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Marriage Announcements

©Except where noted, these were transcribed by K.Torp

Adkins - Southaw

MARRIED - on the 19th ult., by Eld. R.M. Newport, Mr. JAMES ADKINS, of Clark county, to Miss SARAH ELIZA SOUTHAW, of Edgar [April 10, 1844 - The Courier]

Alford - Gould
Mattoon, Ill., Dec 21 -- One of the most fashionable weddings of the season took place in the Congregational Church this evening, the contracting parties being Miss Catherine C. Gould of this city and Thomas A. Alford of Indianapolis.  A reception was held at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.A. Gould, after the ceremony [Thursday, December 22, 1898; St. Louis Republic (St. Louis, MO)]

Anderson - Selby
Married at the residence of Michael Hall near Charleston May 7, 1865 by Rev. Mr. White, Thomas ANDERSON and Mrs. Lucinda SELBY. [Plain Dealer...May 25 1865]

Ashmore - Hunt
Miss Hunt Married -- At almost time for closing our forms yesterday we learned of the big wedding that occurred out at the home of Ex-Postmaster Hunt and wife Wednesday. It was the marriage of their daughter Miss Louvice to Mr. Elby Ashmore. We will give a full report next week, together with a list of presents. It was a grand time, 76 persons having eaten at several tables.
We haste to join the host of friends in offers of congratulation. [The Charleston Courier, March 10, 1899 - Submitted by Src #2]

Baichley - O'Dell
Will Baichley, who formerly set type in the Mentor office, was recently married at Oakland to Miss Clara O'Dell. [Newton Press, Jasper County, Apr. 1, 1891]

Balch - Noyes
At Newburyport, 9th inst, by Rev. Dr. Worthington, Francis V. Balch, of Jamaica Plain, to Ellen M., eldest daughter of F.V. Noyes, M.D., of Mattoon, Illinois  [Monday, July 13, 1863, Boston Post (Boston, MA]

Bandy - Cox
Charleston, ILl., Nov 11 - Mr. Bert Bandy of Brocton, Ill and Miss Lillian Cox of Perryville, Ky., came here Saturday afternoon and were married Monday by the Rev. Mr. Kemp, pastor of the First M.E. Church.  It was believed at first that they were elopers, but the young woman declared she was 18.  They tried to secure a license in Edgar county, but failed. [The St. Louis Republic. (St. Louis, Mo.), 12 Nov. 1902]

Barnes - Brummet
Homer J. Barnes, 26, a truck drive of Mattoon, and Miss Julia C. Brummet, 20, of Mattoon, also were married by Griffith Friday afternoon. [Urbana Daily Courier; 7 September 1935]

In the report of marriage licenses issued in Coles county this week, we note that Elias A. Birk, Newton, and Edna M. Beals of Mattoon. Mr. Birk is a traveling salesman for the Ligett & Myers Tobacco Co, and was formerly a member of the grocery firm of E.A. Birk and Paul Weber. We congratulate the couple. [The Newton Press, Jasper County - August 6, 1926]

Bishop - Monroe
Charles E. BISHOP and Virginia MONROE were married at the residence of the bride's mother in this city, Wednesday evening, April 13th 1881, Rev. J.B. Wolfe officiating. This young couple start out in life with hosts of friends and the Plaindealer joins the host in wishing them a joyous journey along the stream of time. [The Plain Dealer, April 21, 1881]

Bosley - Wooldrige
Judge J.P. Harrah performed a pretty wedding ceremony Saturday afternoon at his office in the court house when Miss Ruby Wooldridge and Lawrence L. Bosley, both of Mattoon, were united in marriage.  The mothers, Mrs. Matilda Bosley and Mrs. Minnie Wooldridge, were attending witnesses.  The couple will reside in Mattoon where Mr. Bosley has employment in the Big Four railroad shops. [The Charleston Courier, May 28, 1922]

