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Mt. Tabor Cemetery

This listing has changed!
I've retranscribed these webpages from scratch to reflect more accurately what is actually on the headstones in the cemetery.

To clarify -  this website is part of the Genealogy Trails History Group.  
 It is *not* the "homepage" of the Mount Tabor cemetery, nor was it ever meant to be thought of as "their" webpage.   
I am responsible for all maintenance, content and ownership of all pages within this website, including the webpages for this cemetery.

To that end, this webpage is only meant to be a cemetery listing - not a place for family histories, trees, multiple marriage partners, step-children, parents/step-parents not buried here, interpretations, extrapolations, etc.  It's *JUST* a listing of people buried in the cemetery.  My goal in retranscribing this data is to get back to its original format and function.

Of course, many stones are no longer viewable for various reasons and in that case, I've relied on the data in "The Prairie Sleeps" as my starting point.  
The data from that publication started out as surveys performed in 1934 by the Sally Lincoln Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR).  And then, the Coles County Genealogical Society built on those DAR readings in 1973 when they published "The Prairie Sleeps".   In the past I have gone out of my way to avoid using publications from societies out of respect for the work these societies have done and their need to finance their organizations by selling those publications to researchers.  I've had a copy of this publication since 1999, but refrained from using it on my sites for those reasons.    BUT there have been some recent events which have made me realize that nobody has respected any of MY work from this website and have felt very free to take my work and post it wherever they like and claim it as their own,  including some of those very same society members, so it seems that I'm the one living in the past and working off of outdated concerns and morals.  In short, there don't seem to be any boundaries anymore.  

So here we are, back to the basics.    I started with the Mt. Tabor portion of that original DAR reading and the ensuing The Prairie Sleeps publication,  and then I completely re-transcribed the data.  I then compared the transcription to available pictures of headstones, viewing each headstone and comparing the data from the transcription.    I transcribed all data myself, using the pictures of the headstones, making corrections to obvious errors when there was adequate proof of an error, and adding new burials as found.  
Entries were made based on the ACTUAL DATA ON THE HEADSTONES and the data printed here is "AS IS" - and that means from what the headstone says.  
That means there are listings available on other websites that say the people were buried here, but unless there was some sort of solid proof (ie., death record citation, obit, pix of headstone) they were NOT included here.

Please don't write me with your "corrections" which are actually additions or omissions - if the headstone doesn't say it, I don't want to change this original data.  
If you find an actual error in my transcription, or have a listing to add, AND you have some proof (a death record, an obit, a picture of a headstone, etc) I'll be very happy to make a note of the correction.  I usually don't change the original source data, but find that the notations satisfy the genealogist's code of not changing original source data while still making the correct data available.

Again, I am not asking for any contributions from anybody to "correct" what they feel is incomplete data.

This is a cemetery listing ONLY - These people were known to be buried in this cemetery and this is what their headstone says when it was originally read.  

Other data can be found in obituaries, death, marriage and census records - and I have thousands of those types of records online as well which you are welcome to peruse (but do NOT copy to other websites, and that includes Findagrave.)

Thanks go to Cathy Babbs for her picture of the church (which I've "prettied up" and reformatted) and the brief history which follows

History of Mt. Tabor Church and Cemetery

[Information about the history of the Mt. Tabor Church and Cemetery was compiled and presented at a public meeting of the Coles County Historical Society in September, 1999 by Mrs. Cathy Babbs, who is a member of the Board of Directors of the Mt Tabor Church and Cemetery. She has given permission for portions of that information to accompany this compilation of the persons who are buried in the Mt Tabor Cemetery.]

The Mt. Tabor Church was organized in 1858, and the last Sunday School classes were held in 1967. The land that the Mt Tabor Church and Cemetery sets on is located in the SW 1/4 of the SE 1/4 of Section 4, Township 11 North, Range 9 East of the 3rd PM, and is located on the Lincoln Highway, about 4 miles south of Charleston, Coles Co, IL. This tract was originally entered from the government by Charles Erwin on June 20, 1837, and Charles' wife and son were listed as two of the five founding members of the Church. The property was deeded to the Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church on March 16, 1891 "to be used as a cemetery and to erect a church building".

At different times through the years, the Cemetery has been called the SHAVER, SHAFER, and SHAFFER Cemetery as well as the INDIAN CREEK CEMETERY.

The earliest UNMARKED burial is that of 2-day old twin Mary Ann Replogle on 28-Oct-1846.
The earliest MARKED burial is that of two-year old James W. Johns - his death date on his marker states Sept 28, 1847.

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