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Mr. and Mrs. David Anderson, residing one mile west of Charleston, entertained a number of guests with a dinner Sunday. The guests were: Mr. and Mrs. James McKenzie, Mr. and Mrs. Will Level and family, Mr. and Mrs. Miller McKenzie and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ward Meek and family, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. McNeel and family, Mr. and Mrs. Will McKenzie, Mrs. Anna Anderson and son, Misses Mable and Georgia Endsley, Miss Dessie Johns, Miss Myrtle Level.  The dinner was one of those only-to-be-gotten-in-the-country dinners, which with Mrs. Anderson's culinary ability made the dinner an enjoyable one  [Charleston Courier, 6 Aug 1908; Page 1, col 6; Contributed by Src #1 ]

Trilla, Ill - The COLEMAN reunion was held Sunday at the home of Mr and Mrs George Coleman near Trilla. Following a basket dinner served at noon, the day was spent in visiting. During a brief business meeting the following officers were elected for next year: President, Leslie Coleman; Secretary-treasurer, Mrs Carrie Crowder and committee, Mrs Dale Foote and Jesse Crowder. Those present were Mr and Mrs William C. DeWitt of LeRoy, Mr and Mrs Dale Foote of Charleston, Mr and Mrs Jesse Crowder and children and J. W. Johnson of Mattoon, Mr and Mrs Leslie Coleman, Mr and Mrs James Coleman and children, Mr and Mrs Charles DeWitt, Mr and Mrs Starwalt, Amanda Coleman and Bert Adkins of Lerna." [No dates but they seem to be the 1940s - Contributed by Src #4]

OLD FAMILY TO HOLD REUNION:  On August 13 the several hundred relatives of the different branches of the Rennels family will gather at the old Henry Rennels homestead in Hutton township to celebrate one of the largest family reunions ever held in our county. The Rev. J. B. Pilant, formerly pastor of the Baptist church of this city but now a resident of Princeton, Ind., will be leading speaker of the day. The public at large is cordially invited to attend and a good time is promised to all. [Charleston Courier, 6 Aug 1908; Page 1, col. 2 - Contributed by Src #1]

DOWLING:  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dowling, of Charleston, Ills., Saturday celebrated the fifty-ninth anniversary of their wedding. [Rock Island Argus. (Rock Island, Ill.), 28 March 1898]

Box Supper
A large box supper was held at the Tinch school last Thursday evening. Miss Julia Harrington, the teacher, was in charge of the affair. Forty-five dollars was the amount taken in during the evening. Miss Maud Edgar was awarded the cake for being the most popular young lady and Harry Easton was awarded the pie for being the best corn husker. The Mattoon Gazette, 13 November 1916 [Contributed by Src #3]

Attends Reunion
Decatur Review: Pi Beta Phi girls had a buffet supper Saturday evening for their alumnae. It was an informal event. Afterwards some of the girls went to the Lincoln theater. Altogether, about fifty were at the supper. An out of town alumnus here was Gertrude Craig Westervelt of Syracuse, NY  [The Mattoon Gazette, 13 November 1916 [Contributed by Src #3]

Dinner Party
Miss Oleta Bundy gave a twelve o'clock dinner for a number of guests on Sunday at her home southwest of town. Mrs. Hobart Harpin, Miss Inez Shadwick, Miss Edna Harpin, Roy Bragg, Martin Edwards and Herschel Bundy, all of this city, and Miss Hazel Edwards and Charles Cox of Windsor were the guests. [The Mattoon Gazette, 13 November 1916 [Contributed by Src #3]

Reception For Ladies
A reception will be held by the Dokeys in the Knights of Pythias hall on Wednesday evening. The affair is for the members of the Dokeys and their ladies only. The entertainment for the evening will consist of dancing and cards, with a lunch served by a committee. The Mattoon Gazette, 13 November 1916 [Contributed by Src #3]

