Church Related News Items

James Shaw, of Bloomington, formerly pastor of the M.E. church of this city, filled Rev. McIntyre's pulpit Sunday morning and evening.
[Charleston Courier, April 22, 1886]

Four persons - two ladies, Mrs. L.R. HUTCHASON and daughter, young Mr. Hutchison of another family, and Doctor Walker - joined the Baptist Church, Sunday night, the three former by experience and the latter by letter. Three, two ladies and one youth, also went up to be prayed for the same night. March 21, 1867 - Charleston Courier

Elder H.P. TANDY will preach at the Christian Church, in Charleston, on next Sunday, morning and evening. All are invited.
[The Plain Dealer, April 22, 1880]

Loxa: Rev. Montgomery has been retained as pastor of the C.P. church here. [The Plain Dealer - April 14, 1888]

Farmington: Frank Harwood will deliver the lecture to the Bible class at their next meeting. [The Plain Dealer - April 14, 1888]

Unity Chapel: Elliott Corbin was able to attend prayer meeting Sunday night. [The Plain Dealer - April 11, 1890]

The officers of the Congregational church for this year are as follows: Mrs. E. Jennings, clerk; Mrs. J.F. Scott, treasurer; Col. Weaver, F.D. Barr and J.F. Scott, trustees; M.B. Rothrock, J.E. Spaulding, J.R. Pape and T.M. Lytle, ushers. The Mattoon Gazette, 13 January 1893 [Contributed by Src #3]

Good Attendance At Central Baptist Sunday
There was a good attendance and a deep interest in all the services at the Central Baptist Church Sunday. At the evening service, the house was filled and a number were turned away who could not gain admittance. A goodly number expressed an interest in the Christian Life during the day and one young person took a definite stand for Christ. The pastor's subject for the evening sermon was "Pilate's Failure". Services this evening at 7:30. The pastor will preach and at the close of the meeting there will be a baptismal service.
The Mattoon Gazette, 13 November 1916 [Contributed by Src #3]

Class Meeting
On Saturday afternoon, Mrs. G.L. Hampson's Sunday school class of the Methodist Episcopal Church was entertained by Miss Thelma Loveless and Miss Ruth Linthicum, members of the class, at the home of Miss Linthicum, 2601 Richmond Avenue.
The Mattoon Gazette, 13 November 1916 [Contributed by Src #3]

Hear Rev. McMahon's sermon on "The Funeral of Booze," Sunday afternoon at the Christian Church. The Mattoon Journal~Gazette, 16 January 1920 [Contributed by Src #3]

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