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Miscellaneous News Stories


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"Read John Hanna's advertisement this week. It will do you good." Mattoon Gazette, Friday, 13 November 1885 [Contributed by Src #168]

"Pansy" tea parties are now the rage among the "Sweet Charity" girls." Mattoon Gazette, Friday, 13 November 1885 [Contributed by Src #168]

Reads Like A Novel - The Old Adage That "Truth is Stranger Than Fiction" is Again Verified.
Milwaukee, Wis., Nov. 21. – Perry C. Merriam, 24 years of age, yesterday succeeded in finding his father, from whom he has been separated since he was a year old. The young man was born at Mattoon, Ill, his mother being a daughter of C. C. Eggleston, a machinest of Cincinnati. According to Merriam's story he and his mother were kidnapped one year after his birth by his grandfather, who opposed the marriage of his daughter to C. P. Merriam. The mother died at the home of her father six months afterward and Perry was brought up on a farm near Athens, O., until his nineteenth birthday, when he started out to see the world and if possible find his father. An aunt living in Marrieta, O., gave the clew which resulted in bringing together father and son, at the home of the former in this city. [Repository, Nov. 21, 1896, Pg6 – Transcribed by TK]

There were 49 interments in the Arcoola cemetery last year, an increase of 22 over 1891. The Mattoon Gazette, 13 January 1893 [Contributed by Src #3]

Egyptian Corn Taken from a Tomb and Grown in Illinois
J.W. Parkinson, living near Mattoon, Ill., has raised on his farm several bushels of corn, the seed of which wastaken from tomb in Egypt, and is over 3,000 years old.  The corn is of a peculiar variety never seen there before,and attracts much attention. ["Hopkinsville Kentuckian".(Hopkinsville, Ky.) October 30, 1900]

Mr. M'Killop promoted.
He has charge of the shops at Mattoon, Ill.
Mr. A.J. McKillop, formerly traveling engineer of the Memphis division of the I.C. left yesterday for Mattoon,Ill., to take permanent charge of the shots there.He was several days ago promoted to that position and his successoron the Tennessee division has not yet been appointed.Mr. McCreevy, the traveling engineer of the Louisville divisionis attending to the Tennessee territory temporarily.  [The Paducah sun. (Paducah, Ky.), October 03, 1902]

D.D. Oldham has sold his farm and crop to Jesse, Jake and G.W. Harl and hasgone to Mattoon, Ill., to make his future home.[The Breckenridgenews. (Cloverport, Ky.), June 29, 1904 - Sub. by K.T.]

Mattoon, Ill Dec 12, 07
Mr. J.D. Babbage
Cloverpot, Ky
Dear Sir -Inclosed you will find $1 for the dear old Breckenridge News as we could not do with out it. Wishing you and all my Cloverport friends a merry Christmas and a happy New Year I remain Resp.
T.E. Pauley.
1021 Charleston Ave
Mattoon Ill.
[The Breckenridge news. (Cloverport, Ky.), December 25, 1907]

Harned - Mr. Mart Tivitt and family, of Mattoon, Ill., have moved into thehouse vacated by Garfield Tucker. [The Breckenridge News. (Cloverport,Ky.), January 22, 1908]

Breckenridge Boy
A successful operator on the Big Four Route, Carl Tinius, son of a prominent farmer of Holt, now with this roadat Mattoon, Ill.He is a graduate of the Kentucky School of Telegraphy, at Owensboro.In a letter of recent dateto the school he tells of passing the examination successfully and also expresses his appreciation to Mr. Rhodes,his instructor, for the thorough and and efficient manner in which he was trained while in school, saying:"Ifind your instructions and the work you gave to be the same as I perform here on the road.It is owing to yourtraining and influence that I now hold the position of third trick man here.I can cheerfully recommend anyonewishing to learn telegraphy to you for training."   [The Breckenridge News. (Cloverport, Ky.), April 08, 1908]

R. A. James, of Charleston, Ill., has the proud distincton of having grown the best ear of corn in all the 3,125,713,600 bushels of last year's bumper crop.  At the National Corn Show just held at Columbus, Ohio, this gentleman was awarded the W. K. Kellog National Corn Trophy, donated in 1909 by W. K. Kellog, president of the Kellogg Toasted Corn Flake Co. of Battle Creek Mich.  [The Mathews Journal. (Mathews C.H. [Court House]), 16 March 1911]


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