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Reat Family
as submitted by Geraldine Kohn

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James Reat was born About 1790 in Maryland. Died in Charleston, Coles., Il.
He married Susannah Rodgers. She was born in 1796 in Va and died in Charleston Coles Co., Il

Notes for James Reat (my great great grandfather)

1850 Federal Census, Charleston, Coles Co., Il.,
Surname Age Sex Occupation Birth place
Reat, James 60 M Farmer Maryland
Susannah 54 F   VA
Robert C 22 M Farmer OH
James D 17 M   OH
Susannah 13 F   OH
William Jester 10 M   IL

According to a land purchased in Illinois records. James Reat was issued property May 20, 1841

Children of James and Susannah Reat are:
Surname Given name Birth Yr Birth Place Death Death Place
Reat Hester   OH    
  John W 1818 OH    
  Margaret 1823 OH Dec. 1880 Douglas Cty, IL
  Mary 1824 OH    
  Robert Clark 02 Nov 1828 OH 07 Mar 1871 Coles Cty, IL
  Jemima 1830 OH    
  James Lee 1833 OH    
  William Jester 1840 IL    

John W. Reat
Son of James and Susannah Reat

John W. Reat information:
Born 1818
Married Sarah Ann Linder 26 Mar 1848 in Charleston, Coles County, Il.
1860 Census Federal Census, Charleston, Coles County, IL
Surname Given Name Age Sex Birth Place Birth Yr
Reat John 42 M OH 1818
  Sarah 33 F IN 1827
  Samaralton 9 F IL 1851
  Georgian 7 F IL 1853
  Joseph Lee 3 M IL April 14, 1859

Notes for John W Reat:
1849, March 2, Illinois Public Land Purchase Records:
Section NWSW, Price 125 total 5000, Vol 191, Page 071, type FD Section 32, township 13N, Range 09E. Meridian 3, Acres 400 id: 145751 Resides 015.

Children information of John W and Sarah Reat: All the children were born in Charleston, Coles County IL.

Joseph Lee Reat b. 14, April 1859, Charleston, Coles County, Il. d. 11, June 129, Mattoon, Coles County, Il.

Margaret Reat
Daughter of James and Sarah Reat
Margaret Reat was born in 1823 in Ohio and died December 1880 in Tuscola, Douglas Co., IL. She married Kimball Ladd Glassco January 13, 1844 in Coles, County, Il. Kimball Ladd Glassco was born November 19, 1819 in Hardin Co., Ky and died Feb. 17, 1899 in Redwood Co., MN.
Children of Margaret and Kimball Glassco
Surname Given Name Sex Birth Place Birth yr.
Glassco Lizzie F Coles Cty  
  Stephen M   1843
  Susan Adelia F Coles Cty, IL 08/26/1843
  James Carleton M Coles Cty, IL 12/30/1849
  Berth Anne F Coles Cty, Il 8/9/1851
  Charles Sumner M Coles Cty, IL. 7/28/1856
  Kimball Elliot M Coles Cty, Il 3/13/1860

Robert Clark Reat
My great grandfather. Son of James and Sarah Reat

Robert Clark Reat was born November 2, 1828 in Ohio and died March 7, 1871 in Coles County, Il. He married Emeline Veach December 28, 1859 in Coles Co., Il. Emeline was born March 12, 1833 in Illinois. ( I have a copy of their marriage record.)

1860 Federal Census. Charleston, Coles Co., Il. October 14, 1860
Robert Reat was a farmer and I believe his property was worth $6000-10000.
Living in dwelling according to census:
Name Age Occupation Sex Birth Yr. Birth place
Robert Reat 33 farmer M 1828 OHIO
Emma 27   F 1833 ILL
Ester 35 Domestic F 1825 OHIO
Susannah Reat 66 Mother F 1794 Va

Children of Robert Clark and Emma Reat

-- George Clifton Reat was born October 13, 1860 and died November 3, 1864

-- Mount Clyde Reat (my grandfather) Birth : January 1, 1864 in Charleston, Coles Co. Il.
Died: January 22, 1944 in Los Angeles California.

-- Charles Erving Reat was born December 27, 1868.

-- Jesse Clark Reat was born July 4, 1871 in Charleston, Coles Co., Il. Died June 3, 1923,
According to family bible she never married.

My grandfather Mount Clyde Reat, my great grandmother Emma Veach, my great aunt Jesse Clark Reat and Uncle Charles Erving Reat all moved to California around late 1890's to early 1900's. From the stories I have been told they went by covered wagon.

Mount Clyde Reat married Mary Bartle Smith (from NJ)

Veach Family
(Emeline, my great grandmother)

-- Jesse Veach was born on November 3, 1807 in KY., and died August 22, 1884 in Charleston, Coles Co., Il.
-- Maria Johnson was born 1808 in Ky. And died 1880 in Charleston, Coles Co., Il.
-- Jesse and Maria married on June 15, 1827 in Crawford Co., Il.

Jesse and Maria's children:

-- John Veach - b. 1828, IL. died Coles Co., Il
-- Hiram Veach - b. 1830
-- Emeline Veach (my great grandmother married Robert Clark Reat) - born March 12, 1833 in Charleston, Coles Co., Il. Died: April 11, 1901 in Los Angeles, California
-- Harriet Veach - b. 1834 in Charleston, Coles Co., Il



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