From a Coles County newspaper, possibly the Ledger-Messenger

We would like to write something about some of the pioneers in the Berry Cemetery each week. The old POWERS stone has aroused much interest. It is the burial spot of Daniel B. POWERS and his first wife, Maria, and members of their family. On the lot is a stone marked for Sarah E. NEWMAN, 26, wife of J.M. NEWMAN, and members of the family have just confirmed that she was one of the children of the POWERS. Her husband, Jonathan NEWMAN, who died ten years later is buried in another part of the grave yard.

The Coles County History, published in 1879 while he was still living, tells us that "Mr. POWERS was one of the early pioneers of Coles County, born in Butler county, Ohio, July 1, 1807, where he engage in farming until 1836, when he immigrated west. He located at Crawfordsville, Indiana and set up a mercantile business for about 18 months before removing to East Oakland township in 1838. He purchased 180 acres of land, where he has lived for forty years. He has upon his old farm a fine brick residence, which he erected in 1846, making the brick himself on his own farm. He married Maria RUNNELS in Ohio 1828. She died on April 17, 1861, leaving four living children, Jonathan, Nancy, John and Levi. He married Phoebe BATES August 29, 1861. Mr. POWERS has held the office of Justice of the Peace four years and Town Tax Collector for two years."

Mr. POWERS died August 29, 1882 at 85 years of age. There is no stone of Phoebe POWERS and she may be buried in Oakland's newer cemetery. However, there is a small stone near the POWERS lot marked for Camilla BATES, who died in April 1862. She was the wife of J.I. BATES and she was 23 years old. Perhaps she was the young daughter-in-law of Mrs. Phoebe BATES POWERS. Will someone let us know?

Richard Corbin Family Bible

Contributed by Src #43

Richard CORBIN'S Bible is presently in the possession of Robert Orville White of Nokomis, IL. He received it from his mother, Vianna Myrtle Doty, wife of Seth Arnold White and daughter of Mary "Lizzie" Elizabeth Corbin and Riley Gibson Doty. "Viney" was very interested in her family history.....copying and sending this record to Erik Conard in 1962.

Richard Corbin was born near the Blue Ridge Mountains in Culpeper Co, VA on 2 Aug 1804. Narcissa Schnorf was born in Butler Co, OH 18 Feb 1819. They were wed in Fountain Co, IN, 27 Sep 1835 (not in Bible). They lived in Charleston township.

Presented below are the recordings from Richard Corbin's Bible.......


Emeline Corbin, 5 Jan 1837 in Fountain Co, IN

James Corbin, 28 Feb 1839 in Fountain Co, IN

Eliza Corbin, 23 Oct 1841 in Fountain Co, IN

Harriet Corbin, 28 Jan 1845 in Fountain Co, IN

Elliott Corbin, 25 Jan 1848 in Fountain Co, IN

Susan Serelda Corbin, 8 Sep 1851 in Coles Co, IL

Stephen Decatur Corbin, 20 Jan 1854 in Coles Co, IL

Mary Elizabeth Corbin, 26 Dec 1856 in Coles Co, IL


James Corbin, 16 Sep 1849 (bur Old Settlers Cem., Charleston)

Emeline Corbin, 8 Jul 1858 (bur Mount Tabor Cem, hereinafter MT)

Narcissa S. Corbin, 12 Apr 1866 (bur MT)

J. "Bergwine" Hill, (b 10 Aug 1837), 13 Aug 1866 (bur Indian Presbyterian Cem)

Margaret J.C. Corbin, (b 21 Mar 1850), 5 Jun 1876 (bur MT)

Harriet C. Hill, 5 Dec 1878 (bur MT)

Richard Corbin, 17 May 1880 (bur MT)

John M. Adkins, (b 9 Mar 1850), 13 Feb 1904 (bur Adkins-Woodson Cem)

Sarah E.R. Corbin, (b 28 Aug 1860), 27 Jun 1905 (bur MT)

Stephen D. Corbin, 28 Jul 1908 (bur MT)

S. "Huse" Hill (b 28 Aug 1839), 5 Jun 1913 (bur MT)

Elliott Corbin, 4 Mar 1926 (bur MT)

S. Serelda C. Adkins, 10 Jun 1931 (bur Adkins-Woodson Cem)

Hannah P.D. Corbin, (b 25 Jun 1859), 26 Feb 1940 (bur MT)