Breeding - Pittman
Mr. Edgar Breeding and Miss Maude Pittman, both of Mattoon, were married here today.  They left on a bridal trip to Eastern cities. [The St. Louis Republic. (St. Louis, Mo.), 17 Oct. 1902] Brooks - Welch
Will BROOKS and Miss Mary WELCH were married on Sunday evening. [April 19, 1883 - Charleston Courier]

Brownfield - Keller
Gila: Jesse Brownfield of Mattoon and Mary Keller were married last week. They will make their future home in Mattoon. - [Newton Press, Jasper County, Jan. 14, 1891]

Champion - Worden
Mattoon, Ill., April 23 - Mr. George Champion and Miss Lizzie Worden of Lerna were married yesterday. [The St. Louis Republic. (St. Louis, Mo.), April 24, 1903, Page 4]

Cheatham - Bowman
In Mattoon, May 14, 1865 at the residence of Fletcher Miller by Rev. Mr. Phillips, Mr. Harry CHEATHAM and Miss Lizzie A. BOWMAN, both of Charleston. [Plain Dealer...May 25 1865]

Cole - Scott
Married, at the residence of the bride's mother, Rantoul, Ill., Friday evening, Dec 31, 1897, Miss Mary Maude Cole, '96, and Mr. George W. Scott, '96, Mattoon, Ill.  [Daily Illini, 14 January 1898]

Cottingham - Huson
Will Cottingham and Miss Lolo Huson were married on Thursday evening of last week. [The Charleston Courier, April 22, 1886]

Deresehere - Alwell
Miss Mary A. ALWELL, formerly of this city, was married to Frank DERESEHERE, at Terre Haute, Indiana on Thursday evening of last week. [April 19, 1883, The Charleston Courier]

Derrigan - Cramer
John Derrigan, an engineer on the T.C. and St. L. road, and Miss Ella Cramer, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nick Cramer, of this city, were married Sunday evening, at the residence of the bride's parents, Rev. J.A. Piper officiating. [April 23, 1885, The Charleston Courier]

Dewein - Hinkle
Heiress Weds a Brakeman
Bride gives reasons for Her Mother's Opposition to Marriage
Indianapolis, Ind, Aug 28 - Miss May Dewein, an heiress to a fortune at Mattoon, Ill., amounting to $100,000, is now the wife of Brakeman Vernon Hinkle, whose home is in this city. The two met and fell in love while Hinkle was passing through Mattoon aboard his train, bound to and from St. Louis and Indianapolis. The ceremony was performed Friday afternoon, but it was only a few hours after the justice of the peace had joined their hands when a telegram was received from Mattoon, asking if the license had been issued, and informing the clerk that the bride is but 16 years of age and the heiress to a $75,000 legacy left her by her father at his death in 1893. The parent of the young woman were informed that the wedding had taken place. The youthful Mrs. Hinkle was found at her boarding house with her husband tonight.
"I would rather lose my whole fortune than lose Vernon," she said. "I left Peoria, where I had been visiting friends, and came here with the determination to get married. I was 18 years old last February, and I don't care what mama says. She doesn't want me to think I am 18 because at that age she ceases to get the allowance from my estate, as provided for in my father's will." [The Paducah sun. (Paducah, Ky.), August 28, 1902]

Dole - Ogden
Married in this county, on the 22nd inst. by the Rev. Threldheld, Mr. S.D. DOLE to Mrs. JANE OGDEN, all of this county. [Nov. 30, 1853 - The Courier]

Dollar - Seales
Mr. John Dollar, son of Mr and Mrs Ralph Dollar of the Fairview neighborhood and Miss Hazel Seales, daughter of Mr and Mrs Frank Seales of Isabel were united in marriage at Isabel Thursday of last week, Rev. Armstrong of the M. E. Church performing the ceremony at 2 o'clock. We are glad to congratulate this very worthy young couple upon their entering the state of matrimony. Both are well and highly respected. Mrs Dollar is a very bright and industrious young woman and one who takes an interest in all things good for the home and community in which she lives. She is very prominent in church and social circles. Mr Dollar too, is prominent in standing for all that is good and true and will make a model husband for the woman whom he has chosen for his life partner. THE MESSENGER extends the very heartiest congratulations and wishes the very happiest or wedded careers for this worthy couple. [The Charleston Courier, February 10, 1916 - Contributed by Src #2]