The following persons were present at the home of Dr. and Mrs. C.D. Swickard and daughter Sunday:  Mr. and Mrs. William Swickard and family of Newman, Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Wood of Chicago and W.H. Hardinger of Chicago. [Charleston Courier, May 28, 1922]

HOWARD reunion
The ninth annual reunion was held Sunday at Morton Park. Those attending were Mrs Minnie Francis, Mr and Mrs Charles Custer, Mr and Mrs Hulburt Lanus, Mr and Mrs Rutan Landrus and Larry and Wanda of Lerna; Mr and Mrs Charles DeWitt, Mrs Grace Ingram, Mr and Mrs William Drum, Mr and Mrs Owen Hildebrand and Ronnie, Billy Jo, Mollie Lue and Shirley, Mr and Mrs James Howard, Mr and Mrs Joe Howard of Mattoon, Mr and Mrs William Howard, Mr and Mrs Glen Taylor, Shirley and Gary Warren and Charlotte of Janesville; Mr and Mrs Otto Matheny, Wanda and Johnny; Mr and Mrs Ben Howard, Mr and Mrs Kenneth Dent and children Bennie and Betty, Kay Borrom of Mattoon; Mr and Mrs Lonxo Davis, Bobbie and Shirley Williams of Villa Grove; Miss Grace Williams, Howard Pyles of Wisconsin, Mr and Mrs Marvin Endicott, Mr and Mrs William Seeley, Chas. Seeley, Frank Seeley, Sam Howard, Cherry Taylor of Mattoon; Clarence Thomas, Richard Thomas of Humboldt; James Ingram of Charleston, Floyd Drum, Pattie Drum, Bill Rendfeld, Isabel Howard, Robert Howard, Charles Howard, Vivian Smith, June Owens of Charleston, James Neal, Bobbie Neal and D. Vaultinburg of Strasburg."  [No dates but they seem to be the 1940s - Contributed by Src #4]

Mr. and Mrs. W. Y. Lewis, residing north of this city, celebrated their golden anniversary March 5. Relatives and a few old friends gathered about 11 o'clock to remind this splendid couple that they had been married fifty years. The home was beautifully decorated with white and yellow, and presented a handsome appearance. Each guest was presented with a small golden bell. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis were presented with a purse of gold and some beautiful flowers. Letters were read in the afternoon from those unable to be present. The two living children were both present, as was their only grandchild, Mary Joan Coon. The immediate family and children spent the evening with Mr. and Mrs. Lewis. [Oakland Messenger, Thursday March 12, 1925 - Contributed by Src #2]

LINTHICUM - Local Couple Marks 50th Anniversary
Mr. and Mrs. L.E. Linthicum celebrated their golden wedding anniversary with open house Sunday afternoon at their home, 3216 Champaign avenue, for approximately 60 persons.  They received numerous gifts, cards and telephone calls.  Out of town persons attending included Mr. and Mrs. John Hutton, Mrs. Sarah Cooley and Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Linthicum of Newton, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Bear and family of Wheeler, Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Linthicum of Jewett and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Armstrong of Pana.
Mr. Linthicum and Miss Dovie Fuqua were married June 2, 1897, near Gila.  They were school chums and had spent their childhood on neighboring farms.  They came to Mattoon in October 1909, and Mr. Linthicum became an Illinois Central railroad brakeman, eventually being promoted to freight conductor before his retirement Oct 1, 1943. The Linthicums have two sons, Cecil of Dallas, Tex., and Fred E. of Tulsa, Okla; two daughters, Mrs. George I. Werner of Mattoon and Mrs. Walter Armstong of Pana, 12 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.
Mr. Linthicum, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Linthicum, was born near Gilas April 22, 1878.  He has two brothers, William of Gila and Harry of Newton, and a sister, Mrs. Sarah Cooley of Newton.  Mrs. Linthicum was born near Gila Dec 10, 1877.  She has no near relatives.  Both are in good health.
Mrs. Linthicum is a member of the Methodist church, the White Shrine and the Order of the Eastern Star.  Mr. Linthicum is a member of the Methodist church, the Masonic Lodge and the Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen. [Journal Gazette (Mattoon, IL) 2 Jun 1947; pg. 1]