Riley G. Doty, (b 10 Jan 1852), 24 Oct 1941 (bur Roselawn Cem., Charleston)

M.E. "Lizzie" C. Doty, 4 Feb 1943 (bur Roselawn Cem., Charleston)


Eliza Corbin to James Berguin Hill, 13 Aug 1861, Coles Co., IL

Harriet Corbin to Samuel Huston Hill, 7 Aug 1862 Coles Co., IL

Elliott Corbin to Margaret Jefferson Curry, 4 Apr 1871 Coles Co., IL

Serelda Corbin to John Miller Adkins, 8 Nov 1871 Coles Co., IL

"Lizzie" Corbin to Riley Gibson Doty, 14 Nov 1878 Coles Co., IL

Elliott Corbin to Hannah Priscilla Day, 2 Mar 1879 Coles Co., IL

Stephen D. Corbin to Sarah Elizabeth Rosebrough, 25 Oct 1880 Coles Co., IL

Notes by Erik Conard

Richard Corbin was a first cousin to William "Billy" Corbin also buried in the Mt. Tabor Cem. "Billy" was a son of Reuben Corbin & Elizabeth Riddle, of Culpeper Co, VA, later of Delaware Co, OH, had a son Wm. M also in Mt Tabor

In-Laws, i.e. parentage of the Corbin spouses were:

James Berguin Hill son of James W & Elizabeth Fudge

Samuel Huston Hill son of James W & Elizabeth Fudge

Margaret Jefferson Curry dau of Robert Curry & Nancy Edmond

Hannah Priscilla Day dau of Tilman Howard Day & Susan Fisher

John Miller Adkins son of Gowen Morris Adkins & Nancy Waltrip

Sarah Elizabeth Rosebrough dau of Levi Rosebrough & Frances Fisher

Riley Gibson Doty son of James Doty & Mary Teel

The parents of Richard Corbin were Jesse Corbin (War of '12) & Elizabeth Forrester

The parents of Narcissa Schnorf were Jacob Schnorf, Jr (War of '12) & Rachel Cook

The Abel Taylor Trower ARMSTRONG Family Bible
Contributed by Src #43

A. T. T. Armstrong, known as Trower, sometimes called "Doc," was named for an Armstrong uncle [Abel] and Dr. Thomas B.Trower, Charleston physician. He was born in Coles County, son of Joseph & Elizabeth Jane (Leach) Armstrong who'd entered the county in 1846 from Pendleton [now Highland] Co., VA

The Bible is now in posession of Carlos Wayne Armstrong, Valley Center, KS - son of Fred Armstrong cited in the Bible. Brackets indicate entries by Erik Conard to enhance information


"This Certifies that A. T. T. Armstrong and Miss T. B. Burr were united in the Holy Bonds of Matrimony at Judson Gould's on the 20th day of March in the year of our lord 1884. In the presence of Clinton Sims [cousin] and Judson Gould [cousin]. Signed: David Swartz [Rev], Bone Gap [Edwards Co]. Illinois"

"Abel Taylor Trower Arrmstrong and Miss Theodosia Bell Burr were united in marriage March 20th 1884 in Edwards Co., Illinois by Rev. David Swartz."

"Trower Armstrong and Laura Perry were united in Marriage February 16, 1896" [in Coles Co., IL]


Laura (Perry) Armstrong was born July 17, 1869 in Hutton township" [dau of Stephen S Perry & Fanna Carr]
"Abel Taylor Trower Armstrong was born November 29, 1848 in Coles County, Illinois [Pleasant Grove twp]
"Theodosia Belle Armstrong was born January 1st in Harrison Co., West Va. [dau of Elbridge Burr & Nancy Jane Jack]
"Arthur Joseph Armstrong was born June 21st 1885 in Coles Co., Illinois
"Margaret Jane Armstrong was born September 22nd 1888 in Coles Co., Illinois
"Elbridge Rolla Armstrong was born January 14, 1891 in Coles Co., Illinois"


"Mary [Elizabeth] Armstrong was borned Febuary the 2, 1898
"Fredy [Fred] Armstrong was borned June the 30 1899
"George Armstrong was borned March the 25, 1901
"Ruth [Mae] Armstrong was borned May the 11, 1906"
[all children born in Pleasant Grove township]

