Coles County Land Patents

These Coles County land patent records can be found at the Bureau of Land Management website

"Land patents document the transfer of land ownership from the federal government to individuals. These land patent records include the information recorded when ownership was transferred."

These records do not appear to be the same as the public domain land tract sales.

Patentee Name


Issue Date

Doc. #

Accession or Serial Number

ODELL, ISAAC IL 08/10/1838 3497 IL2480__.012
ODELL, ISAAC IL 10/10/1840 9243 IL2590__.025
OLIVER, PLEASANT H IL 09/20/1838 4795 IL0420__.298
OLIVER, PLEASANT H IL 09/20/1838 4796 IL0420__.299
OLIVER, PLEASANT H IL 08/10/1838 8333 IL2900__.251
OLMSTED, JOHN T IL 03/10/1843 14098 IL3010__.388
OLMSTED, JOHN T IL 01/10/1851 19021 IL3110__.380
ORCHARD, WILLIAM IL 09/01/1852 20773 IL3150__.060
ORCHARD, WILLIAM IL 09/08/1835 4164 IL0410__.176
ORCHARD, WILLIAM IL 09/20/1838 4990 IL0420__.493
ORCHARD, WILLIAM IL 03/30/1837 5194 IL0430__.196
ORCHARD, WILLIAM IL 03/30/1837 5271 IL0430__.273
OSBERN, JAMES J IL 05/10/1853 17572 IL2750__.399
OSBERN, ROBERT B IL 05/10/1850 15044 IL2710__.016
OSBERN, ROBERT B IL 05/10/1853 17561 IL2750__.388
OSBERN, WILLIAM IL 05/10/1853 17560 IL2750__.387
OSBORN, JAMES J IL 02/15/1854 19386 IL2760__.392
OSBORN, ROBERT B IL 09/15/1854 20190 IL2770__.156
OWENS, JOHN C IL 08/10/1838 4501 IL2490__.465
OWINGS, JOHN IL 05/01/1852 20323 IL3140__.119

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