List of Mexican War Volunteers from Coles Co., IL

From the Republican, Charleston, Coles Co., Ill. June 5, 1846

W.W. Bishop, Editor


Wednesday, being the 2d of June, the day opened bright and fair, and from an early hour the people commenced pouring in from all parts of the county, until our streets and court yard were one dense mass of moving human forms. Old men, who are hardly ever seen in town made their appearance, with their sons and kindred; the greatest enthusiasm prevailed among the people.

At 12 o'clock, to the sound of martial music the vast crowd, composed of men, boys and women of all ages, numbering some two or three thousand souls, began to form themselves into ranks,and moved off to quick time, two hundred yards west of the court house, to a beautiful grove, where they were addressed by Mr. A.P. DUNBAR (DUNBAN?), in a neat, spirited and animated speech, well calculated to arouse the patriotic feelings of the crowd. He was followed by Mr. U. F. LINDER, who had not been expected the day before, being absent attending the Christian county Court, but to the delight of every body, arrived in town the preceding night. It is idle to attempt any description of his speech -- we would as soon attempt to transfer to paper the dash of lightning, or the roar of artillery -- he spoke some two hours, being frequently interrupted by enthusiastic bursts of applause.

As soon as the speaking was over, all the male portion oft he audience, subject to military duty, were formed into a hollow square, by order of Gen. NORFOLK, when a call was made for volunteers to turn out for the invasion of Mexico. As the music passed round the lines, the young men leaped from the ranks and formed themselves into a line of moving volunteers, with an eagerness that would compare with the best days of Greece and Rome.

The ladies, God bless them, occupied the centre of the square, from whence many a bright eye, beamed with unwanted lustre, now and then dimmed with a pearly drop, a portion of the hearts treasure of love, for some dear form that marched in the rank of volunteers. It was a goodly sight to see beauty - aye, the bright maidenly beauty of the land, waiving their snowy scarfs to the youthful band of soldiers, as they passed around them.

In less than 20 minutes, after the call was made for volunteers, a full company was made up, composed of upwards of ---? men. An election was immediately ordered for officers, which resulted as follows:

Captain - W.W. Bishop

1st Lieutenant - J.J. Adams

2nd do - H.C. Dunbar

1st Sergeant - Samuel Logan

2d do - Alfred Jones

3d do - Darius Wiley

4th do - Leroy Wiley

1st Corporal - Joseph Piper

2d do - Jackson Sublett

3d do - Andrew J. Jeans

4th do - George Wells


James Bagley

W.R. Anglin

B.W. Romine

David Barney

J.R. Parrish

Isaiah Weston

W.T. Logan

Austin Wiley

Ben Parker

John Barrack

H.W. Louthan

A.D. Cox

John M C Foster

Thomas Hodge

J.R. Winters

Braxton Price

J.T. Evans

Levi Bryant

C.E. Jones

G.W. Bryant

W. Drummond

Joseph Carter

W.C. Hamon

S.H. McCallister

Jos Goode

W.H. McCallister

John Lusk

James Cox

Robert Lawrence

Charles Fetty

H.D. Frost

Samuel Miller

W.C. Ashmore

William Sublett

M. Jarvas

John Reynolds

Jackson Hooper

James Dyer

Ely Teel (tool?)

Dow Ray

George McDaniel

G.W. Cartmell

Reson Wiley

Thomas Turner

W.M. Henry

Ira Wiley

Thos Kelly

James Wiley

M. Wilson

Henry N. Pinnell

A.Z. Jones

John D. Poulter

Harrison Ray

Sam'l W. Ewing

Samuel Hadley

Peter Miller

John Gilbert

Thos W. Hart

Sam. L. Hannon

Moses Hart

George Hunt

Wm. White

Wm. Wells (?)

John Abbott

Alex Griffin

Henry West

Nathan West

John Reat

John West

T.A. Clements

There may be some errors in the names above, which we request to have pointed out. [Editor W.W. Bishop's Note]

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