"Owen Wallace Shobe was born on the 15th of August in the year of 1914 in Coles County, Illinois" [son of Mary]
"Donald George Armstrong was born on September 20, 1923 [son of George]
"Raymond [Earl] Armstrong was born on the 11rh day of March 1925" [George's]


"Elbridge Rolla Armstrong died April 7th 1892 in Coles Co., Illinois [buried in Mount Tabor Cemetery, Pleasant Grove twp., Coles Co]
"Theodosia Bell Armstrong died March 20th 1895 in Coles Co. Illinois. [buried in Mt. Tabor Cemetery]
"Abel Trower Armstrong died Feb 23, 1936 [buried Mt Tabor]
"Laura Armstrong died Sept. 18, 1938" [buried Mt Tabor]

Additional information added by Erik Conard (Src #43), great-grandson of ATT & Belle:

Arthur J Armstrong die/d 26 Apr 1955, Charleston, IL
Margaret Jane A. Standley died 24 Jun 1941, buried Wichita KS
Mary Elizabeth A. Shobe Bushmaker died 14 Dec 1996, Effingham, IL
Fred Armstrong died 17 Nov 1982 in Wichita, KS
George Armstrong died 9 Aug 1992 in Charleston, IL
Ruth M A Decker died 9 Mar 2002 in Peoria, IL
Owen W Shobe died 28 Oct 1989 in Effingham, IL


Contributed by Src #13

[Original Source: "Courts and Lawyers of Illinois" Vol 3 by Frederic B. Crossley, 1915/1916, pgs 957-959]

July 22, 1915 marks the close of a quarter of a century in which Emery Andrews, at present senior member of the well known law firm of Andrews and Real, at Mattoon, has been engaged in the practice of his profession in this city, and during this time has been prominently identified with some of the most important litigation that has ever come before the courts of the state.

Emery Andrews was born in a log cabin at Rose Hill, Jasper County, Illinois, April 3, 1868, and is a son of William T. and Harriet E. (Harding) Andrews. He jocularly says of his birth place that the soil was so poor they could not raise anything but lawyers and cites as proof of the fact that the neighborhood where he was born and grew up produced no less than fifteen lawyers, notable among them being, Hon. John P. Harrah of Charleston, Illinois; Hon. Rufus C. Harrah, Effingham, Ilinois; Hon. B. F. Harrah, Washington, D. C. ; Hon. O. W. Smith, Decatur, Illinois; Hon. Lee Eagelton, Peoria, Illinois; and the Hon L. Y. Sherman of Springfield, Illinois. His paternal grandparents, William P. and Catherine (Lee) Andrews, and his paternal great-grandfather, Samuel Andrews, were born in Virginia, while on the maternal side, Aaron Harding, the great-grandfather, and Abram and Lydia (Hardin) Harding, were natives of Kentucky. William T. Andrews, the father, was born in Fayette County, and the mother in Hendricks County, Indiana.

Emery Andrews passed boyhood and early youth on his father's little farm and attended the country schools, applying himself so closely to his studies that he was able to qualify as a teacher before he reached his majority. While teaching school he began the study of law under the supervision of Gibson & Johnson, a reputable firm at Newton, Illinois, and continued under Attorney Horace S. Clark, of Mattoon. In May, 1890, he was admitted to the bar and entered into practice at Mattoon, to which city he has been loyal ever since, making it his home and building up a professional reputation which reflects credit upon his community.

