Deceased
Allen, E. Thomas - Raised Oct. 2, 1903. 50-year Member
Apperson, A.G. - Raised June 15, 1883. Dimitted March 7, 1921. Deceased
Akers, J.B. - Raised Feb. 17, 1904. Not now a member.

Bartlett, James J. - Raised May 31, 1901. Deceased
Brant, A.M. - Raised July 5, 1902. Deceased
Bell, John L. - Raised Oct. 21, 1904. 50-Year Member
Blandford, George E. - Raised Dec. 20, 1902. Died Feb. 9, 1917

Campbell, Wm. L. - Raised Jan. 4, 1901. Died Jan. 29, 1927
Chamberlin, Ernest - Raised Oct. 30, 1903. 50-year Member
Cavins, Joseph - Raised Sept 9, 1864. Deceased Apr. 28, 1917
Champion, J.R. - Raised Oct. 9, 1900. Deceased
Carlyle, Robert - Admitted May 30, 1890. Deceased
Crabtree, James - Raised May 9, 1884. Deceased

Deckard, J.P. - Raised Sept. 2, 1881. Deceased May 13, 1916
Deckard, Wm. M. - Raised Jan. 4, 1901. Died Jan. 13, 1927

Figenbaum, Henry - Raised Sept. 7, 1900. Died July 15, 1921
Figenbaum, harry - Raised Oct. 2, 1903. Not a member
Ferguson, Thomas - Raised Oct. 16, 1903. Died July 9, 1945

Goar, Joseph F. - Raised Apr. 5, 1861. Deceased
Gardner, Harry - Raised May 6, 1887. Deceased Jan. 27, 1920
Green, A.L. - Raised Nov. 12, 1875 Deceased

Hart, H.C. - Admitted June 23, 1899. Deceased Nov. 28, 1929
Hart, M.C. - Raised Feb. 7, 1902. Deceased July 26, 1950
Hamblin, B.D. - Raised July 12, 1889. Died Jan. 10, 1916
Henley, John L. - Raised Feb 8, 1904. Deceased Apr. 2, 1949
Hendrix, Harry - Raised april 29, 1904. 50-year Member
Holland, A.M. - Raised Oct. 20, 1882. Deceased

Lawson, B.H. - Raised Oct. 3, 1873. Deceased Mar. 17, 1920
Lawson, J.F. Jr. - Raised Feb. 9, 1901. Deceased

Matthews, Harvey - Raised Oct. 5, 1880. Deceased Apr. 7, 1935
Mayhew, Calvin - Raised Aug. 1866. Deceased
Major, S.S. - Raised May 25, 1877. Deceased Feb 21, 1915
Montgomery, Hayes - Raised Jan. 3, 1903. 50 year Member
Montgomery, Albert - Raised Oct. 8, 1875. Died Nov. 3, 1921

Payton, Wm. J. - Raised Dec. 30, 1881. Deceased June 14, 1925
Payton, Edward O. - Raised Oct. 21, 1904. Deceased

Rains, Jacob - Raised Apr. 8, 1881. Deceased

Vanderen, S.S. - Raised Jan. 25, 1862.
Vandeventer, James - Raised Nov. 19, 1897. Deceased

Woolery, H.W. - Admitted Sept. 2, 1866. Deceased
Wooldridge, J.F. - Raised Aug. 8, 1862. Died Sept. 30, 1916
Williams, james H. - Raised Aug. 8, 1862. Deceased
Wilson, Frank E. - Raised Jan. 31, 1902. Died Nov. 20, 1950
Walden, William A. - Raised Feb. 8, 1884. Died Apr. 11, 1923
Wilson, N.P. 0 Raised Apr. 8, 1904. Died Feb. 14, 1927

Membership List
For Second 50-Year Period Ending October 2, 1955

Allen, James Henry - Raised Oct. 18, 1907
Andres, T.K. - Raised Jan. 18, 1947'
Andrews, Warren - Raised Apr. 3, 1936

Bariether, F. Wayne - Raised May 19, 1955
Bartlett, George E. - Raised May 7, 1947
Bell, William H. - Raised Feb. 8, 1952
Benefiel, Cecil - Raised Aug. 5, 1927
Bolin, Alvin - Raised July 12, 1927
Brining, Lewis - Raised June 14, 1927
Bresee, Byrd E. - Raised June 14, 1927
Burcham, Otis T. - Raised Mar. 1, 1944

