Mattoon Death Register

This is transcribed by your host (Kim Torp) from original microfilmed documents. These are the same documents that the IRAD used to put together the Mattoon Death Register Index on their website. However, there are some important exceptions. First, the records which I transcribed are only from 1 to 1530. The remainder are on another roll of microfilm which I have not as yet ordered. Secondly, there are over 500 extra records from 1902-1903 contained here which are
not on the IRAD's index. The extra records appeared to be strictly from Coles County's recordkeeping and were much less detailed than the official death certificates the state required. I have notated these extra records with an (a) after the certificate number to avoid duplicating numbers. If you try and write away for the certificate from the IRAD or Coles County, DO NOT include the (a) after the number. Truthfully, I'm not sure whether the IRAD has access to the extra 500 records or not.

As always with genealogical transcriptions, you are advised to check with the original document yourself. DO NOT assume that I have transcribed this with 100% accuracy. I have noted my questions with a
(?). Some of the original documents had question marks in them and I have tried to note this with a (sic) Original spellings were maintained, even when obviously wrong. Also, be aware that there is more information for "Physician/Informant" on the record which I did not start transcribing until the 1902's. Since the roll was wound backwards, I started transcribing from the latest down to the earliest and in the later years, the doctor or the undertaker was the one who signed the certificate. Trying to save myself some time and finger cramping, I did not think it was necessary to copy the doctor's/undertaker's name. Unfortunately, I realized a little more than 3/4 of the way through transcribing that they occasionally put an "informant" in the space rather than a doctor's name, and the informant was usually a family member. Being on a time schedule, there was no way I could go back through and re-enter the information. Sorry. But that just gives you a reason to obtain the microfilm and check the information for yourself, which you should do anyway.
This microfilm may be bought or rented from Heritage Quest, product # V141-81 - "Illinois County Records" or viewed at the IRAD in Charleston, IL under the name "Mattoon Death Register".