Mr. Andrews has always been a hard worker and his perseverance and diligence have been frequently recognized when he has been called in as an attorney where only the closest and most accurate investigation and sifting of testimony could be acceptable. In a case of this kind his labor has been unceasing and his patience unlimited, while his thorough knowledge of every point involved have made his services almost indispensable. In November, 1896, Mr. Andrews was elected to the office of states attorney of Coles County and for four years he continued in that responsible office, performing his duties with such ability as to win public approbation and judicial commendation. From May, 1905, to January, 1913, Mr. Andrews was connected with the attorney general's office of Illinois, under Hon. W. H. Stead, doing special work for the office, the most important of which was the Kaskaskia Commons litigation, which was a very intricate case, which twice went to the Supreme Court, Mr. Andrews' contention being sustained both times. In 1913 he was elected president of the Upper Mississippi River Levee and Drainage Association, an organization seeking to better protect the overflowed lands along the Mississippi River from Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and Rock Island, Illinois, and represented this association before Congress. In February, 1914, Mr. Andrews was also employed by the Kankakee River Improvement Association of Indiana, to do the legal work necessary to help them organize a special sanitary and levee district, by a joint act of the legislatures of Indiana and Illinois, for the prupose of deepening, widening and strengthening the Kankakee River in those states. This is a vast undertaking and will be one of the largest drainage porpositions ever projected in either state, and the legal business in this connection will be in the capable hands of Mr. Andrews. For thirteen years Mr. Andrews was associated in law practice with James Vause, Jr., forming his present partnership with Raymond G. Real, on January 1, 1912.

Mr. Andrews was married July 4, 1890, to Miss Melvina Crum, who was born at Cook's Mills, Coles County, Illinois. They have six children: Harriet B., Roscoe C., Martha Louise, Genevieve, Lola and Dorothy Lee. As a republican, Mr. Andrews has been influential in his county, but his porfession has always claimed his first attention rather than politics. His fraternal connections are important and significant, his membership being with the Masons, the Knights of Pythias, the Odd Fellows, Elks and the Modern Woodmen of America. He is a man of generous impulses and through his prompt, practical generosity often shows the sympathy that many others have merely talked about. Considerable travel and association with men of all degrees, have broadened Mr. Andrews' outlook as well as added to his knowledge and Coles County has every reason to feel proud of this able and enlightened member of her bar. Return to the Jasper County IL Trails website


contributed by Src #13, who states that

"Ellen I. Miles was the sister of my gg grandfather, John A. Miles"

COL. THOMAS A. MARSHALL, deceased, late of Charleston; was a son of Honorable Thos. A. Marshall, a prominent lawyer, and for more than twenty years Judge of the Court of Appeals of Kentucky; he was born in Frankfort, Ky, Nov 4 1817; in early childhood, he removed with his parents to Paris, Bourbon Co.,KY; his opportunities for obtaining an education were excellent and were appreciated and improved by him; he early became a student in Transylvania University, and, in about 1833, entered Kenyon College, but near the close of the Junior year, he left College, and was employed for a few months on the survey of the Louisville and Lexington Railroad; after reading law and attending a course of lectures in the law department of Transylvania University, in Lexington, Ky, his father being then a law professor in that institution, he was admitted to the bar, and, in 1837, began practice in Vicksburg, Miss, where he enjoyed a very successful law practice until his removal to Illinois. He was married Sept.4,1838, to Miss Ellen I. Miles, daughter of Dr. James I. Miles , of Frankfort , KY.; in November, 1839, he removed to Coles Co., where he had previously purchased a tract of 800 acres of land, known as Dead Man's Grove; he removed to Charleston two years afterward and resumed the practice of his profession; turning his attention to politics, he became a leading politician, and was associated with Abraham Lincoln, Lyman Trumball, David Davis, John M. Palmer, N.B.Judd and others in the organization of the Republican Party in 1856, previously to which time he had been an Old Line Whig; in 1847, he had been a member of the State Constitutional Convention, and , in 1856, was a member of the Republican State Convention, and the same year, at the earnest personal solicitation of Mr. Lincoln, he became a candidate for the State Senate on the Republican ticket, and was elected by a large majority. He was subsequently in 1860, elected to the same office on the Presidential ticket which elected Abraham Lincoln as President of the United States; it should be mentioned that in 1853 he became Cashier of the Farmer's and Trader's Bank in Charleston and continued as such during the existence of the same. In July,1861, he became Colonel of the I.V.C., and served his country gallantly and faithfully until the muster-out of his regiment in
the fall of 1862. In July, 1863, he was appointed Superintendent of Indian Affairs in Utah, but shortly afterward resigned his position; in 1864 he was appointed Postmaster at Vicksburg, Miss, holding that office until July 1865; he was President of the Bank of T.A. Marshall & Co. until its reorganization as the Second National Bank, when, owing to ill health, he retired to his farm, where he resided until his death on the 11th of November, 1873; he left a family of six children----William S. (now inbusiness in Denver,Colo.), Eliza M. (Mrs. J.W.True of Louisa Co.,Iowa), James M. (now a Captain in the Quartermaster's Department of the regular army and stationed in Baltimore), Thomas A. (of Denver, Colo.), Charles T. and John H.; Mrs. Marshall and the youngest two members of her family reside in Charleston. (HISTORY OF COLES COUNTY, ILLINOIS 1879)