Campbell, Charles L. - Raised Feb. 14, 1919
Campbell, frank H. - Raised June 30, 1915. Died 1935
Campbell, Fred M. - Raised Oct. 7, 1927
Carlyle, Alan K. - Raised June 6, 1953
Carlyle, Fonrose F. - Raised Mar. 28, 1907. Died July 29, 1914
Carlyle, Earl - Raised Aug. 26, 1927. Died Dec. 8, 1937
Carter, noble J. - Raised Mar. 27, 1947
Cather, Robert Montgomery - Raised Apr. 17, 1942
Cather, Thomas - Raised Aug. 28, 1928
Chamberlin, Frank W. - Raise Aug. 27, 1909. Dimitted Feb. 3, 1931
Champion, W. Harold - Raised June 28, 1912. Died Dec. 3, 1950
Clark, Ed - Raised July 7, 1939
Clemons, C.F. - Raised June 26, 1948
Crawford, James Monroe - Raised Jan. 16, 1916
Crawford, John L. - Raised Nov. 7, 1919
Curry, Clyde Mervin - Affiliated Apr. 20, 1924
Curry, S. Jeff - Raised Oct. 25, 1912. Not now a member

Deckard, Ward T. - Raised July 7, 1913. Demitted Sept 20, 1920
Dunn, Delbert - Raised June 16, 1955
Dyer, Jack H. - Raised May 16, 1953

Easter, George Wesley - Raised Aug. 28, 1953
Easter, Raymond Dale - Raised Aug. 28, 1953
Easter, Simpson - Raised Sept. 12, 1924. Died Dec. 13, 1942
Eaton, James Edward - Affiliated Feb. 25, 1954
Ellis, Loe - Raised June 2, 1951
Emig, Hardie - Raised Aug. 24, 1928. Not now a member

Ferguson, Fred G. - Raised May 20, 1921
Fuller, John S. - Raised Jan. 22, 1948
Fuller, Richard Samuel - Raised Feb. 19, 1943. Died Dec. 24, 1943
Fuller, Theodore - Raised Jan. 24, 1948

Glover, Roy - Raised Feb. 4, 1944
Glover Donald Leroy - Raised Apr. 2, 1944. Dimitted Jan. 2, 1953
Gray, Charles Edward - Raised Apr. 2, 1920

Hart, Ambrose Sr. - Raised Feb. 9, 1939
Hart, Ambrose Jr. - Raised May 5, 1939
Hart, Arthur D. - Raised July 21, 1922
Hart, John Miles - Raised Dec. 29, 1922
Hart, Miles Donald - Raised Mar. 1, 1946
Hart, Otis S. - Raised April 18, 1913
Harvey, Thomas Berteen - Raised Sept. 27, 1927
Haskett, George F. - Raised Dec. 26, 1939. Dimitted Mar. 17, 1944
Henderson, Rufus V. - Raised Nov. 27, 1954
Hendrix, Tommy - Raised July 6, 1928
Hendrix, Wayne T. - Raised Mar. 24, 1951
Hill, Roland R. - Raised June 7, 1955
Highland, Mark - Raised Mar. 24, 1951
Hines, John Samuel - Raised May 3, 1929
Hovious, Armour - Raised Sept. 10, 1954

Janes, Oscar - Raised Nov. 4, 1927

Landsaw, Charles Nelson - Raised May 20, 1927
Love, Frank - Raised Apr. 21, 1933

Major, Walter C. - Raised Apr. 26, 1940. Dimitted Aug. 1, 1947
Major, William S. Sr. - Raised June 25, 1916
Major, William S. Jr.- Raised Apr. 26, 1940
Madison, H.A. - Admitted Mar. 26, 1926. Dimitted Nov. 15, 1928
McMillin, James E. - Raised Sept 25, 1948
Montgomery, Ed - Raised Feb. 14, 1930

Noe, Joe O. - Raised July 3, 1936. Dimitted Jan. 21, 1955

Orr, Golden Earl - Raised Jan. 6, 1950

Payton, William F. Sr. - Raised Sept. 18, 1916
Payton, William F. Jr. - Raised Sept 5, 1944
Pennell, George E. - Raised May 6, 1912. Dimitted May 13, 1927
Peters, Robert Allison - Raised Oct. 22, 1940
Price, William Harold - Raised Mar. 22, 1944