Mr and Mrs Pearl Osburn entertained a number of relatives and friends at their home southwest of this city Sunday in honor of John F Lamb's 70th birthday. At noon a delicious dinner was served. Those present to enjoy the day were:  Mr and Mrs Clifford Lamb, Mr and Mrs Harry Reece, Mr and Mrs Charles Lamb and daughters Helen and Virginia, Mr and Mrs Benjamin Wimer, Mrs Marguet Lamb, Mrs Clara Wilson and children Margaret, Warren, and Milton, Mr and Mrs Ida Dodson all of Terre Haute IN; Mr and Mrs Gus Jones and son Carrol of Chrisman; John F Lamb, Forrest Foltz, Francis Pierson, Mr and Mrs Purl Osburn, Mary and Herschel. Afternoon callers were: Mr and Mrs Frank Cossins. - [Oakland Messenger 26 Sept 1929 - Contributed by Src #2]

The fifth annual meeting of the Osburn family was held at VorHees Park, Terre Haute, Ind. August 9, 1931. Following are the officers:
President- Fred Osburn
Secretary and Treasurer- Mrs Russell Duzan
Those present were: Mr and Mrs George Osburn of Freedom, IN; Mr and Mrs Alfred Osburn and son Paul. Mr and Mrs Willard Osburn and son Kenneth, Mr and Mrs Raymond Osburn. Mr and Mrs Burton Miller, Mrs Matt Goodwin of Bloomfield IN; Mr and Mrs Ben Hite and children, Leyon and Evelyn, Mr and Mrs Floyd Swinford and daughter Marcelyn, Mr and Mrs Steve Osburn, Mr and Mrs Layton Swinford and daughter Sigrid, Mr and Mrs Russell Duzan and son Ayrel. Vern, Eldon and Ernie Eads, Miss Althia Ewing of Oakland, Mrs Perry House and son Charles of Detroit MI; Mr and Mrs George Onley of Fort Wayne IN, Mr and Mrs Cecil Brandt of Kansas; Mr and Mrs Joe Groop and daughter Billy, Mr and Mrs Taylor Starkey and son Jr of Indianapolis IN, Mr and Mrs Ray Davis of Mattoon; Mr and Mrs William Burgess of Danville IL. [The Oakland Messenger 13 Aug 1931, contributed by Src# 2]

Mrs. S.E. Ray passed another mile stone in life's journey, Sunday, a fact of which she was very forcibly reminded Saturday evening, when a company of thirty five Rebekahs and other friends, both ladies and gentlemen walked in on her. That she was to be a victim of such an invasion she hadn't the slightest idea and was completely surprised when they entered. Though taken unawares she soon had all the guests feeling at home and a genuine good time followed. In the midst of the confusion of the hostess, Mrs. J. W. Evans walked up to her and pinned a dozen bright red carnations to her waist and made her wear them all evening---a proceeding she probably didn't object to very seriously. The party took pounds of candy, nuts, fruits and cakes which, with the coffee made a most enjoyable lunch that was duly served. The hostess nor none of her guests will soon forget her latest birthday, so pleasantly was it celebrated.---- Charleston Courier. Mrs Ray was formerly from Crooked Creek (Jasper County, IL) --- Mrs. Aaron Swick, nee Lizzie Larimore. December 11, 1903, The Oakland Messenger, (Contributed by Src #99)

A delightful entertainment was the afternoon tea of the "Sweet Sixteen Club" at the home of Miss Olive Wilson Saturday, in honor of Miss Irma Coppage, soon to depart. There were eight of the "sweet" maidens present and the tea was a sumptuous banquet of delicious sweets served in four courses. Later, eight young gentlemen called, making up the "s weet sixteen". The Mattoon Gazette, 13 January 1893 [Contributed by Src #3]


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