Dutton - Plowshear
By Esq. Pugh on Monday morning the 3d inst. Mr. JAS DUTTON to Miss CAREY PLOWSHEAR, all of this place. It is intimated that the happy couple have had rather a warm time of it, nearly every day since, and remain apart every night --- we hope matters will take a favorable turn. [The Charleston Courier, May 5, 1858]

Elkins - Best
J.E. Elkins, of Champaign, and Miss Carrie Best, of this city, were married at the home of her parents, in this city, Wednesday evening.  [Source: The Daily Inter Ocean, (Chicago, IL) Sunday, November 15, 1891; pg. 19; tr. by N. Kramer]

Fields - Pennington
Marriage License:  Orpheus O. Fields, legal, Mattoon, and Anna Pennington, legal, Toledo [Journal Gazette (Mattoon, Illinois) 23 Jun 1937, p. 4, tr by KT]

Frost - Frakes
Grant Frost, a well-known married farmer of Lafayette township, Coles county, Ill., aged 30, has eloped with Lizzie Frakes, the 14-year-old daughter of a neighbor. [The bee, (Earlington, Ky.) August 14, 1902, Page 3]

Fuller - Moore
20 years ago Today, Jan 28, 1913:  Jesse Fuller of Paradise township and Miss Iva Moore of this city are united in marriage. [Journal Gazette (Mattoon, Ill.) 28 Jan 1933, p. 3]

Gilmore - Pence
Roscoe W. Gilmore, '24 of Mattoon was recently married in Chicago to Helen Pence, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pence, Mattoon.  Mr. and Mrs. Gilmore are living in Chicago where he is completing his course in the School of Pharmacy. [Daily Illini, 3 April 1924]


By the same on the 26th ultime, Mr. GOVES AUGUSTUS WAPSHAW GRANT to Miss MARGARET ANN BENNET, of Clark County. [April 10, 1844 - The Courier]

Hall - Wheeler
Clarence Hall was united in marriage in Hutchason, Kansas, June 12, 1887, to Miss Laura Wheeler, Rev. McAllister of the M.E. church officiating. [Herald quoted by the Plaindealer] The Plain Dealer... Thursday, June 23, 1887]

Harrah - Owens
Daniel Harrah was married to Miss Sue Owens at Mattoon, Thursday. Himself and bride were the guests of B.F. Harrah and wife, Friday and went thence to Grove township [Jasper county] to visit the former's parents and other relatives. [Newton Press, Jasper County, Aug. 6, 1890]

Harvey - Flatt
Miss Harriett Flatt, Champaign and Dr. J.L. Harvey, Mattoon were married at 4:30 yesterday afternoon in the Universalist parsonage.  The Rev. R.E. Cranmer performed the single ring ceremony. The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O.B. Flatt, 701 North State street, Champaign.  Dr. Harvey is the son of Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Harvey of Ithaca, N.Y. He is a graduate of Toronto university.  The couple were attended by Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Krill. They will beat home after February 14, in Mattoon where Dr. Harvey is a veterinarian.[Daily Illini, 3 February 1925]

Hicks - Sedgwick
Frank M. Hicks was married last Sunday week to Miss Ida Sedgwick, of Cumberland County. They will reside in Grove. Melvin Hicks, who attended the wedding, danced in a pig trough and as a result has been on the sick list. [The Cumberland Democrat, Nov 5, 1885]