Biography of TARLTON C. MILES

Contributed by Src #13

TARLTON C.MILES, Charleston, is a native of Franklin Co.,KY; he was born near Frankfort, on the 1st of May, 1825; he is the son of Dr. James I.Miles, a physician of that County; his early life was spent in the subscription schools in his neighborhood; in 1845, he came to Coles Co. He was married October 3, 1848, to Miss Sophia O. Van Deren, a daughter of Joseph Van Deren, of Coles Co.; she was born in Cynthiana, Harrison Co.,KY, Jan 18, 1829, and came to Illinois with her parents in 1835; they have six children living---Isaac J., William V., Ella M., Ida T., May R., and Tarlton V. Mr. Miles first engaged in farming in La Fayette Township, owning a large quantity of and in the county; in 1855, he removed and began business as a general merchant, in which business he continued for about three years; in 1858, he removed with his family to Texas, with a view to engaging largely in stock raising, but in 1860, it being apparent that a war between the two sections was inevitable and was fast approaching, he returned North, and engaged in the lumber business and in running a sawmill near Milton Station; he continued his farming and stock operations until about 5 years ago. Mr. Miles is now in England, where he has been since 1878; owing to this, the foregoing sketch is far from complete, on account of a lack of detailed information. He has served the public in various offices of trust and responsibility, and always with entire satisfaction to the people. (History of Coles Co.,IL 1879)

Contributed by Src #13

GEN. G. M. MITCHELL, Postmaster, Charleston, was born in Warren Co.,KY, Oct. 5,1835. His father, Bedford Mitchell, came to Coles Co. in 1851 and settled in Paradise Twp., where he died in 1856. In 1852, the subject of this sketch, then a lad of 17, entered a store in Paradise, as clerk for Cunningham & Son, where he remained six years. He then followed Merchandising for himself until 1859, when he was appointed Deputy Sheriff under Malden Jones, and served until May 1860. On the first of May 1860, he married Miss Kate Miles, daughter of John Miles, of Charleston, and has seven children. Removing to Mattoon, he formed a partnership with John Cunningham, under the firm name of Mitchell & Cunningham, and continued in the general merchandise business until the breaking out of the Rebellion. In June, 1861, he entered the Army as Captain of Co. C. 1st I.V.C.---the first three-years regiment to leave the state. He served with that regiment till February 18862, when he was promoted to Lt. Colonel of the 54th I.V.I. In October 1863, was promoted to Colonel. In 1864, he reenlisted with his regiment as a veteran, and in the fall of the same yearwas brevetted Brigadier General , and was mustered out of the service Nov. 3,1865,having served actively and continuously for nearly five years; he participated in the siege of Vicksburg, the Battle of Parker's Crossroads, Tenn, and was with Gen. Steel in all his campaigns in Arkansas. Returning from the war, he was elected Sheriff of Coles Co., holding the office two years. He was appointed Postmaster at Charleston in April, 1877. (History of Coles Co., IL 1879)


Contributed by Src #133

Elijah Riley Bailey, (April 4, 1840-October 21, 1909), son of Dave and Mary ( Wood ) Bailey. He was a Civil War veteran. Married January 19, 1865 to Louisa Adeline Jennings (June 4, 1848-March 26, 1922), the daughter of William Jonathan Jennings (January 28, 1820 Ky. -April 24, 1886 Sullivan County, Mo. ) and Nancy Jane (Prince) Jennings whom died in 1900. Interment: Hannah Cemetary, Sullivan County, Mo.

The family came to Sullivan County, Mo. from Mattoon, Ill. They crossed the Mississippi River by ferry at Quincy, Ill. with covered wagon, cows, and family belongings. They farmed and raised their family in the Loeffler area.

Children: James William Henry ( Sept.15, 1866- July 16, 1951 ), married Emma Catherine Hudson on March 3, 1887. Lived in Adair County Mo.

Mary J. Bailey, (Jan. 5, 1867-March 6, 1868).