Rose, Donald E.
Roy, Oscar Allen - Affiliated May 17, 1929
Russell, Lawrence W. - Raised Apr. 16, 1912. Dimitted Nov. 1, 1941

Selock, Orval - Raised Jan. 24, 1948. Died April 8, 1955
Sanders, Ralph Rollon - Raised Apr. 7, 1924
Salladay, Roscoe Brown - Raised Jan. 25, 1918. Dimitted Oct. 12, 1925
Scott, Owen - Raised Mar. 27, 1914. Not now a member
Shores, Otis Richard - Raised June 9, 1916. Died Nov. 19, 1953
Shores, Ralph Raymond - Raised Dec. 28, 1916. Dimitted Nov. 3, 1931
Shriver, George W. - Raised Dec. 9, 1944
South, Jacob Dewey - Raised Feb. 16, 1945

Tewell, Donald Francis - Raised May 18, 1945

Uphoff, Henry Sr. - Raised Dec. 6, 1940. Died Jan. 30, 1954
Uphoff, Henry Jr. - Raised Aug. 20, 1955

Vandeventer, Dorsey - Raised May 3, 1929

Waggoner, Philip A. - Affiliated april, 1950
Walden, James W. - Raised Dec. 20, 1912
Watson, Donald J. - Raised Jan. 24, 1948
Watson, Ewart Sawyer - Raised Feb. 21, 1941
Watson, Jack A. - Affiliated Apr. 26, 1946
Wheeler, Elmo Wilbert - Raised May 31, 1927. Not now a member
Wilson, George LaRue - Raised Apr. 23, 1926
Wilson, George Worth - Raised Nov. 3, 1927
Wilson, Ralph - Raised Aug. 9, 1927
Wilson, F. Leroy - Raised Apr. 1, 1905. Demitted May 6, 1925

Young, John R. - Affiliated Sept. 14, 1914. Died Oct. 27, 1927

Present Membership List

Allen, James Henry
Allen, E. Thomas
Andres, T.K.
Andrews, Warren

Bartlett, George E.
Bell, John L.
Bell, William H.
Bolin, Alvin
Brining, Lewis
Benefiel, Cecil
Burcham, Otis T.
Bariether, F. Wayne

Clark, Ed
Chamberlin, Ernest
Campbell, Charles L.
Campbell, Fred M.
Cather, Thomas
Cather, Robert M.
Carter, J. Noble
Clemons, C.F.
Carlyle, Alan K.
Curry, C. Mervin
Crawford, John L.

Dyer, Jack H.
Dunn, Delbert

Ellis, Loe
Easter, George Wesley
Easter, Raymond Dale
Eaton, James Edward

Ferguson, Fred G.
Fuller, John S.
Fuller, Theodore E.

Gray, C. Edward
Glover, Roy
hart, Miles Donald
Hart, Otis S.
Hart, Arthur
Hart, John M.
Hart, Ambrose Sr.
Hart, Ambrose Jr.
Harvey Berteen
Hendrix, Harry
Hendrix, Tommy
Hendrix, Wayne
Hines, John Samuel
Highland, mark
Hovious, Armour
Henderson, Rufus V.
Hill, Roland

Janes, Oscar

Landsaw, C. Nelson
Love, Frank

Major, William S.
Major, William S. Jr.
McMillen, James E.
Montgomery, Hayes
Montgomery, Edward

Orr, Golden Earl

Payton, William F. Sr.
Payton, William F. Jr.
Price, William Harold
Peters, Robert Allen

Rose, Donald C.
Roy, Oscar

Sanders, Ralph R.
Schriver, George W.
South, Jacob Dewey

Tewell, Donald

Uphoff, Henry Jr.

Vandeventer, Dorsey

Walden, James W.
Wilson, G. Worth
Wilson, George L.
Wilson, Ralph
Watson, Ewart S.
Watson, Jack A.
Waggoner, Philip A.
Watson, Donald

District Deputies

Born November 9, 1901. Made a Master Mason in Toledo Lodge No. 834, in 1924. Served as Master of Toledo Lodge in 1928; also served as secretary of that Lodge for several years. Brother Olmstead was appointed District Deputy Grand Master in October, 1954. He resides at Toledo, and is the present District Deputy.