-- E -- Surnames

No. of Record Name   Color Sex Conjugal Condition Date of Death Date of Birth Age Occupation POB POB of Father POB of Mother Disease or Cause of Death Duration Place of Death Late Residence - Length of Residence (in city or town) Undertaker Place of Interment Date of Certificate Physician or Informant
108 Minerva Ealy W F M Aug 30 1900 Jul 30 1829 71y, 1m   Putman, ind Kentucky   general debility   country   J.J. Hoag Dodge Grove Cem -  
1265 Son of Albart Ealy W M S Jun 30 1908   - - Mattoon     premature birth   2609 Marshall   E. P Thomas Dodge Grove Cem Jun 30 1908  
404(a) Emory Easton       Jul 7 1903             gunshot. Tetanus poisoning              
771 Henry O. Eaton W M S Aug 25 1906   12y, 8m, 27d school boy Mattoon     Bi 4 or I.C. Railroad accident   Mattoon   Campbell & Co Dodge Grove Aug 26 1906  
628 Infant Eaton - - -               -   -   - - -  
1061 JoSeph Eaton W M S Aug 17 (?) 1907   5 infant Mattoon     cerebro spinal meningitis w/contrib cause of dysentery 3 days - 10 Mattoon   D.S. Campbell Bethel Cemetery Aug 14 1907  
148 Wm. Eaton W M M Nov 1 1900   22   Charleston     took morphine   18-- 9sic) Broadway, 4th ward Mattoon C.W. Haskell Dodge Grove Cem Nov 1 1900  
178 Phebe Jane Eck W F M Jan 13 1901 Oct 15 1849 51y, 2m, 28d housewife Ohio New Jersey Ohio general debility w/paralysis 5 yrs 2808 Champaign, 6 ward 2808 Champaign. 6 mo J.J. Hoag Dodge Grove Cem Jan 14 1900 J.W. Summers & Dr. Baber
462 Fred A. Edland W M M Feb 15 1905   31 printer Illinois     consumption 6mo Mattoon   D.S. Campbell Hunningburg, KY -  
1326 Matilda E. Edwards W F S Oct 18 1908   4   Illinois     pneumonia w/contrib cause of anesth??   624 S. 21st   E. P Thomas Dodge Grove Cem Oct 18 1908  
297 May Edwards W F S Aug 17 1901   about 20   Moultrie Co, IL     consumption   Moultrie Co, IL     Whitfield Cem, Moultrie Co. -  
699 Gustin Eilenstern W M S Apr 3 1906   26 clerk Illinois     tuberculosis pulmonary 2y, 6mo 1521 Marshall St   D.S. Campbell Dodge Grove Cem Apr 24 1906  
132 Marion Francis Elder W M S Oct 11 1900 1900 9m   Mattoon     inflamation of bowels   South 23 St, 4th ward   C.W. Haskell Dodge Grove Cem ? (sic) Oct 11 1900  
510(a) Harry Eldridge       Dec 30 1903   17         Iroquois Theatre Fire   Chicago          
? Monte Eldridge       Dec 30 1903   24         Iroquois Fire   Iroquois Theatre, Chicago, IL          
639 Infant of R.A. Elenthorp W M - Jan 245 1906   -   Mattoon     still born   916 Prairie Ave   D.S. Campbell Dodge Grove Cem Jan 31 1906  
111 J.B. Elliott w M M Aug 28 1900 Dec 29 1843 56y, 8m, 29d stone mason not given     not given   1005 Piatt   C.W. Haskell Dodge Grove Cem Aug 28 1900  
1176 Robert Elliott W M M Feb 13 1908   68 retired Indiana     typhoid pneumonia 28 days 2700 Western Ave   J.D. McCarty Dodge Grove Cem Feb 17 1908  
1409 Thomas P. Elliott W M - Mar 28 1909   83 yrs shoemaker Morgan Co     gangrene w/auto intoxication and hyposlatic congestion   Memorial Hospital   C.W. Haskell Dodge Grove Cem Apr 3 1909  
49 Cecile Ralph Ellis w M S Mar 31 1900 Jan 21 1898 2y, 2m, 10d   Lafayette twp     lung trouble       Schlicher Bros.   Mar 31 1900  
529 Infant Ellis W M ? Jul 11 1905   2d   Mattoon     exhaustion 2 days Mattoon   C.W. Haskell Dodge Grove Cem Jul 12 1905  
366 Grace Pearl Elston - F S 1904   18 d         congestive heart disease 18 days Mattoon   J.J. Hoag Dodge Grove Cem Aug 13 1904  
109 Helen Ely       Aug 20 1902             congestion of brain; cholera infantum              
1066 Martha Enos W F M Sep 2 1907   47y, 8m, 2 (?) d housewife Kansas     brain injuries rec'd in Ry. Wreck Aug 30 1907 3 days Mattoon   E.P. Thomas Dodge Grove Cem Sep 3 1907  
1067 S.F. Enos W m - Sep 2 1907   47y, 6mos laborer Indiana     injuries rec'd in Ry Interurban wreck 3 days Mattoon   E.P. Thomas Dodge Grove Cem Sep 3 1907  
443 Emery Erlow W F W Jan 8 1905   51y, 5mo housewife Ohio     Pneumonia 8 days 3107 Cottage Mattoon - Illinois, 40 yrs D.S. Campbell Dodge Grove Cem Jan 9 1905  
1199 Jacob Estelle B M S Mar 10 1908   14 farming Illinois     heart disease w/contrib cause of rheumatism 3; 6 1517 N. Thirtieth   E. P Thomas Dodge Grove Cem Mar 10 1908  
1419 Charles N. Ethinghan W M M April 5 1909   77y, 3m, 24d retired Indiana     cebral softening 4 yrs 1500 Dewitt   F.S. Schilling   Apr 5 1909  
144 Wm. Thomas Evans W M M Oct 31 1900 Nov 1 1850 49y, 11m, 30d laborer Shelby Co, IL         2513 Charleston, 4 ward 2513 Charleston Ave. 6 mos Schlicher Bros. Windsor Cemetery, Windsor, IL Oct 31 1900  
184 Jerry M. Everett W M M Jan 20 1901   about 86 retired       consumption       Schlicher Bros. Dodge Grove Cem Jan 21 1901  
738 Thos Eversfield W M W Jul 11 1906   82 G--? -     valvular heart trouble   City Blding Third Story 12-1906   D.S. Campbell Dodge Grove Jul 11 1906  
25 Alexander C. Ewing W M W Feb 14 1900 Apr 3 1811 88y, 10m, 11d retired Blount co, Tenn virginia Virgina old age   2612 West Ave. 5th ward Mattoon. 34 yrs Schlicher Bros. Dodge Grove Cem Feb 15 1900 Angie E. Ritter
59 Sarah A. Ewing W F M Apr 8 1900 May 3 1836 63y, 11m, 4d housewife Russ Co, ohio virginia   pneumonia   1404 Edgar, 3rd ward Mattoon. 8 yrs Schlicher Bros. - Apr 8 1900 Dan'l Ewing
1377 Aaron Eyler W M W Jan 18 1909   88yr, 1mo, 3 d retired farmer NewMarket, Ohio     dysentery - senility 3 days     F.S. Schilling Gays, Ill. Jan 19 1909  

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