Nancy J. Bailey (Oct. 12, 1869-Oct. 22, 1869).

May Belle (Sept. 25, 1870-June 28, 1942). Married on June 23,1887 to Charles Everett Athon (Oct. 7, 1863-April 24, 1928). Interment in Hannah Cemetary.

Leona Melvina (Oct. 15, 1872-June 7, 1928). Married on Feb. 19, 1891 to John Calvin Smith, who died from a tree falling on him. Remarried to Virgil Head in 1908. Interment in Hannah Cemetary.

David Lawson (March 15, 1874-Oct. 17, 1903). Married on Nov. 22, 1894 to Anna Crowder. Interment in Hannah Cemetary.

Lillie Jane (Oct. 15, 1876-Aug. 9, 1965 ). Married on Sept. 27, 1893 to Davis H. Parrish.

William Riley (Oct 26, 1878-July 7, 1929). Never married. Interment Hannah Cemetary.

Jonathan Jackson (Jan. 4, 1881-?). Married in 1925 to Bertha ---------------. Lived in Niarada, Montana.

Anna Pink (Feb. 18, 1884-Jan. 17, 1970). Married on Oct. 11, 1905 to William Epperson in Atlanta, Mo.

Nora May (Aug. 23, 1887- Dec. 19, 1974). Married on Jan. 8, 1907 to James Ira Search, deceased. Then she married on June 21, 1915 to Dennis Edward Grant. Lived in Niarada, Montana and Sullivan County.

Laura Prudence (Dec. 5, 1890- ?). Married on April 10, 1909 to Harry Nathaniel Ervin, whom is mentioned in book on History of Adair Co.,Mo.

Jesse E. (March 5, 1886-April 29, 1886).

Two of the babies were buried in the garden which now is farming area on the Johnny Cook Farm.

THRALL Family Bible

Contributed by Src #134

The Holy Bible
Containing the
Old and New Testaments
Translated Out of
The Original Tongues;
And with the former
Translations Diligently Compared and Revised

New York:
American Bible Society,
Instituted in the Year MDCCCXVI.

[One blank loose page inserted at I Chronicles, Ch. XXIX, pg. 468-69, reads: "The Property of S. M. Thrall, August-26th-1854"]

[The family record pages are located between the Old & New Testaments, as follows:]

Family Record*

* Italic type indicates printed copy, rather than handwritten entries; Polly's own notes are in brackets.


Samuel M. Thrall Jr. and Sarah S. Simpson
was marid at Charleston, Ill. November.26.18.78.

George A. Thrall & May E. Troutman
was marid December 23 1896

Harry Carl Thrall and Ina B. Ralstin
was maried September the 19 1901


S. M. Thrall Was Bornd in Granville, Ohio
July the 1 1822

Eunice Philena Griffin was born in Granville Ohio
Sept. 22 the 1830

They were married May 1 the 1849

Joseph A. Wright & Eunice Philena Thrall was Maried at Charleston, Ill. Oct. the1 1878

Josiah Jones and Anna S. Thrall was maried


Samuel Monroe Thrall was born in Granville Ohio
April 6th 1850 1rst Son

Eunice Philena Thrall was born in Charleston Ill
July 22nd 1852 1rst daughter

William Mead Thrall was born in Cedron Cumberland Co. Illinois May 16th 1854
2nd son

Charles Edwin Thrall was born in Charleston Illinois September 22 the 1859
3 sone

Frank Vernon Thrall was born Aprill 26 1869 in Charleston Ill in Charleston

Harry Carl Thrall was born in Charleston March 25 1873

Herbert Clifford Thrall was born in Charleston June 11 1875 [Or June 12: a correction was made superimposing 11 over 12, or vice versa.]


