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Bailey, Elijah R.

Hannah Cemetery in Sullivan County, MO

Civil War

Oct. 21, 1909

Pvt, Co. I, 123rd Ill. Infantry
Discharged due to Disability in Mooresville, Alabama on Mar. 7, 1864.

Src #133

Bailey, Henry J.

Asbury Cemetery in Sullivan Co., MO

Civil War

April 18, 1919

123rd Ill. Inf. Co.

Src #133

Curry, James Ellis

White Oak Cem., Washington Co, Arkansas

Civil War

25 Dec 1924

Co. D, 123rd IL Inf

Src #68

Eastin, Van Doty

Carthage, Jasper, MO

Civil War

15 Mar 1883

Co. A, 63rd IL Inf

Src #43

Edman, Wellington


Civil War

29 May 1863

8th IL, killed in action

Src #43

Fisher, Philip

Graceland Cem., Fairbury, Livingston Co., IL

Civil War

4 Feb 1926

Co. C, 123rd IL

Src #43

HOPPER, James Franklin

Soldiers' Circle; Oakwood Cemetery
Parsons, Labette County, Kansas

Civil War

18 Dec 1919

Co. I, 123rd IL Inf.
Pension 513,320

Src #17


Kinderhook Cemetery
Pike County, Illinois
(under surname "HOOPER")

Civil War

16 Jan 1898

Co. C, 35th IL Inf.
Pension 224,074

Src #17

Leitch, John Adams

Genesee, Latah Co, ID

Civil War

2 May 1907


Src #43

OWEN, John F.

Monument National Cemetery
Chalmette, Louisiana

 Civil War

18 May 1864

Co. G, 130th IL Inf.
Pension 89,090

Src #17

Rosebrough, Mordecai

Chickasaw Bayou, MS

Civil War

29 Dec 1862

Sgt., age 25, killed while serving in Co. E, 54th Indiana Infantry

Src #43

Scott, George Washington


Civil War

killed in action

Father of Mrs. Phoebe Scott Leitch

Src #43

Shores, Nelson A.

Fairview Cemetery, Frankford, MO

Civil War

died at age 42 years, 6 mos, 22 days

IL Infantry 155th Inf. Co. B and 135 Inf. Co. I. Mustered Out 4 Sep 1865

Src #137

Smith, Jacob Oliver

Forest Hill Cemetery
Shelbyville, Indiana


20 May 1947

Pvt, Co. E , 4th IL INF,

Src #138

FLOYD, Ananias

Mt. Olive Cemetery, Orange Twp., Clark Co., IL

Civil War

31 May 1870

Co. C 150th IL Inf.

Pension SC 97.328 Src #17

FLOYD, Philip

Highland Cemetery, Terre Haute, Vigo Co., IND

Civil War

21 Oct 1919

Co. C 150th IL Inf.

Pension SC 203.627


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