Hill - Bush
Married while in Hypnotic State. -- Mattoon Girl Declares She Became a Bride Against Her Will - Deserted in Three Days
Mattoon, Ill, Nov. 20. - Hypnotized into wedding Jackson L. Hill, whom she did not love, Lucy M. Bush of this city was deserted three days after the wedding. She has been unable to find any traces of her husband. Miss Bush is aged 20 years and a prepossessing brunette. She met Hill four years ago when he was a brakeman on the Peoria, Decatur and Evansville Railway here. He paid her attentions, and when he went to Peoria to work for the Chicago and Alton they corresponded. Lately he had a run between Chicago and Detroit, Mich., on the Wabash. October 28 Hill came to Mattoon on a visit. He asked Miss Bush to marry him. She refused, as she says she did not love him. Two days later they went driving. He renewed his suit. Some strange force he exerted overcame her, she says, and they drove to Charleston and were married by Doctor O'Neal at the Methodist Episcopal parsonage. They returned home. Three days later he deserted her. Officers are seeking to arrest him.  [The St. Louis Republic. (St. Louis, Mo.), 21 Nov. 1901]

Hoag - Thomas
Former Tolono Man Weds.
Tolono, Ill., August 13. - Announcements of the marriage of Miss Gertrude Thomas, to Mr. J. J. Hoag, formerly of this place, have been received by Tolono friends. They were married Wednesday in Mattoon, their home town. [Urbana Daily Courier; 15 August 1910]

Hutchinson - Carter
David T. Hutchinson of Sadorus and Miss Effie I. Carter of Mattoon were married Wednesday by Magistrate Sims, who performed the ceremony with his accustomed dignity and grace.  The couple were a well appearing young man and woman, the groom being a farmer at Sadorus.  He took his bride there to live. [Urbana Daily Courier; 26 February 1904]

James - Hutchason
Married at the residence of the brides mother in this city last Tuesday evening, by Elder PIPER, D.D. JAMES Esq, of the Atlantic Elevator and Pacific Mills, of Mattoon, and Miss Nannie HUTCHASON, of Charleston. [April 26, 1877 - The Charleston Courier]

Married - by Rev. J.F. McCann, at his residence in this city on Tuesday evening the 20th inst. Brison Johns, of Hickory township and Miss. Martha McMorris of Hutton township. [The Charleston Courier, April 22, 1886]

Joseph - Redman
Married, Sunday, Jan 3 at 4 pm, near P.D and E. depot, by Rev. E.M. Johnson, Mr. William Joseph to Miss May Redman; all of this city. [Mattoon Gazette (Mattoon, Illinois)8 Jan 1886, Fri]

Park Kelly of Mattoon and Lola Brown of Newton were married at the residence of the bride's parents on Wednesday last. She is the youngest daughter of Honorable and Mrs. D.B. Brown. The couple will live in Mattoon. [Newton Press, Jasper County, Mar 4, 1891]

Lawrence - Dunbar
Married on the 7th inst., Mr. Theodore Lawrence and Miss Mary E. Dunbar, all of Charleston, Ills.
[Illinois State Chronicle (Decatur, Illinois) February 14 1856 - Submitted by Nancy Piper]

Leake - Gage
A Wedding - At seven o'clock on Tuesday evening, Mr. J.B. LEAKE and Miss Kate GAGE, of this city, were married at the Presbyterian church, by Rev. R.A. Mitchell. After partaking of a supper at the residence of Dr. W.H. Carman, the happy groom and bride, attended by several friends, went to Terre Haute, where they will remain until Saturday. May no shadows cross their pathway. [The Plain Dealer... April 23, 1868]

Linbloom - Easton
Mr. Frank Linbloom of Charleston township and Miss Eliza Easton, of the same township, were united in marriage by Thos. W. Grimes, J.P., at his office in Pleasant Grove township, on Sunday, April 17th, 1887. [The Plain Dealer...Thursday, April 21, 1887]

