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Section 20, Township 14 North, Range 10 East,
Morgan Township, Coles County, Illinois

There are two church edifices in the township. The first sermon preached, was by the Methodists. The Revs. Fox and McCane were early in the field, but, we believe, never established a permanent society. The first Cumberland Presbyterian ministers were Revs. James Ashmore and Hill. The Cumberland Presbyterian Union Church is located in the north part of the town, and was built in 1856-57. The society was organized in May 1842, by Rev. James Ashmore, at the house of David Morgan. Preaching was held at the house of Mr. Morgan and at Aaron Collins', until the church was built. The present membership is 110, under the pastorate of Rev. J. P. Campbell. A Sunday school is maintained during the summer season, with an average attendance (last summer) of sixty-three children, under the superintendence of James Morgan, who is, also, Clerk of the Church Session. There is also a Cumberland Presbyterian organization at the California Schoolhouse, but they have no regular preaching at the present time, although the organization is still kept up, also a Sunday school during the summer season.

Salem Missionary Baptist Church is in the extreme southern part of the town. It is a substantial frame building, and was put up about fifteen years ago, at a cost of 1,000. Rev. Mr. Thornton is the Pastor, and has a nourishing congregation for a country church. A Sunday school is carried on during the summer season.  [page 462, "Morgan Township, 1879 HISTORY OF COLES COUNTY, ILLINOIS" - Transcribed by K.Torp]

There are two churches in Morgan Township besides those in Bushton and Rardin.
The Cumberland Presbyterian, known as Union C. P. Church North, was organized about 1842 by Rev. James Ashmore. It is located in what is known as "Greasy Point" near the Union Cemetery. The present building was put up in 1904. The old one stood about half a mile southwest. They have no regular preacher at this time. A building is now under way in Rardin which is to be used as a parsonage, and, when completed, a minister will be employed to serve as pastor for both this and the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Rardin.  [page 739,  "Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois Chicago: Munsell Pub. Co., 1906, Transcribed by K. Torp]

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