Born near Janesville, Illinois, December 25, 1906. Raised March 5, 1928, in Palestine Lodge No. 849, Palestine, Illinois. Worshipful Master of Lerna Lodge No. 788, Lerna, 1939. Commissioned Grand Lecturer, 1939. Installed Worshipful Senior Grand Deacon of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Illinois in October, 1955. Honorary member of Charleston Lodge No. 35, Wabash Lodge No. 179, Mattoon Lodge No. 260, and Muddy Point Lodge No. 396. Served four years and seven months in World War II, attaining the rank of Captain, Corps of Engineers. Resides at Lerna.

Born February 23, 1893, in Jasper County. Member of Hazel Dell Lodge No. 580. Raised March 27, 1934. Served as Master in 1938, 1939 and 1946. Married Christine Kibler, January 4, 1916. They have two children, Clarence and Pauline. Affiliated with Methodist church. Occupation has been that of rural mail carrier for 41 years. Now retired. Member of all lodge bodies, a 32nd Degree Mason, also member of Shriners, the O.E.S. and White Shrine. Resides at Yale, Illinois.

Born in Toledo, Illinois, July 8, 1905. Made a Mason in Toledo Lodge No. 834, April 4, 1930. Served as Master in 1937. Commissioned a Grand Lecturer in 1937. Served as District Deputy Grand Master of the 78th District in 1944 and 1945. Dimitted from Toledo Lodge and is affiliated with Jerseyville Lodge No. 394. Resides in Jerseyville. Also member of Consistory, Valley of Danville, Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite.

Born in Toledo, Illinois, January , 1871. Made a Master Mason in Toledo Lodge No. 834 in June, 1907. Commissioned a Grand Lecturer in June, 1914 and has continued in same office up to the present time. He served as Grand Standard Bearer of the Grand Lodge in 1916 and 1917. Was District Deputy Grand Master for 29 years; Grand Steward of Grand Lodge in 1952 and 1953 and Grand Pursivant in 1954 until present time. Appointed Grand Representative of the Grand Lodge of Argentina, South America in 1954 and still serves in that capacity. Member of all the Scottish Rite Bodies; also the York Rite Bodies except the council. Member of Shrine and Eastern Star. Resides at Toledo.


An open house meeting of Wabash Lodge No. 179 was held at Etna late in the fall of 1955 to celebrate the one hundredth anniversary of the Lodge. A banquet was served to about 150 members of the Lodge and their families and visitors.

A short program followed with several speakers participating. Brother Harry Grafton of Lerna made the keynote address. Brother William Lovins and Brother William Olmstead of Toledo also made short talks.

A pleasant and enjoyable time was had by all present on this occasion.


And so my brethren, we finish the task allotted to us and close the pages of the record of the activities of Wabash Lodge No. 179. We are sure we have left untouched many of the happenings and works of this Lodge which may have been of interest to you. But as the Scriptures tell us, "All the happenings are not herein recorded, but may be found elsewhere." So perhaps our future contemporaries may pick up the threads of our loosely woven fabric and carry on from there.

We, therefore, respectfully submit our report to you of the Wabash Lodge No. 179, and hope that we may have fulfilled our responsibility to some degree at least.

Signed Committee:

W. Frank Payton
Loe Ellis
E. Tom Allen
Otis T. Burcham
A.Y. Hart Jr.
Ernest Chamberlin
J. Lawrence Bell
Fred M. Campbell

As we travel down that long, long road,
And earthly cares are won,
We trust that God's all-seeing eye
Will watch and say well done.

May younger hands take up the torch,
And carry it on high,
While older ones sit back and cheer
As His banner marches by.

We look forward to that Heavenly Home,
That Mansion in the skies,
Where peace and harmony shall prevail,
In that place called Paradise.

God grant our work be all well done,
Till we find that peaceful rest.
And may he say again to us
Enter in, to the joys of the blest.

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Contributed to Illinois Genealogy Trails by William Harrison
Published with permission of Masonic Lodge No. 179
Transcribed by Kim Torp, Illinois Genealogy Trails Coles County Host