Linthicum - Ball
The wedding of Miss Dorothy E. Ball of Alton and Cecil Linthicum '25 of Mattoon took place Monday in Charleston. Mrs. Linthicum is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Ball, Alton.  She is a graduate of Shurtleff college, Alton.  She has been teaching foreign languages and music in the Metamora high school. Linthicum is the son of Mr. and Mrs. L.E. Linthicum, Mattoon.  He is a graduate of Charleston state normal and will graduate from the University at the close of the summer session.  He has been principal of the Metamora high school for the last two years. Mr. and Mrs. Linthicum have gone on a wedding trip to Peoria and Champaign.  At the close of the summer session they will live in Metamora. [Daily Illini, 12 June 1924]

Lovings - Sanders
Willow Hill: Nick Lovings, of Charleston, and Miss Mollie Sanders were married, Sunday. [The Newton Press, Jasper County, IL, May 15, 1899]

Maples - Bates
Married on the 4th inst., Mr. J. J. Maples and Miss Edith Bates, all of Charleston. [Illinois State Chronicle (Decatur, Illinois) February 28 1856 - Submitted by Nancy Piper]

Martin - Cannoy
Married at Terre Haute
The fact has just developed that Miss Bessie Cannoy, a former Charleston girl, but of late living in Kentucky, and Don Martin, 19 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Martin of this city, were married last week in Terre Haute.  Both parties are extremely youthful in appearance and their friends here are at a loss to know how they secured a license. [Journal Gazette (Mattoon, IL) 25 Jul 1916, pg. 6; tr by KT]

Mason - Bishop
Married: On the 1st instant, by Rev. John McDonad, Mr. GEORGE ED. MASON and Miss ALICE E. BISHOP, all of this place. As Ed. is "one of us," he has our heartiest congratulations. Cake excellent. [May 7, 1856, The Charleston Courier]

McClelland - Lee
A Pleasant Affair
Marriage of Miss Clara D. Lee to Howard McClelland
Last night at 9 o'clock Miss Clara D. Lee, the beautiful and accomplished daughter of William E. Lee, Esq., was married to Howard McClelland, Esq., of Mattoon, Illinois.  The marriage ceremony was performed at the residence of the Rev. E.T. Currick.  After the ceremony the happy couple repaired to the residence of the bride's father, No. 173 South Tennessee street, where a most elegant supper was in waiting for them.  James H. Russell, Esq., partner of Mr. Lee, gave a toast at the banquet to the newly married couple, which was notably appropriate for the occasion, and showed the speaker familiar with such affairs.  The Russ rifle band visited the house and serenaded the happy couple with the sweetest of music.  The presents to the beautiful bride, for it is seldom that such exquisite beauty is seen, were handsome and expensive.  The father of the bride gave to the couple several elegant presents.  James H. Russell presented the couple with a handsome set of silverware.  The occasion passed off pleasantly, and those who had the good fortune to be present left feeling as if the evening had passed unusually quick.  The Sentinel, one and all, wish Mr. and Mrs. McClelland a long and pleasant voyage through life. [Wednesday, August 21, 1878 Indianapolis Sentinel (Indianapolis, IN)]

McElfresh - Capen
Paul McElfresh ex'22, Terre Haute, Ind. and Benetta Capen, Mattoon, were married at 2 o'clock, February 6, in thehome of the bride.  Rev. H. G. Beck, pastor of the First Methodist church, Mattoon, performed the ceremony.  Mr. McElfresh is employed by the Kresge corporation in Chicago. [Daily Illini, 17 February 1927]

Monroe - Ellington

Married on the 12th, by the same, Mr. ADOLPHUS F. MONROE to Miss NANCY ELLINGTON, both of this place [ Dec 14, 1853, The Courier]

Moses - Warren
Marriage License: Howard Moses, 33 and Mrs. Kathryn Warren, 33, both of Charleston [Journal Gazette (Mattoon, Illinois) 23 Jun 1937, p. 4, tr by KT]

Oliver - Hagaman
Marriage license issued yesterday by County Clerk Fred Hess.  Ralph Oliver, Mattoon, and Daisy Hagaman, Lincoln  [Daily Illini, 20 March 1929]

