Coles County Land Patents

These Coles County land patent records can be found at the Bureau of Land Management website

"Land patents document the transfer of land ownership from the federal government to individuals. These land patent records include the information recorded when ownership was transferred."

These records do not appear to be the same as the public domain land tract sales.

Patentee Name


Issue Date

Doc. #

Accession or Serial Number

INGLE, HENRY P IL 08/08/1832 3158 IL0390__.172
INGRAM, ARTHUR IL 10/10/1839 10310 IL2940__.247
INGRAM, ARTHUR IL 03/10/1843 14636 IL3020__.418
INGRAM, ARTHUR IL 10/10/1839 9426 IL2920__.297
INGRAM, ARTHUR IL 10/10/1839 9969 IL2930__.318
IRWIN, CHARLES IL 05/01/1852 19971 IL3130__.283
IRWIN, CHARLES IL 08/10/1838 8692 IL2910__.083
IRWIN, CHARLES IL 08/10/1838 8693 IL2910__.084
IRWIN, CHARLES IL 08/10/1838 8720 IL2910__.110
ISAACS, ELIJAH IL 08/10/1838 6378 IL2860__.371

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