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The Monthly Report of the Eastern Seminary for the month ending Friday April 26th shows the following result: the "Roll of Honor" being the most creditable, as embracing attendance, scholarship and deportment, and the "Model Roll" embracing only attendance and deportment.


Kate VanMeter

Mary White

Eleanor Maffit

Ella Miles

Mary B. Pierce

Zince Linder

Melissa Nichol

Sarah Glasco

Evangeline Minton

Ella Burton

Flora E. Morris

Nerva White

Clarence Minton

A. Huckaby


Amanda Watson

Ada Wright

John Hutchason

Wm. Goodwin

Jennie Adams

Kate Tucker

Geo. Cornwell

Walter Glasco

H. Cornwell

James Arnold

Stella Carter

Myra Carter

[The Plain Dealer....May 16, 1867]

Gus. FICKLIN and Jim CRAIG returned home from Ann Arbor, Michigan, law school last week. Mr BARLOW's little (?) [sic] son, who has been attending the same school, did not return until this week. March 21, 1867 - Charleston Courier

If any of our citizens wish to see a "model school" let them visit Miss Ettie ALLISON's room east side. [The Plain Dealer, April 22, 1880]

Miss Floy Wright took the first honors of her class in the University, at Lexington, Kentucky, last week.(The Charleston Plaindealer, April 21, 1887)

Our public schools began to-day, Monday, with Miss Minnie Matthews as principal and Miss Minnie Lakin assistant.(The Charleston Plaindealer, April 21, 1887)

Bluford Rosebrough, who has been attending the Business College at Poughkeepsie, N.Y. for the past 6 months, returned home Monday. [The Plain Dealer - April 14, 1888]

Janesville: Jessie Brashares' school opened Monday with ten scholars on the roll.  [The Plain Dealer - April 14, 1888]

Fair Grange: Erwin Foreman is taking lessons in music. A class has been organized recently in this community with Miss Lib Jones, of Loxa, as instructress. She makes her rounds twice a week.  [The Plain Dealer - April 14, 1888]

Loxa: Geo. LuFever is teaching east of Charleston. [The Plain Dealer - April 14, 1888]

Hardin: Miss Mary Nesbit obtained teacher's license in both Coles and Douglas counties, and began teaching at the Beasly school house last Monday. We hope that she will be successful and find teaching a pleasure. [The Plain Dealer - April 14, 1888]

Loxa: W.K. Shoemaker will superintend our Sunday school this year.
[The Plain Dealer - April 14, 1888]

Miss Agnes Briggs began teaching at the Fowler school house just east of the city Monday, and Miss Effie Osborne, another of our bright school girls, will begin teaching the Glassco school, in Hickory township next Monday. [The Plain Dealer - Either April 5 or April 12, 1889 - the newspaper says both]

Rardin: Miss Mary Nesbit will teach the Rardin school this summer. [The Plain Dealer - April 11, 1890]

Janesville: Miss Minnie Matthews commenced her school at the Clear Creek school house last Monday. [The Plain Dealer - April 11, 1890]

North Hickory: James Shields took the examination at Tuscola last week. [The Plain Dealer - April 11, 1890]

North Hickory: Miss Nora Athey went to Normal Saturday to attend school. [The Plain Dealer - April 11, 1890]

North Hickory: Miss Minta Reeds, of Oakland, is teaching the Em Huff school. [The Plain Dealer - April 11, 1890]

Oakland: Miss Lillie Pearce left Saturday for Normal where she will attend the spring term of school. [The Plain Dealer - April 11, 1890]

North Okaw: G.W. Stull is talked of as school director at Fuller's Point, and we think wisely too, as a man who takes more interest in the school work than he, could not be found. [The Plain Dealer - April 11, 1890]

North Okaw: The schools in Okaw have all commenced with the following corps of teachers: E.D. Elder, W.H. Crum, E.E. Senteney, Murray Woods, Kitty Morgan, Maggie Jeffries, Sallie Coke, Sattie Frost and Emery Andrews. [The Plain Dealer - April 11, 1890]

Loxa: Our district school opened Monday with S.A. Nughart as teacher. [The Plain Dealer - April 11, 1890]

Lewis VanMeter has gone back to school at Upper Alton, accompanied by his brother Sam. They will not return until the last of June. [Charleston Courier, April 6, 1893]

Nettie Curtis began her third term at O'Hair school Monday.  [Charleston Courier, April 6, 1893]

Misses McCarty and O'Hair, two of our best teachers, gave a party to their friends Tuesday evening. The Mattoon Gazette, 13 January 1893 [Contributed by Src #3]

Paige Dora, one of the few surviving scholars of Miss WHITTEMORE's private school at VanBuren and Fourth, in the 1880's was in yesterday and while renewing his subscription to the Daily News, reminisced on the old days. Some of the old scholars were he and his brother (Robert S. DORA), Edgar LAUGHLIN, Cooney WING, Clayton SHRIVER, Arthur SHRIVER and C.S. RARDIN. When a pupil got refractory in those days the schoolmistress was wont to make them lie down across two chairs, say their prayers, and meditate the possible or potential wrath to fall upon their loins in the shape of a heavy two-foot ruler she poised aloft. Date Unknown (July 11, 1925?:, Charleston Courier - Thanks to Src #139 for this]

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