Mr. Wesley Brady announces the marriage of his daughter, Leonora Edna, to Mr. Paul R. Osborn, of Charleston, IL. The marriage ceremony was performed by the Rev. Robert Hall, of the Congregational Church, Michigan City, Ind., on April 15, 1939.
The bride looked charming in a dusty rose gown with blue accessories and wore a corsage of Talisman roses with matching tones of blue. The bride is a graduate nurse of Glenville Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio, and has had a post graduate course in X-Ray at St. Luke's Hospital, Chicago, Ill., and was employed in the X-Ray department of West Suburban Hospital, Oak Park, Ill. The groom received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Illinois, Champaign, Ill, and is a member of the Pei Kappa Alpha Fraternity. At the present time he is associated with the State Distributing Company, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Mr. and Mrs. Osborn will reside in Michigan. [The Charleston Courier, April 1939 - Contributed by Src #22]

Phillips - Johnson
S.P. Phillips, one of the most extensive broomcorn buyers in Central Illinois, was married to Miss Alice M. Johnson, at the home of the bride's mother, near Humboldt, at 11 o'clock this morning. [Thursday, December 22, 1898; St. Louis Republic (St. Louis, MO)]

Pierce - Whitney

Married on the 16th Mr. Rufus PIERCE to Mrs. Elizabeth WHITNEY, both of this county. [Wednesday, Dec. 21, 1853 - Charleston Courier]

Plecker - Harbison
Prominent Rockingham Farmer Wins Bride from Illinois - Married Tuesday in Staunton.
The culmination of an interesting romance took place Tuesday morning in the parlors of the Eakleton Hotel in Staunton,  (VA) when Mrs. Mary C. Harbison, of Mattoon, Ill., became the bride of Mr. Levi H. Plecker, a prominent and well-to-do farmer of near Bridgewater. The ceremony was solemnized by Rev. Dr. David Bush, presiding elder of the Rockingham District of the Methodist church, and was witnessed only by a few guests of the hotel. Mr. and Mrs. Plecker boarded the northbound B.& O. train at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon and came to Mt. Crawford depot. They were driven across to Bridgewater and are now domiciled at the groom's home. Mr. Plecker is about 55 years of age and his bride is several years his junior. They have been personally acquainted with each other since last September, when Mr. Plecker spent several weeks in Mattoon, Chiles (NOTE: s/b "Coles") county, Ill., where Mrs Harbison has resided for a number of years. For several months previous to the time of their meeting, Mr. Plecker and the lady who is now his bride had been in correspondence. Arrangements were made a short time ago for the couple to meet in Staunton and be married. Mrs. Harbison arrived in Staunton Monday and Mr. Plecker went to Staunton on the early B.& O. train Tuesday morning to claim his promised bride. Dr. Bush is a personal friend of the groom and willingly consented to tie the knot. Mr. Plecker has many friends in Rockingham, who wish him and his bride much happiness.  [Harrisonburg Rockingham Register January 12, 1906]

Price - Cavanaugh
The Gazette extends its congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. George Price who were married at the Catholic church Wednesday morning. Mrs. Price was lately known as Alice Cavanaugh. [The Mattoon-Gazette, 13 January 1893 Contributed by Src #3]

Ray - Swick
Mrs. Lizzie Swick, formerly of Jasper county, where she was quite well known, was recently married at Charleston to Mr. S.E. Ray, a wealthy citizen and one of the alderman there. [The Newton Press, Jasper County, Jan. 14, 1891]

Redden - McCloskey
J.W. Redden of Oakland and Miss Mina McCloskey of this city were married by Rev. J.F. McCann at his residence in this city on Tuesday evening. [The Charleston Courier, April 22, 1886]

Rosebrough - Sitz
In Seven Hickory Township, April 30, 1865 by Esq. S__s (couldn't read) Mr. James ROSEBROUGH and Miss Eliza SITZ. [Plain Dealer...May 25 1865]