Almon Cassius Thrall was borne in Charleston August January 14the 1859 4th sone

Anna Staira [Statira] Thrall was Born in Charleston, Coles, Ill March 31 the 1861

Riley M. Thrall was Born in Charleston March
23 the 1863

George Asahel Thrall was born in Charleston
June 23rd 1865

Sonora Thrall 3rd daughter was born in Charleston Coles Co. Ill July 15th 1867

The Family of George A. Thrall

Florence P. Born Nove. 28 1897
Samuel M. Born May 19, 1899
Mildred H. Born April 20, 1901
Arthur Born Oct. 9 1903
Grace E. Born Aug. 10 1906
George A. Born Nov. 9 1911
Agnes E. Born June 18 1917

Samuel Monroe Thrall married Olga I. Sather February 19, 1920
Three sons were born.
Samuel Monroe [line scratched through "Monroe" and "Melvin" added] Melvin Thrall Dec. 13, 1920
Arthur Lyle Thrall March 20, 1923
Clarence Almon Thrall Feb. 8, 1927


Asahel Griffen Sen. was born Tuesday Sept 17th 1801

Anna Phelps was born December 8th 1812

Asahel Griffen was married to Anna Phelps
Thursday Nov. 26th 1829

Eunice Philena 1st daughter was born Sept. 22nd 1830

Statira Annice 2nd daughter was born Sept 22d
AD 1832

3rd Infant daughter was born July 25th 1834

1st Infant son was born June 24th AD 1836

Lucy Emeline 4th daughter was born Nov. 23rd
AD 1838

Asahel 2nd son was born August 1st AD 1841

Almon Cassius 3rd son was born Feb 8th AD 1844

George Berkley 4th son was born June 17th AD 1847



Third Infant daughter died in Granville Friday Aug 8th 1834

First Infant son died in Granville July 18th AD 1836

Anna Griffin the mother of the above died in
Charleston Illinois Oct 30th 1852 Aged 39 years 10 months

Statira Annice Griffin 2nd daughter died in Charleston Coles Co. Illinois Nov 22nd 1852
Aged 20 years and 2 months

Asahel Griffin Sen. the father of the above
died Sept. 1854


Charles Edwin 4th son died Sept. 27th AD
1860, Aged 4 years and 4 days

Riley M. 7th child died August 14th AD1864 Aged one year 4 months & 22 days

Sonora 9th child died Sept 13th 1868 aged
1 year & 2 months

Eunice Philena Second child Died January 21 - 1888 Aged 35 years 6 months

Samuel M Thrall First child died April 20 1896
Aged 46 years & 14 dayes


Carl H. Thrall died 1924 Guymon Okla

George A. Thrall died June 10 1925 Tacom[a] Wash

Contributed by
Src #135

Alonzo was born on the Grafton family farm in Champaign Co., Oh. Jck. Twp. By 1850 his parents Thomas D. and Mary A. had moved to Logan Co., Pleasant Springs Twp., Ohio. On Feb 14,1861 Alonzo married Sallie Heath of Logan Co. Her parents were Henry Heath [b. May 22,1813 d. Sept.26,1888] and Clorinda Kerns [B. Feb.11,1816 d. March 12,1896] On August 8,1862, Alonzo, now 22, enlisted in Co. E 45th Ohio Volunteer Infantry in DeGraff, Ohio. They were mounted infantry for one year. He was on detached duty for about 8 months doing recruiting duty from Jan. 1863 thru Aug 1863 under Major General Granger in Logan Co.
He was a Sargent in Co. "E" until March 2,1865 when he was promoted to 1st Sargent. He was in many battles of the Civil War, first in the seige of Knoxville, at Rasaca, Kenesaw Mountain and all the engagements of the Atlanta Campaign, Then he came with Thomas to Franklin, which was about the hardest fought battle that he was ever in. Then a 2 day battle at Nashville which drove Hood back across the Tennessee River. He went into winter quarters at Huntsville then thru East Tennessee where he was when the war ended. He was mustered out at Camp Harker, Tennesee on June 12, 1865 as a 2nd Lieutenant. He filed for pension on July 22,1892 in Illinois. Sallie filed for widows pension on Jan.19, 1909 in Illinois.
Alonzo moved to Coles Co. Il. after the war and settled in Sec 32. This was a land grant that was given to veterans of the Civil War for their service. The piece of land that he originaly received was a little north of Sec 32 but was too wet so he traded that land for the one in Sec 32. Alonzo was a carpenter by trade and also taught school every winter except one. He taught seven terms in his home district. In 1867, Alonzo was the Commandant of Post 548 of the Illinois Garrison. He was 5'11 tall, dark complexion,brown hair and brown eyes. His son John K. married the Adjutant's daughter Bertha Brashares, uniting two Civil War lines in my family.

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