Row - Tucker
Announcement has been received here of the marriage of Miss Essie Tucker and Mr. Harvey Rowe which took place at Mattoon, Ill., Easter Sunday, March the thirty-first at 7 a.m. Miss Tucker is the daughter of James P. Tucker, a well-known Breckenridge county farmer and is a lovely young business man and holds a position with the Mattoon Gas Company. Mr. and Mrs. Rowe are at home to their friends at 2608 Marion Ave., Mattoon. [The Breckenridge news. (Cloverport, Ky.), April 17, 1907]

Rude - Hillenberg
Mattoon Jan. 29 Miss Audray Hillenberg and Thaddeus P. Rude were married Tuesday morning in the parsonage of the Assembly of God church by the pastor, Rec. Arthur Bell.
The bride wore a dress of powder blue crepe with accessories to match. Mr. and Mrs. Rude left Thursday evening for Peoria where they will visit for a few days with relatives. Mr. Rude is a son of Mrs. N. A. Rude residing in 2612 Champaign Avenue, and has been employed for the last six years by A. D. King, as florist. Mrs. Rude is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hillenberg, residing in 621 South 21st Street. For several years she was employed in the Huddleston confectionery, but for the last few months she has been clerking in the Woolworth store and will retain her position. [Decatur Evening Herald Sunday, January 29, 1928, Decatur, Illinois]

Schroeder - Welch
Mrs. Joseph M. Schroeder was Miss Catherine Welch before her marriage Wednesday, Aug 8, in the Church of the Holy Conception, Mattoon.  Both Mr. and Mrs. Schroeder attended the University of Illinois.  They will make their home in Columbus, O., where the bridegroom is manager of a floral company.

Scott - Cole
Married, at the residence of the bride's mother, Rantoul, Ill., Friday evening, Dec 31, 1897, Miss Mary Maude Cole, '96, and Mr. George W. Scott, '96, Mattoon, Ill.  [Daily Illini, 14 January 1898]

Shepard - Compton // Alexander-Compton
On Monday, 21st inst., at the residence of Mr. Albert Compton, the bride's father, by Rev. E.D. Wilkin, Mr. S.M. SHEPARD, to Miss Rhoda M. COMPTON. Also at the same time and place by the ?, Mr. Randall ALEXANDER to Miss Nannie A. COMPTON, all of this city. With the above notice we received a very liberal portion, and quite a number of different varieties of cake. We understand the happy pairs left on the cars the same evening for New York city. We trust that happiness may be the lot of these now happy pairs, and may prosperity attend their meanderings through life. [Plain Dealer...May 24 1866]

In Pittsburgh, on the 10th ult., Mr. JACOB SMITH and Miss JULIA A. LATSHAW, formerly of this place. [May 7, 1856, The Charleston Courier]

On the 11th inst., by Wm. Gilman, Esq., Mr. WM STEVENS to Miss SABENA (?) ERVIN, all of this county. [April 10, 1844 - The Courier]

Pretty Wedding Country Last Evening
One of the prettiest Autumn Come Weddings was Wednesday evening' s ceremony at which Miss Hannah M., daughter of Mr and Mrs Charles Talbott, became the Bride Of Mr John W Stewart. The ceremony was performed at 8 o' clock at the home of the brides parents, four and one halfmiles northwest of Charleston. The officiating clergyman was the Rev Charles L. Overstreet, paster of the First Presbyterian church of this city. The decorations throughout the house were elaborate in colors of pink and white. The same color scheme was carried into the dining rooms where an elaborate wedding supper was served. The wedding guests were: Messrs. and Mesdames W. O. Kinzel, Mattoon; L.Q. Kinzel, Oakland; Newton Talbott Georgetown, Ind.; Thomas Talbott and family, Alvin Talbott and family, Dave Anderson and family , Oscar Anderson, and family, Glenn Talbott , Sam Talbott, Claude Talbott, Ben Myers, Harry Owings and Ben Owings, all of Charleston and Chambers Talbott, Georgetown Ind.; and Misses Josie, Inez and Mary Stewart and Messrs Ivory and Verne Stewart. Mr. and Mrs Stewart were the recipients of many handsome and beautiful presents as well as the well wishes of numerous friends for their married life to be a long and happy one. The courier takes pleasure in joining there friends in wishing them happiness and prosperity. [Unknown newspaper,  Nov 11,1908 - Submitted by Jerry Stewart, who adds "these were my great grandparents"]

Married - By B.B. Tyler, Sunday the 18th inst., at the residence of the bride's father, Miss Louisa EVANS and Mr. G.W. STINETT. [The Plain Dealer... April 22, 1869]

Married on the 8th inst by Rev. Samuel Huffman, Mr. JAMES SUTHERLAND to Miss MARIAH INGRAM, all of this county [Dec 14, 1853, The Courier]

Married, on Wednesday evening of this week, at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chas Harr, in this city, Mr. Paul E. TABEL to Miss Louise HARR. The marriage ceremony was performed by Rev. J. B. Wolfe, of Shelbyville. The occasion was the calling together of numerous relatives and friends, who expressed their heartfelt gratulations to the happy couple. They were also the recipients of a number of very costly presents, a list of which we will publish in our next issue. [The Plain Dealer, April 20, 1882]

Taylor - Tichenow and Wills - Taylor
Messrs. J.Q. and C.B. Stephens are in receipt of the following invitation from Charleston, Ill:  Your presence is requested at the marriage of Miss Effa E. Tichenow to Mr. Ed. Taylor and Miss Emma Taylor to Mr. H.W. Wills on Wednesday, october 9, 1901 at 8 oclock p.m. at the home of Mrs. Martha O'Hair.
Mr. and Miss Taylor are grandchildren of Mr. J.Q. Stephens, and are well known in this county where they formerly lived.  [The Mt. Sterling Advocate. (Mt. Sterling, Ky.), 15 Oct. 1901]

Miss Lou M. PRALL, daughter of Cornelius Prall, of Hickory Township, Coles county, was married recently to a Mr. TODD, of Mt. Sterling, Van Buren county, Iowa. The young couple commence life reading the Plaindealer. [The Plain Dealer, April 20, 1882]

Married on Sunday evening at 6:00 at the residence of the bride by Rev. W.J. Tull, Miss Lulu Hacket to Mr. Fred Weismantle of Chicago. Mr. Weismantle is known to our citizens, having formerly resided here. [The Charleston Courier, April 6, 1893]

Marriages: On the 25th of April last by Wm. Hancock, Esq. Mr. ISAIAH WELLS, late of Kansas to Mrs. ANN HARPER, of this county. [The Charleston Courier, May 5, 1858]

Married on the 15th inst. Mr. Asias WILSON to Miss Catharine CONLEY, both of this place [Wednesday, Dec. 21, 1853 - Charleston Courier]

James M. Wilson & Miss Linnie Large married Thanksgiving Day. They are living in Mattoon. [The Newton Press, Jasper County, Dec. 3, 1890]

Also at the same time and place (the 15th at the residence of John Ricketts, Oakley Ills), Mr. Teon E. Wood to Miss Ann E. Richetts, daughter of Wm. Ricketts, Esq., of Charleston, Ills.
[Illinois State Chronicle (Decatur, Illinois) May 15 1856 - Submitted by Nancy Piper]

Marriage Licenses: 
Clark Hilligoss, 21, Windsor and Verna Butler, 18, Sullivan
Emery Floyd Arnold, 18, Mattoon and Ruby Roberts, 17, Mattoon
Lawerence Rosely, 20, Mattoon and Ruby Wooldridge, 16, Mattoon
[Charleston Courier, May 28, 1922]

Unknown Dates:

Lerna, Il. Jan 20 - Isaac Shrader, a young man living near Charleston and Miss Eliza Black of Lerna were married in Shelbyville on Wednesday afternoon, the ceremony being performed by Rev. N. M. Rigg. Mr & Mrs. Shrader have gone to housekeeping on a farm belonging to the former near the Coles Co., seat. [Special to the Journal-Gazette, Contributed by Src #196]

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